First time doll sex

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First time doll sex
For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve been searching for new & interesting ways to have solo orgasms.
Stroking my cock was always a sure-fire means of making it happen but began to bore me after a while & I knew that I needed an extra dimension to my solo sex, which I’ve never regarded as a substitute for, or in any way “less than” real sex, but as an exciting & satisfying thing in it’s own right.
I know I experimented in various ways though I don’t recall anything specific now, probably because the things I did either failed utterly or simply didn’t give me what I was looking for. They may have worked in that they made me cum but didn’t give me enough of a thrill to warrant repeating them, and the curiosity never went away.

In my teens I developed a massive crush on a girl named Paula who lived nearby. She was achingly pretty, with long silky hair & curves in all the right places. I desperately wanted to fuck her, but when she passed she was so aloof that she didn’t even look my way. I shot a lot of cum while thinking about her, but my desire for hot sex with her wouldn’t disappear.

The solution came in the form of a doll my younger sister had. It was one of those dolls that stand about 3 feet tall, was very pretty, & had long soft hair that was a similar colour to Paula’s.
So one day when I was home alone, I took the doll from my sister’s room & brought it to mine where I stood it on a chair. As I stood looking at the doll, in my imagination she became Paula & my mind was filled with the things I wanted to do to her. I ran my hands over her, pretending illegal bahis siteleri that I was touching Paula’s skin, feeling the curve of her ass, & imagining Paula’s pert breasts where the doll’s flat chest was.

I caressed her long legs & put my hand up her dress, gently rubbing her pussy through her panties. By now my cock was hard & I knew I had to let Paula see it so I stripped naked & stood in front of her. Then I moved closer & touched her vulva through her dress with the tip of my cock. Closer still, my cock was now pressed against her body as I told her what was going to happen.
Undoing the buttons down the back of her dress I let it slowly fall from her shoulders & down her body to the floor. I removed her shoes & socks so she was wearing only her panties. The anticipation of seeing her pussy for the first time made me breathless & my cock was almost unbearably hard so I took a few moments to compose myself, then gently slipped down her panties.

I had done it ! I had Paula nude in front of me ! I was shaking & I had to try hard not to cum right there & then.
Calming myself, I moved close & held her, my stiff cock vertical & pressed between our bodies. I moved back a little, then took my cock & slipped it into her thigh gap. It was heaven ! The tip was touching her ass & my shaft was pressed against her pussy. I started making slow thrusting motions, enjoying every exquisite sensation. My cock had never felt anything like it before & I wanted to do this forever but I would have shot my load soon & I wanted to explore her body & these exciting tipobet new feelings much more before I let that happen.

Lifting her from the chair, I carried her to the bed, my cock still between her legs, & laid her down. I was on top of her & I started to thrust my hips but with each thrust the tip of my cock made firm contact with the eiderdown, which spoiled the illusion that I was really fucking her, so I took it from between her legs & tried it with my shaft against her vulva, trapped between her body & mine. Physically this felt OK, but robbed me of the make-believe that I was penetrating her, which was a vital part of the fantasy.

I raised her legs so that they were vertical & put my cock between them. This felt *almost* like I was inside her, but not entirely – She wasn’t gripping my cock quite hard enough. Then a brainwave. I squeezed her ankles together lightly, which narrowed the gap between her thighs until they were clenching my shaft firmly. This was it ! Now I could thrust vigorously, my balls slapping against her ass with each stroke.
Turning her over, I tried the same thing “doggy style”, using the inside of my thighs to keep her legs the right distance apart. Again, it worked perfectly. Gripping her slim waist & admiring her cute round ass, I pumped my rock hard cock into her passionately.

I’d never felt a thrill like it. This was no longer mere masturbation, it was full-on SEX ! Every sensation was exquisite, each moment electrifying. It was the best thing I’d ever done, and I wanted it to last forever.
I knew, though, that it HAD to end, tipobet giriş & that what was going to happen next would be the pinnacle of this wonderful adventure.

Paula’s pretty face excited me. I wanted to look at it at the moment of my impending orgasm and for my sperm to gush over her hot little body, so once again I turned her over & resumed my feverish thrusting. Wanting to drain everything possible from this divine moment & fearful that the final act might not live up to what had gone before, I held back my orgasm until it became unbearable before letting it go with some wild final thrusts.
I shot so hard that some flew over Paula’s head. Other spurts landed in her hair, on her face, & on her naked shoulders & chest. I got such a buzz from seeing her covered in my sperm that I continued to orgasm & to push my rock hard & now sore cock into her. I was weak & shaking from the effort I’d expended, and after a few moments I collapsed on top of her, my cum now plastering both of our bodies.

After a while I recovered, got up, & started cleaning her up, afraid to miss the tiniest drop of cum in case my sister found it. I was bewildered & shocked at what I’d just done, but it was the most exciting & satisfying sexual experience I’d ever had & I knew I wanted to do it again very soon, & often.
I carefully dressed her & took her back to my sister’s room, leaving her exactly as I found her, knowing that it wouldn’t be long until she was naked again.

Postscript: I had a lot of sex with that doll, continuing long after my crush on Paula had faded & even when I was in a long-term (& very sexual) relationship with a beautiful girl.
When my sister grew beyond playing with dolls, the doll was wrapped & put into the loft, but I knew where she was & sometimes, when I was alone, I’d go & get her down from her hiding place…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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