First Kiss

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We had been friends since we were teenagers. She had long, blonde hair, a dark tan and an athletic build, and as I think about it now, I suppose that I could describe myself the same way.

She had a boyfriend who she had been with “forever,” which back then meant almost a year. He’d hang out with us sometimes, but most times it was just she and I. We would often go and swim at the pool or lounge in the hot tub, hang out in the weight room, or just rollerblade around the neighborhood. (Don’t judge, it was the late 90’s!)

We used to have “girls nights” and sleep over at each other’s houses almost every weekend, and somehow, despite our innocence, the discussion would often migrate towards sex. We’d sometimes start with a round of “Never Have I Ever” or truth or dare, though we almost always chose truth.

I was still a virgin and had only really ever kissed a few guys. She had a little more experience than me, but we were both still very young in that way. Despite our limited pasts, we both had good imaginations, paired with sincere enthusiasm and curiosity about all things sexual.

When she finally had sex with her boyfriend for the first time, she told me that it was “OK,” but she didn’t know if she had an orgasm or not. Even though I was significantly less experienced, I remember telling her, “If you’re not sure, you didn’t.”

It wasn’t too long after that when I told her about lying down in the bathtub and how great that felt, spreading your legs for the faucet and letting the water flow, adjusting your hips so you can get the pressure exactly where you want it. In hindsight, those discussions may have actually been the beginning of our openness with one another and the comfortableness we both have felt over the years being totally candid.

One night, we were lying in bed together, not too long before our 17th birthdays. I made some joke about “someday I’ll kiss you,” and she to this day swears that my passing comment haunted her fantasies, permeated her mind and ended up being a prelude to what happened later in our friendship.

Fast forward quite a few years… she’s married her guy, and I’ve married mine- and we were both still with our high school sweethearts! There’s a lot of history and a lot of comfort between us, and even though she had moved to Texas and I to California, we still loved to share our sexual adventures and fantasies with each other. We would often play the “what if” game when we talked or emailed with each other: “What if we wanted to go swimming together but didn’t have swimsuits,” which led before too long to “what if we had a lot to drink one night and I kissed you…” Talking like this turned us both on, and even though we loved our husbands, it was fun to play with the idea.

One weekend in early August, right before my guy’s birthday, we made plans to have them come and visit us in San Francisco. She’d been telling me about this lip balm and how soft it made your lips, so when she came to visit, I asked her to bring some canlı bahis for me, too. I didn’t realize then that the lip balm would become a catalyst, a green light, for more to come.

After much planning and anticipation, the weekend finally arrived. Dressed for summer in tank tops and short shorts, we stopped and let the “Texans” see the ocean, where her husband jumped in the ice cold Pacific! It was such a tourist move, but it made us all laugh. We went shopping in the city, eating lunch and walking around Union Square. The sexual tension was high between us; we both wanted something to happen, but neither of us had the courage to make the first move.

In one of the stores, I called her to join me in a dressing room to help me with a zipper. Once she came in with me, I leaned back on the door and tentatively, I reached out and pulled her towards me, giving her the green light to make her move. She got the hint, kissing me so intensely and mashing her body into mine in the dressing rom. I had never kissed another woman, and I remember thinking that her lips were so soft and that kissing her was totally different than kissing a man.

We only made out for a moment, and when we finally pulled about, we were both kind of embarrassed and could barely look at each other. I think that both of our heads were spinning and we were reeling in the thoughts of what else could happen, since the night was still so young.

We’d made reservations for this bar in the city where the “waitresses” are the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen, but they’re all guys. Dinner is more of an experience, and while the food was excellent, the entertainment was even better. These girls danced on the bar and put on one hell of a show. Up close, their make up techniques and hair styles were better than any that I had ever learned, and despite looking shamelessly for a bulge in their very tight and small shorts and skirts, I saw nothing.

There was a sensuality in the air, in the music, in the lighting and the almost strip club like atmosphere. At one point, she and I went downstairs and found a dance floor in the basement of the restaurant. We had changed into dressier clothes for the restaurant, and my short black skirt and bustier top with heels made me feel confident and sexy on the dance floor. I noticed her watching me with a look of desire. I decided that I wanted to put on a little show, so I grabbed her hand and pulled her out to join me. We danced for a couple of songs together, sliding our hands on each others hips and waist, but still blushing and getting shy when we’d make eye contact. We moved together well and the chemistry was so intense. I looked at my guy and saw him adjust his pants, which I took as my queue that it was time to continue this party more privately.

When it was time to head home, she and I sat in the back of the dark sports car, while the boys rode up front. At one point, she asked me if she could use some of the super soft lip balm. I gave it to her, and after bahis siteleri applying some, she reached over and started to kiss me- but not just playful, like she meant it. It got pretty intense as we made out all the way across the Bay Bridge and then for most of the drive home, our hands sliding over each other’s bodies and tentatively going under each other’s shirts.

Her breasts were so full and bigger than mine, slightly more than a handful for me. Her hands in my shirt were so sexy, tracing her fingertips lightly up the sides of my waist and slowly making her way to my nipples. Like her lips, her hands were different too: smaller, softer, and definitely foreign in an intriguing way.

We were both so into it that I didn’t initially notice, but when I stopped for a second to look up, I saw my husband watching us in the rearview mirror. He had a mixed expression, mostly excitement and but maybe tinged with a hint of jealousy. I decided then that while I planned on making this night memorable for me, I would also make sure and take extra good care of him.

Once we got home, we all had cocktails and settled on the couch. I am sure that someone put on a movie, but I don’t even remember the opening credits. I sat with my guy on one side of me, and her on the other, while her guy was on the other side of her. We were all a little nervous and a lot excited, knowing that something would happen but not knowing how it would all go down.

I decided to make the move this time, asking if she had any more of the special lip balm. She smiled knowingly, handed it to me, and then after I applied it, I looked over at her and went in for a kiss. I was still so wet from making out in the car, still so excited and turned on that my entire body felt like it was throbbing. It didn’t take me long to get bold, and as we kissed, she ran her hands through my hair. I climbed on top of her lap, straddling her while her hands anxiously went back under my shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra and as she pulled my shirt down, my breasts were exposed for everyone to see.

I didn’t feel a hint of shyness or embarrassment now, and she went right in kissing and sucking on my nipples while I grinded on her lap. I pulled at the edges of her shirt, wanting to make her feel as good as she was making me feel. She offered no resistance, letting me pull her shirt over her arms and unhook her bra with one hand. Her breasts were even better in the light, bigger still than I expected them to be and so firm and full. I propped my hands up around them, looking her in the eyes before I lowered my mouth to one nipple, then the other. She arched her back, letting her neck fall while her long blonde hair cascaded over her chest.

The guys decided to get in on the action now, and they both anxiously felt and kissed our breasts, sliding their hands between us as we made out. When I felt his hands on me, my desire and need for him became the only thing I could focus on.

I left her lap and climbed on top of him, bahis şirketleri straddling his lap and checking his eyes to see if he was OK with everything that was happening. I could tell that he was by the fire I saw as he looked back at me. We started making out and he reached his hand in my pants to discover that I was soaking wet. He rubbed his middle finger over my clit and it sent shivers through my body. As I grinded on his hand, I opened my eyes and saw that my friend was in the same position with her guy, watching us while they were pleasing each other. I couldn’t see exactly what they were doing, though I found out later that she had her hands in his pants, stroking his cock and whispering in his ear how sexy the whole encounter was.

The entire atmosphere was so charged and the sex hung in the air. My guy slipped his finger inside me, easily finding my g-spot while he worked circles on my clit. Finally, I came loudly, which drew the attention and perhaps even admiration of my friends. I didn’t care; I was so lost in my own pleasure and enjoying the raw sensuality of the night that I didn’t think to.

I reached down and felt my guys cock, so hard and big through his jeans. He was definitely ready for me, and I didn’t want to make him wait any longer. I shifted my weight down on the couch and released his giant cock from his boxers. It was incredibly full and hard, and I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth.

I looked deep in his eyes as I lowered my mouth, taking just the tip between my lips and teasing his frenulum with my tongue. He moaned and flexed his hips so that I would take more, and I slowly let him slide his cock as deep in my mouth as I could take it before I started using my hands to stroke the rest. My hands followed my mouth, circling him as best I could with my thumb and finger and grasping on with the rest of my hand. I could tell that he was close and as I sped up my movements, he began to tremble. His cock somehow got even bigger, and he came with such force that I knew it was one of the best orgasms he’d ever had.

I heard my friend’s moans of pleasure and I could tell that they were close, too. We watched as orgasms rocked through both of them, hands in each other’s pants and excitement in their eyes. It was sexy to watch them please one another, so close to us, a mere couple of couch cushions away.

There was a moment of relative quiet, as we all caught our breath and regained our composure. Someone made a joke, saying “now that is a happy birthday!” which made all of us laugh and broke the ice. We all said goodnight and got settled in for the evening.

I went to brush my teeth and wash my face, and when I climbed in bed with him, his cock was just as big and hard as it had been before. He climbed on top of me and slid his cock in my still wet pussy as he fucked me, hard, making me come again. I would have never guessed that he had just come ten minutes earlier. I could tell that he was still so turned on, and so amazed at what had just happened. He looked at me with different eyes that night, like he was impressed that I had the guts to go along for that ride, and as he came deep inside me, I knew that we were on to something that would definitely be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20