First Anal

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I’ve been thinking about it for weeks, and I finally decided to do it tonight:

Anal play.

I had just stepped out of the shower. I had the string of ten anal beads ready, as well as a towel and the Astroglide Anal Lube Shooters. I must admit that the shooters were an excellent find, for I could easily apply it to my asshole, and after using the tip of the shooter to spread around the first of the lube, I was able to gently insert its tip and apply more lube directly inside me.

I had no idea what it would feel like. I knew from my best friend that it would feel nice and different, and I figured that since she enjoys anal play, it can’t be bad. I cannot describe how it felt to have just the tip of the shooter inside me, but that was definitely not bad!!!

I used the entirety of the first shooter inserting lube into me, then used the second shooter to lube up the first five beads on the string. Then, naked on the bed, I slowly inserted the beads, enjoying how I felt myself open up with each progressively-larger bead. The first four went in without a problem, which was not unexpected given their tiny size.

After the first four, I had to pause before moving on to the next bead, and that process continued until the entire string of ten was inside me. I just laid there for a long time, enjoying the feeling, euphoric in having lost my anal virginity, lost in the sensation of having something inside me in such a forbidden place.

And then, I turned my head toward the opposite wall and saw my best friend’s picture. The first thing that came to mind was: Now I understand.

I got up and walked around, a smile upon my face, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri enjoying the feel of the last bead pressing against my sphincter from the inside. I went to the bathroom mirror, bending over and spreading my cheeks to see the loop at the end of the beads and just the very top of the last bead. The feeling was amazing, and I actually wished that my best friend could have been here to witness my first anal experience.

Then I wondered about the anal vibrator and the anal plug I had purchased. I got both out and put a battery into the anal vibrator, and got another lube shooter. I slowly removed the first few beads, but after the third or fourth, they all came out at once… and the last three beads were coated with fecal matter from having burrowed so deep into my bowels. So, a fair amount of clean-up — of the beads and of myself — ensued.

The cleaning done, I then lubed myself and the anal vibrator. The anal vibrator only vibrates at the external end — it does not have any motors inside the insertion portion, and afterward, I wished it had. It felt even better than the anal beads, and I could feel almost its entire insertable length inside me. After I got used to the feeling of something vibrating inside me, I began to move it — slowly, out and in, out and in, varying the angle of penetration, occasionally rotating it inside me. I was glad that I had started with the anal beads first, as I believe that opened me up just enough to not have any difficulties inserting the bulbous tip of the anal vibrator. It was by far the best experience yet of my young anal “career.” And I realized once again, as I first güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri had some ten years earlier, that this was as close as I would ever come to understanding sex from the female perspective.

But in time, the anal plug was practically screaming my name. I took out the anal vibrator and switched it off, relubed myself, added lube to the anal plug, and began to slowly insert it. There was a brief moment of panic — What the hell am I doing to myself!?!?! — but it quickly passed, and the feeling of fullness once the plug was fully embedded was exquisite. This was also the first time of the evening that I became erect — another first in my young anal “career.” I stayed on the bed for a while, just enjoying the feeling of fullness, then did something I had read about previously: I tapped on the base of the plug, and I was absolutely amazed at feeling the vibrations of my tapping resonating into my body, into uncharted territory. I even tried spanking myself a few times, marveling at how each blow resonated through the plug and into my rear passage. Eventually, I got up and started walking around again, enjoying the fullness, wishing that my best friend could be with me to be a part of my first anal experiences.

After donning underwear to help prevent lube from getting on the chair, I sat at the desktop computer. I had heard and read accounts of people (usually women) wearing anal plugs for extended periods of time, including at the office, and the feeling of the seat cushion pressing the plug deeper into me was amazing. As I shifted position on the chair, it affected the position of the plug inside me.

I güvenilir bahis şirketleri could not believe that this was happening, that I had finally given in to the curiosity and was at last exploring this aspect of sexuality. My best friend and I had talked on quite a few occasions about anal play and how much she enjoys it, and I really wanted to call her and tell her what I was experiencing, what I was discovering, to let her know that I now understood.

At last, I took out the anal plug, and I actually felt a loss at no longer being filled –probably much like a woman after sex. Then the cleanup began — first of myself, then of the beads and the vibrator and the plug. While in the shower, I had started boiling water for the anal plug, as it is made of silicone; after the shower, I used the Safe Suds to clean everything, then put the plug in the pot to boil. I do wish the beads were also made of silicone, as I like the idea of being able to sterilize silicone toys by boiling them (I had learned that last spring with the silicone penis gag I had bought to use on a play partner).

In hindsight, I am amazed. I measured the anal beads and I find it almost unbelievable that the insertable portion measures twelve full inches in length. The fact that I had twelve inches of anything inside me is almost mind-boggling. I only wish that I had been able to feel the tiniest beads so deep inside me. I am actually considering trying to find something similar, only with thicker beads for that entire length – perhaps if the initial beads were as thick as the final beads, then perhaps I might be able to feel them so deep inside me. One can only hope…

Having used four packets of the anal lube shooters, I plan to order more, including a set for my best friend if she wants it. I really believe that shooters are the way to go for anal play for the simple fact that they make it much easier to place the lube inside the body where it is truly needed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20