Finishing school for special ladies – part 5

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Finishing school for special ladies – part 5
Susan was not happy when I got back to the house – where have you been I have had to keep these guys entertained – I was a little tied up I said – never mind we need to open up the buffet and prepare lunchtime drinks. We served lunch and stood by for any extra services that may be requested. The gentlemen eat and rank and chatted amongst themselves with occasional glances over to where we stood in our silky satin short full skirted maid dresses – there was no hiding our legs or stocking tops due to the short skirt length and trio of full flouncy petticoats.

I felt a hand up my skirt and turned to find myself facing the guy who had taken me into the woods.

Well what have we serving us here today – a gay boy sissy fag slut in a dress. I say chaps I had this little hot’s cock in my mouth earlier – it was quite a tasty small morsel and taster for the bigger cocks in life as I had after her. They assembled few chuckled. Here show us what you mean – so he lifted my skirt and displayed my tiny she-boy cock with the pink satin ribbon tied canlı bahis around my cock base. Yes indeed a small variety of girl-boy cock worth a nibble though I’d say one or two agreed.

Taking the hint a couple of the guys knelt down lifted my skirts and petticoats and took turns sucking upon my lollipop stick which rose to the occasion and made me swoon and leaning against the wallet them enjoy themselves.
Feeling somewhat left out Susan lifted her skirts and petticoats showing off her slightly larger she-boy-cock to the assembled guys.

Two men came to her and took her and she swooned and moaned with pleasure but then I saw her cock spurt forth and the guys were not impressed. My two were still hard at it – my own feminised brain could keep my orgasm in check for hours. They seem to take the hint that no cream was coming from this lady cock and got up – this on is a complete tease and hot with it – that one is a tease and comes quick – now we know – spank their asses – to the dungeon chaps before we have desert.

Leashes were attached to each of our collars and we bahis siteleri were taken into the dungeon room.

Ok ladies – each one of you will now be well used and we intend to have the maximum fun form each of you.

I was tied down face down on a spanking bench.

My skirt was now lifted and my panty-less ass exposed.

A cock came to my face and my mouth opened.

The cock slipped into my mouth.

I sucked the cock I was offered – it moved as I sucked gently pushing to the back of my throat then to the front in time to my ass being fucked by another cock which had slipped in there at the same time as the one in my mouth. The feeling in both mouth and she-boy-pussy as the cocks swelled and throbbed and pulsed was truly delightful. To be in and of service to cocks. An honour indeed to be deemed worthy of such delights. All the practice in class was now allowing me to accept my role as a sex object and toy for discerning gentlemen wanting a special lady to enjoy. The cream of delight then came forth from both cocks to fill my gay-fag-sissy pussy and my gay-fag-sissy mouth. bahis şirketleri It felt good to be filled by their cream. She is a hot cream receptacle for sure this one both men agreed – nice tight gay fanny and what a mouth. I was untied and allowed to clean myself up in the bathroom annexe to the dungeon. Mabel joined me – well done dear – now go back to the dining room and serve deserts Susan will be a little tied up for the rest of the day as she needs to learn more of being obedient to cock.

I went to serve the deserts fetching them from the fridge and freezer cabinet and the men enjoyed them all. Take that dress off and your bra sissy maid – I did so in the dining room and they enjoyed putting cream on my nipples and licking it off and then on my sissy-boy-girl-cock and sucking all that off too – very arousing to me.

The food having been all eaten and me still without my dress on being teased and tormented by hands and cocks to suck the time flew by and at 6pm Mabel appeared and advised the day’s event must draw to a close as she had plans for the ladies that evening at her club in town – any gentlemen were welcome to drop into the club which was open from 10pm through to 4am and see the show and maybe get another date with one of her special ladies – this was to be my coming of age show she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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