Fertility Down: Chapter 6. The Storm

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Fertility Down: Chapter 6. The Storm
Chapter 6: The Storm

The door opened after about 3 seconds. She seemed out of breath like she ran to the door. I can smell her from the door way, she smelled like she just got out of the shower and put on clothess. Her hair was up in a wet bun. She was wearing a simple white tank top. Which made it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had on shorts that showed off her very smooth legs.

“Hey, Come in.” She said while holding the door for me awkwardly.

I came inside. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to try to kiss her on the way in or not so I chickened out and just went directly to the living room. Rachel was right behind me. Even though I couldn’t see her her steps sounded nervous.

“Take a seat.” She said. “I have to finish up with something and I’ll be right back down. “

With that she quickly ran off down the hall. Before I can even respond. Her parents where working parents. From what I learned over the years she was home alone pretty often because they worked a lot to pay the bills. If Rachel was a few years younger the government would be paying a lot of the housing bills for them, but the Procreation Act didn’t start until 4 years after we were born making everyone in our highschool the last of the non funded c***dren. The house was neat and simple. No basic tech that almost everyone had. Just a normal home you’d expect to see from your grandma.

Rachel came in with her hair dried. She sat down next to me.

“So….” She said looking for somethings to say.

“Do you want to..” Thats when she kissed me. It was more like an attack really. And it worked. I was at her mercy.

We quickly were making out and ripping off pieces of clothing. She smelled good and she kissed like she needed my lips for air. Eventually she was on top of me on the couch, we were borh naked and making out. I could feel my cock rubbing against her pussy lips.

She started to rub her pussy against my cock while we kissed. I started rocking my hips to rub my cock against her harder too. She was getting wetter and wetter as time went on. And thats when she sat up.

“OK lets go to the bed room.” She said quickly, and then almost ran off.

I tried to keep up, my hard cock swaying back and forth while making little bounces up and down. I got to her room and she was laying on the bed making a ‘sexy’ pose.

“Come on in, the water is fine.” She said with smile.

I literally jumped onto the bed. Which made her laugh. I made my way on top of her and started to kiss her again. Then I heard a crinkle. I looked over to her hand and I saw a condom. Condoms have been i*****l since the Procreation Act when all contraceptive was made i*****l.

“Where did you get that?”

“Oh my parents stocked up before it was i*****l.”

“Do they even still work?”

“I think so. I’m not sure.”

“I thought you asked me over cause you… you know.” I said a little confused.

“Well yes, but no. I mean. I always liked you. And I knew that with the news of your … you know. I didn’t want to lose out on a chance of us giving THIS a shot.” She said while pointing back and forth to each other.

“I always liked you too.”

“But i’m also not ready to have k**s. Thus the condom.”

“OK.” I said. She seemed pretty nervous. I was nervous too, so I kinda understood.

“So do you want to put it on or should I?” She said breaking the silence.

“Oh uh, I’ll put it on.” I took the condom and started to open it. Just as I started to open it I felt her tongue lick my cock head. I lost track of what I was doing. I looked down and she was holding it now with one hand and staring at it intently. Every so often licking it. And as I finally got the condom out of the wrapper I felt her mouth around the head of my cock. It was obvious she didn’t have a lot of practice, but it felt amazing.

At this point I was partially delaying so she would keep going, but also trying to figure out how to use this condom. It seemed like a pretty straight forward process of putting it on the head and rolling it down. The other thing that was bothersome was that the circumference of the condom seemed to be smaller than the circumference of my cock. I pulled on each side of the condom. It has some give and stretches. It should be fine.

“Are you ready to put it on?” She said breaking my concentration.

“Uh yeah. I think I got this.” I said. She leaned back to watch, probably also curious about the process. I placed the condom on my cock and tried to roll it down. It was difficult at first but eventually I was able to get the condom to roll down past the head, and from there it was easier to roll down even thought it still felt tight.

After it was on she jumped up to get on top of me. We kissed again. This time I felt her reach down and grab my very hard wrapped up cock. She guided it to the proper spot, and then I felt her slowly move her hips down. She was very tight. She stopped kissing me to let out a grunt and a moan. I could feel the warmth still on my cock head. I was barely inside of her.

She kept slowly working herself down onto my cock. It took a few minutes but eventually she was able to take most of it inside her. Then slowly but carefully she was working my cock in and out of her very tight pussy. We were kissing again. Moaning, kissing, and slowly fucking.

I started to feel her speed up a little. I figured she was finally getting used to me being inside of her. Then suddenly she stopped kissing me and made a weird grunting squeel and she stopped. She came on me. She just laid on top of me for a few minutes with my still very hard cock inside of güvenilir bahis her.

She rolled off of me and layed next to me. Not saying anything for a minute or so.

“Do you mind if you take over?” She said out of breath. “I came hard and my legs are shaky.”

“Uh yeah sure.” I said while slowling turning and getting on top of her.

This is when I realized that even though I’m not a virgin anymore. I have not actually tried fucking someone yet. I took one of her legs and picked it up. I then tried to pick and angle to put my cock into her, which only let me to poking and prodding with little success.

She took notice and pull her other leg up. Now I had a nice view of her amazing pussy. It was trimmed on the pubic area and her lips were shaved smooth. I guided my cock to her pussy lips applying pressure until I finally felt my cock sliding into her.

Now I had to figure out my motion. At first I just held her legs thrusting into her pussy. But this only let me fuck her with about half of my cock. Then I finally gave up and pushed her legs to the side and leaned over her. I fucked her much deeper this way. It felt good but my motion was pretty shaky. She didn’t seem to mind though she just kept digging her fingers into my back and biting her lip.

I finally start to get into a groove. I relax a little more, I start to take notice of her very nice breasts bouncing as I fuck her. She looks so good right now . I never realized that just seeing her getting close to cumming would get me close to cumming too.

I started to go faster and harder. She stopped moaning and just clenched her eyes and seemed like she was biting her lip. And it happened. She opened her eyes and let out a big gasp and moan. She wrapped her legs around me tight like she wanted me to stop. But I couldn’t. I was too close I kept fucking her pussy. I was almost slamming her entire body back into the bed as she wrapped her legs around me.

Finally I felt my entire body getting stiff. I was about to cum just as Rachel seemed to be coming down from her organsm. I felt myself cumin the condom. It was weird, but alright. Meanwhile I’m laying on her while still moving my hips. She ran her hand through hair. It was nice. I finally turned and layed on the bed next to her. Eventually I felt myself go to sleep.

“That’s all?”

“What do you mean?”

“They wont take this. You need to get me more.”

I woke up. I thought I heard voices in the hallway. But I might have been dreaming. We’re alone in the house. What time is it? I looked for my phone and I remembered they were in my pants in the living room. I looked at the clock on the other side of the bed. It was midnight. Shit my parents might be worried. Then again how worried could they be if I’m being followed by security.

Rachel came into the room quickly and looked at me surprised to find me awake. She was wearing just a loose fitting shirt which was both hot and adorable.

“Hey there big guy.” She smiled quickly. She was nervous and I’m not sure why.

“Hi yourself…. Sexy girl.” I need to stop trying to sound cool.

“Wanna go another round?” She asked

“You sure?” I asked “I didn’t get the job done the first time?” I teased with a smile.

“No of course you did. It was just so good … I want to go at it again.”

I was getting sore. I had gone a couple rounds today already. I could feel my cock getting sore, but just the thought of going another round with Rachel had the little soldier waking up again.

“I think I can handle that.”

She smiled almost in relief. She quickly ripped off her shirt and climbed on top of me. We kissed and grinded again. My cock got to almost full attention right away. She reached down and started stroking it a little while making out.

She took out a condom. Got off me, and slowly put it on. Having trouble just like I did at first. After she got it on she had a look of accomplishment. Then she smiled, turned around and bent over while on the bed.

I looked at the great view for a second. Then she looked back at me with a smile.

“Don’t leave me hanging here.” She said

I quickly sat up and got into position. I couldn’t believe how hot her ass looked like this. I lined my cock up to her pussy. This was a lot easier to line up. I pushed in. She wasn’t as tight as she was before, but still pretty tight.

I had cum so many times today, but this still felt good. I was fucking her at a much faster pace than we fucked before. I was able to go faster and harder in this position while also not having to worry about cumming since I had cum so many times. I felt her cum twice, and that’s when I realized that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to come.

“are you close?” she asked

“no but it feels really good.”

That’s when she stopped and moved and turned around. She looked exhausted. And a little upset.
“I need you to cum again.” She saiid

“I came before”

“I need you to cum again.” She said but more sheepish

“I don’t understand.”

“I need ur …. semen”

“What?” It was starting to click now. She wasn’t using the condom cause she didn’t want to get pregnant. She was using it to collect my sample. “So this isn’t about you liking me.” I said in a very cold almost angry way.

“I DO like you.” She started. “But my parents are behind on payments for this house. They don’t think I know, but I do. And then someone came to me saying all I’d have to do is have sex with you with a condom on, give them the condom and they’d give me $5,000 dollars.” She paused and took a breath. “That would be enough to make a few months worth of payments to the bank.”

“You could have asked risksiz bahis veren siteler me.”

“I know but I was scared you’d say no.”

“Who came to you?”

“Stacy” She said scared I’d be angry. “She’s in the other room.”

I didn’t say anything. I just got up and started to put my pants on.

“No please don’t go, I need more…” She paused again. “Please help me”

“I’ll help you but not Stacy.” I said “what room is she in?”

“My parents room, two doors down.”

I walked into the hallway. I have no idea what I’m going to do. Just I’ll do it angry. I opened the parents room and there was Stacy on the bed hand down her shorts while on her phone. She looked scared and surprised. She jumped up quickly taking her hand out of her pants.

“What the fuck!” I yelled louder than I thought it would come out.

She jumped back when I yelled.

“What? You got laid and we’ll get paid. What’s the fucking big deal?” She quickly gathered her usually bitchy composure.

“I’m not going to fucking help you do ANYTHING. You’re a worthless bitch.” I was actually shocked at the words that came out of my own mouth. I couldn’t remember being this angry about anything before.
“Well you already gave us a little bit.” She pointed over to a cooler in a chair in the room. “Just a little more and you don’t have to worry about us.

“Who the fuck is going to buy an old condom of cum?” I said exasperatedly.

“That’s for me to know.” She was trying to sound like she was in charge.

“Well they’re going to be annoyed when they see how much you got from me.” I said and began walking out of the room.

I couldn’t see her but I could sense she was worried. I got into the living room and started putting on my clothes. Rachel came up behind me appologizing. I can’t listen to anything she’s saying I’m so mad. I’m mad at her for not coming to me first, I’m mad at Stacy even more. She orchestrated this whole thing.

“Don’t go.” I heard Stacy say from farther away.

I turned around and looked her in the eyes. “FUCK YOU!”

“What do you want?” Stacy sounded nervous.

“You can’t buy me Stacy.”

“I’ll do whatever you want.” She sounded sheepish.

“You can suck a dick Stacy!” I yell in anger.

“OK” She said. “I’ll do it.”

I looked over and she was looking down at the floor.

“No I’ll do it.” Rachel quickly spoke up. “I want to and it’s to help me.”

“Rachel this isn’t about helping you. She is using you so she can get a cut.” I was trying to sound more calm but it was coming out more annoyed in general. “I bet she’s getting twice as much if not more for the sample.”

Rachel looked at Stacy to see if this was true. Stacy didn’t say anything, but she wasn’t denying it either. Rachel looked annoyed, but didn’t say anything either.

“What was your plan? Hope to get this sample, and keep it going and give Rachel a cut every time?”

Again Stacy wasn’t responding.

“Who were you going to give the sample to?”

“I know someone online that works at a fertility company.” She started. “He said if I could get a sample from you I could get $15,000.”

“This isn’t your first time doing something like this, is it?” I was starting to put it together. If this was really just about money she wouldn’t look like she was in trouble. “He works at the company, but that’s not where the sample is going.”

Stacy just shook her head no. Rachel was looking confused. I could feel the adrenaline making my mind go a mile a minute. If her contact had a backround in a fertility clinic and was offering off the books money, then this contact was probably giving these viable sample’s to other countries.

“What country is he working for?” When I said this Rachel looked at me like I was crazy.

“Russia.” Stacy whispered as if they could be listening.

“What happens if you don’t get the sample?” Other countries must have gotten all the information after the first test. Could it be corporate spies or date leaks? Either or both, it didn’t matter at this point.

“If I get the sample. I get the money. At first it was easy money. Screw some older guys with a condom on and I get paid. Then a few times I turned them down. My contact told me that I shouldn’t play games. I saw the guys online and they were fat and ugly, so I figured I could skip those. He told me the people he works for were crazy russions or something. And then someone knocked on my door when my parents where still at work. I opened the door and a woman handed me a note. She quickly walked away, but when I opened the note all it said was. ‘We know who you are, where you live, and where your parents work.’ And that was it. I knew I couldn’t turn down jobs anymore.”

“Jesus” I paused for a second. “Why don’t you go to the cops or something?”

“Cause I helped them. I would go to jail too.” She sounded like she was making an excuse.

“You could cut a deal. I’m sure they wouldn’t press charges if you helped them take this group down.”I thought about it for a second. “But then again you like getting paid, don’t you? How much money have you gotten?”

“I’ve only been doing this a few months. And none of them have paid $15,000. They usually only give $5,000 per sample.” She was trying to reason and explain away her guilt. “But I’ve got almost $100,000 in the bank.”

“In the bank? They cut you a check?”

“No cash.”

“You’ve been depositing large amount of cash into your account?” I can’t believe how dumb she is. “What do you think the IRS is going to do when they see that?”

“I’ll just have them tax it.”

“That’s not entirely how it works. You don’t have a job. It doesn’t look good.” I can’t believe casino siteleri I have to explain this to her. “You have to turn yourself in and flip a deal and work with the authorities. Cause if they don’t know already, they will figure out that money is dirty.” I realized that the russians still need a sample. It will be suspicious if she comes back empty handed.

“ OK”

“So now you’re going to need some more sample.” I looked over at Rachel and seemed like she was going to say something. Like she was going to do it. “Sorry Rachel, but I think Stacy needs to do this herself.”

Rachel looked confused and annoyed. “But… I can do it. She doesn’t have to.”

“She does. She’s in this mess, she has to get herself out of it.” I started to take off my underwear again, and I sat on the couch. “Ok come here Stacy. Oh and Rachel can you get small cup?”

Stacy seemed to know what was going to happen. She walked over and got on her knees infront of me. Stacy didn’t say anything. She just put my soft cock in her mouth and started to suck on it. Rachel came over with her head down and put a stemless wine glass next to me on the couch. I expected Rachel to leave, but I noticed she was starting to watch. Eventually she sat down on the couch.

It was obvious Stacy had practice. I was hard again after a minute or so. I could feel my cock being sore, but I didn’t mind. Stacy knew what she was doing. Stacy started to try to deep throat me but kept coming up short. She started to stroke my cock and leaned down further. She put my balls in her mouth. I gasped it felt almost too good. I she was licking and sucking them for what felt like forever, but must have been only a minute.

Finally she put my cock back in her mouth and was working my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. I glance over and I see Rachel is rubbing her pussy. I hear her let out a moan. I look down at Stacy and she is looking at Rachel now. She furrowed her brow like she was confused about it. If I hadn’t cum so many times today I wouldn’t last a second with this kind of thing happening.

“I think it’s only fair if you help out Rachel here too.” I say abruptly.

“What?” Stacy took my cock out of mouth to say. “I don’t like girl”

“Well I came a few times today. And it would be real hot to see you go down on Rachel.” I started to say with a smile. “It would probably help me cum.”

She looked at Rachel. Maybe hoping she would object. But all Rachel did was slowly rub her pussy and stare at her. Then she slowly opened her legs more and shifted her but on the couch in a way to lift her pussy up for Stacy.

“Come on.” I said while takiing my cock back in my hand and stroking it slowly. “Help her out too.”

Stacy didn’t say anything. She just shifted her body over infront of Rachel. She put her hands on her legs and slowly put her face down close to her pussy. It almost seemed like she was trying to smell it. After a few seconds she leaned in and gave it a timid lick. Rachel shifted a little without moaning.

Slowly Stacy got more comfortable and began licking Rachel more and more. Rachel started to let out moans. She was grabbing the couch and me. I kept stroking watching Stacy lick Rachel. Eventually Stacy started to finger her while licking her clit. This seamed to drive Rachel crazy. I took a mental note.

Then finally Rachel came, and she came hard. She pushed Stacy’s head down while also squeezing her head with her thighs. It looked like she was trying to trap her there forever. Eventually she let Stacy out of her leg grip. Stacy leaned back trying to catch her breath.

“OK, my turn.” I said excitedly.

“Give me a fucking minute.”

“A minute might be too late.” I was teasing but I could see she took it seriously.

She shifted back over to me. Rachel shifted to lean her head on my shoulder and gave herself an even better view. We watched as Stacy went back to work. She didn’t waste time. She started sucking and stroking it hard. Then I noticed Rachel take her hand and put it on the back of Stacy’s head. I was real surprised by this. She was pushing her head down further and further. When Stacy started to gag she looked up to me, but then noticed it was Rachel doing it. She seemed like she was going to try to say something but Rachel wouldn’t let her pick her head up to talk.

“That’s it, go nice and deep and hard for him.” Rachel said. I was starting to get close. This was a lot to take in. But I could feel myself starting to turn the corner. I knew every stroke was going to be a stroke closer to cumming.

“I’m gong to be close soon.” I said trying to signal someone to get the cup.

Rachel leaned over and grabbed the cup. “Just tell me when you’re about to cum.” Rachel kept her hand tight on Stacy’s head not letting her up and pushing her head down too far sometimes making Stacy gag. I was starting to wonder if she was going to let Stacy up so I could cum in the cup. Rachel seemed to enjoy face fucking Stacy on my cock too much to care about the money right now.

I was getting closer and closer and it seemed Stacy could feel my cock getting bigger and thicker. She was looking up at Rachel. Her eyes almost begging her to let her head up so I don’t cum in her mouth.

“I’m going to cum!” I yelled out.

Rachel pulled Stacy’s head off of my cock and put the glass infront of my cock and while she stroked my cock. My body was shaking and the wave of my orgasm wouldn’t stop.

“Stop stop.” I said to make Rachel stop stroking my cock. It was way too sensitive and sore now.

I looked down at the glass expecting to see only a little bit, but was surprised to see a decent size load. Stacy grabbed the glass and went to the bedroom. She came back out with the cooler she had in there, and walked out without saying anything to us.

“Want to go back to the bed?” Rachel said with a sweet voice.

“Yeah, that would be nice.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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