Fantasy Sex Cruise 02

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This is the second episode in a multi-part story. Although I hope you would enjoy it by itself, it would be better to start with Chapter 01 first so you can understand the context of the situation and get introduced to the characters. This is a story of a journey and is meant to be read in sequence.


I slowly drifted back in to consciousness with my eyes still closed in a half sleep. I was lying on my back and I felt an unusual but delightful sensation emanating from my groin area. I kept my eyes shut as I tried to identify the feeling without looking at my body. It soon became apparent that something was happening at the tip of my cock. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Kealani’s head between my legs. She had the head of my cock inside her warm wet mouth and was gently licking and sucking on it. Saliva was slowly dribbling down the sides of my shaft and her hands were softly massaging my balls with the spit that was sliding onto them.

I remembered that she promised to awaken me in this way but her technique was something I had never encountered before. The blowjobs I had received in the past were much more energetic. A lot of stroking and slurping with a girl’s head bobbing back and forth. This felt more like a little kitten sucking its mother’s teat.

“Oh Kealani, that is the most indescribably wonderful thing anybody has ever done to me. I won’t even ask you where you learned to do this but please don’t ever stop.” Her eyes opened and without missing a beat I could tell from her look she was happy that I was pleased with her attentions. Now that she knew I was awake she increased her activities ever so slightly and took a little more of my hardening shaft into her mouth. Her tongue was gliding around my cock head in slow circles as she alternated licking and sucking me. Her expert fingers continued to manipulate my balls by pulling on each one and lightly squeezing it.

When I was fully erect, she removed her mouth and told me to lie on my right side. When I turned to do so she said. “Now you just slide that nice hard cock in and out of my mouth however it feels good. Go as slow or as fast as you want. Keep fucking my mouth until I feel you get close and then I’ll take over again.”

My only thought was: Why has it taken fifty years for me to hear those words? I decided not to dwell on that and began to do as I had been instructed. I tried to replicate her previous actions and go as slowly as I could. My cock slid effortlessly into her mouth about half way and then I gently pulled it back until the tip was barely touching her puckered lips. She sucked and stuck her tongue into the hole then moved it out of the way as I began to enter her wet mouth again. I abandoned myself to pure sensation as I inserted a little more of my cock into her mouth with each stroke.

Eventually I could feel my cock head moving into her throat and after a few long, slow strokes I felt her lips press against the base of my cock. I was in her as far as I could go. She accommodated her throat to my cock’s presence and began to breath in a steady rhythm. Her tongue slid out beneath the base of my cock and could almost touch my balls as she lapped at them in a futile attempt to get them inside her mouth as well. I fucked her mouth with a steady pace, pulling out almost completely and sliding back in to the hilt with each stroke.

I think she was actually aware of my impending climax before I was. I didn’t even want to cum. It felt so good that an orgasm seemed almost anticlimactic. Nevertheless, she wrapped her right hand around my shaft and began to stroke me and squeeze me as her left hand began to massage my balls and tug at them. All the while continuing to suck on the half of my cock that was still in her mouth until I felt the first hot jet of my semen flow through my cock and spew into her mouth. I didn’t have to do anything. She milked me like a dairy cow as the cum poured forth into her mouth in a series of pulses, I felt her gulp down each hot glob of jizz.

When she was sure she had extracted the very last drop of my cum she removed her mouth and said, “Eddy you have the sweetest cum I’ve ever tasted. I could do that morning, noon and night.”

I immediately wondered: Why didn’t we take two-week cruises instead of one?

Kealani then picked up the phone on the bedside table and pressed the buttons for room service and proceeded to order us breakfast: fresh fruit, some muffins and coffee. “That should be here in about 15 minutes. After we’ve had a bite to eat, I’m going to give you a bath.”

As soon as we finished eating, Kealani told me to go into the bathroom and lie down on the floor. I wondered what she had meant when she said the floor was big enough for both of us to lie down on. She appeared in a couple of minutes with a bottle of what looked like dishwashing soap and closed the door. She reached in the shower and turned on the water. When it had reached a nice warm temperature she turned a handle and the water began to come out of the spray head on a long metal hose. She brought the spray head out and began spraying water on canlı bahis me.

When I was completely wet she turned the spray on herself and then opened the bottle and poured the thick liquid all over her body. She then lay on top of me and began to rub herself all over me as the liquid began to turn to foam. I caught on pretty quick to this game and soon we were rubbing and sliding against each other in a pile of white lather. She slid down my chest and got between my legs and began to rub her tits on my stomach. She then pulled my cock back so it was laying back on me and pressed her breasts around it and started titty fucking my cock. Her nipples stiffened and she soon had my cock standing straight up.

We played around for a few more minutes until we were thoroughly clean and rinsed off in the shower. It was about a quarter to 9 by now and Kealani told me to put on some shorts and sneakers and a t-shirt. She was dressed the same way.

“Come along, we don’t want to be late.”

“Where are we going?”

“To the spa. Don’t you remember I have an appointment for a waxing this morning. Now, do you want me to leave a little heart shape patch or a landing strip on my pubes?”

“No, I want every hair from your neck down completely removed.”

“OK, just checking. While I’m in the salon, you can visit the exercise room and build up your stamina on the machines they have.”

When we got to the exercise room Kealani picked out a couple of devices for me to work out on and told me she would meet me back in the room at 10 o’clock. I had a good workout and took a brisk stroll on an outside deck before returning to the room. About 5 minutes after I got back, Kealani opened the door and walked in with a big smile on her face.

“Here I am Eddy. Are you ready to see what I look like hairless?”

“What a silly question, of course I am.”

“OK, grab the video camera and get ready to save this for posterity. When you’re an old man you can pop this in the player and drool on yourself. You’ll want to use the close-up lens for this. “

While I got out the camera she put the i-Pod on and ‘Wild Thing’ began playing. She did a quick little striptease for me and pulled down her shorts with her back to me, bending over to give me a rear view first. She spread her ass cheeks apart so I could see that all the hair had indeed been removed. I zoomed the camera lens in as far as I could until her fingertips, puckered anus and hairless labia filled the screen in glorious high definition.

She walked over to the sofa and sat on the edge. She lay back and slid her ass half way off the cushion as she spread her legs open wide. I knelt in front of her and spent about 5 minutes filming her bald beaver with the macro lens as she spread her lips apart and made the opening of her vagina gape open by squeezing her stomach muscles. I got up and walked over to the side of the sofa where I had set the tripod up and put the camera on it and focused it on her. I quickly removed my clothes and returned to kneel between her legs.

I began to study her magnificent body intently. I felt like I was looking at a work of art. The Mona Lisa and the Cellini Venus were mere imitations of her beauty. No dead painting or sculpture could possibly compete with a living, breathing Venus. I examined her visually from her navel to her puckered little rosebud touching her with my fingertips, pulling the hood of her large clitoris back until it was completely exposed. It appeared even larger now without hair covering it. I rubbed it with my thumb as she lay her head back and gave herself totally to my exploration. I marveled at how intricately exquisite her pussy was in all of its parts. Like a delicate Camellia blossom with perfect overlapping petals arranged in a pattern that took millions of years to evolve to this exacting configuration. Finally I raised my head up and looked at her face.

“Do you like it Eddy?”

“Do I like it? I like it so much I’m going to write the authors of that book ‘1000 places to see before you die’ and tell them to put your pussy in it. They can take out some less interesting place like the pyramids or the Sistine Chapel. In case you have even the faintest whisper of a doubt I want to say that you are the absolute embodiment of my sexual fantasy. You exceed all of my expectations. I can’t tell you how happy you are making me and how much I appreciate your being here with me.”

“Well if you can’t tell me, then you can show me. I think you should see if tastes as good as it looks.”

I didn’t need that invitation repeated. I went down on her like a condemned man eating his last meal. I started at her navel and licked and kissed my way down to concentrate my attentions on her clit until she began to squirm and moan. I licked her slit up and down with broad laps pausing to pull her long inner lips into my mouth and gently nibble on them. I spread them apart and stuck my tongue as deep into her vagina as I could and opened my mouth wide to taste her. I put my hands on her ass and squeezed it as I continued to lick her. I returned to sucking on bahis siteleri her clit and stuck two fingers into her opening and began to finger fuck her. Soon she began to tremble and I felt her orgasm wash over her as the juices flowed out of her onto my hand.

“Oh God Eddy I really wish you would keep doing that for another hour or so. Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“I developed a taste for it my senior year in high school when my girlfriend took the time to tutor me in the finer points of cunnilingus. She loved to have me do it to her and was very patient with me while I was learning to do all the things she liked. She was especially fond of 69; we would have contests to see who could hold out the longest. I hate to admit that I haven’t done it to Linda very often in the last couple of years.”

“That’s probably one of the reasons she came up with this cruise idea.”

“In any case, your beautiful bald beaver has rekindled my appetite for it and I intend to make an effort to do it a lot more often.”

“Then quit talking and get back to it.”

“Gladly. But first I want to see how you feel in your newly denuded state.” My cock was rock hard so I moved closer to her on my knees and started rubbing the head up and down her slit in slow wipes from her asshole to her clit. When the head was covered in her juices I rubbed it all over her mound and up and down her outer lips to feel the exciting sensation of her smooth naked flesh. I paused at the entrance to her vagina and eased into it about an inch. I could feel her flexing her muscles to squeeze me. I used one hand to rub my shaft while I held the head in her hot opening and rubbed her clit with the thumb of my other hand.

“My girlfriend was also very adept at giving me hand jobs too. She would do it to me in as many places as she could think of; even once while we were having dinner at her house with her parents sitting at the table.”

“Do you want me to do that for you Eddy? Do you want me to jerk you off at dinner tonight? I’d be very happy to see if I can match your girlfriend’s expertise. You can play with my bald pussy at the same time. In fact, I’ve got some remote controlled vibrators with me. What if I put one in me and give you the control so you can surprise me anytime you want tonight? I’ll bet you’d get off on that wouldn’t you Eddy, you little pervert.”

I didn’t say anything back to her. I just kept rubbing my shaft and her clit as we both began to climb to another climax. I slowly pushed more of my cock into her dripping tunnel as I rubbed her clit faster. Her breathing quickened as I began to half way fuck her and half way jerk off in her. “Use your hands to rub your clit for me. I want to see you get yourself off while I attend to other things.” Her hand moved swiftly to her mound and she began to rub herself. “Tell me what you’re doing and how it makes you feel.”

“Did you know a woman’s clitoris goes way back into her body Eddy? The part you see at the top of the slit is only the tip. When I rub it I feel little electric tingles all the way up my spine and a warm flush all over my body. I like to rub all around it and use my finger to press against my pee hole. I like to use two fingers to rub my labia and feel your cock between them while you’re inside me. It makes me feel just like your cock feels when I suck it.”

I moved my left hand down below my cock and found the wrinkled entrance to her anus. It was wet with her juices, which were flowing down from her pussy. I placed my index finger in the middle of her puckered hole and slid it in up to the knuckle.

“Oooooh Eddy, you’re cheating. You know I want you to fuck my ass but that’s on tonight’s agenda. You can use your finger but save your cock for later.”

I pushed my finger all the way into her ass and sped up the pace of rubbing my cock as it slid through my hand into and out of her hole. “I’m getting close Kealani. Are you going to cum with me? As soon as you feel it starting I’m going to pull my cock out of you and put the tip right on your clit and jerk it until I cum all over you. I want you to hold your lips open so I can get my hot cream all over your gorgeous little Asian twat. Will you do that Kealani?

“Oh yes Eddy I want you to do it just like that. I want to see your cum spray all over my pussy. Keep going baby I’m so close. Ooooh, Ooooh, Unnnhh yes, yes, yes. Now Eddy now, shoot your hot spunk all over me. DO IT NOW!”

She raised her hips up as I withdrew my cock and placed the tip right on top of her clit as I furiously stroked the shaft. A few seconds later the first jet of hot pearly liquid erupted from the end of my throbbing cock and spread all over her clitoris and her fingertips. I pulled back slightly and the second glob splashed against her slit and began to ooze down toward her opening. A third and then a fourth large spurt landed on her mound and fingers. She began to rub the hot goo all over her pussy as two more ropes of cum landed on her lower stomach. I began to rub my cock head on the sides of her lips as even more of my jizz slowly oozed out bahis şirketleri onto her.

“Oh Eddy, my God, look at what you’ve done to me. My whole crotch is covered in your sticky nectar. I love it.” She began to lick it off her fingers. “Ummm it tastes so sweet. I’m going to scoop up every drop of it and lick it off my fingers.”

I watched as she did it and when she was almost finished I said to her, “You missed a drop.” I lowered my head down and began to lick her inner thighs on either side of her labia and then up and down her slit.

“Eddy, what are you doing? I don’t think I can stand any more right now.”

“Really Kealani? I thought women were supposed to be multi-orgasmic. Are you telling me you can’t keep up with a man almost twice your age?”

“No I am not telling you that.” She said softly and deliberately. “You just keep licking me and I’ll cum for you as many times as you want.”

I stood and pulled her up to stand beside me then I laid down on the sofa on my back and told her to sit on my face with her head facing my feet. She swung her leg over my head and got into position. “Now you can suck the last of my cum off of my cock while I concentrate on your delicious pussy again.”

She lowered her head and began to lick at my half hard cock without using her hands. She ran her tongue down the top and briefly sucked the head into her hot mouth. When it showed signs of coming back to life she wrapped her hand around it and pulled back toward my stomach so she could lick the underside. Then holding it down with her hand she moved her mouth down to my balls and began to suck each one into her mouth and gently roll it around with her soft tongue. She used her other hand to hold my scrotum in her palm so she could alternate sucking and licking each testicle.

Her attention to my balls almost distracted me from what I was doing to her. I regained my focus and licked softly at her opening having decided to give her overworked clit a brief respite. I placed my mouth over her vagina and sucked on it. I stroked it with my tongue and lightly licked it. I put my hands on her hips and pulled them toward me to increase the pressure on my mouth. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could and wiggled it from side to side until I could feel her juices begin to seep into my mouth. After a few moments of this I pushed my finger in her vagina. When I had it sufficiently wet I stuck it back in her asshole. I heard her softly moan as she continued to orally caress my balls.

“Oh God yes Eddy eat my pussy. Stick your tongue inside it and suck it. Oh Jesus that feels sooo good.”

I felt her mouth begin to slide up and down my cock as her hand continued to fondle my balls. We kept this up for some time until I put my middle finger into her vagina and began to move both of them in and out of her while I licked her labia. I sucked each one into my mouth and pulled on it with my lips. Her hips were gently rocking up and down to show me the rhythm she wanted me to use.

I felt her other hand reach beneath the one caressing my scrotum and then felt the pressure of her finger on my asshole. She inserted it all the way in and started rubbing the tip along the thin wall of my rectum on the other side of my prostate. I increased my tempo on both of her orifices in response and soon felt her begin to tense up and the finger in my ass pressed harder against my prostate. I don’t know where it came from but I felt myself begin to cum yet again in the hot wet confines of her mouth. As soon as my cream started flowing I felt her holes clamp around my fingers and heard her moan in orgasm as she swallowed each weak spurt of my cum.

“Good lord Eddy that was fantastic. I didn’t think I had another one in me and you give me one that rocks my world. But that will have to do for a while, we’ve got to get up and get going.”

“Where are we going?”

“The first place is to the bathroom. I have to pee really bad. Then a quick shower followed by lunch. I’m starving, and you need to eat something besides me. Why don’t you check out a place to go while I head to the bathroom? Oh and one more thing, we have to be back here by one o’clock.”

“What’s happening at one o’clock?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“What kind of surprise?” “You’ll see. I think you’re really going to like it.”

When she emerged from the bathroom she asked if I had picked out a place for us to go to lunch. “They’re having some kind of Caribbean party on the main pool deck. Take a look at it and see if that’s OK.”

She came over and stood in front of the TV while I headed off to the shower. When I got out she said the party looked like fun and we should go check it out. We got dressed in casual clothes and headed for the pool deck.

When we got there we could see that it was going to be a popular destination for lunch and drinks. In addition to the people who had come to sit around the pool and go swimming, there were a lot of people in shorts and t-shirts that had come for the party. This deck is very large with a lot of open space and multiple pools, whirlpools and hot tubs. There were a couple of bands playing music and several tables with serving dishes set up all over the deck. Extra tables and chairs had been placed around for people to sit while they were eating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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