Ex wives, and fun scenarios 1

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Ex wives, and fun scenarios 1
Story 1. Winter time of need.

It was December 1999 my wife Kristy and myself had been looking to get a nice bag of good weed, the thing that sucked was we were having a crap month money wise so extra spending cash was thin. After making a few phone calls a friend of ours in the neighboring city said he couldn’t help us on a bag for what money we had, but offered for us to come over to his place to hang out and he would get us high. We were cool with that and after hanging up determined to get over there, it was 10:00pm and several inches of snow outside but figured the roads were fairly clear so we got ready and headed out to get over to Keon’s place. No problems getting there and his place was really warm compared to the night outside, besides the tv he had a lamp on which made the living room relaxing and subdued. We chatted and rolled and smoked a few joints and a nice big blunt over the course of a few hours and it was midnight before we knew it, not like Kris and I cared the next day neither of us had to work and no plans either.

At some point I had started spacing out a bit, but it didn’t take me long to catch onto Keon’s mild flirting with my wife. Thing that got my attention was the fact that she was starting to flirt back, which I didn’t mind specially when I had such a great high going in fact I was kind of getting a kick out of it. The idea of my petite brunette wife flirting with our very dark skinned friend and dealer was pretty hot, thinking about it she was likely his type at 5ft 5 inches with nice curves and decent sized C cup breasts and long brown hair that went half way down her back with mousy bangs and slightly tanned fair skin. As we smoked and talked and the two wordlessly flirted and his now and then compliments that were barely covered up as such, even stoned I knew what was going on between the two and as it went on so casually I knew she was just as stoned as me and as I thought about it I found myself oddly turned on and soon enough hard in my pants and it only got worse as I sat there thinking about how she was sitting right next to me flirting with another man.

We cuddled lightly our bodies close together on the couch, the dim table lamp across the room and a string of colored Christmas lights being the only light aside from the lcd tv Keon had that we were some what watching as we hung out. If there was any indication that my wife was turned on by any or all of this it was when her hand slowly slipped to my thigh and began slowly rubbing it, Keon got up to go to the bathroom and a moment after he was gone Kris looked to me and shyly yet cheekily smiled to me and I knew what she left unsaid. I took her hand that was on my thigh and placed it over the crotch of my jeans, how hard I was had to be immediately felt by her regardless how stoned she was as I wasn’t small there by any means and I watched as her eye’s glossy as they were lit up in realization.

“Oh my god…your hard…really hard. Him flirting with me do that??”

She said in a hushed tone, she had a look on her face I hadn’t seen before and I simply groaned in answer to her question as her hand I had put on my lap squeezed and massaged my hard dick through my jeans I was really sensitive and I blame it in the weed. Hearing the bathroom door she didn’t much change what she was doing aside from turning a bit back to her previous position beside me and not so turned into me, I pretty much did the same but her hand was still on my crotch and still slowly caressing me. Keon came in and sat back down his rolling trey in his hand quiet for a moment then he asked if we wanted to smoke another blunt before we headed out, we said sure and he nodded and started breaking up some buds from a big baggy.

“Gonna sit over here that way we aint gotta reach so much to pass the blunt.”

We didn’t mind, and I knew damn well my wife didn’t mind. We chatted again half assed about the movie that was on the tv which I still don’t remember what it was and still don’t care, and of course he continued flirting with my wife though now it wasn’t voiced if at all now it was the now and again ‘accidental’ touches etc as he prepared the blunt. The night really began to get interesting when he lit up the blunt, at some point his hand came to rest on my wife’s thigh and played along it and I pretended not to notice or at least not care…which I didn’t really. The reality of it was that my cock had been hard for so long with thoughts, and now those thoughts were becoming real and my underwear suffered for it becoming soaked in spots with pre cum seepage. Kris continued to caress my cock but she slowly started squeezing it and rubbing t with more force, ten minutes and halfway through the blunt later I spied from the corner of my eye that Keon had his left hand between my wife’s thighs cupping and massaging Kriss’ pussy through her jeans and was why she had started becoming more attentive. Her legs had spread a fair bit mainly her right leg almost on top of his so as not to disturb me with what they were doing, a moment later she softly moaned almost into my ear as his large black hand cupped and pressed against her putting pressure on her sensitive areas through her jean clad mound.

“So…you guy’s broke till tax time pretty much huh? Man that sucks. Man…I’m gonna break it to ya, I feel for ya and well been thinkin’ on it and I’m willing to try and make you two a deal since we good friends. I’ll hook you guy’s up till then and you can pay me back come getting your W2’s, IF…you don’t mind me getting a little somethin’ somethin’ until then too…”

We were all absolutely quiet for a few minutes as he looked to us as he slowly toked on the blunt in his right hand, his left never left Kris’ crotch and I just now noticed that what her left hand was doing to me…her right hand was also doing to Keon through his thin track pants and wasn’t sure how long she had been doing this but obviously it is what gave him the idea and the boldness to speak up about it. It was extremely obvious despite being high what he was referring to and what was the some thing he wanted, here I was my mind spinning my wife had another mans hand massaging her pussy through her jeans and pretty much a cock in each hand and the other man a black man a friend of ours. It was very obvious that Keon was referring to fucking my wife, in exchange for good weed for our broke dry month he wanted to fuck my wife and I had no illusions that it would only be the once and that it was likely that he would give us maybe a week’s worth at a time that way we would have to return and each time we did he would want to fuck Kris again.

I watched thinking and reeling at the same time and my cock was hard as a rock and my wife knew it very well as she squeezed it, but my eye’s were on Kris’s other hand in the dim light I could make out the huge looking bulge her small hand was stroking and squeezing and he just sat there toking a moment before he passed her the blunt. She took it her green eye’s half lidded behind her glasses as she hit it his hand kept slowly massaging her pussy through her jeans, looking at her noticing her eyes were shut he mumbled some thing I missed because I was too high and turned on but noticed him moving and redirected my attention just in time to watch him adjust and pull his trainers down some. In my head I said “Oh my god” as I watched his cock come free of his pants, it was the longest and thickest and darkest cock I had ever seen. Keon had to have 9 inches, Kris hesitated a moment as she exhaled and stared at his dick and not even looking to me her hand went to him gripping his bare shaft and started stroking it. Guess my silence was consent watching her not taking her eyes from him staring at his huge slab of dark meat, her fingers now and then slipping up and stroking around the big helmet shaped mushroom head.

Kris passed the blunt to me and as she did she leaned in and kissed me whispering for me to open my pants and I did as quickly as I could, it felt really damn good as my cock sprang into the open air and no sooner did it than her hand gripped me and started stroking me pre cum practically poured out of me and all over her hand as we kissed. This went on a moment before she broke the kiss Keon coercing her his way and I watched as they came together his lips capturing hers Kris moaned a little as they did, I began stroking my cock as hers had come off of it I watched them kiss deeply both of her hands now working his big dick. They made out for a while her hands on him as his hands wandered along her body one I could see still cupping and stroking her crotch, his other eventually found it’s way under the hem and inside her shirt likely paying attention to her breasts. They whispered as they made out and played with each other I couldn’t make out what they were saying, she nibbled and sucked his neck, as I watched and toked the blunt a moment later she sat up on his knees as she had straddled him and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans then leaned back down and I watched him work his hand down her pants.

Soon I could hear the sound of her wetness as I could guess he was working her with his long fingers, she rested her head on his shoulder facing me her eye’s closed at first biting her lower lip. Her eye’s opened and looked right at me and she smiled and silently worded to me that he was fingering her then her face slackened a little her lips parting and she let out a small gasp, when her eyes opened again she had a look on her face unlike any thing I’d seen on her before. Keon tugged at her shirt hinting for her to take it off and after a moment she did her bra also came right off I guessed at some point he had unclasped it, Kris sat there nude from the waist up her modest tits on display large brown aureola topped with button like nipples which in an instant Keon sucked in a mouthful of her breast.

“C’mere Kris…I need this…”

She scooted off of him standing up wondering what he meant for a moment until he held his cock up, smiling she kicked off her shoes and stripped until she was only in her socks and then knelt on her knees between his legs forcing his pants down and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri off taking hold of that big black meat. Again she didn’t look to me I just watched her open her mouth and took his fat head into it, Keon groaned loudly laying his head back as she started sucking him slowly her hands working his shaft and his balls which looked like two golf balls inside a dark sack. I couldn’t believe it here I was sitting on our friends couch the snow coming down outside, we were all very stoned and things went from the usual to watching my now nude wife on her knees sucking his hard black monster of a cock a couple feet away while he groaned.

“Uuhh mmm fffuck Kris, yeah baby…suck that big dick baby. God damn, fuck can she suck dick so good.”

She simply moaned around him as she bobbed her head, his fingers in her hair hands guiding her as I sat there and stroked my cock finishing up the blunt as she motioned for me to come over.

“Fuck me from behind baby…”

I didn’t hesitate positioning myself behind her dragging my cock through her labia to find her absolutely drenched, I was able to bury myself inside her on nearly one push she was tight but so wet and slick Kris moaned loudly.

“Don’t cum in me baby, I’ll take that in my mouth when you do.”

Soon enough maybe 5 minutes later I couldn’t hold back and said so, Kris spun around and proceeded to suck me dry then soon after turning back around and resumed sucking Keon for a minute or two longer.

“Fuck baby now I want some of that, gonna let a brotha in that tight little white pussy too Kris?”

“You want some too? Want to fuck me with this huge thing?”

“Baby don’t worry about a thing trust me, you’ll get used to this dick and when you do…you’ll be taking it balls deep and wanting more…”

She stroked his cock a bit, it was big and looked hard as a rock the veins stood out along his dick. He adjusted his seat on the couch and guided her up onto his lap straddling him, his dick between her legs the head resting between her ass cheeks like a big dark hot dog between her white buns. She moved upward to make some space and reached down grasping him his foreskin pulled down some better revealing the fat dark purple looking head, she slowly started moving it back and forth along her recently shaved labia. The couch was a sectional so I didn’t have to move to see the action as I watched as she dragged that big head through her soaked lips, a moment later Kris groaned as she settled downward a bit I watched as his head slipped inside her along with about 3 inches of his shaft. Keon’s hands came to her hips and made her yelp a little as he tried pushing her further down on him, she stopped him but ended up with him getting another inch in any way. They both stopped moving for a while as she adjusted to his size namely how thick he was, I’m thick at two inches across but he was nearly as thick as her wrist.

Kris finally started to move slipping him several inches out of her before slowly moving back downward, in minutes she was taking almost eight inches of his huge cock inside her moaning and breathing heavily as she did. When she went up she left his exposed cock soaked like a water line, I could see exactly how much she was taking her hands on his shoulders she pulled herself up planting the balls of her feet onto the couch making it possible to ride him better what she possibly didn’t think of was it would allow him complete access to her pussy which soon he made a point of exploiting. After five more minutes she tired and came to rest against him her head on his shoulder, she was panting and feeling good and with all but likely an inch and a half outside of her his thick dark root. They panted together kissing and Kris took off her glasses sitting them on the end table, his large hands caressed her all over reaching down and gripping and spreading her ass cheeks giving me a nice open view of her soaked labia tightly wrapped around his cock. He suddenly went from gripping her hips at a stand still to one hand on her lower hip the other on her shoulder, like it was in slow motion he moved his hips up against her slowly but hard and firm making her slap at his shoulders and the back of the couch as he pressed himself trying to get deeper.

She grunted and yelled out as he kept doing it over and over, I nearly shot my load at what I saw next. Kris went completely silent as he shoved himself hard and deep inside her and impossibly his entire cock went in, it made him groan and she dug her nails into his shoulders and she buried her head into his chest. For nearly an entire minute she was silent and still when suddenly she let out a loud barking and deep grunting over and over and her body shook and her hips jerked by themselves grinding herself against him as he by force kept himself to the hilt inside her as she literally squirted around him clear juices dribbled down over his balls. Looking up from their joining point Kris and Keon were kissing deeply and passionately and did so for a good few minutes his hands kneading her hips and ass like dough, the contrast between the two striking his dark hands kneading my wife’s white dough figuratively and literally. Eventually their lips parted and she gasped for air groaning as she sat back a bit causing him to shift in her pussy, but she kept him fully sheathed in her pussy.

“Babe…can you get in my purse and get my foam for me?”

Didn’t take a minute before I handed her the can and applicator, she stood up with a loud groan as his cock came free from her like a rusty sword and a slurp, her legs shook a bit as she filled the applicator and slipped it inside depressing the plunger and tossing it and the can onto the coffee table and with surprising eagerness re-mounted him reaching between them and slipping that big meat back inside Keon pulling her hips bringing her all the way down onto him making her cuss as he went deep. They went slow for a good while Kris getting used to him started to loosen up and ride him good her pussy soaking him as she road him, Keon slapped her ass a few times and talked dirty to her when he wasn’t sucking her breasts and manipulating her hips to plunge up into her deeply forcing whimpers and cries from her.

About twenty minutes into this he started grunting now and then as she began moving a bit faster, by now she was shoving him in as deep as possible inside herself as she road him more and more erotically and soon she ended up having a big orgasm sitting in his lap with all of her weight pressed down into his lap as she shook and cried out arms around his neck. A moment later Keon began cussing a bit slapping her ass and telling her her was going to cum soon, Kris surprised me once again as when he made that statement she forced herself to begin riding him again this time it was like she was possessed watching her face contort as she just increased the intensity of her orgasm.

“Oh fuck baby, that’s it get it….you want this cum don’t you? Ahh shit, you got me cummin Kris ahh fuck!”

I couldn’t help it either and my own cock erupted all over my shirt and hand as I watched the two start cumming together, my wife cried out loudly and swore at the ceiling as she road him hard and deep her ass slapping into him lap. Keon gripped her hips hard finger tips sinking into her flesh as he kept her going as suddenly he tensed up all over and roared out his voice reverberating in the dim living room, I knew right then and there he was cumming inside her and to add to it she moaned a moment later obviously feeling his cum and she kept riding him her voice soft and mewling soothingly telling him to shoot it all inside her and he did with her milking him. They kissed as they both came down from their orgasms her movements slowing but steady, I watched as a big white blob slowly made it’s appearance as it spread down his black balls.

After a while they took a break and a blunt was rolled and passed around, but soon enough after the blunt though he had her on her knees sucking him off as he toked on the last of the blunt. Kris was warmed up I should say as now she wasn’t worried about me and was now comfortable with Keon, she simply slicked back his foreskin and sucked that big black cock good. This time he moved her off of him and guided her to his room, she followed him but only after filling her pussy full of the foam contraceptive again. I got a bottle of cheap cvs aloe lotion and brought in one of his kitchen chairs and sat in it at a good vantage point, Keon started this round off by pressing my wife down onto her back and she instantly spread her thighs open for him and he just as quickly plunged himself into her pussy to the root and without any premeditation simply began fucking my wife in the middle of his bed.

He fucked her like he’d been starved for sex hard and rough making Kris orgasm over and over, her pussy made wet and sloppy popping sounds. She raked her fingers up and down his back dug her bare heels into his ass, they kissed and it was just so hot as she clung onto him her hips bucking to meet his thrusts wanting every inch on every thrust. It was like I wasn’t even there as I watched my wife getting the fucking of her life by the biggest dick either of us had seen, and when he finally came they went into what I can only think of as a breeding embrace her arms and legs went around him as she growled out and screamed in orgasm and Keon went rigid and shoved himself balls deep and shot his load inside her her voice rasping begging him to cum as he did so.

“God…damn Kris! Fucking take it baby, ahhh fuck take this nut!”

After a good while they rested and Keon went to the restroom, I was rock hard but hadn’t cum this time and couldn’t help it I said fuck it and crawled up and buried my hard dick inside Kris and started fucking her hard. She was loose and extremely hot and slick, I pounded her well fucked and cum filled pussy Keon’s cum saturated my crotch and balls matting my pubic hair his cum likely running down her ass as I did. She avoided my kisses but moved her hips fucking me back, she sucked my ear and told me to cum in her pussy and to add it to his black cum inside her. As güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri soon as she said that my balls clenched so tightly it hurt and I let out a loud and pitiful yell followed by grunts, each shot felt like I was shooting my soul into her sodden pussy.

“Cum…cum baby…that’s it give it to me. God so much cum, omg…”

After that things went pg13 really quick seemed the three of us were worn out, so we ended up calling it a night and Kris and I went home and he went to bed. Three day’s later though we got a call from Keon inviting us over for a smoke out, my wife went and spent half an hour to get ready to go to just smoke weed…though we both knew that wouldn’t be the case and she would end up stuffed with his dick. Multiple times through that month they fucked, some day’s more than once. We would either go to his place our ours a bit more than half the time we ended up at his place though, the first time was a bit awkward but the times after that it seemed it would just get hotter my wife was able to take him more easily and now she just came and came when they fucked.

At least she remember the contraceptive because for one reason or another while having sex they would fuck like they were trying for a k**, or at least that’s the impression I got and well when things got hot my head thought all kinds of things while watching my wife go wild on his big black cock. The times we spent with him were likely the hottest sexual things we ever did, for her she was getting her pussy plowed by a really big dick and an added bonus was that it was black but he seemed to fill every possible inch of her enough to make her nearly cum just pressing it all into her and holding it there. She told me that it didn’t matter how used to him she got he always hit bottom and pushed against her insides specially against her cervical head, telling me that when he came that’s where he would shove it and cum against her cervix and that was part of the reason she would cum so hard when he came and if it weren’t for her contraceptive even she would be surprised if he didn’t get her pregnant. Which was why she said she would use the foam every single time, however eventually one weekend I would learn that she might take risks even I wouldn’t guess at when left to her own devices with the way they had sex.

It had been nearly a week since last we saw or heard from Keon, holidays and all so it was what ever and Kris stopped talking about him during sex didn’t much in the first place and when she did it was atm my prompting. We did get a call eventually though and Kris did most of the talking, they spent nearly half an hour on the phone and for a bit Kris looked and sounded a bit like she was debating with him over some thing for a good five minutes. After she hung up she came and sat down next to me as we watched a movie, after about ten minutes she said that Keon tried to convince her to talk to me about her spending the new years weekend at his place.

“Sooo…I take it he wants you to go over to his place and spend three day’s, you know what he’s after baby.”

She sighed a moment then smiled a little bit, she was trying to play it cool but I knew she loved our friends big dick. Up until recently they had been fucking pretty steadily and each time it seemed they got hotter, he always made her cum her brains out and she made sounds I never heard her make ever.

“Mhum, told him no at first but he keeps insisting me and you talk about it.”

“Well Kris what do you want to do baby? You don’t have to say it out loud but I know you loved his cock and how he fucks you, though your my wife I know you have to be thinking about fucking him again.”

She looked at me steady for a moment, then redirected her eyes to the tv.

“Yes. He’s a little too good for a married woman to be messing with, you saw the last few times…thats what worries me he fucks me too good.”

I put my hand on her thigh and slowly rubbed it, interrupting her view and kissed her slowly but deeply.

“You want me to fuck him again don’t you? Can’t believe whats gotten into you, at first we did it for a reason and it started because we were so high. And now your wanting me to fuck him some more because you want to watch, you like watching another man fuck your wife?”

I kissed her again my hand cupping her pussy through her sweats, she moaned softly into the kiss as I began massaging her.

“Mmmm…oh god, my husband likes to watch me fuck other men. Can’t…believe you like that, you know that I’m enjoying his dick a little too much.”

“Why your gonna tell him he can stay here in the guest room, that way it’s just him and not him trying to get you to fuck him AND his friends. And I can watch you two fuck like mad, I do like seeing his really dark cock going in and out of your white pussy baby and love to watch him cum inside you…”

“Oh god, I married a pervert. He shoots so much cum too, come to the bedroom your going to fuck me before I call him back then.”

We made our way to the bedroom and we fucked, ending with her sucking my load from my cock. She called Keon back and told him what we were willing to do, he agreed to it and she told him we would be by later to pick him up. In the meantime I helped Kris get ready specially for tonight, a hot bubble bath she shaved her legs and I went over her pussy making sure she was absolutely smooth and hairless from front to back. She dressed normally but had paid special attention to her hair and some light makeup and perfume, for mostly a casual look she looked hot and had an understated attractiveness to her.

Later that night the beer flowed and Keon had brought a big bag of the good stuff and a treat, he had gotten hold of some good cocaine enough for each of us to have five good lines a piece which we mostly spread through the night. Unsure if it was just a natural mood they were in or if the combo of d**gs and alcohol but once things started getting heated it turned into the hottest night, it over shadowed any of the others by far. Keon seemed bigger and harder and Kris was in her best element more so than the other times, unlike many of the other times there was a lot more kissing and nibbling and intimacy between the two. The two fucked with abandon and several times before we decided to nap a bit out of exhaustion, I woke around 4am alone in bed the house dark. Though I followed the moans to the guest room we have, Keon and my wife were on the queen bed as I watched through a crack in the door and watched and listened. Keon was between her widely spread shapely thighs his ass pumping away, my wife laid back taking a couple tokes from a blunt before setting it in the ashtray still lit blowing smoke out before groaning.

The bedside lamp was on dim so the light was warm and made them almost silhouettes, they both had a sheen of sweat as they worked at each other. They kissed deeply and sloppily for a good minute Keon cupped both sides of her face as they did Kris moaning into his mouth as he delivered slow deep thrusts into her, when the kiss broke he propped himself up and not missing a beat reached and took the blunt putting it in his mouth toking on it hands free for a moment before taking it in hand and putting it to her lips letting her get a hit before putting it back in the ashtray.

“Mmmm damn Kris…I ever tell you how much I love your married pussy baby, feels SO good on my dick.”

“Keon your dick feels so good, every single time you put it inside me. I love your cock, told my husband that…I like it a little too much.”

“Told you once you got used to a big dick you’d fall in love with it, every white woman I’ve ever fucked loves the hell out of it. I guess at least you have some birth control, just in case you forgot your control.”

“Yeah, I can see that. It’s nice to be just us while he’s asleep, I get my black stud all to myself…”

Next day they kicked it off in the living room, after fifteen minutes they moved into the master bedroom and here is where what Kris told me eventually started at the time I hadn’t noticed it but she stopped using her contraceptive. The only thing that changed was that she was much more vocal and all about him cumming inside her, when the new years ball dropped I came in her mouth and Keon shot a big load deep inside her which he stayed inside her and ground it in a long time. Later that night they talked dirty to each other, we were all drunk and high and had done the last of the coke Keon gave her his last line as well. As they talked dirty and hot I was jerking off watching and listening, hearing my fucked up wife going total slut as he announced he was cumming she went wild.

“Ohhh god YES! Cum inside me, omfg Keon shoot your nut in my fertile cunt baby…knock me up while he watches baby give me your black babies.”

“FUCK Kris!! Take it baby, deep in that pussy….god…damn!”

I couldn’t help myself…

“Fuck her man, if she wants it knock her up…shit…fuck your load deep in my wife’s unprotected pussy.”

Of course I had no idea that was actually the case at the time, she had lost herself to his dick and how good he fucked her…she was right but I had no idea she would actually go completely unprotected and here I was encouraging him to do it as he unloaded into her unprotected pussy.

“Ooohh…oh my god…baby I can feel it his cum is so hot inside me. His cum is getting so deep inside my pussy, you like that? Huh? You like watching him shoot his hot cum inside me baby, fuck I can feel every spurt.”

“Fuck baby yes, drain that big dick of his.”

He kept it inside her for a good while, when he did pull out practically a river of pearly white cum poured out of her making her pussy clench squeezing out even more. At that point I said that I was high as hell and tired and that I was going to go to bed, Kris said she was going to be here soon as well and so I left them and went to the bedroom got ready a lay in bed. I wasn’t going to sleep until my wife came to bed and well I wasn’t expecting her right away either, the way her and Keon had been with each other lately. I was seeing what she had mentioned to me before had been seeing it the whole of the new years holiday, the güvenilir bahis şirketleri moment he got his dick inside her she changed and they were doing what I seen as a mix of love making and a****l like fucking. They kissed a lot more and deeply and she was wide open to him, it looked like I was loosing my wife to this big dicked black stud and what did I do? I sat back and jerked my cock and watched it, watched as they forgot that I was even there as he drove her out of her mind as they kissed with passion as he buried himself and flooded her more than welcoming pussy with his cum.

I lay there in the dark stroking absentmindedly not hearing any thing, soon though I could hear footsteps followed by whispering I couldn’t make out what they were saying but they were going to the guest room at the end of the hall. I waited a while then got up and crept my way there the door was cracked, no lights though which sucked because all the light in there then was the little candle light thing we had in the window the opposite side of the room so all I could see were dim silhouettes. I got to watch as his shadow moved and she groaned, my wife’s legs came up as he went balls deep in one push that made him groan too.

“Oh god Kris…your pussy is so good baby, god damn take it baby.”

“Oh Keon yes, god I love your cock baby. So hard and so big, I’ve never had any one fuck me so good like you do.”

I could hear the sounds of them kissing, and the rhythmic and wet and nasty sounds her cum soiled pussy was making as he pumped in and out of her. Part of me was jealous, hurt and slightly depressed hearing them talk like that. But another part of me strangely enough was proud of my wife, excited in I suppose a nearly morbid way that he was bigger and better than me and how easily she submitted and practically worshiped his dick which was many shades darker than her own skin. They had no idea I was awake let alone listening so I was getting a candid show, knowing they would be %100 free with every thing now thinking this might be the hottest I may witness between them and partly in some way wish I’d gone to sleep the other part made my dick painfully hard.

“Fuck yes, fuck me baby. Deep, hard and slow. “

“Damn baby you really getting hooked on my dick aren’t you, I’ll give it to you. You give it to me now too, he’s asleep so let that pussy fuck and make love to my dick like you been wanting Kris gonna fuck like were breeding that pussy.”

“Mmmm oh fuck yes, oh my fucking god I’m in love with your big black as fuck cock baby. Give my white pussy what it want’s give it to it good.”

“Mmmm fuck girl that’s so fucking hot baby, gonna give you a royal fucking…and all the hot seed I can produce in my nuts baby.”

They fucked for nearly forty five minutes, it was probably the hottest and most lust filled fucking I’d ever seen and my wife was game the whole way cumming many times. In the end she was on her hands and knees Keon fucking her good and hard, and when he came he slammed hard against her locking himself as deep in her pussy as he could and started grunting deeply and loudly.

“Ooohhh god YESSSS, oh that’s it baby that’s the spot…oh god knock me up good Keon.”

“Fffuck Kris, god…damn take it sweet baby take that hot nut deep up in that hot pussy baby.”

They ground together a long while staying together him buried as far he could go, they laid over managing to still keep him inside her. At this point I imagined what they were saying was for real, that he was actually working hard to get my wife pregnant. After fifteen minutes she pulled away from him, she moved down and began sucking his mostly limp cock making him groan.

“Damn girl your pushing even my limits, guess you really can’t get enough of me huh?”

“Mmmmm…if I’m going to do this I’m going to do it right, I want as much of your cock and cum in me as I can get. I know you can get hard again, and you have more of that thick potent black seed in these beautiful black balls to pump inside my pussy.”

“Do it right huh, damn you really wanting it. And I’m just the man to give it to you, I’ll give you as much of this dick and cum as I can baby…god damn your the best married pussy I’ve ever had.”

I stood jerking my cock more listening than watching hearing the sucking slurping sounds of my wife sucking his half limp black pipe covered in his and her cum, I was harder than I ever remember being my dick ached almost painfully listening to her working her mouth on him hearing his now and again groans. Soon though she moved up on top of him mounting his waist and kissing him passionately, she broke the kiss slightly as she moaned her body moved down until she halted likely burying him fully inside her puffy cum filled cunt.

“Fuck you feel good baby, all that cum got you feeling so hot and slick…makes my dick so hard.”

Kris began moving riding him in long slow movement’s now and then emitting soft groans and cries, I never knew Kris could be so sexy in our years together. Yet here she was or a shadow of her in the dark guest bedroom impaling herself on no less than a very large black cock and loving and taking every inch, she was an absolute mess she was so full of his cum and yet she wanted more. She was always pretty but now I saw her differently as Keon stuffed his big almost blue black dick balls deep into her, I was confused as to what had changed in me or what I had been missing until now. Now her tits were in his large hands his fingers rolling her large thimble sized nipples as she road him her pace steadily picking up until she was moving on him with wild abandon until suddenly she said she was cumming and cried out loudly, her body stiffened and began convulsing her hips jerking and rolling against him hard raking her fingers through her hair.

“That’s it Kris, give in and cum…cum on a real mans dick baby your pussy loves this dick.”

Keon flipped her over moving her onto her side spreading and scissoring her legs, she cried out again as he pushed himself in to his root.

“Oh shit that’s deep, oh my god…”

He gave her a pillow and she took it, from there he hammered Kris into sexual oblivion she used the pillow to muffle her cries and screams and her rammed himself into every deep recess her pussy had and besides the pillow she took his hardest deepest pounding like a champ. It ended with him pulling out and pulling her up hard to him practically stuffing his cock into her mouth, she sucked him frantically and he growled deeply and loudly and she let out a soft moan I suspect as the first big gush of his hot seed filled her mouth. As I watched her suck the hot load out of that bbc I shot my load into the corner emptying myself as she drained his balls, she was enthusiastic as she did and made Keon groan and moan a while as she sucked and he had to make her stop. Drained and tired I went to bed after that, waking up around 3pm the next day to find Kris in bed next to me.

She was absolutely disheveled, her long brown hair was a wreck. She lay on her back and I could see and counted nine dark hickies three big ones on her neck two on one side making it look like one and the other on the other side, one on her collar bone. Four s**ttered on her breasts and one on her inner thigh, just from being next to me she reeked of sex and sweat. Her legs were parted and there was a wet spot beneath her ass, her pussy was a deeper shade and quite puffy. I looked her over a good while and had begun stroking my cock, my wife was filthy and very well fucked and she reeked of sex, sweat and cum, pot and cigarettes. Oddly she looked more beautiful than I’d seen her in a while but also like the slut that she had been for nearly a month now, so many times I had watched her get the hell fucked out of her and we both loved it she especially loved his black cock and I couldn’t blame her. Not only was he bigger than I was measuring 9 1/2” long and thicker than my 8 inches, but he could really fuck too and he used this combination to give my wife the best month of sex she’d ever had.

I was so damned hard I had to have this filthy but damn sexy woman, I moved getting down between her legs getting a good look as I spread her legs wider. Her swollen labia parted when I spread her legs and I watched a moment transfixed as thickened cum stretched between those lips like a web and a second later an off white pearl of semen welled up in her hole, the scent was so strong but instead of being offensive it made my dick throb painfully and unable to resist I dove right in nothing slow I simply began feasting on her sodden well fucked pussy like a man starved. In a moment she stirred with a groan, a minute later realizing what was happening she tried to protest but quickly relented as I sucked her erect clit between my teeth she lay back spreading herself further.

“Oohh god…baby that’s so nasty, omg I stink and am nasty…”

“Lay back and like it I plan on doing more than just this, you spent the entire night getting your pussy hammered and filled with black baby batter…think I deserve to do what I want with his leftovers.”

“Ooohhh god…mmmnnn yeah we stayed up all night baby, Keon was inside me the whole time fucking me raw god can he fuck.”

“Mmmm I can tell…”

“Omg can’t believe your eating my pussy, you know he spent the night cumming inside me…do you like how I taste baby?”

“Mmmhum…god you’ve been such a slut all those marks, his cum has just saturated your insides you hot slut.”

“Oh yeah talk dirty to me baby, oh yes I loved being his slut honey. I couldn’t help myself with him, his dick was so big and hard and felt so good inside me. He made my insides cramp and shudder when he fucked me so good with the whole thing, it felt too good and so right to have him cum deep inside me I couldn’t…wouldn’t have stopped him even if I wanted too I NEEDED that big hard black dick deep inside me spurting it’s hot cum right into my cervix.”

“Fuck your a nasty slut aren’t you? You fall for that black dick that hard huh?”

“Fuck yes, I fell in love with his hard cock. Wish he was here now, god it would feel so good to feel that big thing fill me to the brim again and again.”

That was the last time we saw Keon for about a good 4 months, and it was about 6 months later when we ran into each other at a bar. Needless to say after last call and a lot of talk we ended up meeting him at a hotel since then he had a girlfriend, but we spent a good 2 hours there Kris getting her pussy drilled by him and we went home her pussy loaded with his semen.

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