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For H.

“I bet you’ve got a gorgeous cunt”

She turned the words over in her mind. They were raw, direct. Not what she was used to where sexual matters were concerned.

She read them again.

“I bet you’ve got a gorgeous cunt”

They went to the heart of her sexuality. Opening it up the way she imagined her whole self would be opened up by this man.

It had started innocently enough. Regular email contact, a supplier to her organisation.

She couldn’t put her finger on when the tone had changed exactly, but it had. A mildy jokey comment turning over a course of correspondance to

the flirtatious, and then the risque. A rising tone of sexual banter that moved from the nudge nudge wink wink that she had always confidently dealt with, to a slightly edgier format, that seemed to speak directly to her inner self.

“I bet you’ve got a gorgeous cunt”

They sat there on the screen. Glowing obscenely. Reflecting the warmth she felt inbetween her legs. Again. How did he know how to push these buttons,she wondered. The long dormant and barely explored depths of her sexuality.

She was no shrinking violet. A university education had seen her fair share of encounters and relationships, through drunken fumbles, eager exploration through to slow comfortable mornings in sunlit bedrooms.

But nothing like this. Words that spoke to a facet of herself she barely recognised. Her marriage had not been the definition of excitement, a comforting prescence that had enfolded her firstly, providing and nurturing, but never fulfilling.

The sexual ecstasy fading from memory like a dream, losing the pleasure, becoming routine, and then a chore for both parties – the final death throes of habit.

“I bet you’ve got a gorgeous cunt”

The emails in work hours by necessity had turned into emails to home, an exchange of telephone numbers, texts and instant messaging. She could no longer trust herself to respond appropriately during work hours and on the office computer, a fact pounced on and replayed to her.

“I bet you’re wet, aren’t you. Sitting in the office thinking dirty thoughts about me and what I would do to you” She had been, and that had prompted her to take the mails to her private address, for fear of the IT team reading them. But that just meant that they changed to texts.

The escalation had been swift. A request for a photo, and she had sent one from a recent holiday, smiling, posing on the beach. The response, in that cheeky manner had been the one she had expected – or was that hoped for? “No bikini shots?”

There was one, nothing that was out of place in a holiday album, but she had wanted to hear him ask. Wanted to know that she could respond. Again, the response was predictable. “Fantastic. You have a gorgeous arse”. She had felt…..contented? Pleased with his praise, like a small child or a puppy.

“I bet you’ve got a gorgeous cunt”

She paused. Reading the words again. Her pussy moistening further. This was the latest step up in what seemed to be a sexual arms race. The bikini photo had not been enough, and she had acceded to his requests for a naked photo. Tasteful, she had thought to herself, her behind bare in subdued lighting, taken on a camera phone and utilising the full length mirror in her bedroom.

Her bedroom she thought, just hers. No one elses now. It had been hers alone for some years now. Was that why she could not resist? Was there a need in her that she knew could not be fulfilled by her fingers alone – the need to be taken, to be filled, to be opened up and eaten like an over ripe fruit, bursting with juices.

She had masturbated that night. Scenes in her head playing out. Faceless bodies thrusting into güvenilir bahis her. It wasn’t just him…it was a procession of lovers, known and unknown, lining up to take her, to use her. And she had welcomed them. Open arms, open legs and open mouthed.

She had never shirked from sex, welcomed it. But this was….different. A new boundary being opened up, to be explored. Ideas bursting in her mind like fireworks, sparking off each other. He seemed so expert. A turn of phrase and easy knowledge of sexual matters that spoke of an experience that outweighed her own.

He had chuckled when she had shown lack of knowledge of a sexual term, bemoaning her innocence. That had led to a morning spent on her laptop…each word or phrase opening up a new layer of understanding, pieces falling into place like tetris blocks in her mind…..bondage, threesomes, swinging, double penetration…that had been the one that set her off, a frenzied session in which she had come multiple times, thrusting her dildo into her vagina remorselessly while watching the video images…the links he had sent. The dildo he had encouraged her to buy. “A girls got to have her toys” he had said. The embedded link, seemingly innocent, opening up a phallic display that she had never before envisaged. The order made, the package delivered,

the unwrapping and discovery.

He had questioned her keenly on her experience. What had she watched? What did she feel? What was it like when she had first played with herself? She had answered, tentatively at first, then emboldened by his encouragement, describing the feelings that had welled up as she had watched the films. How she had been turned on. “Shamefully wet” he called it.

And she had agreed. She had had little exposure to porn, and she had not felt encouraged to explore it previously. But now…now….she had opened the links up reluctantly at first, expecting sullen plasticly enthusiastic girls going through the motions. But he had sent her what he called amateur clips. Real people, who got off on exposing their sex.

The films had been completely different to her expectation. Sure, there were some where the definition of amateur was probably being stretched, but there were more than enough where it was clearly not a professional shoot. And she had watched. Watched as girls lovingly fellated… that was a word she would have used “before”, now it was “sucked”.

Sucked and fucked. With smiles on their faces and come on their bodies. Taking delight in painting themselves with it. A Jackson Pollock explosion of fluid over their breasts…no….tits….tits with nipples that stood out in arousal. That were squeezed and sucked. That were pushed into mouths and rubbed on cocks.

Cocks. That word.

Before it had been a penis. An accurate desciption for the male organ. Never directly referred to. Maybe a whispered “Put it in me”, but never a direct connection between the word and the organ. Now it was cock. She rolled it in her mind. Cock. Like she could roll it on her tongue. Cock. A fast word. A powerful word. Jutting. A penis was something a doctor looked at. A cock was pushed into places.

Wanted and unwanted….at first…battering its way into depths that had previously been unexplored by tentative or docile lovers. Now she felt an ache…a need to be filled, a gap to be plugged, an opening between her legs that directed her selfishly to deliver against its demands in her head.

“I bet you’ve got a gorgeous cunt”

And here she was. Her laptop in front of her. The chat window open. The scrolling words that had moved smoothly through the pedestrian to the extreme. The way she had let it, allowing herself to be be carried along. Wanting it.

“Go on, turn on türkçe bahis your camera”

She paused again. Looking back over the words, and forward in her mind. A step that she had not before taken. But if she was unwilling, why was she here, now? The lace underwear she was wearing was not her usual attire. A weekday evening would be slouchies. A comfortable tee shirt and tracksuit bottoms. Not the boudoir look she was sporting now.

The knickers both flimsy and constricting, cupping her sex closely. The bra holding her breasts…her tits she reminded herself…inside, the nipples puckered against the fabric, eager to be let loose. Her wrap was loose. A short, silk number, echoing a japanese kimono. Not a comforting, blanket like, dressing gown. She breathed, deeply. The air drawn down into her lungs, pushing her chest out further.

She hit the keyboard. The chat window changed, a double video image in view. She was looking at herself, and him, on the screen.

“There you are, good girl”

She smiled. Again the encouragement. The leading on. The positive reward.

“Are you ready?”

She nodded, her double on her laptop screen echoing her movement.

“Why dont you show me whats underneath that?”

She frowned, wanting to make it harder for him. Not too easy. She wasn’t like that. Was she?

“Go on, just a little look”

She sighed theatrically, shrugging the wrap down from first one shoulder, then the other, but holding it up over her chest.

“Come on”, he urged, “Let the dog see the rabbit”

That tone. That language. Slightly common. Direct. Knowing. She sighed again, but in her head she was already making the movement. The wrap fell, her bra revealed.

“Theres my girl. Gorgeous. I love that colour on you.”

She blushed, a pinkish bloom spreading over her cheeks and her chest.

“Can you stand up for me? I want to see that fabulous arse.”

Pushing her chair back, standing, the wrap falling as she went, she twirled, presenting herself, careful to keep the camera angle on her behind.

“Lovely. You are fantastic, you know that?”

She smiled for him. Puppy smile she thought. Good dog.

“Now, show me those tits of yours.”

She leaned forward, proud of her cleavage. She had never before thought them remarkable, but now, here, they felt like they gave her power, parity in an exchange. He leaned back, sinking deeper in his chair.

“Do you mind if I….”

He left the words unspoken, his eyes drifting downwards. She shook her head. This was what she had been waiting for. When the half formed images in her head became reality. He unzipped himself, slowly….cockily…she thought, with a half smile.

He wore no underwear, and his cock was already erect.

“Look what you do to me”

She smiled again. Proud of her achievement. His hand fell naturally to his cock, gripping the base. He waggled it at her, and she stifled a laugh. Not the time to lose the moment. It glistened with moisture at the tip, and unconsciously she licked her lips.

Images back in her mind from the videos, sucking, licking, tasting…the delicate string of precum that linked a tongue to a cock.

“Like what you see then”, he chuckled, believing the power to be on his side.

She nodded, letting him enjoy his moment.

“How about letting me see a bit more? Let me see your nipples”.

She frowned. Inwardly, she was surging past this, eager to reach the point she needed. But she stayed true to her role, projecting a facade of reluctance as she slipped the bra straps down, the front fastening opening with a quick movement, the garment disposed of at her feet.

And there they were, her tits…her…tits….open to his gaze. güvenilir bahis siteleri Her nipples tightened again, sending delicious sparks down to her crotch. She brought her hands up, encircling, molding, rolling the nubs between her fingers. She cupped both breasts in her palms, feeling the weight, subconciously comparing,

letting them settle back to their natural position. She looked at his chat window, could see his hand moving smoothly, naturally from base to tip. The motion brought a further gush of juice between her legs. She could hear his breathing, just, getting faster, heavier, replicated on her side of the computer wall that divided them.

“Keep going”

Her hands travelled across her torso, pausing here and there, roaming backwards and forwards across a terrain well known to them, but always downwards. She paused, her fingers in the waistband of her lace knickers, she affected a lip bite, copying a pose from a video link.


His hand was moving faster now, the cock on her screen seeming to have grown further…swelling….she imagined the thickness and how it would feel inside her. Throbbing. Pulsing. The pulsing of his cock echoed in the thrusts inside her.

Now she was moving faster, she needed this. The knickers, carefully chosen, were forgotten as she sat back in her chair. Unbidden, she sat back, and opened her legs wide, her action mirrored by the widening of his eyes, the momentary surpise as she revealed herself to him.

“Thats it you dirty girl, show me, show me your gorgeous cunt”

As if she needed the encouragement. Both hands now, one pulling herself back, opening up, her clit standing proud, the other dipping down, testing the area around her opening. Momentarily the phrase ran through her head….”Shamefully wet”….no shame here, now. She was wanton, exhibiting, showing her all and revelling in it.

One hand moved out of sight of the camera, to the dildo placed there beforehand. Of course she had known this would be the end product. The teasing reluctance an artful deception to deliver her here, now.

She gripped it, positioned it and in one motion thrust it deep into herself, her breath seemingly forced out as the cock was forced in.

There was no daintiness about this, she was fixated on her screen, her thrusts matching and exceeding his strokes. His words a soundtrack to the filmclip she was making in her head.

“Thats it, you’re such a dirty girl. Such a dirty slut. I knew you were. Fuck, look at you taking that cock. Keep fucking yourself. Keep fucking that cock in your cunt. I bet you’d like my cock in you now. I bet you’d suck my cock like a dirty bitch while ramming that cock in your cunt.”

She was lost, nodding, mewling affirmation as his words hit the triggers in her head. Dirty Girl. Bad Girl. Cocksucker. Fucker. Fuck. Cunt.

“Oh I’m going to come over you. All over your pretty face and tits. You want that don’t you? You want my come all over you? You want to feel come splashing over your face and in your mouth?”

Yes. The words were unnecessary. The need was written large in her face, the open mouth, tongue rippling wildly across teeth. The building up of her climax. The shortening of her breath as she worked the plastic cock ever faster.

“Thats it…thats it……come for me…come for me as I come for you…on you……”

The words were a trigger, the mental image pushing her over the edge and into glorious, electric release as she shuddered in climax….her pussy…her cunt gushing juices that coated her fingers and hands, soaking the chair fabric beneath her.

She slowed her motions….almost as if coming awake, her legs trembling with aftershocks.

“Oh you beauty, look what you made me do”

She looked through half closed eyes, seeing his come sliding down his cock, like the slown down eruption of a volcano….slipping down across his knuckles to pool at the base.

She smiled, the circle complete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20