Episode 110: Beach Babes

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Episode 110: Beach Babes
Since writing this episode, Ellie has confirmed that Anna Dominatrix and posh-slut are not currently living together, so although the characters are real, the events are just my fantasy.

It’s a surprisingly hot day in mid April, puss has ‘retired’ from submission and returned home to look after her cats. Mistress is inspecting slut for any permanent damage after being loaned out to a Dom for a week and worm is nursing his bruises and flayed skin in slut’s cage.

“Come on you two – we’re going to the beach today”.

Fortunately nakedness is not compulsory on the naturist beach at Studland bay. Some hardy middle-aged couples insisted on stripping off, not caring what anybody else thought. Of course the young teenagers, playing strip poker in the sand dunes, drank and fucked there most days after school, hoping not to be spotted by their teachers or parents.

Mistress Anna was of course naked below her unbuttoned leather coat, daring anybody to look and fantasize. slut and worm.were dressed in matching flesh-coloured latex shorts – looking naked from a distance. slut’s shorts were necessary to muffle the jangling sound of her cuntal piercings as she walked or ran along the sand; the extending dog leash attached to her collar. worm’s shorts were also practical to hide the training dog chain around his waist and cock, emerging above the waistband to continuously rub against the enormous butt plug.

Both subs were allowed to play in the sea as Mistress watched and waited for her favourite two lifeguards to finish their shift; imagining herself being sandwiched between their rampant erections in black speedos.

worm allowed slut to hold his head underwater until nearly drowned, then whipping off her shorts, to practice her cunt-to-mouth resuscitation technique. he was soon revived by ingesting the mixture of sea-water and pussy juices, splattering over his face.

Annie closed the door to the First Aid hut, hanging her coat over the window to provide some privacy.

Now naked, Annie was willing to relax her dominatrix tendencies enough to enjoy some vanilla sex with these two fit blokes. Straddling the blonde lifeguard on the only chair, she lowered her rapidly mostening cunt onto his erection, stroking kaçak bahis his hardening cock as he rose to the challenge.

She actually allowed the redhead to fondle her breasts and kiss the back of her neck, while attempting a successful rear entry.

Soon they were both pounding away deep inside her taut body, cock heads clashing through the thin membrane between cunt and arse, sending amazing shockwaves rippling outwards.

Annie adored a good standing DP and these two muscular lads were experts, practicing on each others girlfriend every weekend, now easily lifting her bodily under both her thighs for deeper penetration.

Of course she insisted they both wore fresh condoms each time they swapped places, building up a good sweat towards a set of very satisfying orgasms. Fully fucked, they carried Annie down to the water, licking off each others salty deposits for a second round in the sea.

slut and worm were instructed to walk the half mile back to the car park to retrieve the heavy picnic basket. slut was perfectly at ease being naked around the group of giggling, clothed schoolgirls. Egged on by her friends, one even lifting her skirt to demand slut’s tongue, but ran off when it made contact with her damp panties.

Mistress insisted worm wore the latex shorts over his head to avoid being recognised; but the crudely fashioned dog-chain chastity belt providing little protection from charges of indecency.

The skankiest teen demanded to know whether he was slut’s bitch, lowering her tights and forcing his face into her spotty arse. She let rip when her climax hit, pulling worm’s shorts back over his head to keep the smell in.

For most of the journey back to the car park, he pressed his pathetic chained organ against slut’s buttocks, stopping every few steps to receive a sound beating. After the week on loan to Annie’s Dom friend Maurice, slut was determined to get back at all men, starting with worm, making him carry the heavy picnic cool box on his back on hands and knees in the hot sun.

Back at the beach, Annie lay back, sunbathing naked with masses of suntan oil carefully rubbed into all the sensitive places.

Lunch for Mistress consisted of several glasses of chilled Sancerre with sandwiches from the Waitrose luxury range on kaçak iddaa proper plates. slut was allowed a few crumbs and a small bottle of water. worm was force fed several packets of exceedingly dry salt and vinegar crisps – a flavour he hated, before being buried in the sand dune up to the neck, while the ladies went for a relaxing nude swim.

slut loves the feel of cool water against her sun-heated metalwork, especially when Mistress cups her sex while biting her hardening nipples.

Later, after watching the schoolgirls abusing worm, Mistress instructs slut to refill the empty wine bottle with sea water to pour over worm’s sunburnt face in between emptying their bladders into his mouth.

Much later, slut is dozing on the warm sand, thinking back to her time last week at the hands of Master Maurice. [you should read posh-slut’s excellent blow-by-blow account of her flagellation in her story ‘Loaned’],

“Suzy – wake up!” someone bellowed in her ear.

Nobody had called her Suzy for months, except for the gorgeous Indian slave at Master Maurice’s hideaway near Southampton apparently..

slut opened her eyes: “Anita – it is you – what are you doing here? How did you get away?”.

They kissed lightly; rubbing bare breasts together – one hand dipping between heated, slippery buttocks.

Then slut spotted the heavy steel shackles around Anita’s ankles and the short chain keeping her legs tied together: “oh you poor baby – you’re still a slave too”.

Only then did they both notice slut’s Mistress Anna and anita’s Master Maurice fucking discreetly in the sand dunes.

They kissed again, passionately this time, fingers entering slick cunts – taking Suzy right back to her first c***dhood kiss with the beautiful girl Anita at their posh home in India, where daddy was something in the consulate.

Suzy and Anita were too young to have need of bikini tops then, so just wore tiny white cotton panties for playing by the pool. Suzy was shocked when Anita first kissed her and their tongues clashed, wondering why her panties had suddenly become damp.

They cuddled and splashed, exploring each other’s bodies – Suzy was delighted to discover her new friend’s ‘yoni’ (as she loved to call it) already had a sparse covering of straight black pubic hair.

Once güvenilir bahis when daddy caught them playing in the pool, trying to rub their young cunts together, he offered to show them how to trib properly, provided he could watch.

Anita was always keen to lay back, holding her pussy lips wide for Suzy to admire her deep pink insides against her lovely deep brown skin.

*Sorry baby, did I just say all that out loud?”

Today, Suzy had no hesitation in eating out the grown-up, delectable Anita, opening her up despite the leg shackles, to make her squirt long and hard onto the burning sand.

“Yes, my love – you were lucky. My dad thrashed me every time a boy came near – once he caught me in bed with my older brother. I was supposed to be a virgin bride at 13, so we ran away. Maurice took me in to join his harem as his personal slave; I love it”

Then Anita returned the pussy-pounding favour using fingers and tongue as tribbing was clearly impossible with her legs shackled.

Exhausted by yet another crashing orgasm, suzy lay back staring up at the clear blue sky until her view was blocked by a king-size erection slowly lowering towards her mouth.

“Mikey” she yelled just before the bulbous cock head cut off her air supply. Randy-milf-hunter adored his mum’s sucking skills, nearly cumming on the first thrust as he watched his girlfriend Rachel lowering her recently fucked arse onto Anita’s face to be cleaned out.

Several of the regular naturist beach goers tutted at this display of open sexuality as the teenager’s came noisily on or inside the attractive MILFs.

Mistress Anna and Master Maurice chased the regulars away, but agreed it was perhaps time to take the copulations elsewhere.

Rachel disentangled her face from Anita’s hot crotch to suggest they all go visit Ellie and Paddy, because their merry go round was ready for its first test run.

Unlike traditional models where the 4 horses rise and fall as it rotates, Paddy had geared it so that the horses just vibrate and the dildos penetrating the saddles bring on the orgasms.

All of the rising dildo mechanism was working, but it was still missing the main electric motor, so worm was shackled to a makeshift harness to push the roundabout around.

The two Dominants took turn in lashing worm to run faster as Ellie, Suzy, Anita and Rachel rode the well lubricated toy horses to some very satisfying, noisy climaxes.

Master Maurice agreed to swap Anita for worm for a few days to give slut a new companion in her cage.

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