Electrical Attraction Ch. 02

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By the time that 2:00 am came around Kayla had the pub clean and spotless and ready for closing.

“Thank god, I can finally go home” she said to herself. The only thing that she thought about all night was Jess. She wanted her so bad, she wanted to please her and give her everything she desired, but she was hesitant to open herself up like that, she couldn’t handle being hurt again, it not only broke her heart but it broke her soul.

Kayla was deeply and madly in love once and her name was Abby. She was Kayla’s world for 3 years. It all ended one night when Kayla came home early from work and she wanted to surprise her lover. When she walked into her bedroom she saw Abby fucking some guy, in her bed, in her house. Right at that moment she felt like someone ripped her heart out and threw it on the ground to stomp on. She was so heartbroken that she hadn’t been with anybody since then and that was 2 years ago. The thought of having to feel that pain and emptiness, scared her, and the possibility of that pain coming from Jess, scared her even more. That’s why Kayla figured that it would probably be better for both herself and Jess if they spent some time apart.

“Ughhh.” She moaned as she blew out a long breath and got into her cruiser and started her drive home. As she was pulling into her driveway her police radio went off.

“You have got to be kidding me” she said out loud.

“Sheriff this is dispatch, come in.” said the woman on the other line.

“Roger dispatch, go ahead.” Kayla replied sounding more than slightly annoyed.

“There was a brown bear attack over on Bobcat Mountain Rd. The bear was shot and the girls alive but unconscious.” The dispatcher said.

“Roger that dispatch, I’m en route.” Kayla responded over the radio.

As Kayla was driving up Bobcat Mountain Rd. she sighed, all she wanted to do was lie in her bed and go to sleep, she was looking forward to it; but as usual she got a call. ‘I guess that’s what you get for being the Sherriff.’ She thought to herself.

When she arrived at the scene she saw the brown bear lying dead off casino oyna to the side of the road. She looked further and saw the ambulance. Kayla parked her car and walked over towards the ambulance. She saw a young teenager, covered in blood and dirt. That’s when she recognized who the girl was. She knew the girl, her name is Ashley Romow. Her mother Tiffany was best friends with Kayla’s sister Becky.

“Ashley, what happened?” Kayla asked the girl.

Ashley looked at Kayla and started to cry. “I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to take my dog for a walk. Well, I was walking Maxi when all of a sudden the bear came barreling out of the bushes and tackled me to the ground. I tried to fight it off but all it did was make it madder.” The young girl said with tears running down her cheeks. Kayla took a step closer to Ashley to really examine her. She had puncture wounds on her fore arms and cuts on her face and neck.

“I’d probably be dead if Jamie hadn’t heard me screaming and shot the bear.” The girl continued.

“Where’s Maxi?” Kayla asked the girl.

“Jamie brought him to his house. I’m so happy he didn’t get hurt.” The girl said between tears.

After making sure that Ashley was alright, Kayla sent the ambulance to the hospital so that she could thoroughly examined and get stitched up. She then went to talk to Jamie Thomas who was the one that shot the bear and saved Ashley’s life. He told her that he heard screaming coming from outside his house, so he grabbed his shotgun and ran outside. When he got to the road he saw the bear on top of Ashley. So he took the shot and killed the bear. Kayla recorded his statement and then took off to finally go home.

When she walked through her front door she noticed the clock and it said 5:27 am. She sighed to herself and went upstairs and lied on her bed, still dressed in her uniform, and passed out.

Surprisingly Kayla didn’t get any phone calls until around 5:00 pm the next day. The phone rang and startled her out of her slumber. She rolled over and answered it.

“Hello?” she said groggily, still half asleep.

“Hey Kayla, canlı casino did I wake you, you sound horrible.” Her sister responded laughing on the other end.

Kayla responded back, “Yeah actually you did, what do you want?”

“Michele’s sick again so you need to cover for her.” Becky said over the other line.

“You’re kidding right? I just worked a 60 hour shift and filled in for her last night, I’m fucking beat. Can’t you do it?” She asked her sister.

“First of all it wasn’t last night it was the night before and I would but I can’t. I have to work, I’m sorry.” Becky said .

“What? Isn’t today Friday?” Kayla asked confused.

“Um, no Kay, it’s Saturday. Did you get wasted or something and black out for a day?” Becky laughed into the phone.

“No of course not. I guess I was way more tired than I thought. The last time I looked at the clock it was when I got home from a call, it was like 5:30 am on Friday.” She said back to her sister.

“Yeah well its 5:12 pm and its Saturday, that means that you slept for 36 hours. You know that’s not good for your body. You should quit being the Sheriff? I mean, its wearing you down Kay.”

“Yea I know. I’ve been thinking about quitting lately, I’m running on empty, I’m overly stressed and I miss sleeping.” Kayla laughs.

“Hmm, what about Jess?” Becky asks, completely changing the subject.

“What about her?” Kayla replies.

“I saw you two kissing the other day, seemed kind of steamy.” She giggled over the line.

“I like her, a lot. But don’t worry, I’m gonna take it really slow. I don’t think either of us are ready for anything.” She says honestly.

“Well, just be careful. I like the girl and everything but I couldn’t stand to see you get hurt again. Just play it safe Kayla, please.” Becky cared about Kayla a lot, she practically raised her. When Kayla was 9 and Becky was 18, their house had caught on fire. Their parents died, they were trapped in their bedroom, not able to get out. Becky saved Kayla’s life that night, and took her in and loved and cared for her ever since.

“I will, I promise. kaçak casino I love you Beck.” Kayla said to her sister.

“I love you too Kay.” Becky said back before hanging up.

After hanging up her phone Kayla rolls over and stares at the ceiling, going to the pub was the last thing she wanted to do, all she wanted to do was sleep. She lied in her bed for 10 more minutes than got up and made her way to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and stripped free of her clothes. She’s been in that uniform for over 90 hours. ‘Damn it feels good to be out of that thing’ she thought to herself. She stood there naked looking at herself in the mirror before stepping into the shower. When she felt the warm water hit her back she instantly relaxed and sighed out loud. She ran her hands over her taught body. She moved them across her flat stomach and up her sides, gently brushing the sides of her breasts. She then cupped her breasts and started to pull and twist her nipples.

“Mmmmm” she moaned. While she was playing with her nipples she couldn’t help but think about Jess, and how she wished her hands were exploring her body. She moaned and moved her left hand down her stomach to her smooth shaved pussy. She gently rubbed her outer lips making them slick with her juices, she couldn’t believe how wet she was. She stuck a finger inside of her sex, barely rubbing against her clit. Her hips bucked as she caressed the little bundle of nerves, causing her to gasp for breath. Soon she was rapidly moving her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy, pinching and pulling on her nipples at the same time. When she felt that she was about to cum, Kayla plunged two fingers deep inside of her cunt. She frantically moved her fingers in and out of herself until her legs gave out with her orgasm.

“Ooohhh, Jess.” she moaned as wave after wave swept through her body.

When her clit was too sensitive to touch Kayla sat in her bathtub, relishing in the tingling she felt between her legs.

“Wow, I haven’t done that in a while.” She laughed to herself with a big smile on her face.

She then got out of the shower, dried off, and threw on a pair of jeans, a bra and a t-shirt. She walked down the stairs grabbed her keys and got into her car to head off to the pub, to work yet another long night.

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