Dreadlock Holiday – Day 14

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Dreadlock Holiday – Day 14
Day 14

I was pleased as I woke up knowing this was our last day here before flying home tomorrow. I just couldn’t wait to get on that plane; if they said we could go today I would have gone at once.

Sally woke not long after I did, she turned to me saying, “Morning Mark,” acting like nothing had happened last night.

“You were a right dirty slut last night,” I told her without any malice.

She giggled, “I know, but, my god, they were fucking good.” She was shameless.

I got up showered, changed and left her lying in bed. I didn’t even give her the courtesy of a glance as I passed her as I made my way out of the cabana and to go sit on the veranda and watch the sunrise. It was only 5am but already it was very warm.

The sun rose above the horizon and beamed its rays to bathe our cabana. I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Sally standing naked by the door of the cabana. She was holding up two bikinis, one in each hand, a white one and a yellow. She said, “Which one Mark?”

Before I could answer we heard a whistle coming not far from our cabana. I looked round and saw one of the Rastafarian workmen, a gardener, his eyes fixed firmly on Sally.

With the sun blinding her she stepped a little further out to look around to see who it might be and, I was thinking, her expectation was it was one of her ‘boyfriends’. She shaded her eyes with one hand and once her vision cleared her eyes told me the dreadlock guy wasn’t who she expected or hoped to see. The guy smiled his eyes fixed firmly on her. She jumped back inside and closed the door. I laughed inside thinking, “That will teach you.”

I sat there waiting for her to reappear wearing one of the bikinis and soon she stepped out wearing the revealing white one that showed her body off to the fullest. She sat on her sun lounger and muttered, “What a fucking pervert,” as she caught sight of the guy still working away at the garden of another cabana.

I told her, “Well if you will stand there naked …” We both laughed knowing he got an eyeful of her sexy body.

A little time later he came walking passed, looking at her, and without any embarrassment said, “Wow lady, that’s some hot body you have there.” Sally gave him one of her withering looks. He went on, “The word on the street is that you like Jamaican guys.”

Sally blushed and went a bright red as he continued with his banter, “Let’s go inside and see if you like what I have to offer.”

She composed herself and with a sharp look said, “You sure are full of yourself.”

He laughed, “Well, I know what I have to offer you English ladies.”

She lowered her eyes and again she blushed. She looked around to check who might be in the vicinity and replied, “Well, OK, show me here.”

I couldn’t believe it, one moment she was acting like she had been insulted and then, in an instant, she was egging him on and giving him the impression he had some sort of chance.

He looked round and with it still being little early the beach area was deserted. He looked along the path running in front of the cabanas and again there was nobody to be seen. He looked back at Sally and undid the tie of his shorts and tugged them down to his knees. Sally’s eyes opened wide, her mouth dropped open, and she gasped, “That’s not normal.” With her eyes fixed on his cock I turned to her and said, “My god this guy is massive. He’s even bigger than Marcel.” She didn’t dispute my assessment.

He winked to her as he pulled his shorts up, “I will be passing by in fifteen minutes if you want to try it out.” With that he walked off his fingers playing with his long black beard, his long dreadlocks tied up the ends flowing in the breeze.
I looked at her, “What the fuck you playing at?”

“What do you mean?”’ she replied.

“Egging him on; making him think you might let him fuck you.”

She laughed, “He’s just a cocky bastard … well he sure has a cock to match his cockiness; he must be 8 inches and he wasn’t even hard.”

I got us some coffee and we sat outside drinking and thinking he wouldn’t return. No sooner had I had the thought that, low and behold, the Rasta was walking towards us. Without being invited he headed round the back of Sally’s sun lounger and leaned down to kiss her cheek. She giggled, “Your beard tickles.” Somehow he took that as an invitation and he began rubbing her shoulders. He leaned down again and he whispered in her ear. Whatever he said she obviously liked the sound of as she nodded to him with a smile.

This guy was so sure of himself and I could see Sally looked almost as if she was hypnotized by him. She made no protest when he sat at the end of her sun lounger and began to run his fingers along her arm. He moved a little closer and pushing his luck moved a hand up the inside of her leg. She gave a start and said, “No, stop.”

He laughed replying, “You don’t mean that,” and without a pause his hand moved higher up her inner thigh. I noticed she wasn’t trying to stop him now and any resistance was gone.

He took her hands into his and eased her up so that they were sitting facing each other. Leaning forward he kissed her; Sally hates full beards normally but she kissed him back placing her arms round his neck. It was only her bikini bottoms and his shorts between them but he started rubbing his large bulge against her covered pussy. Sally sighed into his mouth.

The Rasta pulled back and whispered, “You sure you don’t want to go inside?”

Sally looked at him then turned to look at me. He held her chin in his big black hand and turned her head gently back to him saying, “You don’t need to ask him.”

They kissed deeply once more as his hands moved up her back and he unclipped her bikini top. He moved a hand round and slipped it under her top to caress her breast, rolling her nipple between his thumb and finger. Sally moaned a little louder as she felt his touches, “Mmmm.”

They parted and again he asked, “Shall we go inside?” This time she nodded.

He led her towards the door of the cabana opening it letting her go in front of him. I followed and closed the door behind us. They stood in the middle of the room and kissed once more as he removed her bikini top, she returned the favour by lifting his top over his head and dropping it to the floor to join her discarded garment.

This guy was fit, with muscular arms the size of small tree trunks; he had a rock hard six pack of rolling solid muscles for a stomach and his thighs looked to be hewn out of granite. No way was I going to make any objections to what he wanted to do. He soon told me just that and he looked at me saying, “Sit down and enjoy watching your wife being fucked by a real man.” I obediently sat on the sofa just as he told me.

Sally dropped to her knees in front of him and pulled his shorts down releasing that massive thick hard cock that he had shown off outside. Grief, it wasn’t even fully hard and already was bigger than anything else she had been fucked by since we’d been here.

Sally stroked him and looking at me said, “Oh fuck Mark, this thing is so big.”

As she stroked I could see the veins pumping the blood into his cock as he got harder. She leaned forward and stuck her tongue out of that sweet rosebud mouth to run it up and down the length of his cock before opening wide to take the head into her mouth. It looked grotesque to see her slowly gobble more into her mouth until she was able to start to mouth fuck him.

He was now fully erect and it must have been 11 inches long, a size which until now I thought was always a myth. Sally couldn’t take him all and it was only 8 inches in her pretty little mouth before she began to gag and choke but, game girl, she kept bobbing casino siteleri her head up and down sucking him hard as she could.

He seemed to become bored with her efforts and pulling her to her feet he scooped her up in his arms and carried her towards our big bed. He lay her down and grabbed at the flimsy bikini bottoms pulling them down over her legs and tossed them to join the other clothing on the floor. He then climbed onto the bed and Sally moved to give him room to kneel between her legs.

She reached under him and her hand gripped his massive cock and she began rubbing the tip along the lips of her pussy telling him, “Give me that fucking Rasta cock.”

He lowered down so the tip of his cock opened the lips of her wet pussy. “Do it, give me that cock,” she moaned as he slowly pushed forward so the tip opened up her pussy. She made a sound like a snort as she cried out, “Oh my fucking god, it feels so big,” as another inch went into her.

Sally was sighing loudly as he pushed more into her, “Fuck, oh no, it’s too big, take it out pleaseeeee.”

He stopped moving and just lay still over her knowing that she would make the next move. He was right for she imperceptibly began moving her hips upwards and back down. Each time she did so he pushed a little more of his fearsome cock into her until he had most of it buried deep inside her. “Godddddddd,” she cried out as she must have been feeling him plugged into her womb.

He lifted her ass slightly with his massive hands and said, “You like Rasta man cock?”

Sally moaned, “Oh god yesssss, what a fucking cock you’ve got.” He grinned and they started fucking a little harder as his cock slipped fully back and forth into her lubricated by her juices which were now visibly leaking from her stretched cunt. “Yesssss, harder,” she told him.

He pulled back out of her and looked over to me, “Cuckold, get on your hands and knees.”

I was startled to hear him speak to me but not so much so that I told him to, “Fuck off.”

He got off the bed and walked over to me and stared menacingly at me and said again, “Get the fuck on your hands and knees.”

I was scared witless at his manner and decided that it might be healthier if I did as he ‘requested’. I slipped off the sofa and got to my hands and knees.

I then heard him say, “Sally come over here.” I turned my head to see her feet heading my way. He grabbed her and guided her to lay over me so that I was effectively a bench for her. Her head lay against mine and her hair tumbled down to d**** against my face. I sensed that her legs were open and straddling mine and her feet were planted on the floor. I felt his legs touch mine and I was aware that he was pushing his cock back into her, “Oh fuck, this feels even better, stay still Mark as he fucks me,” she squealed. I could feel her body moving as he fully entered with each thrust but more disturbing was with each thrust I felt his balls slap against my upturned ass. This guy was making me a real cuckold as he fucked my beautiful, dirty slut wife.

We were both sweating profusely and I felt her body slid against my back with every thrust of his cock in her cunt. She started to moan and then she called out, “Oh god Mark, I’m cumming on his Rasta cock.”

I heard him say, “Told you, didn’t I? I said you would cum,”’, and with her spasming above me he pulled out and I could feel her juices as they ran down between her ass cheeks dripping onto my ass.

I felt him step back and Sally whispered, “Oh god, that was so fucking hot,” as he grabbed her hands and eased her off my back.

“On your knees white boy,” and I wondered what was going to happen next. I didn’t have to wait long for he lifted Sally up and she wrapped her legs round his waist. She was virtually perched on his massive upright black cock and with his hands holding by her ass he slowly lowered her down and her pussy opened like a flower as shoved her downwards hard onto his cock.

As he fucked her he looked at me kneeling as if I was praying and said, “Hey you, watching cuckold, you ever fuck this beautiful lady like this?”

Before I could say a word Sally told him, “Like fuck has he, he could never do anything like this with that pathetic little dick, the weakling.” They were both now insulting and humiliating me but, perversely, the more they shamed me the harder my dick became as I watched them.

“Cuckold get over here and kneel under your wife.”

I scuttled over and wriggled on my back so that I was lying under her. I looked up and got a full view of his cock slamming into her, her pussy lips being stretched as he eased out from her then being forced back upwards as he fully entered her. He kept lifting her up with the tip just inside her and each time he slammed her down onto his cock Sally gasped out loudly, “Oh fuck, that feels so good.”

He told me to move and to go and sit back on the sofa which I did as he carried her to the bed. He smirked at me as he said to her, “Well little lady, is this Rasta cock good for you?”

Sally breathlessly nodded, “Oh god yessssss.”

He laid on top of her once more and his cock slipped with surprising ease into her gaping pussy. He began a steady thrusting and each time he fully entered her to the root the bed would squeak loudly and the headboard would thump hard against the wall.

She wailed, “That’s it, fuck me, oh god yessss, I’m cumming again.”

He grunted, “Are you ready for a Rasta cum load bitch.”

Sally cried out, “Yesssssss, fill my pussy.”’.

I was sat slumped in the sofa silently enjoying the sight of my wife being abused by this ‘a****l’ with my cock in my hand and thinking, “God, how much longer, you must be nearly finished.”

He suddenly disturbed my reverie, “White boy, get over here.”

I scrambled to my feet and moved closer to the side of the bed. He said, “Kiss your bitch.”

I leant down and held her head still and kissed her full on the lips as he moaned, “Here it comes, white whore.”

I felt her twitch and spasm as he cum deep inside her, flooding her. Sally moaned into my mouth, “Mark he has cum so hard in me,” she said my lips muffling her voice.

He released his grip of her arms and pulled out his cock now all coated and slimy with his spunk and her juices. As he rolled off they still remained connected by long strings of sperm which were continuing to dribble from him and her pussy. As he began to soften so did his manner change and he smiled at her and said, “So Sally, was my Rasta cock good for you?”

She nodded as she rested her head on his large chest and they cuddled for short while before he got up to get dressed. I was still kneeling by the bed, looking at Sally lying with her legs deliberately parted for him so he could see his cum leaking from her. She didn’t bother turning her head to look at me.

As he pulled up his pants and tucked that enormous penis inside he looked down at me, “Did you enjoy watching that cuckold, your bitch taking a big Rastafarians cock.”

I nodded dumbly knowing he had done things to her that I could only dream of doing. He smiled at my response and opened the door. He looked back toward the pair of us and blowing Sally a kiss said, “Thanks bitch for the fuck,” and he was gone.

Sally looked at me with unseeing eyes, “Wow, he was better than he said, I have never cum so hard; my body is still shaking.”

I went outside and sat down on a lounger. I looked at my watch, it was now only 6.15am and already she has fucked another Jamaican.

Sally joined me half an hour later, “There you go Mark,” I heard as she passed me a bottle of water. She sat down at the end of my lounger and without any prompting said, “You know, the best bit was when he fucked me bahis siteleri canlı as I laid across your back; that was so hot.”

My heart gave a jump when she added, “I must find a hot Rastafarian when we get home; they fuck so rough.”


We waited for the beach restaurant/ bar to open so we could have breakfast. I watched as the beach started to come alive with people and staff now appearing. I looked at some of the couples and thought that maybe some of them had made love or fucked already this morning just like Sally. The difference in my mind being that they had enjoyed each other’s loving company and not like me having to stand aside and see a stranger brutally abuse their partner. Sally just sat and as if to compound my melancholy thoughts said, “I couldn’t believe just how big that Rastafarian was.” I didn’t say a word.

Sally continued talking about it, “He was so forward and confidant, I bet he has talked many ladies into fucking him.”
I sullenly replied, “Guess so,” knowing what she was really doing was to say things that would make me feel even worse about myself.

A waiter indicated that the restaurant was open. Sally stood up, pulled her wrap round her and we headed off for breakfast.

Sitting at our normal table we had a full breakfast. Sally was laughing, joking and flirting with the waiters just as she always did and mainly ignoring me … just as she always did.

After eating we headed back to our sun loungers. I left her there laying in the sun and went into the cabana and started our packing and to get ready for our journey home tomorrow. Once I was done I came out and sat down to enjoy the last few hours of the sun.

Leon was on patrol and calling out for volunteers for a Beach Game. Sally face lit up when she saw him and didn’t hesitate to put her hand up. She joined a line of lovely ladies facing an equal number of guys about ten paces from them. Leon explained the game as being the ladies had to pull their bikini bottoms forward and for the guys to throw ice cubes trying to get in as many as many as possible into the girls’ pants.

The follow-on part of the game was once the guy had emptied his cup of ice cubes he had to run and collect them from inside his partner’s pants. There was a lot of laughter as one by one the guys got the distance right and got a good few into the ladies bikini bottoms.

There were shrieks of laughter as the game progressed especially when they got to the second part when the ladies had a stranger putting his hand into their bikini bottoms, Most of them clearly enjoyed being touched by an unfamiliar person and I’m sure a few got a quick finger inside them. The husbands who weren’t playing seemed to be enjoying the game as well watching their wives getting touched up.

Then it was all change and it was the ladies turn to throw ice cubes into the shorts of the guys. As before once they had run out of ice cubes they had to go and retrieve them from inside their shorts. This time around it was letting the ladies get a feel of their cocks. Looking at some of the blushes I was guessing that some of the guys must have been bigger than their husbands.

The game finished without there being a winner declared; why would there be, everyone was a winner. Sally headed up the beach with a blush spread across her face. I asked if she was ok. She did that wafting a hand across the face thing and giggled as she told me, “That was one naughty game. The guy I was paired with slipped his finger into me three times.”

“Well, sounds right up your street; you enjoyed that then?” I replied. She nodded as she took a drink from her bottled water.

She was smiling, “… his finger went so deep once I almost cum.”

“Really,” I replied with disinterest, all I knew was the sun felt so good but I couldn’t wait to get home.

I started thinking, “…after all the fucking and the loads of cum she had taken, was she pregnant or not; who could the father be; would she even care who the father was?” I was thinking so deeply I didn’t hear her talking to me, “Mark, Mark,” she called out as she lightly slapped my arm.

I jumped and turning towards her I smiled, “Sorry, I was miles away, thinking of that long journey home.”

“Forget that for now, let’s enjoy these last few hours,”’ she replied.

After lunch we walked into the warm sea, splashing about as we laughed together, the sea was so clear and warm. I felt for a while just like I was actually enjoying a holiday with a wife who cared for me.

We walked back up the shore towards the beach aware that we only had about four hours at most before the sun set on our final day. We lay back on our loungers determined to get the most out of the last rays of the Jamaican sun.
I checked my watch; it was 4pm and the sun was starting to disappear over the beach. With a sigh we collected our things and headed back to our cabana. Once inside, Sally removed her bikini dried herself down before lying on her back on the bed. I took off my shorts and looked at her as she parted her legs. Her eyes were fixed firmly on mine as she slipped a finger inside her pussy easing it back and forth slowly as she started to masturbate. She eased her hips upwards as her finger moved a little faster to begin finger-fucking herself. All the while she kept her gaze fixed on me.
She rolled her head from side to side and then she closed her eyes and began to breath so deeply. I stood there with a stiff cock and watched and heard her bring herself to a climax. Her pink nipples were sticking up hard like little bullets; her eyes were closed; her hands were busy inside her cunt and flicking her clit as she whispered, “Fuck me Robert,” and with that she had her orgasm.

Her body was still shaking as she opened her eyes. She looked at me saying, “Did you enjoy my little sex show?”
I nodded smiling, “Yes.”

“Good, don’t go saying I didn’t give you any satisfaction on our holiday.”

We showered and dressed. God, she looked so very hot and sexy tonight in her outfit of lacy top, small white bra under it and a short black mini skirt that only just covered her matching small white lacy panties. She bent over to fix her white sandals; how I wanted to rip them panties off and just fuck her there and then. Dream on for she walked to the door saying ‘ready’. I nodded and we left the cabana to go and have our final meal.

After dinner we sat in the beach bar drinking whilst Sally was already making plans about returning to Jamaica next year. I smiled in response to her chatter, “Maybe, maybe not,” I was thinking.

We continued drinking and dancing our last night away but with the rum numbing us both we looked around and realised that we were amongst the last guests still there. With the place going so quiet we decided to leave so we finished our drinks. As we staggered our way toward the exit Sally kissed each waiter telling them, “We’re going home tomorrow.”

They all replied, “We will miss you.”

I was thinking, “Yes and I know why.”

We walked hand in hand back towards our cabana and I was thinking that at last I was going to have her to myself. As we got closer I could see there was someone sitting on a chair on the veranda. Sally squeezed my hand tightly, “Mark, look, Marcel is there.”

He called out, “Hi girly,” and without hesitation she let go of my hand and ran off towards him. In the dark as I approached my heart sank as I could see already that they were kissing and that she was sitting astride his lap her legs either side of him.

I walked past them and went inside leaving them to it and sat on an armchair. Moments later the door opened and they both walked inside; Sally had already lost her top and bra canlı kaçak bahis as she led him inside hand in hand. They brushed by me as if I wasn’t there pulling off their clothes; within seconds they were both naked as they stood and hugged alongside the bed.

Sally dropped to her knees stroking his cock that was already fully erect, she sucked him deeply and he gave a shudder and then looked at me, “Oh man, she is sucking so good tonight white boy.”

Sally looked up winking to him her head bobbing faster over his cock, his balls looking so full of cum just waiting for her pussy. I figured that as they looked so comfortable I should do the same and I pulled my shirt and shorts off to sit there as naked as they, my stiff cock pointing up and laying on my stomach.

Marcel eased her to her feet and they moved onto the bed. His hand found her tummy and then her smooth cleft and he slid a finger down between her swollen lips. He began to finger her pussy and she moaned in response. She parted her legs wider for him and he pushed a second finger deeply inside her. She tipped her head back crying out, “Oh god yes, I’ve missed you so much.”

He whispered back, “Shh, I’m here now girly,” and then he licked her nipples sucking them hard in turn as they stiffened inside his mouth.

Sally murmured, “Fuck me Marcel, give me that fucking black cock.”

Marcel kept fingering her his thumb rolling her clitoris firmly from side to side, Sally was shaking under him her eyes closed as she bit her bottom lip, her hips thrusting upwards letting his fingers go even deeper into her pussy. He moved over her his black body pressing down on her and the tip of his large black cock slipped between the lips of her waiting pussy. He paused and then with a hard thrust he fully entered her sending her body upwards. She cried out, “Oh fuck yessssss, oh my fucking god it feels so good inside me.”

He thrusted back and forth making her tits rock against his large black chest. They started fucking each other with so much lust and wanton abandonment; I certainly didn’t exist for them at that moment. I watched him move his hands down to squeeze the cheeks of her firm ass as she wrapped her arms around his neck, their lips pressed hard against each other.

Marcel eased his thrusting and holding her firmly he spun around, his cock still buried deeply inside her, so that he was lying on his back with Sally on top riding his black cock. Marcel reached up cupping each breast and firmly pinching each nipple between his thumbs and forefinger. He grunted, “Fuck me girly.” She did as she was told and rocked harder on his large black cock. “Good girly, that’s it, take it all.”

Sally arched her back taking every inch of his cock into her pussy, “Oh fuck you’re so deep inside me … oh fuck I’m going to cum, oh god yesssss, I’m cumming.” I squirmed to see his black cock as he continued to pump in and out was now white from her juices now flowing so freely.

She shuddered and trembled above him as her orgasm overtook her but even before she had come down from her high he eased her off him and pushed her onto her knees. He grabbed a pillow so her head was cushioned and he moved behind her and in one swift move had his cock buried deep inside her pussy. He gripped her waist and started fucking her like she was his sex toy, “Oh god fuck me Marcel, use me, take me, I’m all yours to use,” she cried out.
Sally pushed back hard onto his cock, “Who’s little whore are you girly?”’ he asked as he slapped her ass hard.
Sally yelped out loud, “Yours and yours only.” I was mortified.

He kept slapping and fucking her and she was loving it, her ass cheeks were now bright red with his big hand prints. He pulled out again and I could hardly believe my ears when he said, “Get over there and sit on white boy’s lap facing me.”

Sally didn’t hesitate and she hopped off the bed and came and sat on my lap. Her juices were soon covering my dick. She leaned back against me as Marcel lifted her legs and stood with his knees bent to begin fucking her as she sat on my lap. She placed her arms backwards round my neck and tipping her head back told me to kiss her. We kissed as Marcel pounded into her and I could feel her body rocking against mine as we continued kissing. I could also feel his balls slapping against mine as he plunged into the root.

The tip of my hard dick was rubbing close against the tight hole to her ass. As he slammed into her pussy, I eased her up a little so the tip of my dick was placed right against her ass. She made no attempt to stop me and indeed, she eased down a little and for the first time she took the tip of my dick into her tight ass. She squealed, “Oh fuck Marcel, Mark has put his cock in my ass.”

Marcel instantly pulled back and pulled her off me saying, “No sharing tonight girly, you’re mine only.”

“Shit, fuck it,” I thought.

He turned her around and she put her hands on the arms of the chair to face me. He started fucking her once more and she looked at me, pleasure written all over her face as she took the one black cock she really liked and wanted so much.

Sally looked over her shoulder to Marcel, “Please may I suck his dick as you fuck me, please let me Marcel.” His answer was to he slapped her ass hard saying,”NO!!!!.”

She looked at me mouthing, “Sorry.”

They had been fucking for nearly an hour now, in so many different positions. They moved onto the bed with her on her back once more, he was fucking her to the finish now as he cock rammed into her, Sally sighing loudly, “Yes, yes, yes,” as each thrust hit home deeply inside her.

Sally looked over his shoulder towards me as she cried out, “Oh fuck Mark, I’m cumming again.”

Marcel thrusted into her then told her, “I’m going to fill your pussy girly.”

“Yes, cum in me,” she sobbed.

“Oh fuck yesssss,” he called out as he flooded his cum deep inside her. They kissed as he laid still over her emptying his balls into his ‘little white fuck toy’.

Sally laid with her head on his chest, his cum leaking freely from her pussy trickling down between her ass cheeks over the cover on the bed, “I have missed you Marcel.”

“Sorry girly, I had a few days off so I stayed home with my wife and k**s,” he replied.

Sally jumped up in shock, “You didn’t tell me you were married with k**s.” Her face was a picture of disappointment, anger and sadness.

“Oh come on girly, what difference does that make? It’s my black cock you love, not me.” His face didn’t display anything other than indifference. “When you go home we won’t see each other ever again.” He then stuck the knife in further when he said, “Wow, is that the time. I need to get home,” and he rolled off the bed, pulled his pants on and was out the door with hardly a look back at her.

Sally was mortified and lost for words. I knew it was best if I kept quiet but inwardly as I looked upon her misery I was having thoughts of, “Serves you right; now you know what it feels like to be really hurt.”

It was now passed 1am and we had to finish the last bit of packing for a journey home. She got off the bed and walked around like a zombie as she picked things up that needed to go in the bags; whether her stumbling about was because she was lost in her thoughts or if it was the consequence of her having just been royally fucked was a debate I had in my own mind.

She showered as I put the last of our things into the cases and I waited for her to return and get into bed. I had thoughts that maybe, just maybe, I might be granted a ‘mercy fuck’ but that idea was quickly dismissed when she turned to me and gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “Night, night … God Mark, Marcel knows just what a woman likes in bed and knows how to fuck a woman. You wouldn’t believe how hard I climaxed on his lovely big cock.”

So much for that idea then as I held her in my arms and we drifted off to sleep knowing this time tomorrow we will be in the air heading home.


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