Doing Three Ch. 5

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Doing Three: Silence

Or The Final Chapter

I felt something as Mary took my hand. It was not easily explained either. The feeling worked its way though my hand into my arm and in sorts I felt lightheaded and weak in the knees. She stood me up and walked me toward the stairs.

Angel and Scott didn’t even notice that we had left the main portion of the living room. And although I had been degraded and humiliated for the better part of the night this was the very first time that I felt ashamed.

I started to speak but Mary stopped me by putting her finger up to her lips and shaking her head no. I believe she was telling me that we had no need for words. I smiled at her briefly before I took the lead up the stairs.

Again, no words were spoken as I retrieved my small overnight bag. I kind of thought it was strange to see Mary going through a couple of drawers randomly throwing some of my clothes in my direction. I quickly folded them and placed them in the bag.

Only staying over once or twice a week made it convenient- there was very little to pack. And after zipping up the bag I reached out my hand in Mary’s direction.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs we looked over at Scott and Angel. I made it a point to study Mary’s reaction. I expected to see hurt and anger and the need for vengeance screaming from every one of her pores but that’s not what I observed. She was quite calm and her demeanor was soft and very passive. I believe she was telling Scott that in some small way she would always love him. Maybe she was just telling him goodbye.

I opened the door quietly and proceeded to my car. Mary followed. Neither one of us made it a point to go quietly. For me, I think it was because if Angel HAD known I was leaving she would have made no effort to stop me.

We climbed into the car and started off down the street. That would be the very last time I ever saw Angel or Scott.

As we pulled up in front of my house güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I realized I had only three things on my mind. First and foremost- “Where do I go from here?” Angel had been a part of my life for a long time, now that part of my life was over.

I also wondered why Mary was being so nice to me. Like I’ve said before, Mary was a goddess pure and simple. I stared down into her “ice” blue eyes and smiled. The corner of her lip kind of curled upward as if she were telling me “What the fuck did we just do?”

Oh- and I needed a shower— bad.

It had been three days since I was last at my house. I had turned down the heat in an effort to save a little on electricity. As soon as we walked through the door I made my way over to the thermostat. I turned around to see Mary’s harden nipples jetting out against her white silken blouse.

It hadn’t been an hour ago that I had observed her completely naked, yet I felt a little awkward and shyly turned my head. Mary giggled but made no effort to hide herself.

“Make yourself at home, if you don’t mind I need to take a quick shower.” I said as I dropped my overnight bag at the foot of the stairs. “There are drinks in the frig and the remote is on the coffee table.”

Mary continued her silence.

Strange thing though, while I showered a million thoughts started running through my head. I thought about Mary and how she held my hand through one of the most difficult times in my life. I thought about her long flaxen hair that seemed to dance with the slightest of breeze. I thought about her smile and her childish giggle. Yet Angel and Scott and the previous week never crossed my mind.

I leaned back and allowed the warm water to splash my face and cascade down my body. It was relaxing and soothing. I think I needed that more than I ever needed anything in my life. As I opened my eyes the door to the shower opened and a dream entered.

Mary stood in front güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of me completely disrobed and without a word she stepped in beside me and began to lather her hands. I turned around so that my back was facing her. As soon as her soft fingers touched my back my knotted and stressed muscles immediately relaxed.

I moaned and gave into her message. My body swayed in rhythm to Mary’s movements. I wondered how long it had been since I was this relaxed.

Reluctantly I turned around to face her. Beads of water dotted her beautiful breasts and I reached out to message them. She closed her eyes and then gave into my touch. My movements, like hers, were methodical and deliberate. My hands moved slowly down her back and then I gently cupped her ass.

She placed her head on my shoulder. We were both a little tired but something kept us going. I leaned in and kissed the side of her neck. Finally she moved a step back away from me and searched my eyes for something.

I growled and then moved toward her- throwing my arms around her I picked up and kicked open the door to the shower. I carried her down the hall to my bedroom and we collapsed in a heaving mound of flesh against flesh.

My hands slowly explored her body. First I outlined her petite brown nipples with my fingertip and then proceeded down her tight stomach to her belly button. I gave into my desires and bent down to taste the water that had gathered there.

She gently laid her hands on the back of my head as if to say the things I was doing was okay. My mouth worked its way down to her pinkened lips. Her fragrance was soft and delicate and as my tongue explored her entranceway I was reminded of the crisp taste of apples and cinnamon.

Again she moaned and moved her hips in the direction of my awaiting mouth.

My body was on fire and although I was completely and utterly exhausted my dick was at its full erection.

Mary continued güvenilir bahis şirketleri to moan but said nothing as I increased the pressure of my tongue against her clit. I breathed in her sent as I reached down to message my aching cock. I could feel her pussy clamp down around my mouth, I felt as though she was trying to pull me inside of her.

I felt her orgasmic contractions begin. I felt her hands as she gripped my hair and begin to pull. She screamed and thrust her hips wildly against my mouth.

As her movements began to subside I moved on top of her so that my hard shaft was directly over her entrance way. She strained to open her eyelids and as I pushed my cock inside of her I watched as her eyes rolled back in her head.

I kissed her hard and through our tightly pressed lips I whispered, “I love you.”

Her wetness coated me and the smell of sex filled the room. I wouldn’t last long. I exploded inside of her, filling her with spasm after spasm of my seed. She whimpered softly as I lay there on top of her searching in HER eyes for something.

Still she remained silent.

I had never cum so much in my life. I felt as though her body against my body was sending a million volts of electricity through me and into my heart.

I pulled my softening cock from her pussy and rolled over to my side. I was foolish to think that in one night of friendship, in one night of sex, in one night of pure lust we could be in love. “How could such a beautiful goddess love someone like me?” Now I felt somewhat foolish to have told her my feelings so quickly. At that point I figured this would be the last time I would ever see her.

“Would you like a drink?” I questioned as I stood up from the bed.

She responded with a nod.

I walked toward the bedroom door and paused to look back at her. She smiled and for the first time since we had left Angel’s house she spoke.

“I love you too.”

I realized that after all these years of having sex- looking for something in someone that I never seemed to find. I realized on this night I had finally lost my virginity.


Two children and twenty-five years later and I still feel electricity when I touch my little Mary

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