Doctor Visit Ch. 01

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Having visited the same doctor since I was a child I knew inevitably the day would come that he would retire. The letter in my hand confirmed my thoughts. I never contemplated all the intimacies that patients and doctors share until the prospect of finding a new doctor was upon me.

I wasn’t having any medical issues, but it was 3 months past my annual exam. I knew I had to find a new doctor just to make sure nothing was wrong. I decided to go to another gentlemen I heard about. He was about 50 years old so I felt safe and confident in his abilities.

I’m the last appointment of the day. They are running behind for various reasons, as most Doctors offices are. Sighing, I looked at my watch… 6pm. I watched several clinic employees walk out and bid goodbyes to other personnel. It was finally my turn. The nurse came to the waiting room and called my name. The lone occupant, she didn’t have to wonder who I was.

She took me into a room, handed me some new patient paperwork to fill out and left. She seemed a bit brisk, almost rude as she told me to fill it out. I wanted to tell her that I wasn’t any happier than she was to be here so late, but held my tongue. She walked out while I started on the pile of bureaucratic paperwork that would alert my new doctor of any previous ailments.

The minutes ticked by slowly while I waited, then the doorknob turned. The doctor walked in and apologized for such a long delay. He may have been in his 50’s but he had aged very well. Thick black hair covered his head with a hint of gray at the temples. His dark Caucasian complexion told me he enjoyed the sun. He towered over my short 5’4″ frame when he extended his hand to shake mine while introducing himself. He had large hands. I noticed the hair on his knuckles when he held my smaller hand. Without realizing it my gaze lingered on his hand a moment.

He pulled away and reached for my papers. Leafing through them he asked me a few questions before proceeding.

“Unfortunately, I will only be able to have a consultation with you today.”


“I can’t do your annual examination today because of the time.”

“You mean I waited for nothing?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Why can’t you just do it and get it over with since I’m here?”

“Legally I can’t do it without my nurse present due to the possible legal ramifications.”

“Can I sign something saying it’s ok?”

“I don’t know I have never had this issue before.” “I’m willing to sign a paper saying that I consent to the exam with no one else present. I just want to get it over with and I sure don’t want to wait for 2 hours on another occasion.”

He looked at me and quietly said, “Ok.” Handing me a paper I scrawled a quick note regarding the situation, signed it and returned it to him. He glanced over it, placed it in my file and closed the folder.

“Please sit on the end of the examination table.”

I boosted my butt onto the table. He checked my reflexes then listened to my heart and felt my neck for lymph nodes then had me lay back. He raised güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my top a bit and pressed against my abdomen asking if I felt any pain. He found a spot that was very sensitive when I yelped.

“When was the last time you had a bowel movement?”

“Ummm, probably 4 days.”

“Is this normal for you?”

“Sometimes, but usually I give myself an enema to remedy the problem.”


He walked to the desk and pulled open a drawer. Withdrawing a disposable gown he handed it to me and told me he would step out while I disrobed and put on the gown with the opening in the front. I had to laugh to myself when he left because I really didn’t see the point of him leaving since we were the only 2 here and I had signed a waiver releasing him of any liability.

I did as told then sat back on the examination table again. Muffled voices in the hall caught my attention. I could tell he was talking to another man. I wondered if it was another doctor or who it was. I didn’t feel all that uncomfortable with him but knowing there was another man close by made my skin prickle.

He walked in the room and left the door ajar. “I’m not entirely comfortable having you sign the waiver. Do you mind if I have one of my colleagues stand by for the examination?”

“No, I don’t mind.”

His colleague walked in while I tried to keep the breath from leaving my lungs. His colleague was a much younger doctor. He introduced us and we shook hands. I suddenly felt very vulnerable but also very excited. The stories in penthouse about ‘extraordinary encounters’ crossed my mind. I wondered what kind of images I could conjure up of me with 2 doctors. After the day I had I was in the frame of mind to push their limits.

The two doctors conferred over my file. The younger doctor told me to lie back on the table then delicately took hold of each of my ankles, placing my feet in the stirrups. Instead of feeling embarrassed I felt brazen. I let my knees come apart exposing myself to them. The doctor rolled a tray close to the table with the necessary equipment on it. “You will feel something cool while I slide in the speculum.”

The doctor used his fingers to spread my lips then expertly slipped the speculum into my body. I felt him open it then tighten the screw to hold it in place. He continued with his examination while the other doctor took the specimen. He removed the speculum, placing it on the tray.

“Now you will feel slight pressure while I insert 2 fingers to check your ovaries.”

He stood and slathered KY on his gloved fingers. The other doctor sat the tray on the desk and returned. His fingers slid inside me and his other hand pressed on my lower abdomen to continue the exam.

“I think I feel something.”

“What is it Doctor?”

“I’m not sure, perhaps if you don’t mind I will allow my colleague to check.”

“That’s fine, I hope he finds its nothing major.”

The younger doctor put on latex gloves and reached for the KY. The older doctor walked to the desk güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and waited. He loosed his tie and undid the top button on his shirt. I caught a glimpse of dark hair on his chest that matched the hair on his knuckles earlier. Horribly I felt my dirty mind wondering if his cock was shrouded in the same mass of black hair. As much as the younger doctor was gorgeous, the older doctor turned me on because I know that wisdom and maturity come with age.

The younger doctor slid two fingers into my hole and pressed at my abdomen feeling around. My eyes never left the older doctor. He rolled his neck around obviously exhausted from a long day at the office.


He came to my side, “What is it?”

“Oh Doctor, I think he found something.”

“Does it hurt?”

“No, actually I think he found my G-spot.”

I reached out and cupped my hand over the front of his slacks rubbing firmly. The two doctors looked at one another not quite sure what to make of the situation.

I started laughing, “Oh please relax, I’m just teasing.”

My new doctor looked down at me with a grin on his face then turned to the other doctor, “I will go ahead with the breast exam while you finish the pelvic exam.”

He palpitated my breasts and searched for lumps then surprised me when he lowered his mouth to my breast to suckle it. The younger doctor realized what was taking place and joined in. He slid his fingers in and out of me while he lowered his mouth to the other breast. I wrapped each of my arms around their heads holding them to my breasts while they sucked harder and harder. His fingers kept moving inside me flicking at my spot without mercy. My back arched and I ached to feel something more between my legs. The older doctor reached a hand to my clit. One worked on my hole while the other worked on my clit.

The older doctor raised his head up and reached for his slacks, unfastening them. I was not disappointed to see his erect cock surrounded by a mass of black hair. He stripped off the tie and finished unbuttoning his shirt. Dark hair covered a very nice chest. The younger doctor stood up and rubbed the front of his slacks. I could see the lump growing under his hand.

My new doctor, the older one was very vibrant and sexy. He was obviously not inhibited because of his age while the younger doctor seemed a bit more apprehensive, confirming my earlier observation between young and old. The older doctor walked to the end of the examination table. Grabbing my hips he pulled me till my ass hung over the edge. His cock wasn’t extremely long but it was very thick and hard.

My legs were spread wide with my feet in the stirrups. He reached his hands to my thighs and squeezed, pulling me further down the table. My bent legs came together at the knee pulling my ass even more precariously over the edge of the table. He didn’t need any lubricant because my pussy was soaking wet. His thick cock pressed against my pussy. With precise slow movements he guided his big cock into my güvenilir bahis şirketleri tiny hole. I felt each inch of him spreading me wide.

He looked down into my eyes. I saw pure lust when he buried his cock into my warmth. The younger doctor unfastened his pants to reveal a longer cock but not as thick. He walked to the edge of the table. I turned my head and took the tip in my mouth, sucking greedily. He began to pump his hips into my mouth while he ripped off his lab coat and unbuttoned his shirt. A light covering of hair on his chest was appealing but not nearly as appealing as the older doctors furry mass.

They changed places and the young doctors cock met my pussy. It slid in easily but his length soon found the bottom of my pussy and pounded me hard. I grimaced while the young hard cock banged my pussy but I relished every moment. I grabbed the older doctors cock and licked my juices off the tip and tried to open my mouth wide enough to take him. He placed his hand on my head and pushed me against his cock. I couldn’t suck because of his girth so he slid in and out… fucking my mouth, gagging me occasionally.

They took turns fucking my pussy and mouth while I reached orgasm repeatedly, grinding my heels down into the stirrups each time. I felt as though I had met my match, or matches in this case. They both had great stamina and used my body expertly without unleashing there cum.

The older doctor finally spoke, “Do you enjoy feeling like a slut?”

“Mmmm, yes Doctor I do.” They came to each side of me and stroked their cocks until they shot cum all over my breasts. When they were finished I licked each of them clean. They dressed while I laid there panting, covered in their sticky jism.

“Do you have any plans this weekend?”

“No, Friday is just another day to me. Saturday and Sunday are errand days.”

“Good, because my colleague came to meet me so we could go hunting this weekend. We have a cabin rented and waiting on us. You are coming along.”

“Oh really?” I said indignant.

“Yes slut… really,” he said with a soft very reassured smile.

He used the disposable gown to wipe the cum off my body then handed me a wet cloth. Get dressed and meet us in the hall when you’re finished. They both left the room. My mind whirled. What had I gotten myself into?

After I was dressed I opened the door to leave. They were both waiting. The older doctor bent down to kiss me gently on the mouth while the younger doctor leaned down to my ear. Both of their heated breaths attacked me in tandem. My knees wanted to buckle out from under me. They stood again and looked at me. I looked at the older doctor.

“What if I don’t want to go?”

“That’s your choice, we won’t force you.”

I hesitated for a brief moment and realized that this was a chance for me to experience something exciting and definitely something very erotic. I went back into the room telling them I forgot something. When I returned they asked what I forgot. I held up a handful of the KY packets and grinned. The younger doctor started for the door. I followed while the older doctor, my doctor, swatted my ass and followed me.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into but something told me it would be an experience I would not soon forget. I was in good hands after all, wasn’t I?… being with two medical doctors.

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