Diane’s Decadence – An Party – Ch Three

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Diane’s Decadence – An Party – Ch Three
Diane’s Decadence- A Party – Chapter Three

So all that activity in the previous chapter took place nearly twenty years ago. k**s have grown and flown the coop, though still nearby and one with her own k**s so now I’m a Grannie and loving it.

Marriage to Dave has continued in rather pleasant circumstances since he is still my best mate and we enjoy our lives together. Sex has dropped off a bit but great when it happens. I’d like more but Dave is not the fitness fanatic that he was though still pretty trim. I guess just other things get in the way and he loves his golf at weekends. I have good mates and a great social life and even though we occasionally see the friends we holidayed and played with all those years ago, we’ve never been tempted to involve ourselves sexually again.

I still work in the business four days a week and it’s as hectic as ever. About twenty employees now and I have a crazy PA called Wendy. Married three times already though a few years younger than me at 45, she is one very ‘out there’ girl who doesn’t hide her activities. ‘Dearly loves a fuck ‘ as she explains and now as a single woman has played the contact sites and gets herself some new bloke each week it seems. Then I get a blow by blow description on Monday morning of her weekend and I admit to getting horny occasionally listening to her and reminiscing. However she has got serious with one of these weekend warriors – an Australian/Italian boy about 10 years her junior called Tony….what else!

Tony has an amazing couple of parents of direct Italian origin – his dad Pasquale is the quintessential Italian charmer. About 70 now but still trying to root everything in a skirt he meets. Mum is very different – absolute sex goddess and ageless. Of course she’s had everything possible lifted and made plastic if it sags a bit. She’s actually 68 but passes for forty if you don’t look too closely. She’s called Ali and is a total mature slut. Her and Pasquale live in the same huge mansion and approve of each other’s indiscretions, in fact they seem to encourage them. They live at opposite ends of the house and have their lovers home all the time but have a marital fuck once a week.
Ali has a lover – an eastern European bloke about 40 who runs a troupe of male strippers (sorry exotic dancers) who do the rounds of suburban pubs and clubs for hen’s parties, and other girls get-togethers. I’d heard of these troupes – a couple in Australia are quite famous but pretty tame I understand as I’d never been to one. I did also know that in Europe and in USA – they get into some pretty heavy sex at some of the parties but that wouldn’t happen here Ali assured me. However she was going to organise her boyfriend’s troupe to do a show locally for Wendy’s bridal shower. The troupe hired a hotel venue with an upstairs room for security and combined it with another girls Divorce party – also mostly mature women.
The room was designed for small conferences and could be locked – it had a small low stage about 60 cms high and seating with tables for about 50 people.
Because we would all have a few drinks, Ali had organised mini buses to take us there and deliver us home again. Thus we all arrived together about 20 of us for Wendy’s party and another 10 girls for the divorce thing. Most of us were mature being in our forties and fifties (that’s me -just) but we had a couple of young office staff in their early twenties. Ali had an interesting friend Elspeth (Els) who was a similar age and such an elegant lady that she looked quite out of place with her thick long silver grey hair piled on top of her head and her very expensive clothing which was not party material. It was this lady who is a friend of Lew’s who introduced me to him and hence I’m writing this story for him. She turns out to be a very sexually experienced and enthusiastic participant in interesting sexual activities. She is married to a vey much older man of great wealth and social notoriety so Els has to keep her identity very low profile.
Wendy was dressed like a slut ready to be fucked – she had obviously just pulled a short tight dress over her naked body and was ready to be anybody’s. Her future mother in law was very sensually dressed in short skirt and low cut matching top displaying her copious ‘plastic’ boobs but definitely wearing underwear which was minimal.
I had not given a lot of thought to what I might wear as I wasn’t expecting to remove any of it so I had on a very lacy pair of French cut knickers, a low cut bra covered by a shirt top – buttoned to reveal a nice bit of décolletage and a mid thigh loose floral skirt. I’m quite tall so I wore comfortable low heels and felt quite proud and just a bit sexy in my clothing.
Ali brought her lover Grigor over to meet us and assure us he would put on a great show that included eight nicely built gents. I recall thinking that as nice as they looked, they probably had nothing I’d not seen before and enjoyed more than a tame strip show was likely to do for me here. I should also have seen the portents for trouble when it was announced that they only had champagne and mineral water to drink. I wasn’t going to go sober all night so I chose champagne even though I knew it made me a “two pot screamer”. I could handle wine and spirits but give me champers and I was anybody’s after two glasses but I didn’t give that a thought as the night began.
The music wasn’t to my taste really – I like my classical but I guess the heavy thumping rock was more appropriate for this occasion and it certainly got you in the mood for something.
The boys came out one at a time and stripped to a g-string until all eight were dancing around on stage. They weren’t strippers or dancers for that matter but what they lacked there they made up for in body structure. Their beautiful muscular bodies were just superb and almost perfect so I started to wonder if their packages matched their bodies. They certainly seemed to fill those g-strings nicely. They moved through the assembled female company swaying to the music and encouraging the girls to feel them up. A couple of girls pushed their hands down inside to get a grip on their cocks but didn’t pull them out. Nothing happened until Grigor swung by Ali who knew the ropes well. She sat forward in her chair and slowly peeled his g-string off revealing an impressive piece of hardware which hung down his thighs.
A scream of delight erupted around the room until Ali just bent her head and buried the end of his cock in her mouth and started to suck.
Grigor got half hard very quickly and this became the cue for the other girls to react. Fortunately I had one of the guys close to me so I reached out and grabbed him dragging his crutch towards my mouth. As I did so I fished out his cock and pushed his undies over his bum and they dropped to the floor. Another considerable weapon presented itself and I’d had enough Champers by now to throw caution to the wind. Not that I had ever needed any urging to put a cock like that in my mouth when so close. I closed my lips over the end and slid my mouth along the length as far as I could go. Even though he was quite soft, he still filled my mouth and I wondered how much bigger it got. I was to find out as he encouraged me to fellate him – sucking the length in and out and stroking that bit that couldn’t fit in I got the blood flowing into his appendage quickly. It was one of those interesting cocks that doesn’t really grow in size, it just hardens. I’ve come across a few like that and it turned out that is one of the attributes that they select their performers on at this club. It stands to reason that to impress from go they have to have cocks that present as large even when soft and all the guys here did that. Some grew a bit bigger when hard but the others just stiffened up. However I wasn’t really interested in how they got hard at the moment. I had a gorgeous large hard cock in my mouth and as much as I would have loved to continue sucking till he blew a big wad of his juice down my throat, I knew I had to share with the other guests at the club. So I had a little orgasm then let him go to the next girl who happened to be Wendy.

This was going to be much more fun than I imagined and there were 8 of these nice cocks to suck. I gave no consideration to my married status after all, Dave would approve I’m sure even though I had not done anything like this for about twenty years. I remember looking over at Ali’s table and there was that beautiful older lady Els with Grigor’s cock down her throat and Ali was kneeling next to her with a hand up under skirt, no doubt playing with her friends twat.
The cock sucking continued non-stop as the music thumped and the girls started dancing to the beat. I noticed a couple had removed their tops and were dancing very intimately with friends and these were quite mature girls who I employed. They obviously had a secret side to their lives as I knew them to have partners.
I moved out onto the floor and took off my shirt and bra, throwing caution to the wind – I didn’t give a thought to the fact some of these girls worked for me. Wendy had pulled her dress down to her waist and it’s hem had worked its way up over her bum so she was really naked to all. The champagne was certainly working for me as I grabbed at every cock I could and stuffed it down my throat until some other girls would come by to steal it off me. I rubbed them between my tits and stood and worked my arse against them making sure they stayed hard.
When Wendy came near I moved over to her and grabbed her for a passionate tongue kiss before leaning down to suck her lovely tits and I pushed a finger into her lovely bald fanny.
“You like girls?” she gasped
“ I love them but haven’t had one for years” I smiled as I pashed her roughly and frigged her cunt urgently. I was going to keep making out with her when I looked over her shoulder and saw Ali, now on the stage, dress around her waist and g-string pulled to one side riding Grigor’s cock cowgirl style.
I let go Wendy and moved to the nearest guy I could see thinking I needed to be fucked if that was going to happen. I manoeuvred the guy over near the stage and lifted my dress to around my waist and turned pushing my panty covered arse against his prick. He responded nicely and as he leant his head forward I told him,
“take my knickers off.” He was very obedient and I felt his fingers go into the sides of my panties and he slid them down my legs to the floor where I stepped out of them. Since he was crouching I turned and pushed my fanny into his face. He didn’t disappoint and lifted my leg over his shoulder and started lapping at my slit working the clit nicely with a big strong tongue. This boy wasn’t fantastic or not as good as my Dave who is amazing with his tongue but just having a new tongue there after all these years brought me over the edge to a nice little orgasm.
Thinking he’d finished his job, my boy stood and was about to move on when I grabbed him and pushed my tongue down his throat.
“Now fuck me” I gasped “I’ll bend over the edge of the stage”
“I’m supposed to use a condom” he stammered
“No time now mister – besides I love bare back – stick it up me” I slurred and I turned and bent over the stage to support myself as I felt his rather large prick slide slowly into my very wet cunt. With the music thumping, the champers taking effect and Ali being fucked hard right next to me, I had no time to savour this stranger’s cock sliding into me. I just knew I needed to be fucked, and I was – very well until I came noisily. I was expecting my fucker to dump a load into me but he just pulled out when I fell forward and moved on. When I turned he had his sticky cock down some girl’s throat. I stripped off what was left of my clothing and suddenly felt wonderfully free as I wandered naked among all these pulsating bodies – rubbing, stroking, feeling and penetrating.
So was that it, I thought. Suck some cocks, lick some fannies, get fucked, have an orgasm and go home!! Not likely – the party was really going hard and there were cocks and fannies everywhere. Some were still dressed and just watching – Els was still dressed in a fashion. Her skirt was around her waist and a lovely dark skinned boy had his cock up her old fanny as she bent over a table. I went over and stood beside her. I let my hand slide down to where his cock was sliding in and out and looking into his eyes, I asked quietly
“When she cums will you fuck me next”. He just nodded and I helped Els out by reaching under and toying with her very engorged clit. She was no exception to my theory that most highly sexed women – myself included- had a well-developed clitoris. Els’s was the size of the end of my forefinger and protruded about the length of my nail. It certainly responded to my expert manipulation. If there is one thing I can do, that is work a clit to a good orgasm – and I did. With a very solid cock in her and my frigging, we had Els gasping her way through a quiet orgasm. I jumped on the table next to Els and just lay back pulling my legs back to my tits giving the man maximum access to my cunt. He wasted no time – straight out of Els and into me and again, I felt little. You could have driven the bus in there I was so wet but he fucked beautifully and he was long so he bottomed out moving roughly past my cervix with every stroke. The ridge of his cut cock flicked past my G-spot as it pulled out and I was just having a heavenly good old root.
Again I hope the guy would shoot his wad of cream in me but they were all very disciplined and knew they had to pleasure as many women as possible so I let myself enjoy and worked myself to another little orgasm saying as I came “ thank you, next please”.
I let my legs remain spread with my feet on the table and just lay there luxuriating in all the sex that was happening around me. Hadn’t been to a good old orgy like this since my coast holidays with the girls. Just resting and watching I soon attracted the attention of a woman from the divorce party – about my age I remember and she just smiled at me and pounced on my gaping open fanny. She was a bit rough and her clit nibbling actually turned to biting which hurt and I yelped a bit. She pushed a couple of fingers into my bum roughly then finally I felt her hand going up my cunt. I had to relax to make it easy but she was a nasty partner – almost as if she deliberately wanted to hurt me. I told her to ‘fuck off’ as she was too rough so she did fortunately and was quickly replaced by a younger gentler girl who I recognised as our receptionist and she just wanted to ‘lick me to an orgasm’ – and she did.
After she finished I went searching for cock – I’d have loved one up my arse in this atmosphere but there wasn’t the facility to clean up quickly and I trusted none of the guys had fucked any anuses. I needn’t have worried as that was one of the few rules that existed. However I found and used every cock I could find during the evening. I thought I may have fucked every guy there – some were long and slow and others just a quick in and out. The other girls helped out and I was amazed that everyone was happy to share and assist in getting maximum pleasure from every coupling.
Then as if some signal was given the guys started to cum. They insisted on getting off with oral – no cumming up a cunt. So I fortunately grabbed a guy near me and wouldn’t let go until I had him creaming down my throat. Other girls insisted on facials and I willingly licked them clean and shared another cock with someone until he came.
What a party – what a bridal shower. I’d hardly seen Wendy in action but as the guest of honour, she’d been royally fucked in front of us all by a couple of blokes while we cheered her on then we all got back to the partying. I staggered back to our table and found my dress and top and just pulled them on. I lost my knickers but stuffed my bra into my bag. Wendy returned absolutely naked and looked shattered. There was cum in her hair and over her face and I noticed she had some running down her inside thigh
“You cheated you gorgeous slut” I laughed pointing to the cum running from her cunt.
“ I was the guest of honour “ she smiled, ” someone had to take one for the team”
Ali was looking amazing and fully dressed as was her friend Els who had managed to keep her hair in place despite being rooted a couple of times. I felt like ‘shit’ – too much champagne, a tummy full of spunk and I’d been knocked around a bit I thought. We all staggered out to our bus and home. I tried my hardest to be quiet creeping into the house and up to my bedroom where Dave lay snoring lightly. I slipped into the bathroom and disrobed. Looking into the mirror I was shocked. I had hickeys on my neck, tits and inner thighs along with bruises everywhere. I didn’t think the guys had been too rough but I knew some of the girls had been. I couldn’t let Dave see me like this I reasoned in my drunken state. I jumped in the shower and washed off the spunk and cunt juice and sobered enough to wonder if Dave would accept my behaviour. It had been a long time since I’d fucked elsewhere – last time had been our seaside weekend girls trysts. I had to hide this from Dave until I could reveal all I thought. For the first time in years I wore a long nightie to bed – slipping in next to my man.
When he woke next morning he came around the bed to kiss me and as I did I just told him I was too hung over to come into work – so he left. Phew! that was easy I thought.
Wendy came by mid morning and roused me from a deep sleep.
“I’ve worked for you for all these years” she complained and I never knew you could be such a slut AND liked girls”
I smiled sheepishly from under the covers,
“There’s lots you don’t know about me but lots you do know, now” I whispered “ but right now I feel pretty crappy – just too much champagne – its my weakness”
Wendy bent down and kissed me fully on the lips and I returned her kiss but with little passion,
“Let’s get you into the shower and cleaned up” she ordered.
I swung my legs off the bed and stood with her support while she lifted the nightdress off me.
“ Bloody hell, you’ve been knocked around” she exclaimed “ was there a cannibal there last night – you’ve been bitten everywhere”, and she started to slowly caress my bum and boobs.
“I’d love to get down and dirty with you babe but just not up for it at present” I whined. “One or two of those divorcee bitches got really heavy handed and they weren’t gentle” I complained. “Look at my fanny, the boys and their lovely cocks didn’t do that to me” as I showed Wendy my distended labia – inners hanging well outside outers. I look like some old heifer in the paddock after the bull had finished with her.
“That was from a couple of very rough fists I recall and I’m bloody sore now”
I showered and Wendy dried me gently then I lay back on the bed while Wendy applied an ointment to my bruises and bites and gently massaged a lotion into my fanny. It should have been erotic but I was hardly aroused though it was very soothing. Wendy would make a very nice plaything I reckoned.
“I’m not sure about telling Dave what I got up to” I explained. “ He’d normally take this in his stride but its years since I did anything like this and Dave was always with me. I’ve never fucked anyone without his approval. I think I’d better keep it quiet until I have sounded him out.
And so I did. The weekend arrived and Dave became his usually amorous self but was all questions about what had happened at the ‘hen’s do’. He noticed all the bites and bruises and I explained them away kaçak bahis as a couple of the other women trying to get very amorous with us. I assured him I resisted as best I could having drunk a bit too much, to which he just laughed “ but what about the strippers” he queried “ didn’t they get their kit off, did you play with their cocks?”
I calmly told him they did get naked but all the girls got was a quick feel. He asked for details and I kept it very low key and passed it off as all a bit of a bore. However I did notice that it really got him aroused quickly.
“Are you getting off on this” I jokingly asked. “hell yes darling – you know how I love to see you with other blokes and I haven’t for years”
“Yes but you weren’t there” I explained or I may have done more.
He wanted to know if any of the other girls had done anything. So since he was so aroused. I told him a couple had sucked two of the guys off “and swallowed” I revealed.
“You sure you didn’t “ he questioned, “because I know how much you love a hard cock in your mouth especially a cumming one”
“No darling” I promised, “as much as I’d have liked it, I didn’t”. So he bent me over the couch and fucked me harder than he had in a long time. Ooh! I liked this I thought.
Next day he was at it again, suggesting I must have fucked someone. I denied it all and said it was all very tame.
“Who gets excited over a bit of cock sucking” I laughed.
“I do when it’s you lover” he responded quickly.
After, he fucked me again that Sunday afternoon while we watched the football on TV. I thought I’m going to have to reveal this to him slowly and we’ll have some great fun as I do so.
However my plans came to fruition sooner than I thought. I got a call from Ali early in the week telling me she had something I’d probably like to see and could she bring it over on my day off. I invited her to come over for coffee mid morning in a couple of day’s time. I admit to being intrigued and the thought of seeing Ali again aroused me and I found myself rubbing my fanny and clit as I recalled having sex with her a few days ago. I had time to consider my circumstances. A week ago I was living a very satisfying life with my husband Dave and now in such a short time I had reverted back to being a sex -charged slut looking for an experience at every opportunity. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my marriage and my husband would probably encourage me in these endeavours. I found it amazing how the sexual being can be aroused out of hibernation but, of course, one has to be a latent libertarian anyway and I had always been that – since I was 14. As Dave would say, ‘ I dearly loved a fuck on days ending in “y” ‘.

So I felt no sense of guilt or shame in anticipating seeing a very sexual woman again. Nothing may occur but I wont hold back either. Sex with Ali had been delicious.
Dave had been reasonably quiet but I was ravenous and climbed on top of him each night after we got into bed and had myself a tasty meat sleeping pill. I don’t think Dave came either night since he was so tired. He just supplied the nice cunt filler for my own satisfaction.

Wednesday arrived, my day off, and Dave went off to the office.
“I won’t be in today darling” I explained casually, “Ali is coming over for coffee”. I winked at him.
He just said ‘tell me about it when I get home”. I agreed to.
I was about to put on knickers then thought better of it and just slipped a long shirt on, buttoned down the front and reaching mid -thigh. Fuck I was horny as I masturbated while having my coffee and toast. When I stood, I noticed that the back of my shirt and the stool top were covered in moisture – mine -yummee!

The gorgeous Ali arrived on time at 10 looking ravenous. Wearing a tiny bright yellow skirt just covering her fanny and a tight yellow t-shirt over un-restrained tits. I couldn’t resist grabbing her head and forcing my tongue down her throat.
“ You look like a fucking canary” I laughed admiringly after our kiss.
“And I’ll sing like one when I have your tongue on my clit darling” she enthused.
“So, what do you have to show me” I enquired.
“Something very naughty and exciting darling” she smiled, ”but let’s have an early wine and settle on the couch as this has to be seen on the TV”
Having poured a couple of sav. blancs for us, I took a USB stick from her and put it into our TV then we settled back on the couch sitting close together. The opening scene was titled ‘Wendy’s Hens Night’ and I gasped “was it all videoed?”
“Sure was darling and nothing was missed. Didn’t you notice the young couple in white with cameras. They nearly stuck them up our fannies half the time “ she explained.
I was wet with excitement since it was years since I’d seen a tape of myself in action. Uni was the last time it happened. I turned on the couch and kissed Ali and slipped my hand up her thigh finding a tiny patch of material covering her puffy cunt lips. As I tried to slip my fingers under the material, Ali told me to ‘hang on’ and she raised her hips and slid the g-string off so there we sat with our legs spread and diddling with each others pussies as the show started.
I was gobsmacked from the opening scenes – the cameras had caught every significant bit of action in a 90 minute video. With only 30 of us in the room and a few of those not really playing, there were close-ups of every penetration, most of the cock sucking and plenty of the girl-girl action. Obviously having fucked every cock there, I featured along with Ali and Wendy and I don’t know how many times Ali frigged me to an orgasm while we watched ourselves being penetrated by those gorgeous cocks, licking each others fannies and I saw who did me the damage to make me so sore.
There was couple of very butch girls in the other party who I don’t think even got their gear off – not completely anyway and they seemed hell bent on inflicting as much pain on a few of us who obviously loved fucking the guys. Every time one of us climbed off a guy, one or both these butch bitches zeroed in on us and started fisting, biting and even punching. I knew now why I had returned so damaged but thankful that I hadn’t copped a fist up my arse like one of the young ones who left in tears. Nasty pieces of work who did their damage under the guise of a lot of girls letting it all hang out. Their girl loving was not my fancy at all.
I saw lots of other interesting incidents though and noted what some of my lovely employees got up to. Mind you they saw their boss letting it all go as well. Our youngest Mandy, at 19, was the surprise. She was reluctant to come along at all and was the only single girl in the office – I liked employing married /partnered women. More reliable I thought. Mandy was slow to get into the action and sat watching for 30 minutes but the champers must have gotten to her eventually because she just stripped totally naked and started dancing on her own until one of the guys who had just fucked me in fact, whispered in her ear and she bent forward and let him fuck her just like that. Once she’d cum she couldn’t be stopped. She prowled all night then grabbing blokes, and girls and was the first in the whole room to let a guy cum on her. I made a mental note to approach her at work and she looked most edible. I was sure Dave would love some young stuff.
Ali looked at me, stood and removed what was left of her clothing – I did the same and we collapsed in a writhing heap on the carpet. We were both in a highly aroused passionate state and we just took each other to orgasmic heights with fingers, tongues and anything else we could use to stimulate each other.
“I can’t believe it was filmed “ I squealed with delight, “ but now that it has I need a copy. Dave will love it”
“It’s all yours darling, “ she cooed. “there are only two copies – dangerous having more – and you and Wendy have them both. I don’t need one . I’ve seen enough of me in action and so has Pasquale”

I hatched a plan to surprise Dave with the video on the weekend. I held off having sex with him using the excuse I wasn’t up to it but promising to make up for it on the weekend. That went down easily as he was used to knockbacks in recent years.
Even on Saturday morning when he could often expect a ‘quickie’ before golf, I told him to wait and I’d see him after golf with a surprise. “But come home early” I said appealingly.
I’d prepared for the ‘showing’ by buying new lingerie – a bright red ‘onesie’. It was like a ‘mankini’ with the tiniest amount of material covering my crotch supported by two narrow straps which went straight up over my shoulders and down my back disappearing between my arse cheeks. To cover my tits a strap joined the two strips over my shoulders and just wrapped itself around my body at chest level. It did not support a thing so with any movement my tits just fell out from behind the material. Not sure why I bothered wearing it actually because Dave would rip it off or push it aside at first sight but I know he loved red on me. I threw a long see through coat over it and waited for his return.
“Didn’t you play 18 holes today” I queried when he bounced through the door mid afternoon and completely sober.
“Yes, but I didn’t stop for drinks afterwards knowing something was in store for me at home- what is it? what is it ?” he enthused eagerly like a k** in a lolly shop. He took one look at me and instructed “Fuck bend over the bench babe , I need you now”
“ Just wait lover boy. You’ve waited three days so you can wait a little longer” I laughed.
I’d prepared nibbles and champagne as I knew I’d be putting out fiercely tonight and champers would remove all inhibition – as if I needed to do that!
I told him to go shower and return absolutely naked and he did. I was already seated on the couch with the video in place and had removed the coat. Again Dave wanted to jump me right there. I held him off by insisting he put his cock in my mouth and let me harden him up, which he did – yummee!
“Now watch this video and you can’t fuck me for at least 30 minutes but I’ll keep you hard if it’s needed” I explained casually.
I started the video and Dave sat open mouthed in silence until he saw me with a big cock in my mouth.
“You fucking gorgeous lying slut” he yelled and went to grab me.
“Remember no fucking but you can play with my cunt and tits” I whispered. He did so very gently remaining intrigued by the screen. Then “ Fucking hell, that’s your arse and cunt” he gasped as one of the guys (the first fuck of the night) prepared to stick his cock up me and it was filmed from behind. “ I’d recognise you anywhere bitch – cant I fuck you NOW’ he pleaded.
“ No – there’s a lot more yet and you might never want to fuck me again after you see it all” I giggled.
“Never babe – not possible” my lovely man responded.
Halfway through the video we put it on Hold while Dave pushed me to the floor and took me doggie while explaining how much he loved his slut wife – and I think I’d only had about four cocks in me at that stage and the girl stuff hadn’t started. When he came, it seemed so forceful that when I climbed back on the couch to re-start the video, I just started scooping the goo from my cunt and licking it from my fingers. Dave didn’t even notice as his eyes were glued to the TV.
When it finished, he fucked me again missionary, explaining how much he loved me and he even had tears in his eyes when he thanked me for sharing the video with him.
This one episode started a renewed aspect to our sex lives. Dave wanted to start swinging again, suggesting we get in contact with our friends from the beach holidays 20 years ago. I was happy to re-start an active open sex life again but suggested we look at new and interesting friends. We discussed the girls from our office who had been at the party. Apart from Wendy, who Dave wasn’t surprised at, there were four others. Three were married mothers in their late thirties and forties and worked as qualified accountants and the fourth was the gorgeous Mandy, our receptionist. As we’d often discussed, if you dig deep enough into anyone’s psyche you’ll probably find a latent sexual creature waiting to be released. It had surely happened with the girls in our office who would probably be devastated if they knew they were videoed in all their glory. I didn’t want to distress them by showing them the video but I would try to broach the subject gently with each of them.
Dave wanted to try young Mandy and was sure she’d be happy to have sex with him because he is the boss. How wrong we were. After several days of soft approaches from Dave, Mandy seemed somewhat confused and embarrassed so I stepped in. I explained to her that Dave and I had an open marriage and he fancied her and would love to have a sexual relationship with her and I would too.
“After all” I explained, “ you were very nice to me at Wendy’s party and you really enjoyed yourself”
“Oohh!” she almost cried and blushed bright red. “ That was a huge mistake and it must have been the drink because I’m just never like that. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I want to marry and I’d never cheat on him – again. I felt so awful after that party. You won’t tell anyone will you?” she pleaded.
“Darling your secret is safe with me and the others here in the office who attended. After all we all have secrets that need keeping here in the office don’t we? You’ll always have a job here as long as you want it and I ‘ll say no more”. She visibly relaxed and thanked me and we never spoke of it again. She would be devastated if she knew I had a video.
Wendy, of course, spoke of her night all the time but only in my company and now Dave’s and we asked her not to discuss it with anyone else at work and she complied. In the meantime I approached each of the three others individually. I didn’t want to cause any distress to anyone especially if it was a deep dark secret that had been revealed at the party.
Rita was the youngest of the other three at 38 who had two young school age k**s under ten. She was a little overweight but a very pretty girl with a mass of brown curly hair. She giggled embarrassingly when I broached the subject of enjoying the party.
“It was wicked wasn’t it and I did have fun but was too pissed to really remember much. For God’s sake don’t tell Greg (her husband) about it or he’d probably divorce me” she too pleaded.
“Would you like to repeat the experience someday?” I asked innocently.” Dave and I would love to play with you if you ever have the inclination to adventure again.
“Really! do you mix it up a bit with friends?” she remarked. “ I’ve never done that but the thought has crossed my mind occasionally when the sex gets a bit boring. It’s all good at home at present so I’ll leave it that way thank you. I know where to come when I want a change eh! “ She laughed. We promised to keep it secret and I bent to kiss her fully on the lips. She responded and broke the kiss saying “I’ll remember – I can’t forget that” and winked at me.
Evelyn at 44 was my next target. Came to the profession late after having her family early so the k**s had now left the nest. She had started to take an interest in herself again and described herself as a gym bunny and followed every fad diet going. She had a very hot figure which Dave had remarked on when he saw her performing in the video. She had been a noisy enthusiastic participant in the fucking and had more than her fair share of the cocks on offer that night. I didn’t notice her approaching any of the girls but she seemed to enjoy the female attention when someone went down on her. Who doesn’t I thought!
When I had her privately in my office discussing another matter, I casually asked if she had enjoyed Wendy’s party.
“None of us held back did we” she enthused. “Must have been the alcohol because I’ve never quite done anything like that before other than with Ross (husband). I thought I’d better tell him that I’d played with another bloke’s penis at the party since I came home stinking of man stuff. I knew he’d be pretty casual about it as we have a good marriage and very open about sex. He just laughed it off saying he hoped I enjoyed it and he hasn’t mentioned it again.
“ But you did more than play with his cock Ev – you fucked about half a dozen of them and had a good share in your mouth. Did you admit to that?” I queried.
“Hell no. A girl’s got to have a few secrets and I don’t think he’d handle that quite as easily. He might be really aroused by it or really angry – I don’t want to take any chances. What about you?” she asked.
“oh ! Dave is very cool with it. He’s seen me do that before and we have a very open marriage. There’s a video of the night and when I showed that to Dave he couldn’t leave me alone all weekend – he seemed to have a constant hard-on“ I laughed.
“ Wow, I’d like to see that. Am I in it at all?” she asked.
“ You certainly are sweetheart. That’s why I raised the subject. You were ravenous on the night and Dave would love to entertain you someday.” I told her straight. “oh! by the way, do you enjoy girls?”
“Girls!!” she raised her eyes, ”not a lot. I enjoy a nice tonguing by anyone but have never fancied going down on a chick. I think a few sat on my face the other night and in the heat of the moment I returned the favour but my heart wasn’t in it. Mind you I’ve had very little experience.”
“Pity” I said. “ I’d love to include you in my circle of friends. Maybe you’d like to come over one weekend and try my Dave and we’ll see what follows. You could bring Ross”
“Worth thinking about” I guess.” Could be a lot of fun for an aging couple but how I broach it with Ross is another thing. Maybe I could show him the video” she wondered out aloud.
I’ll leave it with you sweetheart. Just lets know if you want to join us some day”. I didn’t even try pashing her as she left my office – I knew it would be pointless.
Wendy had already told me that Jen, the third accountant from our office who had attended her party had really enjoyed herself and asked if Ali could put her in touch with one of the dancers. Jen was early forties with three teenage k**s whose husband worked away as a FIFO engineer on oilrigs. She had confided in Wendy that she had become really horny as she got older as probably the stresses of family life receded. Her husband was a good lover when he was home and always came home like a randy bull. If she picked him up from the airport in the evening when they knew the k**s were home they would stop by a local park and fuck like rabbits in the back seat of the car or he’d insist on a blow job in the car park. Jen responded very willingly and she knew he wasn’t getting any while he was away because of where he worked. However she still had this increasing niggle during the weeks of absence that wouldn’t go away. She had started masturbating again almost every night while watching porn in bed.
The party was an eye opener for her. With the alcohol under her belt she felt emboldened to try another bloke since all the other girls were. As she told me later “ when I felt that hard piece of pulsating sausage sliding up my fanny, going deeper than I’d had in years, I was hooked. I tried a second one and he was lovely too but I had to go back to the first. It was difficult sharing him with the other girls because I suddenly became very possessive and fortunately I was the one he let suck him to completion. I don’t normally swallow but I couldn’t help it with him – it was just the right thing to do and I even came when I did. That’s why I wanted to fuck him again and I lost all thoughts of guilt.”
Jen, I knew would become another very ‘fuckable’ friend although again she didn’t show much inclination tipobet güvenilir mi for playing with girls. She had pashed a few on the night but had just sought out cock to fuck and suck. She said her husband (Rob) was fairly possessive and would not be the slightest inclined to play. From her point of view, she would attend to his every whim when he was at home and indulge very happily in all the sex he wanted – but when he was away, her body was hers to do as she pleased with. I was itching to get her home at least for Dave to fuck and maybe I could tempt her into some girl stuff but convincing her to fuck the boss – not easy as she was fairly quiet and reserved outwardly. Nice body for a forty something girl with very heavy breasts (‘I need to have them reduced’) and quite a masculine slim hipped figure with a very tight full arse. Dave had remarked on her figure when he saw her fucking her favourite man on the video – and she was a very enthusiastic participant.

So it was that I discussed with Dave the probability of us enjoying some of the girls at work who were so much more available. Thus it was that in the first two weeks after the party, I’d returned, with Dave’s encouragement, into ‘slut mode’ – somewhere I’d not been for about twenty years. I knew it would settle down after a while but I intended to give vent to my urges and enjoy as much cock and cunt that I could. Ali was amazing and visited on my day off and brought her lover Grigor over on that first weekend. She always wanted to have a session with me first though to ‘arouse the boys’ she reckoned but I think, and hope, she enjoyed doing me as well. I was able to have a long slow fuck with Grigor out on the pool lounge that afternoon with Dave and Ali at it on the lounge next to us. There’s something very relaxing and erotic about sex outdoors with the sun beating down and I couldn’t have cared less if the neighbours looked over the fence – what could they do?
The following weekend we planned to have a get together to discuss Wendy’s forthcoming wedding which Ali was organising. Wendy and Tony came as well as Ali who surprisingly brought Pasquale.
“He’s paying for it darling” she whispered, “ so he deserves some fun while we organise”
I don’t recall who fucked who that Saturday afternoon / night but I know I had all three cocks in me including Pasquale. Probably he was the oldest man I’d had sex with ever but wonderfully passionate and what he may have lacked in vitality, hardness and stamina, he made up for with his very experienced tongue and constantly massaging fingers. No wonder his young ‘mistress’ enjoyed him as he kept me right on the edge of orgasming for so long and I didn’t have to do a thing. I think Ali was the lucky girl to get his only shot of cream for the night as I heard her extolling his virtues as “still the best darling”.
What an interesting marriage. Dave was quite taken with Wendy so I naturally had a lot of time with Tony who definitely was the bull that Wendy had described. He’d not been to our home before and so asked to be taken on a tour which I thought interesting until I realised it was to involve sex in every room. We started in the kitchen and he just bent me over the bench and entered me from behind. He had a nice thick cock I remember but not as long as Dave’s. Not sure why I recall that fact as cock size is generally irrelevant to me but he was thick, very thick and I do remember being very full. Hence my g-spot was well worked over especially doing it doggie so I had a very noisy orgasm with my head between a pile of dirty dishes.
Then we just went from room to room. Sideways here, leg in the air there and ended up in our bed in good old missionary with my legs wrapped around him while he pounded my fanny and telling me he was cumming – and boy did he cum. There seemed to be an awful lot I thought, only because he pulsed into my cunt about a dozen times and with me cumming as well, we made an awful mess on my side of the bed. May have to change the sheets before I sleep tonight, I thought.
After we’d all had our fill we sat around discussing the wedding plans and Wendy had definite plans for a highly sexed up ‘swinger’ type wedding. Aft all she’d had three before and all a ‘bit tame’ according to her. Hence we’d need to be careful with the guest list. Obviously no k**s and only guests who would feel comfortable with the possible activities that might take place, whether they participated or not.

She only wanted about thirty guests which, I said was very adequate especially if sex was going to be involved. That was a big swing party.
She wanted 4 bridesmaids which we were surprised at because that meant the wedding party was going to comprise about a third of the guests but it wasn’t my decision and Wendy and Ali had something in mind.
A private area of an exclusive resort on the beach had been arranged. It was in an upmarket coastal country destination on our states north coast. We’d all stay at the resort prior to the wedding but on the wedding night she wanted her friends to join her on her honeymoon.
“why should I have all the fun of being newly married” she laughed.

Thus Dave and I arranged the rental of a large six bedroom luxury home on the beach nearby the resort. It was very private on a big property but none of us cared too much about security – what were we doing wrong. If the perves wanted to hang over the fence, good luck to them. This was our gift to the married couple. The honeymoon guest list in addition to Wendy and Tony, was to be Dave and I, Ali and ‘a boyfriend’, our newly discovered workmate Jen and friend (not husband) and a mate of Wendy’s called Serena who she’d met some years ago on a contact site and her husband. They were a mature couple in their fifties and experienced occasional swingers.

Serena too was to be the fourth bridesmaid which included me, Jen, and Evelyn from work. I was a bit taken aback but Wendy assured me that Evelyn was very comfortable that her husband would join in. If he didn’t she said she would bring someone else.
“Its time I had a bit of excitement in my pretty boring life and what better way than a little recreational sex with friends” she explained.
See! Scratch deep enough and they’ll respond accordingly.
So it was not going to be a youthful affair though I’m sure every one of us felt pretty young and active.
Next day, Sunday, was to be fun since we’d invited Jen over to view the video. She’d been hesitant at first but relented when I said it was only Dave and myself. However we had a surprise planned for her and I’d spoken to Ali to see of she could ask the guy she liked fucking at the party to come over.
Jen duly arrived mid afternoon dressed casually in jeans and t-shirt which couldn’t hide those huge tits of hers. She was a bit surprised to see that Dave was just dressed just in a pair of loose baggy shorts and I had on my favourite lounging around shirt only. Naked underneath but that wasn’t obvious. We had a few wines to loosen Jen up and they certainly did the job as she relaxed noticeably and kicked off her shoes when we settled onto the large couch and put the video on. Dave was on one side and me on the other.
Jen was into it right away and started to squirm on her seat. Her hand slowly slid along Dave’s thigh until she was stroking his cock through his shorts. Suddenly she realised what she was doing and stopped and apologised.
“Don’t apologise Jen, I was enjoying that” Dave mused.
“Really” she said, “what about you Di- don’t you mind”
“ Jen, I’m really aroused by watching you. In fact I’m going to disrobe and enjoy myself. “Why don’t you join me” I asked as I undid the buttons on my shirt revealing my fully nude body. “See now I can do what I like to myself or anyone for that matter”
“You mean play with yourself “ she queried incredulously.
“Yes its great fun and there’s only us here. Obviously we got nothing to hide as you can see from the video and Dave and I would enjoy the company. Aren’t you feeling really toey? “ I asked.
“Hell yes and the wine has just mellowed me enough to not care too much – hold that video while I get this gear off. Ha! If only Rob could see his innocent faithful little wife now” she cackled.
She stood and slipped off the jeans throwing them on a chair and then heaved the t-shirt over her head. The very straight full bra came next as she bemoaned the size of her boobs. I thought they were gorgeous as did Dave. Large aureolae and finger tip size nipples which were still defying gravity – just – at the moment. Dave suggested he’d like to put his cock between them.
“Just hold on buster” she giggled “you’re just looking at the moment”.
Dave removed his shorts and we settled back on the couch but this time Dave let his hand fall between her thighs and she parted her legs to allow easier access. Meanwhile she let a hand stray to Dave’s cock as the video warmed up and she became very aroused. I took the opportunity to gently stroke her closest boob, pinching and pulling her nipple which she seemed not to be concerned about.
I don’t think she’d had an orgasm but she was getting very hot and short of breath when about half way through the video the door bell rang. I knew exactly who it was.
“Shit” Jen cried and tried to get up. I told her to relax as it was probably only the Mormons and I wouldn’t let them in. I stood totally naked and sashayed out to the front door in my stilettos.
“Are you going like that?” Jen asked
“Of course, it will frighten them off”
I loved wearing stilettos and so did Dave because they pushed my arse up and made me “so fuckable” – and so I answered the door. There stood the gorgeous dancer from Wendy’s party. I held my finger to my lips and ushered him in.
“Brian” he said holding out a hand. Such an ordinary name for such an exotic man, I thought. Tall and slim, – probably mid thirties with the slightest hint of colour to his skin – nicely muscled and obviously well built in the right area. “ Come in here” I whispered as I led him into an annex by the door. “Take everything off and I’ll get you hard before I introduce you” I instructed.
As he did so I put my head out of the room and called down the passage “ it’s who I thought it was. Re-start the video and I’ll be down in a minute “ – I heard the video start again.
As soon as Brian undressed I recognised him immediately he was the guy with the crooked cock. His delicious cut cock had this wicked twist to the right which had fascinated me and made fucking interesting and different, I had recalled and I’d noticed it again in the video. Obviously Jen loved it. He stood with this quite superlative piece of manhood hanging between his legs – still impressive though slack.
“My nudity doesn’t arouse you” I queried.
“Of course it does Di but I see so much that I need a starter if you know what I mean” he smiled.
I needed no encouragement and set to work on my knees. Hands first to start the blood flowing then my mouth, which hardened him very quickly. It was such a beautiful sight that I stood, reached up and kissed him.
“ I know you are here for Jen but I’m the hostess and I think I have to feel that in me once more before I hand you over. You fucked me at the party and I just have to experience that wicked twist again” I almost demanded. I put both hands on the door handle and bent forward with legs parted. With my stilettos on, the height was perfect. I was already well juiced up and he pushed his incredibly angled cock into me giving sensations rarely felt before. The pressure of the head as it slid along my well lubed walls was sensational.
“Just a few pumps please Brian because you are Jens tonight. Maybe I’ll get to enjoy you after Jen has finished though I don’t know how you could have enough of this. Don’t cum in me mate” I advised.
He did as he was asked and after a minute of steady pumping that ‘thing’ into me he pulled it slowly out, saying its Jen’s turn now.

I steadied myself having had a minor O and took him by the hand and led him to the lounge room. Both Jen and Dave were engrossed in the sex going on before them – Jen particularly so watching herself and friends do things she never dreamed of.
We stood behind the couch and I coughed, saying “ it was only the Mormons but they left something for us”
Jen was first to stir, lifting her head off Dave’s shoulder and letting go his prick, she squealed almost hysterically. Initially she tried to cover herself then realising the situation she jumped over the back of the couch and grabbed Brian to her, hugging him tightly, squeezing his hard proud cock between their naked bodies and kissing him with urgent passion. Lots of tongue I assumed. Then she slid down his body and engulfed that beautiful bent cock deep into her throat. She stopped, pulled off and turned to look at me,
“ You’ve just fucked him you bitch” she smiled, “ I can taste you all over him – nice though” and she went back to gobbling his knob.

I went back and settled beside Dave who had suddenly lost his nice cock stroker but I happily took her place. Jen was trying to talk and kiss him and gasp all at one time so I settled her down. I introduced her to Brian as they had never been introduced – fucked several times but never knew each other’s names. Then I told Brian that we were watching a video of him and his mates in action at the party -would he care to join us. He happily sat on the couch next to me, and Jen almost looked a bit lost.
“Jen come here darling” I admonished, “ look at Brian’s lovely hard cock which he has brought here for you. May I suggest that you sit on it and watch the video at the same time. I’m sure Brian can keep it hard all that time so you can enjoy yourself visually and physically. The eroticism of the situation won’t be wasted on any of us. And so she did. Squirming and sliding back and forth with occasional gasps of tiny orgasms I’m sure.
As soon as the video finished she made no comment about it but just rolled off Brian’s cock onto the rug in front of her and holding her legs behind her knees, she spread them wide and invited Brian to “Fuck me like the wanton slut I am. Please hurry, I need your cock so much – cum in me hard please darling” she demanded. Interestingly she wasn’t shaved – just trimmed bit. (Apparently hubby got suspicious if she did the Brazilian while he was away – it was ok when he was home though! Some blokes!!) A very dutiful Brian knelt before her and with one lunge managed to bury that amazing prick balls deep up her cunt while she screamed in delight. The hairy cunt seemed not to phase him as he pumped urgently away at this young mother’s slurping fanny. The lips were rolling in and out with each stroke and because he had such a pronounced bent to the right, that side lip seemed to protrude much further on each stroke. She was describing how she felt with each stroke, telling us that “he’s ripping my guts out and I love it” and “I’m sure I can taste the head in my throat’
“Dave” I said, “ put your prick down her throat and shut her up lover”
So he did. Leaning across her head, he put his semi hard cock against her face and she took the hint. Swallowing his tool with unbridled enthusiasm. It was such a sight to behold that I couldn’t resist putting my hands under her knees and taking a tit in each hand, commenced pinching those giant sensitive nipples.
“ Oh! darling, I think I’m going to cum so hard I’ll piss myself “ she cried. This was one I couldn’t miss. Thus getting my head between her legs and close up to Brian’s prick, I watched as Jen squirted her clear fluid quite forcefully against her lover’s pounding cock.
Brian then announced his impending ejaculation and I watched intently as I saw the twitch of his cock and the tell-tale impulses pouring through the hard meat. As he withdrew on each stroke a little more of his white sticky goo flowed out until he pulled his cock from her cunt completely. The cum flowed out and I dived in to lap it up like a cat with a saucer of milk. When I had a nice mouthful, I left my position and scurried to the head of my friend where I kissed her with a full open mouth kiss. She couldn’t refuse and kissed me back willingly. Jen was absolutely exhausted.
“I’ve not been fucked like that for years – maybe never before” she gasped. “ I don’t want you to ever go away Brian”
“He won’t darling” I promised, “but as soon as he recovers, I’m taking him on because I’ve got to feel that crazy cock in me to see if he reaches places never touched before”
“ Di, you really are a depraved slut and I want to share the depravity with you but right now I must rest” she explained. We watched her doze into a light sleep laying on the rug with legs wantonly spread and still a hint of Brian’s juice dribbling from her gash. Meanwhile, the boys and I strolled out to the pool and we slid into the water with a drink in hand and Brian told us his story. He actually works days as a physiother****t – ‘all the guys in the troupe have other jobs ‘- and surprised when he told us he has had a partner for over ten years and they have two k**s. His partner is a very socially conservative school teacher and regular church -goer.
“She was the one who suggested I do this dance gig. She has never had another guy and does not want one but knows I am highly sexed and I have some special attributes which she really enjoys but thinks other girls should be able to enjoy the excess that I have. So long as I remain clean and always put her first, I’m free to have sex with whoever I want. I love her and she loves me and we are the best of mates. I can use all my excess sexual energy on keeping other girls happy” he told us. “girls like Jen and you come along and since you are both very outgoing and you know I’m just here for the sex then that’s the sort of extra company I like to keep and noted it was still semi hard.” I swam over to him and stroked his amazing cock under water.
“How do you manage to keep it hard so long and control the ejaculations? I asked. He told us he and the other guys use a combination of pharmaceutical assistance, cock rings and practice.
“My wife helps with the practice so much by taking me to erection and just maintaining it with out letting me cum. She may be a quiet little teacher and house proud mum but she has sexual skills and enthusiasm few girls know much of – all learnt from me and books, oh! and the occasional porn video” he explained.
I called across to Dave and asked him to look after Jen as I was taking Brian inside “to sample his wares fully”. We dried each other off with a towel and I took him upstairs to our bedroom. I don’t usually take other blokes there but I felt the need to be really comfortable. Brian asked if he could eat me out saying, “I fuck so many girls and so few let me lick and play with their pussies. They all just want to get my penis into them because it’s such a funny shape. My wife is wonderful though and I spend hours worshipping her pussy and she repays the favour with such dedicated attention to my cock”
“I’ll give you such perfect access darling” and I did something I’d not done in a few years and hoped I was still supple enough. I rolled my legs right back so that my knees were right beside my ears. I was a tight little ball with my gash and anus sitting upper most on top of the ball. Brian went crazy with admiration. He dived in and put his tongue on my lips and started with long slow licking strokes from my bum hole along one lip to my clit, a quick nibble of the clit then back along the other lip to use the pointed tip of his tongue to probe my anus. He drove me wild and as difficult as it was to hold the pose, I started orgasming tipobet in little fits. Then he inserted two fingers into my cunt searching and probing, then three fingers. Using both hands he pulled my cunt lips apart and used his tongue to lift the inner labia free. It must have looked like a piece of meat and I implored him to lick my clit. He just said “Patience my dear, I’m enjoying this” – and so was I – too much. He pushed his whole face into my splayed open cunt and I could feel his nose hard against my clit. I had no control of my orgasms, small as they were but numerous. Then with sticky fingers he pushed one long index finger right into my bum hole with just my cunt juice as lube, and pushed his tongue onto my clit and I had a noisy very wet orgasm. The juice flowed out of me – this man knew his way around a woman.
I unrolled myself after that, and just invited Brian to fuck me slowly. He climbed between my spread legs and I took hold of his magnificent prick and guided the head straight in between my labia. It fitted so easily and with the pressure to one side I could feel the ridge of the head push slowly right up my innards and past my cervix to rest comfortably as deep in me as it could. His large balls rested against my sticky cunt lips and I asked him just to stay there while I had a moment of introspection.
I often enjoy these moments contemplating where I am and what I’m doing and it’s usually with a nice cock in me or some lovely lady munching away at my pussy. Two weeks ago I was coasting along in life with a gorgeous, if somewhat distracted, husband, three beautiful grown c***dren and a couple of grandk**s who love seeing “Gran” every week or so. Now I was back where I had been 20 years ago, and 30 years ago – all the cock and pussy I could desire and throwing my heart and soul into enjoying every possible moment of it. I did need to get things in perspective and not let it take control – though Dave would probably see to that. As co-operative and enthusiastic as he was for the sex, he always kept a level head. I had to maintain my authority at work even though now I was having sex with at least two of my employees. I also had to remain mother, grandmother and daughter as well because my wonderful mum, now in her late seventies was still enjoying life in a retirement village in the country living with her friend who moved in with her after dad died about fifteen years ago. We‘d kept a close relationship especially when she revealed what she knew about me and my brothers and that she and dad had enjoyed swinging. Not sure and never asked if her girlfriend was a sexual partner – suspected she was but did it matter. Mum was very happy and comfortable. She’d no doubt tell me to continue to enjoy myself but “be careful darling.
I suspected my own eldest daughter knew that Dave and I were happy to share ourselves around occasionally – we actually hadn’t since our last year of holidays (apart from my seaside trysts with the girls) when our daughter caught us. However she made reference from time to time about our libertarian ways. Our two sons were totally oblivious to our activities and we’d never given them any reason to suspect anything so let’s leave it that way I thought. Here I am reflecting and I have a beautiful hard piece of man meat resting in me.
“Ok Brian, remind me how well you fucked me a couple of weeks ago and don’t hold back” and he didn’t.
After I felt him start to stiffen then drench my insides with a flood of spunk, he casually stopped and asked “Aren’t I supposed to be here for Jen. I thought that was the arrangement”
“You are darling, but you exhausted Jen and I couldn’t let you go to waste. Lets go find her and see where she wants to go with this. Can you stay the night” I queried.
“Not on this occasion. My wife may be comfortable with this but she likes to know where I’ll be and when I’m coming home. Overnight stays require some special attention for her” he told me.
“Lucky girl” I responded
Down stairs we found Jen and Dave in the guest bedroom with Dave spooning Jen with his cock well buried in her from behind. He was moving slowly and Jen was just rocking on her side to the gentle movement.
“This is nice Di” she purred. “ I wish he were more than my boss”
“Well he can be” I started explaining. “you are welcome to come over and enjoy him on a regular basis but I thought Brian was the man of the moment”
“Oh! God yes” she exclaimed, “ I want more of him and to get to know him better but not sure where I stand with his wife and availability”
Brian explained that his wife was entirely comfortable with him having other sex partners and he only had to give her notice of when and where he would be coming and going. She was entirely trustworthy regarding discretion and the arrangement with Jen seemed ideal since she could only enjoy him when her husband was away.
Jen pulled herself off Dave and came over to Brian and hugged him before starting to stroke his cock.
“Can you stay here with me tonight” she pleaded, “the k**s have given me a leave pass and I’d love to wake up next to a nice hard man”
“Sorry darling” Brian apologised, “but the wife is expecting me and when she makes the rules I obey. There’ll be plenty of other times just so long as I make the arrangements and let my wife know”

Jen looked genuinely disappointed and said “you’d better give me one for the road then” and led him back to the bed that Dave had just vacated.
“Don’t worry Jen” I quipped, “Dave and I will love to have you share our big bed tonight and you’ll get that hard man in the morning – promise – eh! Dave”
I led Dave out of the room as Brian was just pushing his cock from behind slowly into Jen’s gaping open pussy as she knelt on the bed.
Jen obviously enjoyed herself as the sounds of sex echoed round the house. Dave and I strolled out to the pool with a drink and jumped in the water to wash off the detritus of our last hours of fucking.
I held him close and told him how much I loved him “but I’m determined to get Jen to get me off tonight” I laughed.
And I did.
We were all a bit knackered following an afternoon of good sex and Brian left after fucking Jen. She was exhausted and lay spreadeagled across the bed so I took the opportunity to lick her filled cunt clean of Brian’s juice.
“Sorry I can’t respond Di but that man really takes it out of me” she enthused.
We all just had a snack for dinner, showered and climbed into our big messed up bed upstairs. We put Jen between us as we both intended to fuck her tonight but right now she needed to sleep as we all did. I turned and kissed her goodnight very passionately and she responded. Breaking the kiss, I whispered to her,
“I want us to enjoy each other in every way darling so please just relax when I wake you during the night”
It must have been the early hours of the morning when I woke to find Dave straddling Jen’s chest with his cock wrapped in those enormous tits of hers. I turned on a light then knelt besides the two of them and kissed my man with a lot of tongue then repeated the same with Jen. I took her free hand and pushed it between my legs using it like some fingered mobile dildo. Jen got the idea and started frigging me with her three fingers while still trying to concentrate on Dave’s cock between her tits but she didn’t have to do anything there. Dave had both tits around his cock and he had a firm grip on her hard swollen nipples. She was asking Dave to “Hurt my tits, squeeze my nipples till they hurt” she urged.
Dave did as asked and I could see she was building to a nice orgasm so I helped things along by reaching behind Dave and finding her swollen clit, I squeezed that and rolled it firmly between my fingers. That did the trick and she came noisily. As she did Dave asked me to help him along as well so I moved my finger from Jen’s clit to Dave’s anus and pushed it in – Dave just exclaimed “Oh Shit, that hurt” then I saw the small dollops of his cream dribbling from his cock eye onto Jen’s tit. Not much of an offering as expected from a man who had exhausted himself over the weekend. Lucky we got that I thought.
“Goodnight girls” he whispered and rolled off Jen and was soon snoring gently on his side of the bed.
I wanted to now do my best to enjoy Jen so I just put myself into a 69 position with legs straddling her head and pushed my face forward down into her cunt. As I did so, I pleaded softly with Jen –
“Please enjoy me sweetheart, just do what comes naturally and do to me what you like having done to you.” Then I dived into her cunt and waited for Jen to start on me. She pulled my fanny area right onto her face and reached around and started caressing my bum cheeks and pulling the cheeks apart to tickle my brown eye. I slid forward a little to see if she could get her face to it but she couldn’t reach it with her tongue though I did not know if she wanted to. She certainly was very gentle and probed just one knuckle deep into my anus then her tongue commenced licking the length of my gash.
She was saying nothing but used her fingers to separate my labia and continued licking so gently the inner labia right to my clit. I guessed she was exploring because that’s what it felt like.
I got my orgasm from Jen and let her drop off to sleep as so too did I with Dave between us. Monday morning dawned and even though we all had to make our way to work today , I was very happy when I saw my man climb on top of Jen as she stirred and give her a long slow beautiful rogering.
“Gee Di,” she whimpered, “ I might be making a bit more use of my boss now when Brian is not around.”
“I’m very happy with that Jen so long as I can share you with him and you are welcome to use this place to meet with Brian too. Maybe difficult at your place or his. Just make sure we keep our distance at work and give no one any cause for suspicion. Evelyn will know of course but she is very trustworthy”
The new few weeks were a buzz of activity with wedding plans and end of year tax which kept us and our staff very busy. Very little sex with friends except my weekly visits from Ali and Wendy at the weekend. Jen was off limits as hubby was home though she tried to sneak a visit with Brian. I warned against it as being too risky. We wanted her and Brian to have the wedding weekend with us.

The wedding arrived so very quickly we were almost caught by surprise. The ceremony with a celebrant in charge was a forerunner of what the weekend was to hold in store. Even though all attendees weren’t into swinging, they were all open minded and aware of the sexual libertarians who were in attendance. A couple of Wendy’s adult c***dren attended and they were obviously in no doubt as to what their mother’s proclivities were. Everybody dressed provocatively with some more so that others. Wendy wore a tight (sprayed on) white full length dress without a stitch on underneath so left nothing to the imagination. As bridesmaids, we were all naked beneath the loose flowing short dresses we had on which too were transparent in the bright sunshine. This fitted with some of the scantily clad girls attending but the celebrant was the surprise. Wendy had researched swinger sites to find Chloe – a 60 year old buxom full bodied blonde bombshell who conducted the ceremony. She wore a long floral number that floated in the breeze with a décolletage to her waist. Her left breast fell out twice during the ceremony but it was the splits in the material below the waist that aroused the guys most. As the breeze blew and she moved her legs – deliberately I thought – she exposed her bare shaven fanny continually.
At the reception afterwards, we all tried to be as discreet as possible if we were enjoying a little digital fun under the table but Chloe disappeared as various intervals under the table to suck off any guy and lick any fanny she fancied, emerging at one stage with cum running off her chin.
In the early evening we all walked back along the beach to our large beachside house very keen to indulge ourselves because we’d been quite restrained these past weeks. We all knew each other except for Serena and her husband Ric and Evelyn’s husband Ross (who I was still nervous about). We were all suitably drunk to dispense with formalities when we got to the house. We went to our respective rooms and I stripped completely as did Dave then proceeded to the area around the pool. It was a warm night so didn’t feel uncomfortable. Some girls arrived in lingerie others were nude like me. I intended to get to Ross first to sound him out and I’m glad I did. He was one gorgeous hunk of a man. An ex footballer who still kept himself in shape – tall with broad shoulders with not a hint of middle aged spread though he was only 45. He was wearing a miniscule bikini and seemed completely unfazed by the fact his wife appeared topless wearing only a tiny g-string and impossibly high stilettos. She went straight to Dave and as she kissed him she grabbed his cock and started stroking it.
I stepped forward and addressed everybody,
“Before we all get down to some very wicked business, I hope, I think we should honour our bride and groom by allowing them to consummate their marriage right here in front of us. What’d you say Wendy?”
“Love to my sexy friends” she shouted, “and if Tony can’t help I’m sure any of you other boys can take his place” to a roar of laughter.
“No way gorgeous” Tony called “I’m first but that’s not to say you can’t all have a turn later”
“Wicked but fully agreeable” shouted Wendy.
Ross turned to me
“These people really are depraved aren’t they? – but I’m sure I can handle it.
I took his hand and winked as we turned to watch as Wendy lay back on a sun lounge and holding her ankles, she spread her legs high shouting “come in lover” as we all clapped and watched intently.
Ross moved behind me and pulled me close to him and I could feel quite a sizeable erection growing between us and he hadn’t even taken off his bikini. He took a breast in each hand and just squeezed them both gently as we watched Tony and Wendy fuck hard and urgently.
“How long do we wait” Ross asked.
“At least until Wendy cums” I answered, “ don’t get impatient, I’m not going away and you can have me anyway you like then”. I’m sure his cock grew another couple of inches. I must admit I was getting impatient to feel and see it myself and it seemed an impressive piece of man meat.
Suddenly Wendy screamed “yahoo, everyone can fuck now”. So we did.
I turned to Ross and went to my knees on the soft grass surrounding the pool. I took his bikini with me as I slid down him and engulfed one of the finest cocks I’d known in my mouth. I looked up at him and said,
“Ev’s a very lucky girl”
It was hard as steel and stood about three fist lengths out from his body. It was nicely cut but thick as a Coke can. Easily the equal of brother Charlie. It was oozing fluid from the eye as I licked and nibbled and cradled his balls in my hand and I knew I’d have him up me very soon. As much as I wanted to suck him off and swallow his load, I knew we both need to fuck properly.
“Been a while, has it mate” I questioned.
“Yes, Ev and I have held off for a week or so to make sure we were ready for this weekend. Have a look at her over there with your husband’
I turned to see Ev kneeling astride Dave with his cock rammed right up her and she was doing all the work. Very energetic and enthusiastic. She was the first of the crowd to get a cock in her after Wendy.
“I think its doggie for you mate” I said. “Anything this size needs all the room it can get”. So, I turned onto my hands and knees and Ross pushed that amazing piece of manhood straight into my very wet willing cunt. I let out a loud scream and grunt which caused others to turn and look. I could easily have spent the rest of the weekend with just this monster but, sadly, I knew I had to share him around and we didn’t want to give any of the other guys a complex. Evelyn was going to have to live down hiding this bloke from us all these years. She’d be sharing from now on if I had anything to do with it.
The night progressed as planned with everyone enjoying good sex with friends. Lots of penetration especially for Ross but others just sucked and nibbled and licked in particular us girls. Not too much spunk being shot around as all were exhausted from a long day so we turned in early. Not before I suggested to Evelyn that I’d like to spend the night with her husband.
“Not likely” she retorted, “I’ve waited weeks to have him fuck me all night – another time I promise”. So, I went to bed with my darling Dave who’d had a nice time, in particular with Evelyn. He said she was a very hot number and had an amazingly tight cunt for a mother of three. (turned out that with Ross fucking her regularly she had to do exercises to keep it firm and tight).
Not sure who slept with who that night – it didn’t matter as everyone was very satisfied. However next morning, I rose early before enjoying Dave’s morning glory and made tea so I could take it to Ev and Ross’s room hoping I may get some of his morning glory. Yes, I am insatiable.
I put their tea quietly on the bedside table then pulled back the sheets, uncovering Ross to reveal that enormous prick in full tumescence as he lay snoring easily on his back. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I boldly straddled his hips then brought my cunt down swiftly over his cock until he was fully buried deep in my cunt. He woke, of course, with this sudden invasion of his privacy but finding my tight pussy wrapped around him, he willingly submitted to my impassioned urgent thrusting. I rode him solidly as I felt that massive appendage swinging back and forth within my accepting body. I wanted him to come in me again but by the time he realised what I was doing, he told me to cum as quickly as I could because he wanted “Ev to take my spunk this morning’. He obviously wasn’t happy with my forcefulness and I started to feel guilty that I may cause difficulties between him and Ev.
Evelyn woke to the noise and disturbance and took a few moments to figure what was happening.
“You’re fucking me this morning darling “ she said to Ross.
“I know Ev but Di just came in and jumped me” he complained.
I immediately apologised as Ev told me to take my turn because all the girls want a bit of him and I’d had him yesterday.
“Can I just have a nice orgasm then leave please” I pleaded.
“Yes but don’t make him cum – that’s my juice girlie” Ev accused.
Ev leaned over and started to diddle my clit which helped me get off quicker. It wasn’t the orgasm I expected but I’d overstepped a line and was very sorry for it especially since Ev was such a trusted and valued employee. I realised I would have to make my peace with her and apologise if I was to ever enjoy her husband again.
I crawled back into bed next to my lovely Dave feeling very chastened.
The rest of the day I was quite subdued. I did fuck every guy there at least once – except Ross who was happily looking after the other ladies with Ev’s encouragement. However, despite having lots of nice pussy to play with, I couldn’t get enthused because I’d virtually ****d my friend’s husband that morning and it hadn’t been appreciated. Even Dave admonished me, reminding me that I just had to back off sometimes because not everyone had my overwhelming libido.

Late in the afternoon Ev approached me and apologised that she had been miffed with me. She said so many wanted a piece of Ross when they saw his attributes and she had to manage it. However she knew I had a strong libido and I was welcome to enjoy him again now if he could get it up, she laughed. I gave her a hug and kiss and suggested we save him up for another day soon with just the four of us.

“See you at work tomorrow sweetheart and thank you for bringing your gorgeous hunk of a man along for us all to enjoy. You’re a real friend” I explained as I kissed Evelyn goodnight.

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