Diane’s Decadence – A Marriage – Ch Two

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Diane’s Decadence – A Marriage – Ch Two
Diane’s Decadence – Chapter Two

A Marriage

As soon as we became husband and wife, life seemed to change imperceptibly. We almost became serious and since we both were fully qualified accountants we decided to start our own practice. We imagined we could move to the suburbs and attract enough clients to keep us both occupied and thus we did.
Bought an old house in a nice suburb set up an office downstairs and lived upstairs and hung a shingle out advertising our business.
– and successful we were.

Within our first ten years we had established a solid practice with 8 employees. Dave and I were devoted to each other because we were such great mates. We produced three wonderful k**s in quick succession with just over a year between them and in our early thirties we were a typical nuclear family with k**s aged from two to five.
Our sex life didn’t suffer but it was entirely between ourselves I think we both realised that we had had such a varied, exciting and fulfilling sex life before marriage that we were entirely happy with just each other and had no reason or cause to look elsewhere. Dave was as rampant and capable as ever and I loved every minute and never ceased practicing my special tricks on him.

It was about now that one of our clients – a couple our own age with young c***dren – bought a lovely rambling beach house down the south coast. It was high on a hill overlooking the beach and a small township and it was available to us to use whenever we wanted a break.
We’d not had a proper holiday since starting our business so we decided to take up the offer of the house for a couple of weeks. Because it was so large with 5 bedrooms and several bathrooms we thought it would be fun to invite a few of our friends who also had k**s same age as ours thereabouts. In addition to the couple who owned the place – Rod and Paula – we asked Tim (an old school mate of Dave’s who we socialised with occasionally) and his wife Robin. Then Rod asked a couple of their friends – Andy and Ash – to make it a foursome. There were ten k**s all told between our two year old and a six year old – all a bit of a handful but we were on holidays.
The first couple of days were spent getting to know each other and setting a few rules for the k**s who all slept in a large rumpus room at one end of the house away from the guest rooms. They all dossed down on mattresses and cushions on the floor and got on really well together. The bedrooms all opened onto a large verandah overlooking the ocean with a couple of bathrooms opposite the bedrooms across a passage. There was a huge open lounge which just opened into a kitchen /eating area and all overlooking the sea.
Because we went to the beach each day we all just wore our bikinis from morning till night and lazed around the lounge chatting and reading or watching TV – we took turns supervising the k**s as well and after a few days were completely chilled out. The evening after the k**s had gone to bed we all ate late and drank lots of wine and told preposterous stories with lots of laughs.
About four nights into the holiday, we had just finished eating and were lounging around on the lounge on sofas when Tim, probably having drunk a bit more than the others, called out to me and said,
“Hey Di, didn’t I shag you a few times at Uni”
I cracked up and laughed replying,
“Probably mate but I can’t remember because I fucked so many in those days – were you any good?” I queried.
The rest of the room stopped chatting and my Dave said,
“It was probably during one of her famous gang-bangs Tim. Remember she used to root the whole crew if we won”
Suddenly the girls got going and started asking questions – well Robin and Paula did and I noted Ash stayed very quiet. Robin said she remembered some of those parties because she had attended and Paula just started reminiscing about those days and life before k**s.
Tim called and asked if he could try me out to see if I remembered him and I just responded that “one prick is the same as the next so I’d never remember unless he had something really special”.
Robin assured us that he had nothing special and we all just cracked up. Then the suggestion was made that we couldn’t tell one prick from the next.
I suggested, “why don’t you blindfold us girls and let us feel your cocks with our fingers and lips and see if we can identify our husbands”
Robin and Paula giggled a bit and agreed there couldn’t be any harm in that then we all looked at Ash. She said shyly that she’d sit it out but for us girls to go ahead and have fun and if Andy wanted to join in she had no objection. Andy explained that Ash had a very strict upbringing and was a virgin when they married but she had become very adventurous within the marriage but this was a step too far for her at present.
The three of us girls settled ourselves on a low couch and the boys tied towels around our heads to blindfolds us. Then apparently the boys dropped their swim trunks (yes we were still in our swim wear). They’d had a bit to drink so were still in a state of slackness and it was necessary for them to step up to us blindfolded girls and get us to harden them up. Three were circumcised – unknown to us girls.
Ash said she would call the moves so once we had the cock in our mouth hard Ash quietly moved each guy to the left and got the fourth one into the line and one moved out. So now all four were erect. Ash said that if they now lined up and the first boy would come to me then move on to Robin then finish at Paula, who called out.
“No blowing in my mouth ok – not yet anyway” and we all cheered.
Each guy was just a number and we had to remember the number of the guy we thought was our husband. I’d played this before years ago and it was more difficult than it seemed – surely a woman would know her own husbands cock once it was in her mouth!!
Number One came through and the guys were amazingly quiet. That wasn’t Dave I thought, then Two – yes maybe. Three – definitely as he was not cut and Four – a bit big I thought.
Robin obviously loved doing oral because Ash had to pull her off each of the guys and tell them to move on.
Ok girls call your numbers. I called Two and he had to stand in front of me , Robin called Four, and Paula Three.
We dropped our towels and there standing in front of us were four grinning guys – Dave was in front of me but Robin had Andy in front of her and Paula was right with her uncut Rod in front of her. That was easy she said once I knew there was only one uncut guy.
Robin looked at Andy and sighed “wishful thinking – such a nice piece of meat Ash – lucky girl”.
Tim said “Eh! What’s wrong with me”
“Nothing darling” Robin responded I love your beautiful cock and its given me years of pleasure but I guess a girl would like to try something different occasionally”
“We all would I guess “ remarked Tim.
I suggested that since it was nearly bedtime we could all take someone different to bed tonight if everyone was comfortable with that. The wine sure was talking tonight because Dave and I hadn’t done anything like this since before we were married. Everyone looked at each other a bit gobsmacked I guess at the suggestion and I knew the girls had to answer because the boys would be approving. Robin answered first “ never done anything like this but if everyone is happy I can’t see any harm in it – should be fun and if the sounds coming out of the bedrooms these past few nights are anything to go by everyone enjoys a good fuck – can I have you Dave” she asked so casually.
Andy said that this was a step too far for Ash at this stage but she hoped everybody has a fun night and they both wandered off to bed.
“Since you reckon you’ve fucked me before I’m going to do Rod and that leaves Paula to Tim – goodnight” and I grabbed Rod by the hand and led him to my bedroom. We each went back to the rooms where us girls had been sleeping.
This was going to be such fun after all these years to have a new cock to play with. We entered our bedroom from the verandah door and Rod looked at me and said you’re a bit over dressed aren’t you. I was still in my bikini which I dropped in seconds and stood and kissed him with a big wet tonguie. He gasped when he put his fingers down to my crotch – ‘you’re shaved“ he exclaimed.
“Of course, isn’t Paula?” I asked interested
“No just keeps the lips clean” he whispered
“ Maybe we can convince her to go all the way in the next few days – you’d love that wouldn’t you?” He nodded, so I said “ Then for a new experience why don’t you go down on me and lick me to a nice big O before you put that prick of yours in me”
He was a little unsure having a bald fanny to explore but I soon had him well instructed in where to put his fingers and tongue. Within minutes the tingling in my spine began and a wave of warm pleasure washed through me and I wasn’t quiet but who cared – the others were doing exactly the same.
Rod slid up the bed and with me on my back he slipped his cock very easily into my willing wet pussy and I asked him just to lay there and not move.
“I love he feeling of a hard prick deep into me and just pulsing and twitching in my innards – it’s a most relaxing and intimate sensation.
While we lay there luxuriating in the excitement of having a different sex partner, our arms wrapped around each other and kissing deeply, Rod started to ask me questions about my sex life and what I’d done. It seems a free and easy girl such as myself is no end of interest and arousal for most blokes. I laid it on thick and didn’t hold back as I told him of gang-bangs and double penetrations. Eating out girls while someone fucked my arse – of course this just caused him more arousal and I actually felt his cock harden in excitement and he started a long slow penetrative movement which I just adored. He said he’d fucked Paula every night and morning since arriving here so may take some time in cumming,
“I may cum in you, can I?” he suddenly asked.
“Of course Rod, please do and take your time – you can do this to me all night and I’ll have my little orgasms along the way. If I don’t sleep tonight then I can sleep tomorrow – we’re on holiday remember – and you’ll get a few more chances to fuck me while we are here – I’ll make sure of that”.
He did fuck me for an hour or so and we could hear the other girls gasping their orgasms. At one point Rod said,
“that’s Paula – I’d know that call anywhere. Tim must be giving her a good time because she doesn’t always cum that easily”
I thought I saw a movement outside too – difficult as we still had the lights on (much more fun with lights on) but didn’t give it much thought just that it may have one of the other couples getting some voyeuristic arousal.

When the sun broke the horizon I climbed out of bed to go make a cup of tea for Rod who was still deeply asleep. I didn’t bother dressing since no one was going to be concerned after last night’s events. I was aware of someone beside me and turned to find Ash there “can I help with the tea” she asked.
“Sure” I responded as I leaned forward and gave her a light kiss on her lips and asked if she had a good sleep. I noted she was dressed just in her bikini bottoms and had a pair of very nice perky small boobs with quite pointed aureolae and nipples. I remarked how nice they were and reached out to stroke one.
“Thank you” she whispered, but didn’t withdraw from my touch.
“Sorry I didn’t join in last night “ she started explaining “ but I missed so much experience growing up in a strict religious household and never experienced the sexual freedoms that so many of you did. Andy is so beautiful and patient with me even after eight years of marriage and I love learning and experimenting with him. Maybe I’ll be brave enough to join you all one of these nights. “
She then reached over and put a gentle hand on my bum,
“I did have a girlfriend at high school and that was my only experience before marriage and such pleasurable enjoyment it was.”
Her hand then came around and stroked my bald fanny as she said,
“ Andy convinced me to shave as well. He finds it so much more enjoyable for oral sex “
I reached forward and pushed my hand down the front of her little bikini bottoms and came forward to kiss her properly – lots of tongue penetrating her mouth and she responded in kind before breaking the kiss though our fingers were still stroking each others fannies very gently. I pulled my hand away and she did hers as I said,
“Lets make tea for everybody”
“Good idea” she smiled, “but I’d like to continue this conversation further. I take it you are no stranger to girls”
I looked at her and winked “ I love you all”
We made tea and walked along the veranda with a tray going into each room to serve it. Robin was sitting astride my husband and Ash giggled “ I’d better put this on the table – you’ll spill it where you are and hot tea might do you some awful damage”
Tim was asleep laying across a spreadeagled Paula. There were still signs of cum leaking from her fanny gaping open.
“ She’s had fun” said Ash, “ I actually watched you and Paula in action last night after Andy had fallen asleep. It was very arousing and I admit I almost joined you.”
I leaned over and ran a tongue up Paula’s wet dribbling cunt and Ash said “ Di, you are insatiable but I wish I was brave enough to do that”
“You will be, I promise” I answered quickly.
In my room Rod was just waking with a gorgeous morning woody. I was about to start stroking it when I turned to Ash and said,
“Your turn Ash. Make this the first man other than Andy to receive your favours”
“What do I do” she whimpered
“ What ever you do with Andy when he is like that “ I responded.
“But I usually use my mouth on him” she explained
“So do the same here” I instructed.
She was hesitant at first wondering what would happen if Andy found out. I assured her he would probably cheer her on. She reached forward tentatively and started stroking up and down so gently. Rod opened his eyes but said nothing and moved onto his back properly.
As soon as he was fully erect she leant forward and slid her mouth over the head, gradually lowering her head until his cock was fully hidden in her mouth.
“Good girl” I whispered “ where did you learn that”
“Andy” she said ‘ he’s taught me everything – is this all right?”
“Its fantastic girl, just go for it “ – and she did. I watched her head bobbing up and down and then her hand went to his balls. I wasn’t going to say anything but wondered if she was comfortable swallowing. She certainly was. I watched as she backed her head off a little – enough to get her hand around the base of his cock. Then I saw the pulsing and a little man cream at the corner of her mouth. I saw her throat convulsing in swallows and then it was done.
She lifted her head and smiled absolutely wickedly so I had to go over and kiss her deeply, enjoying the taste of Rod’s cum in her mouth.
“How did I do” she asked.
“Like a professional – just fantastic. Do you like swallowing” I queried.
“ I do it for Andy all the time and think nothing of the taste, just the sensation”
I leaned down and kissed Rod good morning
“I brought your tea but missed out on the treat – that was Ash’s contribution”
“Thanks” he said as he reached between my legs and ran a finger between my pussy lips “ hope there’s more to come”

Ash and I then went into her bedroom where Andy was waking with a mighty hard-on.
“This one’s mine and you can watch” I demanded.
She giggled, poured his tea “Ok, only fair since I’ve already had mine”
Andy opened his eyes and smiled as I went down on his rather nice sized prick. Not the biggest I’d experienced but certainly the biggest in the house here and all of us girls had expressed a wish to try it last night when we first saw it.
I did my trick and encouraged him with a ball massage and a finger in his bum (Ash was amazed at that) and when I felt the familiar signs I backed off a little and let the cum hit the roof of my mouth. Being early morning offerings there was a nice few spoonsful. It was bitter sweet but very enjoyable and once again I shared the offerings with Ash in a long sticky tongue kiss. I was sure we had started her on her conversion.
Everyone was now up and about so thought that with the k**s coming out for breakfast we should at least dress in our bikinis and that we did. However, they did seem a little smaller than yesterday’s and without saying anything I did note that we had all changed into something a bit skimpier. Ash was the surprise as she came out in a Wicked Weasel which barely covered her gash. Fortunately she was shaved so the cloth just held the lips together and the thinnest of strings disappeared between her arse cheeks. The top just covered most of the aureole.
“Its not too revealing, is it” she questioned innocently as we all gasped at her as she appeared.
It’s very sexy darling” Robin responded “and we all love it especially the boys. We’ll all have to bring our own out tomorrow”

The boys all went off golfing that afternoon and Robin and Paula took all the k**s to the beach so I went to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri have a bit of a nap when Ash came through my veranda door.
“Can I lay here with you and chat” she asked.
“Darling be my guest please” I enthused.” I’m not going to be shy Ash, you have the most enticing little pussy barely wrapped up in that g-string and I intend to make it mine for the moment”
She willingly stretched out beside me on the bed and I raised myself on one arm and reached over pulling the tiny strip of material off her puffy pussy lips and exposing them to my touch.
“That’s what I wanted to chat about” she whimpered. “I’ve not had another girl since my friend at high school and I fantasised about that sometimes and even more as I get older. You seem to be so much in control and have so much experience. I was amazed at what was revealed last night about you – did you really take on eight men at once and have two penises in you at the same time? I think you’ve had experience with women too. Please tell me?”

I kissed her hard and fully as my fingers now entered her cunt very easily – I found her g-spot and with my thumb on her clit I very quickly brought her to an orgasm and a wet one it was too. I then moved quickly down her stomach and buried my head between her thighs, lapping up all those delicious juices which had just poured out of her. Her orgasm had been noisy and prolonged and I crawled back up her body sucking roughly on each breast as I moved, biting the nipples until she yelped then moving straight to her mouth and kissing her hard and urgently – tongues duelling in our mouths. I had a little O myself.
“Ash darling, everything was true and yes I’ve had lots of women – I love having sex with a woman and I too learned that from my friends at school but also my mother. As for sex with men – I can’t get enough of it or at least I couldn’t. From about age fifteen I tried to get a cock in me every day. My brothers satisfied that lust for a few years then at University I just took it all. Yes I was a slut and proud of it. I tried everything on offer and enjoyed most. However I’ve not strayed since the day I married until last night. Dave knows everything about me and has no qualms about me fucking other guys or girls under circumstances like we find ourselves in now. He gets as much as I do. What we have here is absolutely safe fun sex. We’ll all go home and probably forget it happened but lets really let ourselves go while here. I’d love to have sex with you in front of everybody – how about that?”
She was really aroused herself now and she was sliding a finger in and out of my cunt.
“How did you get me so hot” she queried. “You know that thing you did with your fingers and thumb”
I showed her how to find my g-spot and she knew where my clit was so before she said any more I let her work me into a nice noisy orgasm.
“Now you were saying” I asked as I came back to earth.
“I don’t think I could have sex in public with you because Andy doesn’t know I have feelings for girls but if he did I’d love to do it in front of everyone. I guess that the exhibitionist coming out in me”

“I can assure you Andy would be overjoyed to see his wife cumming to someone’s attention. Did you tell him you sucked off Rod this morning?” I asked
“Yes, I had to because he tasted it on my lips when I kissed him after you sucked him off and he wasn’t angry at all – he just laughed and congratulated me. But with another girl – I don’t know”
“Leave it with me darling” I pleaded, “just get your head between my legs now and give me a nice relaxing lick please – and don’t stop until I’ve cum”
She very dutifully complied and I held her head against my crotch until she had licked me to a nice little orgasm and that gave me a perfect reason then let myself sleep for what may be another active night of fun.

When I woke, Ash was still there snoring gently against my side with her cunt laid bare as the g-string was still pulled to one side. I reached down and gently stuffed her lovely puffy lips back into the strip of material and she awoke. Kissing me she said thank you and wandered off. I just luxuriated in my position until I heard the k**s all come in and I got up pulled on a bikini and went out to enjoy the company. Us girls got the k**s fed, and off to their room to play and sleep while we opened a bottle of wine.
I announced to the girls that Ash was going to ‘come out’ tonight and it would be a surprise. Robin and Paula pestered me to reveal until I asked Ash if I could. She relented so I told the girls that Ash liked sex with girls too so her and I were going to put on a show for the boys and surprise Andy. Robin was very enthusiastic but Paula was a bit more reserved.
“Have you had any same sex experience” I asked. Robin answered immediately and said she had enjoyed some nice episodes at University but nothing since marrying and I assured them I was the same but ready to break the drought tonight.
“I might join you” laughed Robin.
“What about you Paula” I asked seriously. She frowned a bit.
“I’d never had the experience until after we married – about five years ago – when Rod asked me to a party which we found out was a swingers party. We weren’t really into that but since we were there and the drinks had flowed we reasoned we had nothing to lose. I eventually lost my inhibitions and stripped off with Rod and we started to make out on the floor amongst other couples, then Rod got tapped on the shoulder and had to move on while another one of his mates took over and even that was fine. Everyone was well mannered, laughing a lot, generally gentle and of course pissed. Then after one of the boys had finished with me a woman who I didn’t know went down on me and enjoyed licking up the spunky remnants – quite nice really then another and another with a couple kissing me and sucking my tits – all a bit overwhelming until I felt a woman force her whole fist into my fanny. It was painful and she was rough and she was pumping it in and out while everyone cheered until Rod saw that I was actually crying and stopped the proceedings. Hence my experience with women was not a pleasant one and I’ve been turned off ever since not that any opportunity has ever presented itself again. I thought the woman involved may have rung me and apologised the next day but it never happened. I might pass on the girlie stuff tonight but happy to indulge your husbands – I’d like a run with that Andy of yours, Ash” she explained.
The boys came home from golf after a few drinks at the pub and were ready to rock and roll. When they discovered the k**s were in bed they wanted to get into the sex right away but we slowed them down and made them sit down to dinner and at least keep their underwear on. After dinner we all settled into the sofas in the lounge and Ash was cuddling in a corner with Andy when I looked over at her and winked. She just smiled and nodded so I stood and announced,
“ Ash and I have a little surprise for you boys”
Ash came over to me and we gently stripped what little clothing we had on off each other. We then dropped to the carpet in a deep passionate kiss and flipped over into a 69 position munching each other’s cunts and ripping fingers in and out of our wet holes. We were breathing heavily but I don’t think either of us felt like cumming – I know I didn’t feel like it but was loving the attention from both Ash and our friends spurring us on with very explicit comments.
Suddenly I felt a hard cock up my fanny – just a quick push and he was in but it was easy because I was so wet. I had no idea who it was but it felt pretty big so I guessed it was Andy because someone called “fuck her Andy” then it was Tim who pulled Ash from under me and just slid his cock into her. Poor girl had no chance to object but then it was probably what she needed. If she’d been asked she may well have backed out again.
She obviously didn’t lose too much time thinking about it because she was energetic. Goodness she threw her heart and soul into it urging Tim on – “Fuck me! fuck me! fuck me! “this shy little lady was yelling. How different to last night when she quietly sneaked off to bed. We obviously had another recruit to our little play family. As the two of us were being fucked, the other wasted no time in getting down to business with Rod fucking Paula and my Dave on the couch with Robin. Gradually our boys blew their loads into us and we rolled off each other and headed for the nearest sofa. We had cum running from our cunts and I apologised to Paula that we were ruining their furniture. Paula assured us we could easily wipe it up a bit later

After we’d all got our breaths back and poured another wine some one asked “who’s with who tonight?”
I quickly shot back that I wanted Andy after having sucked him off that morning I wanted to try that nice cock in me and see if his stamina was as good as his size so Dave opted for the “virginal Ash” at which we all laughed.
“ She’s no virgin after that performance tonight mate” Tim yelled “she is one very enthusiastic root aren’t you love”
“Well, I am enjoying it now that I’ve broken the ice. You have to remember that I had never had another man other than Andy until Tim fucked me just now. I think that’s pretty significant. I want to get my fair share now and enjoy every minute of it while this holiday lasts. No one knows we are here doing this with you and I trust that’s how it will stay. Now Dave come and take me to bed and fuck me silly please”. And off they went, naked and arm in arm.
I grabbed Andy and followed suit leaving I guess Paula to Tim and Rod to Robin. I did laugh as we passed Ash’s bedroom there she was astride Dave and whooping it up.

We drifted off to sleep to the sounds of orgasmic delight as no one seemed to be bothered holding back. All the doors to the deck were open so we knew exactly who was doing what to whom.
Next morning was the same as this – I got up strolling naked to the kitchen early and made tea for everybody when one of the boys (I honestly don’t recall who it was) came in and simply asked if he could fuck my arse.
“Did you ever see ‘Last Tango in Paris” he asked.
I didn’t answer – I just went to the fridge and got out the butter dish and handed it to him then bent forward over the kitchen bench. He greased me up with a couple of dollops of butter pushed deep into my rectum then quite roughly pushed his cock up me. Fortunately anal was a relatively regular practice of Dave and mine so I just held onto the bench and enjoyed a hard pounding in my arsehole. I didn’t cum but he did – quite quickly then pulled out and didn’t even say thank you. As he was walking away, I ordered “go wash the shit off your cock mate. You aren’t putting that in anyone until you have”
He looked bit sheepish but did as I asked and wandered into the bathroom.
I took my tray of tea into the various bedrooms and those who weren’t fucking were sleeping so I just left it on the bedside table and crawled back into bed with Andy. I enjoyed his morning glory in a nice relaxed missionary position then showered and slipped into my bikini for another day of fun and relaxation.
We all agreed over breakfast that today the boys could look after the k**s and us girls would indulge ourselves in the local town – some thought a visit to the beautician but Paula and I thought a coffee and lunch would do us. We also wanted to do some shopping and cook up a nice dinner for us all. Hence we all set off to town mid morning and wandered the main street – its only a tiny place and found a coffee shop to indulge in a bit of girl talk. We hardly touched on the subject of sex as we both agreed we were getting more than our fair share and what we did on holidays stayed on holidays but it might be nice to repeat next year.
As we were thinking of finding somewhere to have lunch, Paula suggested that since it was almost that time lets go have a drink at the local Surf Club – maybe we could get a counter lunch there too. It was quite a modern club, right on the beach with a big verandah along the front. We walked in and sat at the bar facing the view. A few other patrons were seated at the various tables on the verandah. We were the only ones at the bar and we ordered a schooner of beer each and a big bowl of chips – that would do for lunch. We were feeling very chilled and as we started our second beer a couple of young lifesavers propped themselves on bar stools around the corner and ordered beers. Paula started chatting by asking what they were doing and they explained they had just finished school and had volunteered to do beach patrols during the week of holidays. They were just taking a break from their patrol. They were pretty shy but the beer opened their mouths. Both reckoned they were eighteen (so they could drink) but I doubted it – and thought s*******n at best.
Then Paula surprised me,
“So you ‘re trying to pick up a couple of older women are you” she joked. They stammered a denial though they’d been perving on our boobs since they arrived.
“So is the boatshed under the clubhouse here” Paula asked. They looked at each other, “Yep, boatshed and gym, Wanna see them?”
“Of course” Paula responded, “I love surfboats – and what goes in them” she laughed.
As the boys jumped off their bar stools, I whispered to Paula, “What’s the go?’
“I want to fuck one of them – both if you don’t” she smiled. I didn’t have time or inclination to argue but thought why not – another adventure for the week.
“What about safety” I whispered
“They’re only boys, probably virgins so I’ll take my chances on bare-backing them “she remarked. I thought why not since I’d done the same for many years and always dodged a bullet.
The boys led us out a side door and down some stairs to the boatshed and very seriously took us the full length of the shed explaining every boat then stepped through a door into a small gym with some weights and other equipment and a shower room at the back.
Paula sat on the weights bench with legs parted on each side. We were both wearing a shirt dress over our bikinis which were not our smallest but still revealing. Her puffy, well-fucked shaved cunt lips were filling the crotch material of her bikini as she called the boys,
“which of you has the biggest cock?” she asked and beckoned them over to her.
“The biggest can put his cock in here” she offered as she pulled the material of her crotch aside revealing those delicious cunt lips.
The boys were dumb struck but stood in front of Paula. I joined the action, “come on boys, lets see “I implored as I stood behind them and slid their board shorts to their ankles.
“Beautiful” Paula gasped as she reached for one slightly tumescent cock and I moved around in front of the other and knelt on the carpet as I started caressing his balls and stroking his cock. Both were uncut but as we got them hard their cock heads popped from the foreskin. They were nicely built young men but so shy and almost disbelieving.
“Ever had this in a nice wet cunt?” Paula sneered “I bet not”. Neither answered but were willing to let Paula and I put our mouths over the head and start to suck.
“Can you guys cum more than once in a row” I asked
This time one of the boys answered bravely “if I stay hard I can shoot about three times” he stammered.
“I might hold you to that “ I promised.
As to be expected these boys were out of control and with our hands working their balls and our mouths deep throating their pricks they both produced loads of cum within seconds of each other. It was just depraved deliciousness. I gulped down the spunk as it flowed into my mouth and there was plenty of it. Paula pulled off and let her guy spray all over her face being careful not to get any in her eyes.
It had been so many years since I’d had such a productive young cock. It reminded me of my brothers but Charlie in particular. Though neither was as big as him, they were still a nice mouthful and I wanted a cock up me now and said so.
We kept stroking and licking their cocks to keep them hard but I don’t think we needed to because just the sight of us two girls was enough to keep their interest. I stood and disrobed completely which just gobsmacked both boys – their eyes as big as saucers.
Paula just lay back on the bench pushing her crotch material further aside. Undoing all her shirt buttons and pushing her bikini top up above her tits, she held her cunt lips open and invited the guy I’d sucked to “Come here and fuck me big boy” – and so he did. I watched as he very awkwardly manoeuvred himself over her showing his lack of experience – he probably was a virgin. I eventually grabbed his prick and holding her cuntlips apart with the other hand I guided his beautiful hard prong right into my friends cunt for which she thanked me. I saw to it that he had started a rhythm going then turned to my man – boy really. He was standing there with a big shitfaced grin on his face and a very prominent hard-on watching this hot naked shiela stick his mates cock in her girlfriend. What boy wouldn’t stay hard.
I stepped canlı poker oyna over to him and pulled his face down to mine – he was nicely tall – and gave him a pash like he’d never had before. He was breathing hard when I finished so I looked him in the eye and said,
“Lets fuck”. I lay myself down on the carpeted floor next to the bench and as he knelt nervously between my legs, I threw them over his shoulders, spread my cunt lips – now running wet with excitement – and ordered him to ‘stick it in here’ and fuck me hard brother.
I knew he’d last a while because he’d just cum on Paula’s face and being inexperienced he moved slowly but it suited me as he went deep every stroke and I just lay back and luxuriated in the vigour of youth. Meanwhile Paula was urging her guy to greater efforts and was revelling in “the fucking hardness of his young cock”.
“I feel like I’ve got a velvet steel rod in me” she called to any of us listening, “it’s so fucking glorious that I can’t stop cumming”. But she did. She urged him to “go fucking harder and faster you fucking prick’, she yelled as she built to one massive orgasm. I was afraid they’d hear her upstairs in the bar but really who cared – someone may come down and see us fucking – who cared!
I was guiding my bloke carefully and he was doing very well. I was obviously getting a bit sloppy with my continued little orgasms – it really was good. I got turned on by comparing him to my fucks with Charlie and actually reminisced a little wondering if Charlie was still as good as he had been. I last fucked him when I was pregnant with our first c***d about 7 years ago – Dave knew and approved of course.

Because I was so wet, I rolled to one side letting my legs come off his shoulders and as they came together, he stayed in the kneeling position so he was fucking me sideways. With my legs together this made me so much tighter and my boy greeted that with renewed enthusiasm. I kept him rutting me there until I thought he’d blow his wad. So I stopped him and had him lay on his back and I rode on top of him, reverse cowboy style. By doing this and laying right back with my back on his chest this put fabulous pressure on my g-spot and he was long enough fortunately not to pop out when I moved.
In the meantime Paula had cum to a halt having screamed her way to a final orgasm and her bloke had popped his wad deep in her fanny. Seeing him laying on top of her, I asked if he was still hard, to which he nodded.
“Want to do something really kinky” I asked. He just looked and mumbled ‘sure’. So instructed him to climb off Paula and bring his hard prick down to me.
“Kneel astride your mates legs and slide that cock right up my cunt on top of your mates cock” I ordered. He hesitated so I repeated my instruction adding “ haven’t you ever seen a chick with two cocks in her cunt – now get your cock up me and forget about your mates feelings. It’s me who wants to get well fucked”
He did as he was told and very soon I had this overwhelming feeling of fullness. Neither bloke could move much and I didn’t want them too but I was getting such uncontrollable pressure on my g-spot that I knew I was to cum hard very soon.
I think what sent me over the top was Paula reaching over to stroke both cocks and my very exposed clit while adding that I was the most depraved slut she could possibly know. I loved it and so did my first fucker because he shot his wad suddenly. His mate got squirmish and pulled out quickly and I just collapsed back on top on my bloke gasping for breath. I easily rolled off him and while I was still laying naked on the floor, both blokes looked at their watches and said “shit, we are late for our patrol”, pulled on their boardies and disappeared with a quick “thanks girls”.
“that has to be the best lunch I’ve ever had “I drooled and Paula agreed that it “was different but nourishing”
“Can I do the thing with two cocks tonight Di” she asked seriously.
“Anything you want sweetheart, entirely your decision but let’s keep todays event our little secret. I may tell Dave after we get back home but not on holidays. Paula agreed and admitted she wasn’t sure that Rod would handle it too well.
“Besides I might want to visit the Surf Club again when we are down here at weekends” she winked.
We got to our feet “ looks like the shops await us “ I noted, then burst into laughter “ we don’t even know their names”
“And they don’t know ours – as it should be – safer that way” laughed Paula.
Paula agreed but said “can we shower first, I’ve got spunk everywhere”. So we took advantage of the clubs facilities and the two of us hopped into a shower cubicle together. We turned on the warm water and let it flow over us and we just naturally used a handy cake of soap to soap each other up and play with each other as we pashed and frigged each other.
“Happy playing with another girl now” I said.
“ Usually have been but just happened to remember the fisting last night and it still gives me nightmares. Right now you could drive a car in there and it would be big enough” she giggled.
“Mind if I try” I queried as I dropped onto my haunches. I parted Paula’s legs and slowly inserted one soapy finger at a time until I had my whole fist in her.
“How’s that” I asked.
“That is great” she gasped , “but just turn your hand so your fingers stroke my G-spot”
So I did and she got off to another quieter shorter orgasm than her previous ones. I slowly extracted my fist, made certain we were both cleaned of spunk and turned the shower off, there was no towel so we shook ourselves as dry as possible then just dressed in our bikinis and shirt dresses and let ourselves out.

I could say the rest of the day was a bit of an anti-climax after “lunch!” but we got home and I prepared a very nice meal for us all which we washed down with plenty of wine after the k**s went to bed. Then we just stripped and got ourselves ready for some light hearted sex. Without asking, I just announced that Paula wanted to experience two cocks at the same time. She squealed with embarrassment and denied it at first but gradually relented as we discussed who would do what. Initially it was assumed that was a DP with anal and vaginal because hubby Rod said “well I want your arse”.
However when I explained it was double vaginal. Poor Ash said
“is that possible?”. Someone explained the intricacies so the boys drew straws as to who got what. Rod got to be the boy underneath and Andy drew the top position. I wasn’t sure that Rod would be long enough to handle the reverse cowboy with her laying right back but he assured us he’d done it before in that position.
“are we going to cum” asked Andy in all innocence.
“I’d say no mate” I explained, “because there might be more requests before nights out and I reckon after these few days of fucking you boys are only good for one shot before bedtime.
Rod lay back on the lounge room floor and his wife squatted over his erection, fitting it very easily up her cunt. Like the rest of us we were well juiced up for the nights activities and I reckon Paula and I still had a bit left over from the noon day activities. I actually squatted over Rods face to support Paula as she lay back and ensure Rod’s cock didn’t slip out of her.
Andy had been made ready with a nice sucking from Ash and she now guided her husband’s prick into her friend’s cunt and he knelt over Rod’s legs. Pushing Andy’s cock against Rods, she guided it into Paula’s gash which didn’t fit easily as she was quite tight especially with her husbands prick pushed hard into the upper side of her cunt. However, slowly she relaxed, allowing Andy to slide in on top of Rod.

Paula had a small orgasm as the boys filled her but there was very little movement as someone was going to slip out of her and she did explain that it wasn’t fulfilling sex. She just wanted to experience the feeling of double cocks in her. This then meant that both Ash and Robin had to try though Robin had been there before when at Uni some years ago – BC as she said “before c***dren”.
She suggested Ash try a different position which she remembered was comfortable and able to handle some action.
Ash sat astride her husband’s cock in cowgirl fashion but facing him and simply bent forward thus allowing my Dave to easily enter from behind – similar to a cunt / anal DP but just using the same hole. Both guys slid in easily even into Ash’s tighter fanny and could actually move in unison.
“Do you want us to cum in you Ash?” queried my husband.
“That could be fun if you can boys. Does anyone mind me getting a double load tonight” she laughed “ I’m greedy eh?”
We all agreed she could – so the boys set to and got a steady rhythm going while we looked on and sipped our wines giving verbal encouragement. I knew they’d take a while and may need a hand because both boys had just about fucked themselves to a standstill over the past four days. I was very proud of my Dave who had managed to keep it up and productive much better than usual but then when guys are really aroused they generally perform above average. Arousal had been the name of the game this holiday.
Paula and I were having a bit of a cuddle on a couch but when we noticed the boys struggling, we just looked at each other, crawled over to them and took a set of balls in hand.
I had Andy’s and Paula had my Dave’s. She was able to get in close and lick balls as they slapped against Ash’s arse but I had to stroke Andy’s and I managed to squeeze a finger down to his anus and insert it to the first knuckle. This had the desired effect on both who showed signs of cumming. Dave was asking Andy how he was going as they both wanted their ejaculations to coincide. They got pretty close. Andy announced his and this was enough to set Dave off. So for the first time ever Ash experienced a double load of cum in her cunt in one big rush. Dave pulled out and rolled off them, with Ash lifting herself off her husband who just lay there exhausted.
Ash just had a stupid grin on her face and was almost speechless.
“I just can’t describe that “she gasped, “it was just fabulous”
Meanwhile, over in one corner Robin had been quietly getting spit roasted by her husband and Rod.
“You lot finished over there” was all she could manage between mouthfuls.
We all said our good nights and drifted off to bed with the nearest available bloke who wasn’t our husband. It all seemed so normal now but alas, the holiday was coming to an end and tomorrow was to be our last day and night. One imagined we may have organised a big orgiastic party but in fact it fizzled to a quiet night after having a totally relaxing day on the beach with our k**s. I actually saw the lifesaver I’d fucked the day before patrolling the beach. I called out and said g’day and he responded with a smile and a wave but that was all. He must have been so confused poor boy at seeing this very ordinary mum playing with her k**s who less than 24 hours earlier had been totally naked playing the slut queen in the club gym. But that’s the beauty of being a discreet suburban mum – we all have our little secrets.

When we got the k**s to bed we packed for departure next day then strolled naked as usual out to have a final drink and cuddle as it turned out. I don’t think any of the guys could get very hard so we just all sat around and made out with someone next to us and chatted and reviewed our holiday. We planned on repeating it again next year and Rod suggested he may have another couple join us. Agreed we’d sleep our last night with our partners and sleep we did. I didn’t hear a single groan of pleasure.

This had been a complete departure from our established married life and had done us no harm whatsoever. We were fortunate that we were extremely open minded about sex and all it had to offer and used it as the pleasure source that it was. It probably enhanced our marriage as we had such great fun recalling our adventures during the year which always led to intense sex with each other. We did not have sex with any of the others during the year at home with one exception for me.
Paula who owned the holiday house with Rod had taken to visiting on occasions on her own or with girlfriends as she and Rod took turns looking after the k**s so they could each have a break from domestic drudgery. Nice if you can do it I say. She came around to see me on one of my days off for coffee and we ended up making out on the pool lounge. That was when she told me that she had met one of our lifesavers on the beach during one of her weekend stays alone and took him to the house and fucked him stupid. She got his contact details so that each time she went back on her own, he and his mate would visit and fuck her every way possible. It was her “little tension reliever” and despite having a very open marriage like mine and Dave’s, the beach boys remained her secret – and ours in fact, as I never did reveal that to Dave – at least not for many years.

Thus our annual beach visits continued for about three years. Robin and Tim did not return as they hadn’t come to terms with the sexuality as the rest of us had. Ash became a very hot eager participant. We were joined each year by another invited couple but a different couple each year. That provided some variety and at least everybody, even the new ones, knew exactly what to expect as soon as we arrived. The rule that we weren’t to sleep with our partners while in the house continued and we expanded our activities.
One visiting couple introduced us again to golden showers so we had some fun there though that’s not to everyone’s taste. Bisexuality came a regular activity and we even got the boys into it so that meant we had a lot more variety so we slept the night with same sex partners occasionally. I’d seen Dave give blow jobs and indeed get fucked one night before we were married but never since so this was a big step for him. The other boys took the same attitude, that if it was fun and clean then go for it. They had no moral objection and it was great entertainment for us girls.
Each year Paula and I had our secret tryst with the lifesavers who were now a couple of local tradesmen. They would take us to a small secluded beach and fuck us there. I had intended that I’d only do this once during the holiday but Ash had become such a hot little slut, I thought she might like it as well. Hence, after our first encounter early in the holiday I suggested the lifesavers find another bloke so we could bring another girl along.
We waited a couple of days then met again at the secluded beach with Ash in tow. She’d been sworn to secrecy and was so keen to be fucked by complete strangers. They arrived with another gorgeous blonde surfie type teenager.
“Ash” I said, “These boys are capable of three cums, one after another so do what ever you like and as much as you like because they are up to it”
We now knew their names but preferred to refer to then as A, B, and now C for anonymity and they just called us Slut 1 & 2 and now they had 3. We made our way to the little hidden piece of beach behind some big rocks and lay down our beach blankets and towels. We stripped off our tiny bikinis and got to work on the boys but they hardly needed any encouragement. Their beautiful young cocks glistened like polished steel in the sunlight and all us girls wanted to do was fill our holes with these cocks and get as much cream from them as we could. We were still bare backing them as they had assured us they were careful where they put their cocks and they knew they’d never see us again if they left us with anything nasty. We were after all ‘the best fucks on the coast and worth waiting for’.
Ash announced she wanted to be gang banged and we assured her she could have all three as we probably all would but she insisted she wanted one immediately after one guy came in her.
We didn’t have any problem with that so she lay down on her back and threw her legs back and invited C to “fuck me please darling “. He had a delicious cut cock sticking hard up against his lower belly and almost reaching his belly button.
Isn’t it fabulous how young guys get hard-ons which just stand straight up so when they enter you, its necessary to bend their cock down a bit to get it in. Then, of course, once in, it’s natural inclination is to press hard into the upper side of your cunt thus massaging the g-spot as it thrusts in and out. These boys were no different – all just beautiful almost perfect fucks whichever hole or position they entered us.
We stood and watched Ash get her fanny reamed by C who came pretty quickly. It was just after Ash had her first orgasm and she could scream all she liked here as there was no one to hear her. Paula and I just stroked A&B to maintain their erections and kissed then as we did. As C pulled out a big blob of sticky white spunk dribbled out too but B just knelt on the blanket and roughly shoved his cock into Ash’s sopping cunt. I bent down and scooped up the cum and just popped it into my mouth making eye contact with C as I did.
“Nice” I drooled, ‘come here and let me suck you clean” internet casino and he did.
I knelt and licked his long shaft as I watched Paula doing the same to A as he readied to fuck Ash. B lasted a few minutes longer but I understood how it was difficult for the boys to hold back when fucking such an enthusiastic little slut as Ash who just egged them on and on shouting obscenities as she did. As soon as B came and pulled out, Ash yelled ‘next” but Paula said
“hang on, we aren’t letting all that spunk go to waste just dribbling onto the blanket”. She knelt between Ash’s legs and lapped up her slit a few times getting as much our as possible then stood and came over to share it with me. Dear Paula knew my proclivities and my thirst for hot sperm. A knelt and throwing Ash’s legs over his shoulders, proceeded to pump vigourously in and out, giving her as much verbal as she gave. He promised he was going to ream every hole of this fucking little slut before the morning was out – and he actually did.
As soon as he came and was pulling out, Ash was calling for more. Without saying a word, A picked her up and flipped her onto her stomach and with his cock shining in the sunlight from all the slippery goo on it, he spread her arse cheeks with his thumbs and pushed his cock all the way in. Ash screamed in pain so he stopped once he got all the way in. Paula and I took a deep breath thinking the same thing and hoping he’d not done any damage as there didn’t seem to be much lube. However we needn’t have worried.
Ash began yelling “ fuck me , fuck me , fuck my arse hard NOW, what are you waiting for” – so he did.
C was still hard as to be expected so I took him over to a big smooth rock and leant against it, offering him my arse. He asked “cunt or arse’ – I just told him “cunt and don’t hold back”
I called over to Paula and apologised for taking C but she said between mouthfuls of B that it was ok – she’d already tried him last time she was down. I just called back “slut – now fuck me Mr lifesaver”
This went on for a couple of hours under the hot sun. We each took a load of their sperm in every hole and I can’t remember who put what in where though I do remember C dropping a load into my rectum. It was probably the sun that eventually made us stop and the boys had to get back to work. They left and kissed us goodbye and I told them I’d see them next year while Paula said in a couple of months. Ash objected but we told her we were here to play with our friends and this was a one-off, to which she agreed. We looked at each other and couldn’t believe that were seen by all our friends as respectable suburban mum’s and professionals in our busy careers but here we were just now having acted out a fantasy as complete wanton sluts – it was even a bit outside of what we did during our holiday with our families and thus the reason why it was necessary to keep it a secret.
We licked each other clean as best we could then washed ourselves in the sea water, dressed and went home. The boys had the k**s out for the day and the other girls asked where we’d been and we told them we’d been nude sunbathing at a secluded beach. They looked a bit disappointed and suggested we could have done that here at the house to which we agreed but we had a swim as well. We’d over done the sun a bit and were burnt but cream fixed that.
This holiday and the subsequent one went well and we engaged in all sorts of sexual play with our friends who all relaxed and got quickly into the mood. It was our fourth year down here when one night we were all engaged in fucking someone in the dimmed light of the lounge. I recall I was sitting astride on of the boys (not Dave) and Ash was standing in front of me as I licked her fanny clean of someone’s cum when I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see my ten year old daughter there. I nearly died – we ‘d always snapped the lock on the door of the k**s big sleeping area but our girl was obviously old enough to figure out how to open it.
“I can’t sleep mum’ she whispered, then “are you allright?” I’d been moaning through an orgasm as I licked Ash.
I jumped off whose ever prick it was and walked her quickly back to the k**s room.
“I’m fine darling, mum and dad are just having fun with our friends” I explained.
“yes I know, I saw you do it last night too but tonight you sounded in pain” she queried. I got her back to bed and asked her not to come out again till morning, and she didn’t. I went back to the team who were concerned and we decided to call it a night and off we went with our partner for the night.
In the morning I was naked in the kitchen as usual with one of the other boys sporting half a ‘woody’ trying to rub it between my arse cheeks when daughter walked in again. My friend pulled away but not before my daughter noticed his erection. Nakedness was not a problem as we went like this at home often but seeing an erection was new to her I thought.
“Alex has an erection mum” she remarked innocently.
“Oh so he has darling, he must be excited about something. Better take that away mate” I casually mentioned.
“I think he likes you mum and that’s why he has an erection” she explained.
This was all too much for me – between our sex lessons at home and what they do at school, our daughter was too knowledgeable for us to continue our sex games with them around.
When we dressed in our swimmers for breakfast I broached the subject and we agreed that we had better tone things down for the rest of the holiday and reconsider for future years. Thus we restricted our open fucking in the lounge and still swapped different partners each night but it was to prove the swansong of our annual holiday of full on swinging sex and they were never repeated. The k**s were simply getting too old and understanding and we didn’t feel it right to expose them to our very adult activities at such a young age. Family always comes first and I didn’t really want my daughter and sons to do as I did as a teenager despite the pleasure.
I did, however, continue for a few years my twice yearly visits with Paula to the house for a girl’s long weekend. Ash would always come along and maybe another one or two of Paula’s open minded fun girlfriends. Our husbands always knew it as a girl / girl sex weekend and all were comfortable with that. We never revealed though that our tradie mates would join us and stay over at the house for what was always an orgy of unlimited sex. A, B, and C had a couple of other trusted mates to keep the numbers even and knew enough to give any of us a gang bang if we felt like one. I certainly did once every visit as did Ash. Nothing like being relentlessly fucked by six or more healthy young men for a couple of hours (ten was my best effort). As I worked my way through my thirties to turning forty, I still felt enormously sexually empowered to be able to satisfy these very virulent young guys none of whom had reached thirty yet. In two nights with us each of them could cum at least six times and stay hard for hours. That was the power of the erotic environment that us girls created. Normally, they told us, they’d struggle with a couple of shots a night. B actually got married one year and Ash, Paula and myself were invited.
The family and his wife wondered who we were and we were passed off as good customers of the tradies. However, lots of his mates had fucked us at times so we went back to Paula’s with a few of the guests including the bride’s mother (who Ash seduced during the reception). We fucked each other to exhaustion including the mother of the bride, Lynette. She was about 50 and looked every bit the demure suburban matron who also happened to be the headmistress of a local primary school.
Don’t know how Ash picked her but she obviously detected a weakness and alcohol no doubt helped. She left her husband at the wedding and came with us to the house telling him she was taking some inebriated guests to their homes.
She had no idea what to expect and indeed some of the boys were a little shy when Lynette walked in since she’d taught them at school and was prominent in the community.
Ash took her to one of the bedrooms and left the door ajar as she slowly seduced her with lots of caresses and kissing. Gradually we saw the clothes being removed until both were naked on the bed. Lynette had not noticed the open door until she was writhing in ecstasy with Ash between her legs. All of us outside had stripped and were in various stages of sexual activity when I decided to enter the bedroom to see if I could share her with Ash. Lyn was a little startled but lost her concern when I just kissed her with strong tonguie and then started to suck and nibble on her tits. Lovely big motherly nipples on breasts that had sagged a little to each side though she wasn’t at all over weight. Just one of those ladies who always had big tits on a slim body which she’d kept in reasonable shape. She did have quite a thick hairy pubic area which none of the rest of us had.
“I’ve never had sx with anyone but my husband” she admitted suddenly as if she was readying to get up and go home full of guilt “ but recent years I’ve had these lustful yearnings every now and then and often wondered what other get up to. I’ve even looked at porn sites on the computer and found I’ve had to play with myself. My husband doesn’t need me very often now so I’ve enjoyed myself watching a range of different activity on the computer including lots of lady action. Ash just triggered a response in me at the right time as I was letting go a lot of stress after organising the wedding. I never dreamed for one minute I’d end up at a place like this, doing this – I’ll have to make up a good excuse to my husband when I get home later.”
“We’ll help with that Lynette, Just lay back and enjoy yourself and play out your fantasies” I assured her.
Just then this young man strolled into the room,
“ I never thought I’d get to see those tits I lusted after a few years ago, eh! Mrs Stronson” he declared. Lynette groaned and turned bright red.
“Oh! Timmy I’m so embarrassed, please don’t tell anyone” she implored. Tim assured her that her secret was safe with him. He walked close to the side of the bed still sporting this fabulous hard cock that I’d fucked as soon as we arrived at the party. I knew he was only 24 and after he’d filled my cunt with his goo he just pulled out and walked away, still as hard as when he went in.
He reached out and took Lynette’s hand and put it on his cock. She looked at him almost fearfully but didn’t retract her hand. She started to stroke it slowly and she slid back and forth easily since it was still covered with my cunt juice and his cum and possibly someone else’s cunt juice too.
“Do you want to fuck her Tim?” I asked.
“Sure would” he answered.
“Climb on the bed and let her suck you first” I instructed. “she’s never done this before so will need gentle guidance”
Ln responded, “I can’t, I’ve not done that to my husband for over twenty years. Beside Tim was my student so it’s wrong”
“Lynette,” I declared, nothing is wrong here. We are just having fun and no one will get hurt unless your morals are offended but I doubt that from what you’ve just told me. Besides, isn’t it another of your fantasies to suck a healthy young man and then fuck him silly”
“Yes, but please stay with me girls” she begged as she shuddered into another orgasm from Ash’s action. Ash raised her head and suggested she may need some cock now.
“I’m going outside to find a nice fat young prick for myself” Ash declared.
By now Tim had pulled Lyn’s head to the side of the bed and had pushed his cock, quite gently, between Lyn’s lips. She’d obviously lost her touch (or she may never have had it) since she was clumsily trying to suck and kiss at the same time but Tim was patient and gradually Lyn got comfortable and worked up a nice motion using her hand and mouth. She was now on her knees on the bed and seemingly enjoying her toil.
“You are good, really good Mrs Stronson. Can I come and visit you after school” he joked. However, Lynette didn’t see the funny side,
“You certainly cannot Tim. You promised this would stay in this house or I stop immediately – even though it is fun” she giggled. Tim assured her it would but if she ever had any urges she need fixing she knew where to come he told her.
“I want to fuck you now, Mrs Stronson” Tim announced. Lynette pulled his cock from her mouth.
“Stop calling me by my married name please, I’m just Lyn now Tim. Will you do me from behind as I don’t think I can face you and feel comfortable. The last time I faced you was across a school desk” she smiled.
Lyn stayed where she was n her knees as Tim scuttled around behind her and I reached over to part her fanny lips and pull Tim into her. Her outer lips were soft and wrinkled but well apart as Ash had done her work well so that Lyn was nicely ready. Tim drove in forcefully not stopping until he was balls deep in his old teacher’s cunt. Lyn let out a yelp and a grunt as Tim bottomed out.
“oh God, that big,” she cried, “but please don’t stop. I’ll get used to it as it’s a wonderful feeling to have something like that in me and just to be fornicating again with a real live boy”
“I’m fucking you Lyn” declared Tim.
“Yes Tim, you are fucking me, your old teacher whose tits you lusted after. Did you ever think you’d get to be here” she laughed. “You weren’t much of a student but you are a superb fucker. Don’t stop”

I popped out into the other room and beckoned to a few to come and watch this mature lady get properly reamed. There were comments of admiration as Lyn purred her way through several orgasms having declared her husband hadn’t given her one for about ten years.
“Can I cum in your cunt Lyn” asked Tim suddenly.
“Please do Timmy” she pleaded “ that’s something else I’ve not enjoyed in a very long time. We all watched as we saw Tim pulsing his spunk into his teacher and it was running out the sides and running down her leg. Tim pulled out and Lyn just collapsed forward onto the bed as Tim lay down stretched out beside her.
“What have I done” she suddenly asked herself as it appeared self-doubt began to take control. She rolled on her back and I leaned forward to lick her out – one of my favourite activities. She almost appeared annoyed that so many had come into the room to watch her especially sine lots were her past students. She was way out of her depth and having second thoughts no doubt. I ushered everybody out of the room and closed the door to leave her with Tim. Outside we all got back into party mode. There were probably a dozen people there including a couple of girls, one of whom was a bridesmaid. She couldn’t believe that the bride’s mother who she knew so well was actually in the next room having just been fucked by one of her past students. We all thought that Lyn would quietly get dressed and sneak out the door and head off home with her guilty secret.
We all poured a few more drinks and made certain every one of these gorgeous healthy cocks was buried in an orifice somewhere. Ash, Paula and I just had as many cocks as we could and I even let guys fuck my arse which I didn’t normally do a lot nowadays.
About 30 minutes after we’d left Lyn, the bedroom door opened and out strolled Lyn hand in hand with Tim and completely naked. She looked even better nude and standing up and I thought I’d like a little bit myself.
“Tim not only has a wonderful penis but he’s got a very good head on his shoulders too” Lyn announced. “He’s talked me through all my concerns and guilt and promised his total secrecy about my presence here. I came here on a whim when I was seduced at a weak moment and promised my fantasies could be fulfilled. Just about everyone here knows me and the mundane very straight life I lead in this town. Just for today, I’m not Mrs Stronson but Lynette the Slut and I’m going to ask you to help me enjoy every sexual perversion and adventure you can dream up. I’m not drinking any more as I want to experience everything with a clear head. Which guy is going to be my first gang bang fuck. Timmy has done me twice already and as amazingly potent as he is he needs to recuperate.”
We all clapped as someone stepped forward and led her to a couch where he climbed onto her after pushing her legs apart and simply started fucking her – quite roughly.
That afternoon I watch this suburban school mistress get filled with copious loads of sperm in every hole, she licked it out of our cunts and arseholes, got pissed on and even tied up and finished with a couple of DPs for good measure. At one stage during the afternoon we all had to stay quiet while she rang her husband to let him know she’s been delayed by one of her ex students needing some counselling and she’s be home as soon as she could. As she pushed the stop button on the phone, she clasped her lips over a cock that had just come out of someone’s cunt.
We showered her and cleaned her up to go home but she became a regular visitor whenever us girls visited a couple of times a year. I don’t know if she had any liaisons with others in town, but I suspect not. She got to fuck her ex students when we were there. I kept up these visits until I turned forty then life got in the way and they were never repeated but it wasn’t the end of my fun.

More to come – see Chapter Three – A Party

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