Denise’s White Underpants Ch. 02

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I had been spending an inordinate amount of time during my relationship with Denise sneaking into her laundry and inspecting the contents of her dirty washing basket.

It was not in the least bit difficult to gain access when Denise was not in her apartment and the nature of our relationship was such that I didn’t think she would even mind if she knew I was doing it.

Still, I wanted to err on the side of caution and not get caught outright, although I somehow wanted her to know what I was doing when she wasn’t there and hopefully she might even join me in indulging my dirty fantasies about her.

As she was my girlfriend, it gave me something to work towards to develop our sexual relationship even further.

It was true that I had explored many dirty laundry hampers over the years and the joy and excitement that I regularly achieved from secretly discovering the vaginal secrets of different women from within the crotch panel of their soiled underpants left me with a feeling that was difficult to replicate by any other means.

Having the opportunity to regularly rummage through Denise’s hamper and find pairs of her dirty underpants that had been in there for several days along with fresher pairs that she may have only removed only a few hours or even minutes prior, was a thrill that I was unquestionably addicted to.

Intimately studying the style of Denise’s underpants during these raids as well as during our love making had made me realise that Denise’s go-to were her white cotton full briefs.

These also happened to be the ones that I enjoyed most.

Denise wore a combination of size 12-14 almost entirely full-bottomed panties, apparently none of which were g-strings.

Some of these were semi-laced; some were sheer over the pubic region; some had various types of flowers printed on them; others had padded crotch panels which were sown in from the anal end and lifted from the vaginal end.

Denise also wore other types of undies including black cotton; grey, beige and purple cotton and various other patterned undies which were mostly the full-bottomed style which complemented her figure the best.

The more I explored her underwear, the more I realised it was as varied as the stains I regularly found inside them.

And of course, not each and every pair of Denise’s dirty undies were stained, as I found out.

Some pairs were actually odour only!

Still, I was quickly addicted to the excitement of Denise’s soiled underpants, no matter what colour, style or material they happened to be.

I was enjoying some very intense orgasms combining the sight, feel and smell of a well-worn pair of Denise’s underwear.

The excitement of developing different combinations by which to maximise my enjoyment was all part of the thrill.

For example, my go-to in the laundry room itself was to stand up jerking off with multiple pairs around my cock, feeling the softness of under the head of my cock with the sight of one of Denise’s wide, stained white cotton crotch panels underneath my dick.

The sight of her brown, yellow or white-coloured discharge stains was a very direct and sensual way to discover Denise’s vaginal secrets.

I could add a pair (stained or otherwise) to my nose which would intensify the experience, taking short and sharp whiffs on a regular basis, inhaling all of Denise’s odour that had been absorbed into the soft, tender cotton that had spent so much time rubbing between her legs on that particular day.

It was also possible to add a pair underneath my balls and stroke my perineum whilst jerking off.

The softness of a large stained crotch panel under my cock combined with the extra softness stroking between my balls and asshole was a guaranteed load blower!

Even more exciting again was putting a pair of her undies in my mouth during masturbation – stained pairs were the best for this as I could try to taste directly the mature flavours that had come directly from deep inside her during a regular working day.

Sometimes Denise’s undies had poo stains in them as well.

Normally these were just subtle faecal streaks from her anus but still SO exciting!

I had found Denise generally to be a very careful wiper and rarely found excess poo or toilet paper around her anus whilst making love but on the occasions that I had, it was incredibly intense.

It was always such a rush to combine the idea of toileting with sex so it was extremely satisfying to discover evidence of Denise’s last bowel movement either directly from her anus and its surrounds or from deposits from inside her knickers.

Disgusting as it was, there was no stopping me once I had breached these taboos of Denise’s private universe.

So it was, that eventually an opportunity arose during a semi-naked foreplay session to admit to Denise exactly what I had been doing with her dirty laundry.

It certainly seemed that she was not overly surprised when I confessed, which is something I think I had hoped for.

“So you really like bahis firmaları my panties, don’t you?” Denise confirmed in reply.

“I love them…I hope you don’t think this is weird!” I responded bravely.

“Not at all!” she continued, “Actually I’m pretty fascinated to see what goes on in my laundry room when I’m not about!”

I flushed with the prospect of what Denise was proposing.

After an involuntary pause, Denise took the lead.

“Well…would you like to show me?” she asked slyly.

My heart was now racing and I did desperately want to show her.

“Yes! I would LOVE to show you!” almost without thinking twice.

We then upped and walked together towards the laundry room – Denise in on off-white bra and panty set, her large feminine breasts bulging out of her bra and her full-set undies covering her hips and wide buttocks as well as tightly encompassing her lower female triangle.

I watched her as she walked and ogled her pale skin and shapely bodily features as they gently moved and wobbled from within the confines of her underwear.

My cock twitched as I imagined her flappy labia and pubic hair rustling gently inside the soft cotton as she walked and hopefully leaving further deposits inside the absorbent crotch pad between her legs.

I was in my black boxer jocks which were increasingly under strain from the quickly swelling size from within.

We reached the washing machine and Denise opened the lid.

She looked at me with such a warm and inviting smile as my eyes dived straight towards the unwashed bounty inside.

“Well…there you go,” Denise offered. “Look to heart’s content!!”

Without further ado, I slowly began to rummage, intentionally taking my time to prolong the thrill.

Within seconds, I had found my first pair – my favourite plain white cotton bloomers which Denise also preferred, removing them and turning them inside-out so that we both see inside them.

Denise’s vaginal stains were fully on display for us both to see, nothing to hide- quite spread and brown across the large gusset which I observed also had yellowish tinges and patches around the edges and amongst the larger mass of staining.

“Mmmmmmm… There you go!” Denise purred, “How do you like that?”

Without verbally responding, I lifted the panties to my nose and mouth and inhaled deeply.

Denise’s vaginal musk was strong direct from the source and filled my senses immediately.

The main qualities were its combination of sweat and musk rather than anything else such as fish, pee or poo.

“These ones are from yesterday,” Denise admitted, which is obviously why they smelled pretty fresh.

I reached down inside the washer and plucked another pair almost immediately.

These ones were black size-14 cotton bloomers and revealed a mild white and partly yellow-crusted vaginal streak. It wasn’t big but presented mostly in the shape of her vagina on the very base of the cotton gusset.

With another whiff, the odour was actually mild but still spicy enough to give me a beautiful rush.

Yet another pair were tangled up in a skirt – these ones white cotton size-12 bloomers with orange flowers printed all over them – even over the gusset where her private parts had been rubbing.

These panties had the best type of staining upon closer inspection – a real discharge smorgasbord with coffee-coloured, yellow and reddish hues, smeared all over the gusset which was my favourite separate type, lifted and creased over where her clitoral hood and labia has clearly generated amounts of heat and moisture between her legs and had creased the cotton accordingly.

Looking even closer I even spotted a couple of loose pubic hairs inside the gusset which had obviously fallen from her vulva.

Denise had now reached inside my boxer jocks and was stroking my almost fully primed cock with a very gentle but firm aplomb as I reached a little deeper and this time found two pairs which likely had been in there longer – one pair a grey set of cotton bloomers also with a separate crotch panel with a minimal yellow streak of crusty discharge and a distinct whiff of dried urine when I put them to my nose.

The other pair were beige and lacy with a sheer, flowery pubic section, quite heavily stained between the legs and the only pair which had some mild poo staining towards the back.

I held these towards Denise to gauge her response as she increased the firmness and speed of her stroke rate ever so slightly.

“Well, you know what that is, don’t you!” she cooed cheekily.

I put this pair straight to my nose and inhaled and instantly smelled the fishy, sweaty, tangy mix that had been absorbed into these underpants. They were easily the strongest and most feminine of Denise’s panties I now had in front of me.

I also put my nose straight to the poo smear and even though it was not obvious, the stain was just so enticing, knowing where it had come from.

Daringly, I put my tongue straight to the stain in question whilst looking at Denise and kaçak iddaa observing her reaction.

“Mmmmmmm…that’s it…” Denise mumbled in a very sexual way, “Do you like tasting my poo then?”

As my tongue flicked the dirty stain multiple times, I believed the answer to be obvious.

I reached into the washer once more but by now had exhausted its supply.

Five pairs of Denise’s dirty underpants were now sitting spread out on the washer in front of us.

Denise helped me to turn each dirty panel outwards, so we could both admire and observe the results of Denise’s vaginal activity over the past few days.

So varied, with different coloured stains and the odours all offered different qualities.

“Well, what next?” Denise queried.

I knew what next, with my cock fully erect and multiple pairs of Denise’s dirty underpants fully at my disposal, I hand picked two pairs to wrap around my pulsing penis.

I wrapped the grey, mildly stained pair immediately against my cock with the wrinkled, separate crotch panel and crusty yellow stain staring back up at me.

I selected the white cotton flowery pair with the heavy staining as the primary jerkers – they offered everything to bring me powerful orgasm – a large, white cotton crotch pad with varied and heavy discharge staining and the beautiful creased edge of separate vaginal pad flapping loose in front of me.

Denise then got involved by lifting her bra in front of me and allowing her milky and mature breasts to dangle out heavily, revealing her ripe pink areolae and erect nipples to receive the air of the outside world and then within a matter of seconds had slid the big off-white underpants she was currently wearing off and putting them straight up to my nose and mouth.

I paused in order to gain a proper view of the inside and take in the obvious yellowish stains which also looked quite wet having just been removed from her lower openings, either from Denise’s discharge, urine or maybe even both.

The smell was ripe and offered a bit of everything – a whole lot of sweat and musk as well as hints of urine and more than a slightly fishy after-odour.

“Mmmmmmm…God, they’re SO smelly Denise!” I stuttered. “So sweaty…gluey and fresh…I can smell your fishy odour as well…mmmmmmmm…”

“Mmmmmmm… Do you like my smelly pussy?” Denise began to taunt me. “Do you like that fishy pussy smell? Nice and sweaty from my pubes and vagina in between my legs? Do you want to run your tongue along the inside of my panties? Taste my pee, taste my discharge, taste my fishy, sweaty cunt flavours like a dirty, dirty boy??”

At this, I decided to start running my tongue across this moist, fresh offering and enjoyed the salty, tangy and gluey rewards almost instantly.

They produced a real “cummy” flavour on the back of my tongue – effectively Denise’s own female semen, moist and fresh inside the soft and absorbent cotton crotch pad.

With Denise’s hand stroking my cock inside my boxers, me stroking my cock with two hand-picked pairs of her undies and a fresh pair up against my nose and mouth, Denise then ramped the excitement by grabbing the dirty black cotton undies which had come from the washer and moving them down between my legs, beginning to rub the soft cotton against my perineum and anus.

She seemed to particularly enjoy rubbing the cotton here and proceeded to really begin to massage my back passage with the soft cotton garment and I obliged by bending over slightly to give her better access without sacrificing the pleasure I was getting from jerking myself off with her dirty underpants.

Somewhat to my shock, Denise removed the panties from between my legs after a minute or so and put them straight to her nose, closing her eyes and inhaling deeply, just as I had done with her panties.

In what seemed more or less like a premeditated move, Denise then lay herself down on the laundry floor, flat on her back and beckoned me to squat down on her face in a 69 position.

I carefully lowered myself as requested with my hairy balls dangling directly down on her face and my hugely erect cock still out at right angles with her dirty panties wrapped sensually around it.

Denise almost voraciously began put her face directly up between my anus and balls and started licking slowly and sensually around them whilst spreading me wide open with both her free hands.

The sensation of her wet and moist tongue on this part of my body was incredible.

“Mmmmmmm… God I LOVE your smell and taste!!” Denise moaned as her tongue let itself loose. “The perfect combination of sweat and poo!!”

I could have come easily and instantly.

It was when Denise then plunged her tongue straight into my anus that I did.

The sensation against my hyper-responsive anal nerves was exquisite and I couldn’t hold back.

With Denise’s tongue licking my anus and my huge, veiny cock wrapped in her white, stained underpants with the smell and taste of her freshly worn undies across my nose and mouth, it was too late…

COME, kaçak bahis COME, COME, COME…

Multiple hot spurts of glistening white semen shot forth from my cock and all over Denise’s laundry floor, some of it catching her thighs, belly and pubic hair.

“Oh look!” Denise gloated, “You naughty, naughty boy! All that semen all over my laundry floor and so soon!! All that white cream is supposed to be up inside my vagina you naughty boy!”

Still convulsing after my premature conclusion, I grinned back at my mature lover somewhat embarrassed but very much warm and glowing in spite of the outcome, so to speak.

“I’m sorry,” I replied half-sheepishly, “it won’t happen again!”

“It won’t happen again because I’m going to give you a second chance!” Denise confirmed.

All the while, my cock was deflating rapidly in front of her and I realised that in this situation it may not take much to reignite me after a few minutes’ rest.

After all, I still had a couple of pairs of her soft cotton underpants in my hand complete with stains on the inside and my nether regions strategically positioned in a squat over her waiting nose and mouth.

Thankfully for me, Denise decided to go gently in order to get me back in the mood.

Her finger found its way to the nub of my anus as she sensually began rubbing in slow circles around my back opening which I felt moistening at her magic touch.

I moaned quietly whilst looking straight down at her hair covered lady triangle.

My urge now was to lick Denise’s mons pubis and vulva as she continued to stroke my anus.

The white, flowery pair of Denise’s underpants that I still had in my hand had the most staining between the legs and it was those I wanted to smell and taste as I lowered my face down towards her groin.

Sniffing deeply the inside of these white cotton masterpieces, I lowered my tongue to her hair-covered mound and began to lick – through the pubic hair and towards her wrinkled and fleshy clitoral hood and labia minora.

Denise too began to moan as her finger pressed hard against my lumpy asshole to the point of it slipping inside.

With her finger now inserted inside me, Denise asked me to pass me the “spare” pair of undies – the mildly stained and odoured grey pair – as she simultaneously wrapped them around my newly erected cock and began to rub.

The fresh feeling of Denise’s soft cotton on my penis was incredible – even better than the first time when my cock was so sensitive and I had come so quickly.

My nose and mouth were concurrently absorbed in Denise’s pubic hair, vagina and underpants – sucking in and absorbing her most intimate smells and flavours in combination from her pre-worn undies and the raw, unwashed odours from between her legs.

The feeling of her finger slipping inside my rectum made me want to poo. The feeling of her soft cotton made me want to come. The strength and subtlety of her odour made we want to keep sniffing and licking while I both pooed and came.

It was almost too much but not enough all at once.

Stroking, licking, sniffing, rubbing, massaging, poking, tasting.

The sensual exchange was mutual in every way as we pushed each other towards orgasm.

I felt Denise’s finger slip out of me more than once and I became aware she was placing her soiled finger straight to her nose and sniffing.

When she had finished sniffing, she was obviously then placing the same finger in her mouth and tasting.

“Mmmmmmm, God I LOVE your smell young man,” Denise indulged me, “And you taste even better!! It’s the perfect mix of sweat and poo!!”

It was the first time anyone had ever told me this, I was sure, as I was normally the one savouring the sweat and poo smells of my female lovers.

Still, it was a HUGE turn on to have my mature 52-year-old lover enjoying me in this way.

Such a welcome relief also to a woman who just wants a cock inside her.

This of course was to come as the dirty worship of each other’s forbidden zones headed towards its natural conclusion.

With a woman’s dirty underpants currently occupying my nose and occasionally mouth as well as being strategically wrapped around my now huge erection, I once again could have come right there and then.

Denise had other plans however as she insisted now that I place my penis inside her, doggy style.

I stood up with my 8-inch member sticking directly out at right angles as Denise picked her almost naked figure up off the floor and got into position over the washing machine.

She bent over just enough to expose her rear undercarriage to me, gently parting her large, naked buttocks and luring me inside her.

I guided my throbbing dill towards her dangling, hairy protuberance – catching a glimpse of her bright pink internals as her thick labia momentarily parted in amongst the darkness of her hair-covered vulva.

The brown and also hairy wrinkles of her anus also spread apart directly above the entry point for my penis as I pushed the entire length slowly up inside her.

Once again, it slipped in so easily and Denise’s internal warmth and wetness engulfed me as my pubic hair pressed hard into buttock crack and rubbed against some of the ginger coloured hairs around her anus.

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