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One summer while at the beach in San Diego. I went late to the old resorts beach showers to get the sand out of my ass and hopefully jack off with or suck my friend Scott. His place was dark like most of the rooms on a Sunday night in June. Only my sister was sharing the room with me and our parents were gone for two days.

I pulled on the door but it was locked but I heard water and a few lights. As I turned to my room, the door cracked open and a guy I recognized signalled me in. Completely naked he asked what I wanted. Just a shower I said. Really? Yes.

Just use my stall at the end. I noticed it seemed busy in there but nobody was at the sinks. I went in the stall and took off my shirt and trunks to rinse them off. I put them on the counter next to a small bag and saw a porn mag titled “Family Hard ASSets”. I’d never seen one like this. No glossy pics just a storyboard. I started jacking off anyway and was about to cum when the young guy “Jeff” came back with the biggest erection I had ever seen. He said don’t cum yet.

He steered me into the next stall where an older guy was stroking a swollen hairless cock with a rubber ring around it. He leaned over sucking my new friends cock to the base as introductions were made. Extending his hand, the older guy grabbed my cock and squeezed, twisted and pinched the hell out of the head.

That made me back up. I got behind Jeff getting a perfect view of his full length noisily being sucked and the older guys hand rotating a black ring visible as Jeff widened his stance and I realized he had a dildo in his ass and it was coming out. I slid farther back fearing being shit on. Peering into the next stall I saw a young guy sitting on a big guys lap bouncing up and down as they traded turns driving their huge cocks all the way in and pulling out. almost brutally, they pulled his ass up and wide open. like 8 fingers wide open while they slathered lubricant on each others cocks and his open hole setting him down on first huge cock as the second one slammed all the way in with rapid repeated slapping thrusts as more people entered the stall stroking their shiney lubricated cocks.

Kicking my ankle, Jeff asked for the lube. Excitedly, I described how wide that guys asshole was spread. You’re gonna see it again he said as he pulled his cock from the old guy mouth with a reluctant pop. He lubed his fingers and shoving the dildo further in he got a little inside the pucker of his asshole.

With one hand pulling the ring and the other stroking the cock in his mouth he mumbled more lube. Newly fascinated with the capabilities of the anus, I took over and shoved the dildo in again till there was a void to squirt lube in. The old man said pull slow and steady and jerk that cock. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and wanting to shove my tongue or cock in this guys asshole. I found myself sucking a hickey on his left ass cheek to hold me in position as I pulled the dildo and hand milked his cock. Jeff pushed hard, greatly swelling his cockhead and protruding and finally opening his anus. Reflexively, I pulled his nectarine size cock head up and into my mouth where I sucked and rolled it in my mouth. Another grunt and I was looking into his bowels and holding a huge 3 stage dildo as a salty flavor appeared in my mouth. Jeff jumped up quickly directing his cock to the open mouth of his customer for a long drawn out process of spurting into his mouth and having it slathered back up the length of his cock to be sucked clean again.

Apparently I was standing there with a glazed look slowly stroking my dick and holding the dildo. snapping his fingers Jeff grabbed the dildo and sent me to get a smaller red two bump one from his bag. On return, Jeff is on his knees getting lubed up for an ass fucking.

See if you can get that in your ass little brother. Cum in the old guys mouth and you’ll get $50 so you can go to the bookstore tomorrow and canlı kaçak bahis get ideas on your assfucking and cum swallowing tomorrow night. Agreed! I already lubed 3 fingers and was shoving them in when I realized my ass was still full of sand.

The stall door opened and the b**st that had been ass fucking the little guy on his lap walked in and introduced himself as Chuck and sat down. He asked Jeff what my story was. Newbie wants first assfuck and a few loads to swallow. He grabbed my thigh, pulled me over and shoved a finger up my ass and laughed asking if the sand was part of the deal. I got goosebumps from the way he handled me as I Imagined riding that cock. I grabbed the shower nozzle rinsed my ass out. I lubed both hands got a couple fingers in my ass and pulled it open as I bent over. Lube that ass and bend over he said. I did and he spread my ass and started shoving the plug in painfully. I went crazy and pushed my ass in his face “Fuck me Motherfucker”. I was light headed but the dildo was in and immediately replaced by his fingers pulling me apart and he began sucking my cock better than I had ever had. The fingers in my ass and the thought of Chucks huge cock deep in my ass was about to make me cum. Here it cums, I can fuck your ass too or you can fuck me now. I can jack off like three times in a row. Jeff yelled wait! That’s a $50 cumshot! I wanted to cum in Chucks mouth but I also wanted the $50.

Chuck replaced the dildo, pushed me back and said, My room, Tomorrow, You, me, Jeff, and the blonde. You’re gonna love her. She’s only about 18 but she loves double anal and swallowing cum.

Just then, I heard my sister calling me. Fuck, It’s 9:30, I Gotta go. Ill try to come back.

I ran in the dark past the pool and up to the vending machine where she was. What’s up? I asked. Nothing. Nobody’s heard from you and I didn’t know if I should lock the door. As we stepped into the light she noticed my trunks inside out with my erection pushing out the liner. She jerked my trunks down and yanked my shirt off my shoulder. Did I interrupt something Boner Boy. I didn’t mind. I was always trying to flash her but this summer I really had something to show. I shaved my pubes for swim team and it made my cock look longer even though I looked twelve.

When I bent down to pickup my shirt, she giggled and I felt a tug at the red plug in my ass. Let me guess, Chuck was in the showers? How did you know? He makes porn videos and you’re just his type judging by the porn on your laptop. And yes I saw the videos of you and Scott sucking each other and jacking off. You’re obviously a better cock sucker. Of course Scott probably doesn’t cum much.

Totally embarrassed I wondered what all she had seen on my computer. Said, Yes, I saw Mom, Me, Scotts little sister’s ass was too tight I guess? Inest and Gay appear to be your interests. Walking to the room I was starting to loose my erection. The video of me sucking Scott was on the TV so I turned it off, closed the laptop, and went to the bathroom to pull out the plug. I noticed an enema kit in the sink and my sisters overnight bag was open. Lube razors, two vibrators and a butt plug larger than the one I pulled out. Unashamed I grabbed it and walked out of the bathroom to quiz sis about it.

She walked naked right past me and grabbed the bag. The TV was back on and the blinds were shut. I fingered myself off watching you suck Scott. Now you can jack off to this video I copied to your laptop. I couldn’t help but notice that she had shaved her pussy except a narrow strip down the middle. My cock raging again I complimented her saying, your cunt looks sweet sis, I can really see the puffy lips now “To My sister” who sat on the bed spreading her legs and parting her cunt lips.? I caught a glimpse of her ass and it appeared as swollen as her cunt. What’s with the strip? It’s a landing strip stupid. To line up, but mainly hairless pussy bahis siteleri canlı is much nicer to eat and have eaten. She then placed a drop of lube on her fingers and smeared it up and down my cock. Watch this video and you’ll probably jack off all night. The lube will slow you down. Damn, I thought you were gonna let me fuck you but I don’t have any condoms. Don’t worry she said.

The video showed a room like the one we were in with a black padded step stool/bench. My sister sat on the bed leaning against the headboard and told me to do the same. A camera was on top of the TV with the red light on. Cool, I was gonna ask if I could get some pics or video. That’s when I saw Chuck sit on the stool. cock in the air.

You asked how I knew him, I’ve been making videos all summer. He wants You, Me & Scott if possible tomorrow night. So you’re the blonde sis, heard you like anal? I can’t have an orgasm unless something is up my ass she said. That’s why you don’t need a condom. The videos look better when cum runs out of my ass. I was already planning on going but didn’t know there would be a video taken. That’s the point. We get paid well, it’s a real bro sis video. Your face will be blurred.

Then, on the TV, my sister straddled Chuck, pulled her ass apart and swallowed his huge cock with her ass and started bouncing. I began furiously stroking my cock but felt little friction. She took another camera and got a closeup of me jacking. On The screen Chuck kept pulling out leaving Diane’s “my sis” asshole gaping. She again lowered herself completely. A young boy calling her sister pushed his shiny up along side Chuck’s. Within minutes both cocks were straining to go deeper and white jiz ran down to the floor. Diane fingered her own ass and tasted the cum. In the next clips Diane sucked Chuck and the boy off and made show of the cum in her mouth.

How did you get Chucks huge cock in like that? Big butt plugs and lube. You’ll have to do the same if you want to ride Chuck. I wanted him to fuck me in the shower when you called. I’m like you, I get off on having my ass opened I think. That’s good cuz you’re the star of a three cock creampie starting with Elan the little guy, the Jeff who’s always with Chuck then Chuck. Then Elan will eat your ass out. Sounds gross but you’ll love it. I do.

Fine, let me eat your ass while I jack off. OK. She the put another camera on a tripod beside the bed and had me rotate so the cameras were at each end of me. She then ordered me to pull my knees to my chest. Out of her bag came assorted dildos, plugs and lube. When Chuck was about to fuck you, did you flush your rectum? No, I said.

Go sit on the toilet with lid up she instructed. She filled the bag and did me twice and herself once more. I ran back to the bed and got in position. The lube rinsed from my cock I was about to cum watching another video of Dianes ass being gaped by Chuck and tongue probed and sucked empty by the property managers wife whos probably in her 40’s but has the best tits I’ve ever seen. Her thing is to suck clean every cock as it exists an ass. I hope she’s there tomorrow.

Knees up! And a dildo larger than my cock slid in my ass. Diane got in a 69 position over me and for the first time I was eating pussy. I loved it. The clear fluid tasted like sex but not salty like cum. I’ll show you how to eat pussy later as she laid a lung ribbed dildo on my chest and settled her clit down on it. Now her anus was right at my mouth. I licked at it first. Then I felt the dildo pushed deeper in my ass and my sisters mouth swallow the length of my cock. With that I forced my tongue impossibly far up her ass. I was about to cum. Diane pinched the head of my cock numb and lubed it up. Still in shock at the fact that I’m naked and having sex with my sister I wanted it to last. Get up and finger my asshole with lube then fuck my ass! Go slow and deep pulling out periodically.
Whoa!! canlı bahis I wanted witnesses. Scott, somebody. The cameras will do. Then it hit me. GoPro on a strap around my waist. I also wanted her to be aware I was fucking her ass so a little pumping is in order. On my last trip to Rosecrans I bought a pump for fun. A guy next to me saw me and said I needed help. It was mainly a ploy to play with my cock. He had a pump with a pistol grip and my cock filled the tube with it. I bought the same and happen to have it hidden now.

Give me a sec sis. Getting the GoPro and gonna txt Scott to see if he can sneak out. He’s not gonna believe this. Sis threw her legs up and pulled her anus apart. Send him this. He’ll get out somehow. Snapping a quick pic and two closeups of cunt and anus I forwarded to Scott. I found an elastic strap for the GP and started pumping But for some reason I was so hard it made it difficult but I still got some effect.

Returning to the front room my sister was bent over fingering lube into her ass. FUCK ME YOU LITTLE FAG!! she screamed. What is this pain and aggression thing we share? I shoved her face into the bed and guided my cock past her sphincter. puled out, lubed , fingered, fucked till I was balls deep.

Let’s see the footage she said. While she loaded the vid I brought out my pump. The video was awesome. You could see deep in her bowels till lube got on the lens. While I pumped, she cleaned the cam. Reaching full size, sis gave me a nice blowjob and said it was clearly much bigger but not rock hard like before.
Hopefully it’s numb and we can fuck a few times tonight. I’ll **** you in your sleep sis. Bend over bitch! Again I drove deep in her ass, adding lube till it ran down our legs. I licked up the edible lube from every inch of her crotch and focused on her now visible clit making her posture more **** worthy. Having seen Marilyn from the office do ass to mouth, I decided to push the issue on sis. She didn’t hesitate. Now It’s your turn bro. Pump that thing up as far as you can and find some chap stick or mayo and fuck my ass till you cum. If you suck your cum out of my ass on camera, I’ll let you fuck my pussy so you’ve done it all.

As I was pumping, I heard Diane talking to Marilyn asking for condoms. She’s on the way! I started making things presentable. Just start fucking my ass. She’s picking up Elan at Chucks first. That boys gonna be covered in cum. He’s the house pet and Marilyn’s nephew and was fucking his mom sister and aunt before he could drive a car or a bike for that matter.

The lip balm was thick but I got in again and worked some of the lube inside her ass in and out till I had perfect penetration and friction. Remembering the GP cam I stopped to install it. Pushing as deep as I could and fingering her clit excessively had her squirming but I was about to cum. Just then, Marilyn comes through the locked door wearing a bikini and flip flops. Her huge areolas visible through and around the bikini top. In tow was a teenage boy six inches taller than me and probably twenty lbs lighter. Mark, This is Dean and Diane. They do the same work as Elan and I do. Were all going to Chucks tomorrow if that’s ok. Yes Auntie he responded. Here’s the condoms you asked for. Mind if Mark and I use the other bed for a bit. Look why my sister adopted this one. Pulling his shorts down revealed at least a 10” cock which Marilyn immediately began sucking. Dropping her bikini I complimented her on her tits. In response I was sucking on them promptly. Another first. They went back to fucking as did Diane and I. Back in focus, I hammered my sisters ass until I felt something like a seizure as seven ejaculate pulses discharged into her ass. pulling out, my cock head was the size of a door knob and came out with a pop. Marilyn came over to asses and was impressed as I was. Cum began bubbling from my sisters ass. Get it Marilyn said. Eat that ass and Ill clean your fat cock boy. I could have eaten her ass all day. I often swallow my own cum and love it. Her ass was an added bonus. I flipped over and Marilyn did as promised while her nephew shot her cunt full of cum.

See you guys at Chucks at 6 pm tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20