Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story Ch. 03

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Hello readers,

In my effort to write in many different genres, I am taking a stab at mature once more. However, I also think this story could be labeled romance, as well, because age, in this story, is nothing but a number. This story is being written slowly. I will continue it, and I hope you like it.

**All of the characters in this story are 18 or older.**

As with most of my offerings, it is self-edited and I am not perfect. So if you are going to get hung up on mistakes, then I apologize. Please read it and enjoy. None of the characters are real, or based on anyone I know. Also I ask that you do not replicate this story without asking. Writing is hard work and I really take it seriously.

Again, thank you all for reading my offerings and I hope you enjoy this third and final installment of DC: Dark Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story

The Conclusion


The banquet ended, and my phone rang. Officer Nash called to ask that I report to the precinct the next day to give my statement. I explained the phone call to Talia and she said she’d go with me. We talked for a while and then went back to the hotel. She registered us back in and we went to our rooms.

Her family accepted me; she accepted me, and I was elated. I would go to her tonight, and if everything went the way I hoped, we’d be together.

I dressed for bed and so found myself at her door. She answered, her robe open showing me her delicate skin. Quickly, she tied the robe together, and invited me in.

She wanted to talk, but seeing how sexy she looked, talking was the last thing on my mind. Damn, this girl is amazing. I want to rip that robe off and love her like she should be loved. I wonder how she tastes. I wonder is her skin as soft and silky as it looks. I thought. Talia was explaining why we should wait, and that I needed to finish school. No longer able to resist, I stopped her lips with my finger, and leaned down to kiss her. She was so hot and I wanted her. I lifted her by her waist and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Holding her so close, pressed between her thighs, I felt heat emanate from her core. I leaned her against the wall and pressed my hips into her, unconsciously seeking her warmth. She moaned and gyrated against my straining cock. Her crotch was soak, and I was about to burst. I had one goal in mind, and that was to make love to this woman, the woman I loved.

We needed to stop, and she managed to get my attention long enough to stop me. She gave me reasons we should wait. Then she said I need to explore. I wanted to explore, her body. But she asked me to wait. I love this woman, and honestly, I don’t need to wait. She is worried about taking advantage of me, when all I wanted to do was take full advantage of her.

She talked and I listened. I understood what she was asking, not that I agreed, but I could respect what she wanted. So even though didn’t get to be with her as I wanted to. I did get to kiss her and touch her. She sat on the small love seat in her room as I reclined and placed my head in her lap and watched some sitcoms. I caressed her skin as she gently stroked my hair. I used this time to inhale her scent, peaches and crème. Her skin was so soft, and I answered the question I always wondered about. Her skin was definitely the same hue all over her body.

I rubbed her legs and then her thighs. I could feel the heat from her pussy. She was hot for me. I decided to sit up, but continue my exploration. Each time I reached her thighs, I stroked closer and closer to her core. She shifted, giving me more access. She wanted my touch, welcomed it.

I leaned over and nibbled on her ear, she moaned. She was caressing my stomach, teasing the waistband of my pants. I wanted her to slide her hand inside so bad, I moaned, “Please baby,” in her ear.

She smiled, and then I nipped her earlobe as I moved my hand to her inner thigh. “Open a little.” I whispered, and she did. I reached inside her shorts and touched her naked pussy. I was in heaven, and for a second I cupped her entire sex. She rubbed her pussy on my hand, and I groaned. I wanted to see it; see this wonderful part of her, but I was afraid she’d stop if I demanded more. Her hair was so wet, and I was hard as steel now. Stroking her slit slowly, I kissed her, and nibbled on her neck. She moaned. Her hand now was going lower and lower. “T-Baby, touch me,” I whimpered, pleading for her touch.

Her fingers touched my pubes and she hissed. She stroked my hairs, her eyes never leaving the show. “Baby, touch it.” I whimpered. “Touch my cock,” and she wrapped her fingers around me and stroked. Her hold was so soft yet strong I almost came as soon as she touched me. I was through playing Know and I kissed my woman,

She moved against my fingers as I moved inside her hand. “Rick, put your fingers inside,.” She whispered and I inserted two inside her pussy, my pussy. I fucked her with my fingers as she stroked my cock. Soon she canlı bahis moaned and I felt her pussy spasm on my digits. Spunk exploded from the head of my cock as I too came.

She wanted to wait. She wanted me to be sure. There was nothing for me to be sure of. I took my fingers from her pussy and licked them clean, as she licked my sperm from her fingers. “Mm, delicious.” She whispered, and I was lost. “Hey you need to go to bed. To your room, now.” she demanded.

“Oh that’s how it is. I thought the guys were lying. You cum, and we’re through.” I teased. She kissed me, “Baby, I’m not the only one that’s wet. Now, Richard go to your room.” She ordered and I kissed her good night.


I could not believe I was so intimate with him. I had just given him the speech about waiting. And in a few minutes, I was begging him to stick his fingers inside me. And his cock felt like a dream. When he came in my hand, I could not resist. I licked his cum from my fingers and he licked his fingers clean as well.

Soon I was in my bed dozing. I missed him, and wanted him to stay. But for now, I had to set boundaries, and that meant, letting him grow.

Eight am came quickly and we had to report to the police station. I called Richard to make sure he was awake. Even the sound of his voice excited me. At nine we reported to the 43th Precinct. The officer that took his statement was the same officer that helped me the night before.

We were delayed about an hour, and when we finished we visited my parents once more. Steve and dad were talking, and Mom asked Richard to help her move some things in the kitchen. I knew she wanted to ask him question, but he could handle himself.

Dalia asked me to sit for a bit, because she needed to know something. “Talia, when did he hit you?” she asked. I never said a thing so she was hurt I kept this from her.

“Dalia, when we were dating. He got angry over something silly and became aggressive. I refuse to give in and he slapped me a few times. He told me it was my fault. As soon as I could get away, I came home. I never said anything, because remember I was seeing him secretly.” I explained.

“You should have said something.” She looked away, hurt. “You should have told me.”

“I’m sorry Dalia. I was embarrassed. You and several others told me he was no good and I didn’t listen. But I learned my lesson, and got away.” I sat beside my sister, and looked at her and asked, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you Dalia. Can you forgive me?”

She smiled and nodded as Steve and Dad returned. Mom and Richard came out and Mom made us eat lunch before we left. Dad stopped me because he had one more piece of advice. “Do his parents have any idea?” he asked.

“No, and I’m not sure how to handle it.” I exhaled. “How did you approach Granddad that first time?”

“Very carefully.” He laughed. “Listen, talk to his dad first. He will more likely be on your side. Now his Mom will have a real issue here.”

“Wait, Dad, how do you know?” I asked awed.

“Well, Dads are extremely protective of their daughters, mothers are more understanding. But Mom’s guard their sons where Dads tend to cheer them on.” He chuckled. “His Mom will probably be the one that’s the most bothered.”

I was really worried about this. “Maybe we can just not say anything. If we keep quiet, then later when he’s older…” Dad laughed. “Baby, he’s young. You’re his first love. He will want to share this news with them. Just be honest with them, Talia. It will be scary, but trust in your love for him to do what is best.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” I hugged my dad. If anyone understood, he did.

We joined everyone on the patio for a quick lunch. We had fun talking, suggesting baby names, but we needed to get on the road. I hugged my family and Richard and I drove home. As I drove, he held my hand. We stopped for lunch, and shared fries. We arrived back at his home a little after six.

I got out of the car, and Richard’s dad came to help get his bag. As I walked in, Richard placed a possessive hand around my waist. He message was obvious. I looked at his parents. His dad was grinning, but his Mom looked pissed.


I slept like a log. I was having the sweetest dream when my phone woke me. Talia was reminding me of the trip to the police station. I showered dressed and we checked back out and reported to the precinct. We talked with Officer Nash and after being detained; we left and went to her parent’s home. Her sister and Steve were there and we spoke, but as soon as I walked in her mother needed my help. I followed her to the kitchen.

“Richard, I’m sorry we didn’t have a chance to speak before now. I just have to tell you a few things I need help with.” She put me to work straight away. I pulled spices and herbs from her spice rack, and help her make a quick lunch. I believed she wanted to talk, and I simply waited. “That’s my baby girl. You will have to fight for her. Don’t let her fear shove you away. bahis siteleri Because she will push you away, if she believes it will be best for you. Do you know how your parents will feel about you seeing an older woman?” I didn’t answer right away, but maybe I need to think about it.

Her mother continued speaking. “When I first saw Felix, I thought he was old. Then I found myself watching him. His skin was so dark, that it glistened. He was a contractor, and one day I snuck out of class to meet him.” She smiled, “Long story short, I knew he was mine that day. He resisted, fought me, and finally gave in. I convinced myself that my parents would love Felix, but when he walked in my parents went ballistic. Daddy pulled a gun on him, and I was afraid for the first time that he’d hurt him. Felix apologized to my parents and left. He left the job and moved away. I later learned that he was fired. I cost him his lively hood, because I was a horny teenaged girl.

I learned that he moved two towns away, and I got my sister Lisa to drive over there and we found him. He was working as a greeter at a super market. I learned where he lived. The first day I showed up at his house, he slammed the door in my face. I slept on is porch. He came out and took me inside. He called my parents and Daddy came and got me. I was so mad at him, but he was right. I was a sixteen year old girl, and he could have gone to prison.

One day I snuck back over there and dad came and brought the police with him. He had Felix arrested, and I finally understood. He didn’t press charges but I asked him to tell the police Felix didn’t do anything. He and mother took me to be examined, and the fact that I was still a virgin, saved him from being sent away.” She stopped talking.

“You’re of legal age and she won’t be arrested. But the court of public opinion will play a big factor here. So, how will your parents react? Just be prepared.” Then she smiled. “I hope they accept this because the two of you fit.” Soon lunch was ready, and we called everyone in.

We ate and soon said our good yes. Mrs. Greene hugged me and said one more thing. “OK, now make sure you call us when you get to school.” She gave me her home number and her cell. Then she hugged me, and told me one more thing. “I like you Richard. You are exactly what she needs. Make her happy.”

As Talia drove, I held her hand all the way. We stopped for a snack and shared my fries. Soon we were home, and I knew I wasn’t hiding. We got out of the car, and I put my arm around my love. We stood and faced my parents. Daddy stood there smiling while Mom fought for composure. “Well, um, Talia, Ms. Green, join us for dinner.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Harris. I would love to but I need to get home.” She answered as she moved away from me.

Then Momma spoke in a tone that I knew meant trouble, “No I wasn’t inviting you. I’m telling you. You will join us for dinner, or do you want to discuss how you managed to take advantage of my son out here.” Talia froze.

“Momma, Let me ex-“she stopped me with that look.

“Richard, take your things in. Ms. Greene and I need to talk.” She stated. I held on to Talia tighter. I recalled what her mother said, and I knew that we had to stand together.


Richard walked me inside the house and never left my side. I remembered everything Daddy said. I didn’t speak, nor did Mrs. Harris. I asked to help set up, but she simply asked me to sit and wait.

Richard held my hand, and told me it would be alright. His father spoke to us quietly, and told us that he’d speak to her.

“Talia, Mom will be alright. We’ll explain and she will learn to accept us.” He explained.

I looked at him, this handsome man that essentially held my heart in his hand. I loved him, and it didn’t just start today. I was always attracted to him, and this weekend in Newark just solidified my feelings.

I smiled at him, because he needed to be reassured. “I know, but it might take time.”

“Please come to the dining room. Dinner is served.” His mother called. We sat with Richard and me sitting on opposite sides of the table. We ate in silence. She had made stuffed cabbages and grilled chops. The silence was so thick, so strong, that I knew she would snap.

“Do you love him?” She asked. I was stunned. I expected her to yell. Call me names, attack. She started with a question. “Do you love him, Ms. Greene?” she demanded.

I sat still and looked at his mother noting that she was only a few years older than I was. I answered truthfully, “Yes, I love him.”

“Really, and when did this start? I guess you left here Friday and fell in love on Saturday, right?” she accused becoming hysterical.

“Mrs. Harris, I have always had feelings for Richard. It’s not something I planned. I just…” she cut me off

“I won’t allow it. I will not let some cougar ruin my son’s life. You are a predator and you should be locked up. How dare-” Richard spoke.

“Mother that bahis şirketleri is enough! I will not sit here and let you talk to her this way.” He argued.

“Watch your tone, son. Just because this woman slept with you doesn’t make you grown boy.” His father hissed.

“Dad, she can sit here and say these things to her. You act like that’s OK.” Richard yelled at his Dad.

His father grabbed warned him to be quiet again, as he too addresses his wife. “Richard, watch it? Brenda, you need to calm down.” But his wife was on the attack.

Richard moved to touch his mother, when his father perceived his movement as a threat and grabbed him. “Look boy, see how much she wants you when you’re in the streets. You will not disrespect us. Not for some woman that is too old for you.”

Richard shoved his father and Mr. Harris punched him. “You’re grown huh? You can get the hell out of my house and see if this woman will let you live with her.” He growled. I ran to Richard, he was hurt, and got up to fight his dad when Mr. Harris grabbed him again in some sort of headlock. Richard was bleeding and I knew I was the cause. I went to him and begged him to stop.

Mrs. Harris lost it, and yelled at me, “See what you’ve done. You’ve ruined my family. You get your ass out of my house and stay the hell away from my son.”

“Mr. Harris, Mrs. Harris, Richard, Please… Stop. I’ll go. I won’t darken your door again.” I promised. “Mr. Harris, please let him go.” Someone beat on the door. The neighbors called the police.

Mr. Harris let them in. They took in the scene and asked what was going on. Mrs. Harris wasted no time accusing me of causing dissention within the family. I sat crying. Richard stood behind me as his father too addressed the officers. They asked me to leave, and Richard had a fit. I could leave, but I didn’t want him getting in trouble. He was going to college in two days. He could not blow that.

“Richard, it’s OK. I need to go.” I explained as I touched his cheeks, pleading with him to stay calm. Two officers came, a male and a female. The female officer took my arm and escorted me to my car. Her partner stayed inside. She looked at me and spoke. “You’re lucky she didn’t beat your ass. You’re too old for that boy. Forget him and find a man your age.” I didn’t respond, because right now I was too hurt.

I unlocked my car and climbed in, looked at the officer who stared at me with such disdain, and I wanted to retort, but I had no words. I thought of Daddy, and what he said. He walked away, and he did it because he loved mom. Richard had a bright future, and I could not compromise that for him. I knew he loved me, and he would defy them. But I couldn’t let him do that. He needed to live and grow first. So as I drove back to my home, I said goodbye to the one man I would always want and knew that right now I could not have.

I was sobbing when I drove into my garage. I sat in my car crying, heart crushed, because out of everything I’d ever gone through. All of the insults, the name-calling, and even dealing with people disliking me just because, walking away from him was the hardest thing I’d ever done. We awoke, so happy this morning. But tonight, I hurt more than I could ever dream.”

Sleep eluded me, and I got up early and dressed for work. I reported to my office and all went well. A few days passed, and Richard left for school on Wednesday. It hurt because I could not even say goodbye to him. Thursday morning, as I was reading new books that I’d been presented, my assistant said Mr. Preson wanted me in his office. A sense of dread fell in my heart. I walked into his office and several of the com

“Ms. Greene, I hate to do this, but I need to know. Have you had relations with Richard Harris, a student that interned under you these past two years?” He asked.

“Mr. Preson, what do you mean by relations?” I asked for clarification.

“His parents are filing a civil lawsuit against my company alleging that you had a sexual relationship with that young man? Now tell the truth, did you?” he asked.

I looked at my boss and answered truthfully. “Mr. Preson, I never had sex with Richard, but we have developed feelings for each other.”

“Talia, his parent’s will drop the lawsuit if you are no longer with the company. I believe you, but in the court of public opinion, you’ll be crucified. Quite honestly, we don’t need that kind of publicity here. So I appreciate your honesty, and I ask that you vacate the building by noon. After which, if you are still here, we will have security escort you from the premises.” He explained.

“I had just lost my job. Numb, I walked to my office and got a box from a maintenance worker, and packed my personal belongings. As I was about to leave, someone from payroll brought me a generous severance package. Mr. Preson also sent a letter saying that he’d give me a recommendation if I needed him to. Right now, I just wanted to get out of there.


She left. She had no choice. I cannot believe my parents treated her this way. Friday they were saying what a great woman she was. They admired her and spoke so well about her last week. Now they call her names and forced her to leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20