Dad’s Little Room

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Dad’s Little Room
by Q12Dad


A son discovers a secret about his father… and
himself. (M-solo, bi, taboo, voy, mast, toy)


My mother asked me to come over to her house to look at
some work she wanted done in her and my father’s
bedroom. They wanted to change some walls around to
make the room bigger. I hadn’t been in my father’s
bedroom since I was a small boy and it was kinda
strange to be working in it now.

I am married with 4 k**s and my wife and I enjoy normal
sexual relations on a fairly regular basis, but I
usually always want more than she does.

I receive offers from porno mailings all the time but
have never really answered any of them. Most of the
stuff is pretty straight but I got one the other day
that showed male to male sex scenes which really took
me by surprise.

At first I was turned off by the graphic scenes so I
just threw the stuff away without looking at it in
detail. All I remember seeing were guys with very hard
erections and they were big erections, too.

Anyway, I went to my parent’s house the next day; I had
promised to do some repairs. My father and mother were
both gone so I went to their bedroom to take some
measurements of the walls that I was going to work on.

I went into their big walk-in closet to see how the
wall was constructed so I could get the materials I
needed. I had to pull some clothes out of the way and
as I did I noticed what looked like a hidden panel in
the wall behind my father’s suits and shoe racks. I
pulled out a screwdriver from my leather tool pouch I
wore around my waist and tried to open the panel
without marking it up.

The panel swung open faster than I thought and fell on
the floor and chipped an edge off one of the corners. I
picked it up and thought of how I could fix the chip
when I noticed that the panel was covering a small room
connected to the bedroom and behind the walls. I had to
bend down a little to get through the entrance and once
inside I needed a flashlight to look around.

Inside there was a small cot with a pillow on it and a
couple of blankets. At the foot of the bed was a
footlocker. There was a lock on it but it wasn’t locked
at the time. I looked around the room and found a light
switch which turned on a small lamp over the bed. With
the light on I could see other things in the small

At one end there was a white sheet tacked to the wall
which looked like a movie screen. Near the bed there
was a shelf with a box of Kleenex on it. I also noticed
a small opening in the wall next to the bed which had a
small hinged door covering it. When I opened the little
door and looked out I noticed that the hole looked
right at my parent’s bed in the next room. I closed the
door on the hole and looked around the small room some

I decided I was going to look inside the footlocker
even though I knew it was an invasion of my parent’s
property. I was getting too curious at that point to
stop. I lifted the top of the footlocker and leaned it
against the foot of the bed.

The first thing I saw was a compact video camera and
some cords. Nothing very private about that necessarily
I thought. Then I noticed that the camera was on top of
a glossy magazine. The name of the magazine was “Nice n
Hard”. I couldn’t see what was on the cover because the
camera was blocking it so I picked up the camera and
put it on the bed.

On the cover of the magazine was a picture of two
muscular guys facing each other. They both had full
erections and they were holding each others cocks. By
the looks on their faces they looked very aroused as if
they were about to orgasm from the manipulation their
hands were giving each other. Their organs looked huge
to me.

My cock is about 8″ long when erect and about 3″
around. When I hold my hard cock around the base about
3″ of hard cock extends above my hand up to the shiny
purple head. The cocks on these guys had about 5 or 6″
above their hands so I figured they had to be about 10-
11″ in length.

My cock started to harden while I stared at the picture
of these two guys jerking each other off. It startled
me to think I could be getting turned on by gay
pictures. It never even crossed my mind to this point
in my life.

I flipped opened the magazine to see what else was
inside and it had page after page of hard cocks in the
hands, mouths and assholes of other guys! In the first
few pages I must have seen at least thirty different
hard cocks all in different poses. Some were being
licked by other guy’s tongues, some were being sucked
into other guy’s mouths, some were being inserted into
other guy’s assholes and some were being jerked off by
other guy’s hands.

The whole magazine was full of hard cocks and guys
with spread open legs showing their pink hairless
assholes which looked like they were wet with
something. The amount of naked male flesh in this
magazine was unbelievable. By the time I got to the
last page of the magazine my hands were shaking. I’m
not sure if I was scared of being caught looking at
this stuff or if I was sexually excited. I knew what my
cock was telling me though because it had grown in my
pants and needed to be adjusted before it broke.

I reached into my pants and underwear to pull up my
hard-on and my fingers kaçak bahis touched the head of my now very
stiff cock and it was just covered with clear sticky
pre-cum. It is very rare for me to get any pre-cum when
I have sex with my wife because it all happens so fast
I don’t think I have enough time to work up any pre-
cum. Either that or I just haven’t gotten this excited.
All these thoughts were running through my head.

When I pulled my hand out of my pants it was covered
with the sticky fluid and I looked for something to
wipe it off with. That’s when I noticed a bunch of
white towels in the trunk under some other magazines. I
pulled out the magazines and put them on the bed and
then I grabbed the towels to clean off my sticky
fingers. One of the towels was wadded up in a ball and
as I unfolded it I saw big globs of sticky gooey white
stuff in it and realized this must be my fathers cum

It then dawned on me that all this time I was looking
at my father’s jerk-off stuff and it was all gay stuff!

I realized that the cum rag I had just picked up had
been used by my father just a few hours earlier after
he jerked himself off or he got jerked off by someone
else. Was it his cum in the rag or someone else’s? Who
else knows about this room? Does my mother know about
my Dad’s gay sex? All this had me that much more
curious about this room.

I wiped my fingers on one of the clean rags and put it
down on the bed. I picked up one of the other magazines
and on the cover was a picture of a guy sitting on top
of another guy while facing him with the other guy’s
hard cock up his ass and his own hard cock in the hand
of the guy. He was getting fucked by a very big, very
hard cock and his own cock was fully erect and being
jacked off by the guy that was fucking him!

I once had tried to stick my own finger, which I had
licked to get wet, up my asshole out of curiosity while
I was jerking off in the bathroom. When I did, it felt
so strange that I lost my erection.

But this guy’s cock looked fully excited with a very
large shiny purple head. The cock in his ass was almost
fully inserted except for about 2″ visible and it was
very slick with some kind of lubricant. The balls of
the guy on top were pulled up real close in his nut sac
and I know when mine do that I’m about to shoot a big
load of cum all over myself. When this guys shoots he’s
gonna shoot a mile I thought.

Inside this magazine were dozens of very hardcore sex
scenes of guys doing everything imaginable with each
other. The big hard cocks I saw in this magazine were
definitely excited. Most had pre-cum drooling down
their sides or had formed puddles of pre-cum on the
guy’s bellies, enough to fill up their navels. Guys
were running their fingers in the pre-cum on other
guy’s cocks and wiping it all over their cockheads.
Some hands were shown squeezing hard cocks of other
guys and big globs of pre-cum were flowing down over
their knuckles as they jerked the guy off.

The fucking scenes were very hardcore with big, hard,
wet cocks being shoved all the way up horny wet
assholes of muscular guys. Pictures of assholes, after
a hard cock was taken out, were wide open, stretched
and red and greasy. Every guy looked so incredibly
horny with erect cocks and hands reaching for other
guys hard cocks, jerking them off, smearing pre-cum all
over them, fingering hot looking assholes, rubbing
other cocks with their own cocks.

By this time I had to sit on the bed, surrounded by gay
pornography and cum rags of my fathers. It was all too
much for me. Why was my cock so hard. I could feel the
pre cum oozing out of the tip of my cock and this
hardly ever happened to me. My pants felt like they
were confining my hard cock too much. I didn’t think it
would be so bad just to unzip my pants and give my cock
a little room to stretch. I wouldn’t do anything else.

The next magazine I picked up was called Hot Cumming
Cocks. Just the title made my now fully erect cock jump
again. What’s going on I wondered. How far can my
erotic feelings go. The pictures showed hot cumming
cocks alright. They were cumming everywhere, on asses,
on faces, on chests, on other hard, hot cumming cocks.

They were cumming together in long spurts. Two cocks
held tightly in one guys fist were being jerked off and
cumming all over each other. One cock was cumming in
the fist of a guy who was cumming in another guy’s
asshole. Cum was dripping out of guy’s mouths as they
were sucking on huge hard cocks. Cum was leaking out
around hot cumming cocks as they were fucking a hot wet

The jets of cum flying out of these hot cumming cocks
was wild. I know the feeling I get when I shoot a big
load and the cum shoots out far up my chest sometimes
even past my face or on my face. One time I shot and
cum landed right on my lips. I was so excited by my
orgasm that I didn’t realize what was happening but I
remember the taste was salty and very sexy at the time.
When I finished cumming I wiped it off my face and felt
embarrassed at what I had done to myself and was glad
nobody saw it happen.

The pictures in this magazine really had my hard cock
leaking pre-cum. I was glad I was in this small private
room where no one could see the kaçak iddaa effect that these gay
pictures had on me. I felt safe in here though. Like no
one would ever know what I was feeling looking at all
these hot cumming cocks. Cocks, pre-cum dripping, cum
splattering, assholes open and wet, guys jerking off
guys, licking cocks, sucking cocks licking assholes!

Everything was having a dizzying effect on me and my
hard cock was making my underwear sopping wet with pre-
cum. I guess I had been storing up a lot of pre-cum all
these years because it seemed like it was all coming
out of my cock now. I had to feel it. Feel how sticky
and greasy it was. It was driving me nuts seeing all
these hot cumming cocks and not being able to feel my
own doing the same thing.

I stood up and lowered my pants to the floor and then I
pulled my underpants down just past my cock and sat
down on the bed. My cock was all greasy from the pre-
cum running down the sides. My cockhead was shiny and
pink. The veins in my cock were sticking out more than
they ever have and my cock’s peehole seemed like it was
opening and shutting to the throbbing beat of the
pulsing of the blood engorged cock.

I leaned back on the bed and put the pillow under my
head so I could look down at my hard cock. It was
standing up at a 45 degree angle to my belly hard as
ever. Pre-cum was dripping into my navel, just like in
the pictures! I picked up another magazine and this one
showed groups of men all with huge hard cocks being
pumped by each other over another guy lying down on the
floor. One guy was sitting on the guys cock while
pumping his own.

I grabbed my hard hot oozing cock and looked at it and
then at the pictures, back and forth, imagining being
in that hot erotic scene. I spread the pre-cum which
was flowing steadily now all over my cock tip and up
and down the sides of my cock.

I could barely touch my hot cock because I was afraid
it would explode any second and I wanted it to last a
bit longer because the intensity was building up to a
fever pitch. I had to stand up and take my underpants
off completely because they were restraining my legs
from being able to be spread.

I took off my tee shirt too. I was completely naked in
this small room where my father, and who knows who
else, jerk off, and probably fuck and suck. I was
stroking my cock while I walked over to the footlocker
to find some other erotic article. I reached under some
other magazines and found some jerk off lube and a long
vibrator dildo shaped exactly like a hard cock.

I couldn’t believe it. It had to be twelve inches long
and 2 inches around. Not too thick I thought. I wonder
what it would feel like. I brought the cock over to the
bed and switched on the vibrator. I touched it to my
cock tip and it sent a shiver through my cock and all
the way up to my head. I held it against my cock and
stroked them both with my other hand.

The precum from my cock was getting all over the dildo
and it started sliding easily over my cock. I pointed
it down to the base of my cock, all the while stroking
my cock in long slow strokes, smearing the precum
constantly flowing out of the tip of my cock. I touched
the vibrator to the area between my balls and asshole
and kept it there until I almost came. I stopped just
in time but I was getting too hot to last much longer.

I decided to touch my asshole with the vibrator but
first I rubbed the tip of it all over the tip of my
cock and got it covered with my greasy precum. I then
touched it very lightly to my asshole and started
moving it around in small circles just around the rim
of my hole. My legs started to spread even wider and it
seemed to open up my asshole a little because I could
feel a rush of air enter my hole.

My hand was really starting to stroke my cock now and
my balls were starting to move up in my ball sac. The
tip of my hard cock was starting to get very shiny and
stretched to the limit, my cock veins were bulging, my
hips started to move up and down and it put my asshole
closer and closer to the tip of the dildo like it
wanted to have it enter in to my hole.

I slowly moved the tip of the vibrating dildo to the
center of my asshole opening and started to push it in
very gently. I pumped my hips up and down forcing my
hole to open more to allow the tip of the hard cock to
enter a little bit into my hole. My cock was on fire
now. Precum was starting to spurt out the tip of my
cock in little globs with each throb of my cock and
pump of my hips. The tip of the hot rubber cock was
starting to penetrate my hole!

I pushed on the end of the cock and it started to slide
in slowly. I relaxed my sphincter by pushing out like I
was taking a shit and the dildo slid right in! I pushed
it all the way in and twisted it when it got all the
way up my asshole. I pulled it back out almost all the
way and then started making little pumping motions with
it, just pushing it in about an inch and pulling it out
again, in and out, in and out, faster and faster.

It started sliding in easily and I shoved it all the
way in again and held it there. It touched something up
inside me and a tingle went all the way through me and
out the end of my cock with a spurt of pre cum. güvenilir bahis I
stared shaking all over, my hips were really pumping
wildly, my legs were splayed all the way open, I was
jacking my cock in steady fast strokes, sliding up and
down with greasy precum all over my fingers.

My breath started to come in gasps and I knew I was
going to come any second. I could feel my face
contorting and my toes stretching, my asshole was
sucking the cock in and my hand pushed my hard cock
back until it was pointing straight up and I could feel
the first flow of cum in my balls starting up the
length of my hard cock and I pushed my hips up, jerked
my cock and then my cockhead exploded with a spurt of
cum which went up in the air about five feet and landed
on my cock when it came down just as another spurt came
out. I was smearing my cum in to my spurting cock,
jacking it fast and hard, and cum kept coming out of my
hard cock getting all over my face and chest.

I counted ten spurts of cum and finally my hips started
to slow down and my legs came down to the floor. My
cock was still throbbing and cum was dribbling out of
the red shiny tip.

I pulled the dildo out of my ass and it came out easily
with my hole all greasy and open.

I was exhausted from the orgasm I just had and I
couldn’t believe how turned on I got while bringing
myself off. I used a dildo on my self! I fucked myself
with the same dildo my father probably fucks himself
with and who knows who else! I had precum dripping out
of my cock like a faucet and my cum came out like never
before hitting my face and the wall behind me.

I used the same cum rag my father had used a few hours
earlier because I figured he wouldn’t notice the extra
cum in the rag. The only problem was the rag was
sopping wet with my cum. I hope he wasn’t gonna use it
again real soon.

I put my clothes back on and tried to put everything
back in the trunk just exactly the way I found them.
There was still a lot of stuff that I didn’t look at in
the trunk but I knew my father would be home anytime
and I didn’t want to get caught in here! I’d have to
come back tomorrow and check things out more
thoroughly. I closed up the panel carefully and put
everything back in the closet.

I came out of the closet and my father was just coming
in the bedroom. He was startled to see me so I
explained that mom wanted me to come over and look at
the changes they wanted to make in the bedroom. He told
me he didn’t want to change the closet or those walls
at all, pointing to the closet and wall to “the room”.

I knew why but I acted like I didn’t know. He just said
not to touch anything around the closet and I said OK.
I measured some of the other walls and then left the
bedroom. My Dad was in the bedroom for awhile and then
came out and we talked about a few things like sports
and stuff.

The whole time we were talking I couldn’t stop thinking
about him in that small room jacking his cock to those
magazines and whatever else he had in that trunk. My
cock started to harden again so decided to head home.

On the way home I passed an adult bookstore which I had
never gone into and just had to stop to check it out.
My cock was still hard thinking about my Dad’s small
room. I went into the bookstore not knowing what to
expect. When I got in I looked around and found racks
full of magazines of all types. I wandered slowly over
to the gay section and looked at some of the titles
hoping to find Hot Cumming Cocks like my Dad had. But I
couldn’t find it so I picked out another one called
Jackin n Fuckin.

The cover said it was full color so I bought it and
left for home. On the way home I pulled the magazine
out of the bag as I was driving so I could glance at
the pictures while I was driving. The first page had my
cock as hard as rock. I kept looking at the pictures of
the guys jackin’ each other off with cum spurting out
all over their hands and bellies and I had to free my
cock from my pants again. I popped my hard cock through
the piss hole of my underpants and started strokin’ it
real slow with one hand and driving with the other.

I turned the page quickly so my hand wouldn’t be off my
hot cock for very long. My precum started flowing again
and I smeared it all over my cockhead. It felt really
great because it was still kind of tender from the
workout I gave it in Dad’s room just an hour or two
ago. I was getting really close to cumming when I
pulled in my driveway. My oldest son who is eighteen
was ball in the driveway so I had to quickly put my
cock away and put the magazine back in the bag.

I went inside and gave my wife a kiss and said I had to
change my clothes. I went upstairs to our bedroom and
took off all of my clothes and went into the bathroom
with my magazine. I sat on top of the toilet seat and
started looking at the pictures in the magazine and
strokin’ my cock when I came to some story pages in the

I had never seen stories in my Dad’s magazines so this
was something new to me. I read the titles and came
across one entitled, “First time with Dad”. I started
reading with interest to see what it was about when my
wife knocked on the door and said it was time for
supper. I jumped a mile and said I’d be down in a few
minutes. I’d have to read that story later if I could
get a chance.

I went to bed that night and couldn’t stop thinking
about that small room of my fathers. What else was I
gonna find in that trunk?

To be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20