Daddy’s Boy Ch. 02: Master

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


For the next couple of days, things went on similarly. When I would do something to upset Daddy, he grab me and toss me over his knee, yanking both my pants AND underwear down and spanking me until I could barely walk. When he wasn’t punishing me, he was calling me into the living room to sit on his lap again. TV-time quickly became Daddy’s favorite time of the day. In fact, he made sure to do it more than once a day.

“Good boy, Maxie. Good boy. Good boy.” He’d grunt over and over as he masturbated with me on his lap, always making sure to cum all over my skin when he was done. Lately, he had been draping a blanket over the both of us to hide what he was doing. I don’t know why. I could still feel him jerking off against my body, grinding his penis into me like a dog furiously humping his favorite toy.

I got to watch a lot of cool TV Shows when he did this. I tried to focus on those instead of the confusing acts going on behind me. My favorite show so far was the one I was watching currently- Dr. Phil. I remember a friend in middle school talking about Dr. Phil once. I always thought it was a medical show.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” Daddy grunted as he came all over my bare back underneath the blanket. I felt the heat spread across my back and down my ass. I was starting to get used to this routine. Be called in by Daddy, sit in his lap, grind for a bit, sit still while Daddy jerked off, thank Daddy, and then go to the bathroom to clean Daddy’s cum off of myself.

“What do you say, slut?” Daddy wrapped his fingers around my neck and squeezed just hard enough to make me cough.

“Thank you, Sir.” I grunted, gasping for air once he let go. He had never called me slut before. I was confused. I thought it was a bad thing, but Daddy seemed excited to dub me that. I started to rise from his lap, ready to clean myself and the blanket up, but Daddy grabbed my hair and yanked me back down hard against him.

“Ow, ow, ow…”

“Did I say you could get up?”

“No, Sir. Sorry, Daddy.”

He readjusted the blanket over us and wiped the tip of his dick around in the cum on my back. Usually, he thrust me out of sight when he was done. Today was different. Daddy swiped some of the hot liquid from my back with his fingertips. He then pulled me back against his chest, a hand finding its way to my neck again to hold me in place against him.

“Open.” He ordered, holding his cum covered fingers in front of my mouth. I frowned. I didn’t think you were supposed to put that in your mouth. I hesitantly did as I was told, parting my lips just a bit. Daddy shoved his big fingers in, forcing my mouth apart wider. I gagged and felt his digits press down on my tongue, forcing me to taste his hot juices. “Thataboy. Suck.”

Again, I submitted. I sucked on Daddy’s fingers and gagged against my reflex as he shoved them deeper into my mouth, close to my throat. My body thrust in complaint in his lap. Daddy squeezed my neck and I stilled instantly.

“You like the taste of Daddy’s cum?”

“Yes, Sir.” I lied, wiggling in pain on top of his crotch. Daddy moved his fingers around my mouth, moving the cum around everywhere. He felt my gums, my teeth, my tongue. As he violated my mouth with his fingers, his other hand fell from my neck and dug between our bodies, positioning his growing cock against my ass again. I thought maybe he wanted to make himself cum again. Maybe he’d just do it all over again.

I was wrong.

“Keep sucking, slut.” He demanded in my ear. His other hand moved underneath the blanket and started squeezing my thighs while he ground his cock into my spandex-ass. I kept sucking, my lips getting puffy and red from being stretched and finger-fucked.

“Have you ever touched yourself, Maxie?” Daddy asked me, his hand climbing further up my thigh until he was squeezing my hips roughly. I instinctively ground back into his crotch to get away from his painful grip.

“Mm…” Was all I could say with his hand still breaching my mouth hole. He pulled his fingers out and let me gasp for air before answering. “N- No, Daddy. I didn’t want to be a bad boy.”

“Good boy, Max. Tell you what. Daddy’s going to give you a little reward.” He said as his fingers starting prodding my pelvis. That fire in my core was suddenly back. It had started to fade the more and more Daddy jerked off on my back- it just lost effect over time. I was just starting to accept that this was part of my life now, being Daddy’s humping pillow. Now, I was realizing that I was going to be much more than that.

“Wait… Daddy, please-” I started to object as the palm of his hand gently pushed against the engorged lump in my pants. I yelped in surprise, glancing down at the sight of Daddy’s hand moving underneath the blanket over my penis.

“Shh… Stay still, boy.” He instructed, his angry facade back casino oyna and replacing the small moment of tenderness. He replaced his fingers inside my mouth but not before swiping up some more cum to feed me. I let my head fall back on Daddy’s shoulder as his fingers fucked my throat and his other hand rubbed my dick harder and harder underneath the blanket.

“Nnnghh… Aghh…” I moaned against my will, grinding my hips up into Daddy’s palm and therefore grinding into his hardening dick underneath me.

“Good boy. You can enjoy it. You only let Daddy touch you, okay?” Daddy informed, grunting as well and biting into my shoulder. I whimpered and he started to finger his way underneath my waistband until I felt the skin of his hand graze the skin of my member.

“Ahhh!” I shrieked in pleasure around his fingers as his hand wrapped around my dick, giving it one hard stroke. I had never experienced anything like that. My mind went blank and my whole body convulsed in pure ecstasy. I felt Daddy’s own member slip beneath my spandex too, the tip rubbing against my bare ass.

“Daddy’s good boy.” He cooed roughly, starting to stroke me at a consistent pace. I melted into a helpless puddle on his body, impaled by his fingers and held captive by his hand gripping my dick. “Daddy owns this cock. It belongs to no one else. Not even you.” He explained, beginning to stroke me faster. I started to pant, my body getting hot and sweaty. I felt the pleasure in my core growing until I couldn’t stop it anymore- I decided instead to let myself enjoy it like my mind begged me to do.

“Let me hear you say it.”

Daddy pulled his hand out of my mouth gripped my right hip while jerking me off in his lap. I was so lost in euphoria that I would’ve done absolutely anything he asked, as if it was any different from when he wasn’t fucking my dick with his fist.

“My cock- M- My cock is yours. Only yours.” I groaned, not even really processing what I was saying. I didn’t much care either. All I cared about was releasing the agonizing pleasure from my stomach.

“Things are going to be different. You’re Daddy’s little slut now. Do you want to be Daddy’s slut?” He gruffly muttered against my ear, blowing hot and aggressive breath into my skin. My body was seizing with pleasure in his hand, my eyes rolling back into my head. It was so wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself. I had to get the edge of the cliff I was approaching.

“Y- Yes, Sir!”

“You can start calling me Master too now. Let me hear you say it and Daddy will let you cum.”

“M- Master!”

“Ask me to cum, slut.”

“Please… May I come, Master?”

“Come for Daddy.” My master ordered, and that alone was enough to send me tumbling over the edge of pure pleasure, white light filling my vision and my body thrashing uncontrollably.

“NNNNGHHH.” I groaned hysterically as my daddy stroked me hard and fast. I felt my own warmth spurt out all over the blanket that covered us, most of it dripping down my dick and pooling on my pelvis. I gritted my teeth and ground my hips wildly into Daddy while the waves of pleasure subsided, leaving me breathless and exhausted. Daddy’s hand give me one last good squeeze before swiping up some liquid and raising it to my mouth. This time, I knew what to do. Not liking it but submitting completely, I opened my mouth for him to shove his fingers in.

“There you go. Swallow.” Daddy enforced, shoving his fingers to the back of my throat and making me gag. My cock was throbbing and limp, my heart pounding against my chest. Most of all, shame took over my body. What had a I done? Was this really my life now? Was this what bad boys do? It couldn’t be, right? Daddy told me it was okay, as long as it was just him. I should be excited, right? Then why did I feel so dirty?

“We’re going to get you a bath. Go on. Go draw one. I’ll be right up.” Daddy shoved me off of his lap. I stumbled to my feet, my ass sore from all the spankings lately and my dick sore from being hand-fucked. Not to mention, I could still feel the ghost of Daddy’s huge cock separating my ass cheeks.

I went to take a step towards the stairs, but Daddy kicked the back of my knee and forced me on my hands and knees.

“Slaves don’t walk. You crawl now. Go.” He kicked me in the ass and I instinctively started crawling, my limbs shaking. “And if I ever find you touching yourself without my permission, there will be hell to pay.” He added when I made it to the stairs. I started ascending on my hands and knees, my dick hanging limply between my legs.

I wouldn’t even know where to begin touching myself. In fact, I didn’t think I’d ever want to touch myself at all after today. I felt so spent and so dirty.

I drew my bath and waited besides it like a good boy. After all of that, I really didn’t want to be spanked on top of everything. I sat on my heels next to the back like a waiting dog- that’s how Daddy seemed to think slaves should ask.

That’s what I was now- a slave. At least I was Daddy’s slave. canlı casino That, I could handle, even if it wasn’t ideal. There was no way I’d ever defy him.

“Straighten.” Daddy ordered immediately upon entering the large bathroom. He was holding a leather strand in his hand with a buckle hanging off the end. I realized it was a collar. “Listen to me, bitch.” He grabbed my hair and pulled up, forcing me to straighten. I whimpered and did as I was told. “You are to wear this at all times.” He roughly fasted the thick leather around my neck, pulling it together tightly. I choked, but Daddy didn’t seem to care. Actually, I was starting to think he liked it when I gagged.

“Good boy.” He commended once the collar was fastened. It was just tight enough to constantly be exerting pressure around my airway but not tight enough to be preventing any airflow. I wiggled uncomfortably on my heels. “In you go.” He grabbed my collar and yanked me up and over the bathtub railing. Daddy pulled me down in the water, his grip firm on the new article around my throat.

“Daddy will give you baths now, to make sure you’re nice and clean.” He said, getting to work on soaping up my body. He aggressively rubbed his hands all over me, scrubbing sweat and cum from my body. My frame shook with his gruff efforts and I nearly toppled over from his force multiple times.


It took a lot of courage for me to utter the word as my master began to wash my crotch with his hand, soap, and water.


“I thought- I thought having pleasure made me a bad boy.” I ventured, feeling a spike of courage to try to clear up my confusion. Daddy took a washcloth and dunked it in the water, taking care to wash my dick clean of everything that had transpired. I cringed back at the soreness.

“You’re old enough now. And you give your master pleasure. That makes you a good boy. Understand?”

Daddy roughly washed the insides of my legs, nearly knocking me over.

“Yes, Master.”

“All fours.”

My breath hitched and I sunk down into the water, hands and knees pressing into the bottom of the tub. Daddy grabbed my collar and spun me around so that my ass was facing him. He grabbed it and squeezed, my arm wavering below me.

“This week I’m going to start your training.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I didn’t know what that meant, but it sounded scary. I didn’t dare question him though. This was all happening so fast. I felt it better to go alone with it and do whatever he said.

“Stay still, now. Relax.” Daddy directed. I tried to do what he said, but the relaxing part was hard when I was kneeling all vulnerable with Daddy’s hand on my hip. After today, I had no idea what was in store next.

I never expected what was next.

“No, no, no, no…” I yelped when I felt his finger prodding my entrance. My muscles tensed immediately when I felt pressure at my hole.

Daddy grabbed my collar and gave it a yank. I gagged and was sent into a fit of coughs.

“I said relax, dammit.” He slapped my butt for good measure, pulling a whimper from my lips. I tried again to do what he said but I shook with anticipation. I didn’t want anything inside of me. I didn’t even know things could go up there.

“What do you say?”

“Yes, Master.”

“First part of training. Always answer me. Understand?” He gave my ass another spank and I cried out, my painful moans mixed with the sound of his hand hitting my skin.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good boy.”

And then he slipped the tip of his finger past the ring of muscle and into my asshole. I clenched against him instinctively, crying out.

“Daddy! Daddy. Please, I don’t-”

“Shut up, slut.” Daddy grabbed the spandex that I used to be wearing from the ground and shoved them into my mouth while keep his other hand at my entrance. His finger still prodded its way into my hole, gently massaging my opening.

“Mhhhmph.” I moaned into the material that stuffed my mouth.

“If you clench up, it’ll make it hurt more.” Master told me. I took a few deep breaths through my nose and tried to calm my body down. My muscles unraveled and Daddy massaged the back of my neck dominantly, holding me into place. “Good.”

He pushed it in further, twisting his finger so that it dug into me deeper. I groaned against the pain of the unwanted intrusion, feeling my asshole burn. Daddy’s finger curled inside of me and my cock twitched between my legs.


Daddy kept twisting and pushing his finger further and further into me, sometimes pulling out a bit just to push back and and hear me grunt. He re-curled his finger and my body shook. It didn’t feel bad when he did that. I didn’t know if I could say it felt good per se, but it did send waves of sweet heat through my belly. I shockingly found myself subconsciously moving my ass backwards towards his hand.

“Does my little whore like it when his master fingers his ass?”

“Mmmph.” I moaned in response through my gag, truthfully kaçak casino not yet familiar enough with the sensation to know if I liked it. Daddy slowly pulled his finger out again so that only the tip was prodding my entrance. He took the conditioner bottle from the ledge of the bath and poured it onto his finger before shoving it in deep and fast.

I screamed. It slid right in all the way, his fingertip probing something inside of me that felt inexplicably euphoric when he stroked it. I was a moaning mess as he finger fucked my asshole, my body rocking along with his movements every time his hand rammed into my ass.

“Good slut. Good fucking slave.” He moaned through gritted teeth, fingering me faster and slipping in another finger before I could protest. I screamed into my gag and nearly collapsed onto my face but straightened my arms once more, allowing myself to get plowed by Daddy’s hand while in doggie position. I was starting to accept that there was no fighting this. I was a slave now. I would do whatever Daddy wanted me to, even if I didn’t like it. I would submit completely, letting my body be used only for his pleasure and for chores. The thought made precum leak from my penis.

“Call my name.”

“Daddy!” I screamed through the gag as he thrust three fingers in and out of my ass faster and harder. I could barely keep myself grounded on the slippery bathtub porcelain as my body was ravaged.

He added yet another finger.


“Master!” I screamed through my spandex, tears spilling down my face from the pain of being fisted. Slowly but surely, it started to feel strangely okay though- even good. Especially when Daddy curled his hand inside of me and massaged my insides. He ripped out my gag and stuffed his free hand inside of my mouth, finger fucking me from both ends.

“Daddy’s little fucktoy. Good boy, Maxie. Good boy.” I sucked on Daddy’s fingers like the good boy he was saying I was, my holes filled with my new master. I would’ve collapsed if the hand in my ass and the hand in my mouth weren’t spit-roasting me and keeping me up.

Finally, he removed them all and I fell into the water, my limbs crumpling underneath me and my head barely staying above the surface. I panted, feeling the vacancy in my ass as the soreness sunk in. My body was trembling again, not sure what to make of the forceful intruders. Part of me actually wished there was something still filling my hole.

“Get back up.” Daddy told me, leaving me no time to rest. He pulled me up on all fours by my collar, repositioning my ass high in the air. “Does Maxie want something else inside his ass?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Say it.”

“I want something inside of my ass, Daddy.”

Master reached behind him for a large cup he brought in from downstairs, reaching in and pulling out a large ice cube. I glanced back and instantly tensed up.

“If you don’t relax, I’m still going to shove this into your tight little hole and it’ll hurt like hell.”

“Yes, Sir.” My voice wavered in fear. I tried to relax myself once again.

“You’ve got to keep clean now. You’re my boy whore. I expect full obedience, cleanliness, and timeliness.”

“Yes, Sir.” I repeated, biting my lip to stay quiet once he pushed it into me and not wanting to be gagged again. Daddy held the cold obstruction to my entrance and gently pushed it against my asshole, rubbing the cube around my rim. Then he gently started to push it into the hole that he just fingered, the slick slides shoving my ass open and sending searing pain through my spine.

“Unngh.” I moaned, dropping my head and trying not to object. The cube slowly slid into my passage until Daddy pushed it all the way in. Now a foreign, cold object was inside my body, stretching my insides and rubbing against my inner walls and mixing pain and pleasure. I ground my ass into the air, trying to feel the cube more.

“One more.”

“But- AGH.” I screamed as Daddy mercilessly shoved a second one straight up my ass without warning. I guess I deserved it for trying to object. As an added bonus, Daddy spanked me once hard, ending with a rough squeeze to my ass.

“I want you to touch yourself with those in there.” Daddy told me. “Go on.”

I nervously raised a shaking hand to my cock, slowly gripping it in my hand and gently stroking. Daddy noticed my uncertainty and put his hand on top of mine, helping me stroke my dick harder like he did earlier. It was still a little worn and sore, but the pleasure from being breached up the ass had helped revive a little of that need for a touch. My and Daddy’s hands worked together to masturbate me, my chest heaving from heavy breaths of euphoria.

“Ungh. Ungh. Master.”

“Mm…” Daddy hummed happily, shifting so that he could stuff two more fingers into my asshole while still helping me stroke myself. I gasped and let him finger me more, allowing my core to explode in pleasure but not yet at the capacity at which I came earlier. That had been the most pleasurable moment of my whole life, even if I was ashamed to admit it. Another thing I was ashamed to admit- I wanted to cum again right now. I thought I might soon. I could feel it building inside of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20