Daddy and daughter see a show.

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Daddy and daughter see a show.
Brenda and I walked into the mall together through the fading light of the setting sun. It was late summer, and still warm, but not hot like it had been for weeks upon end through July and August.

Brenda was my daughter, and was visiting me for a week. We were close, and I don’t mean that we simply loved each other like a father and daughter would. During her last trip to visit, Brenda and I had become lovers.

She and I had always been close in the traditional sense. When her mother left me for another guy, Brenda was the woman of the house and acted as such in every way except one. I had watched her grow from an awkward tween, to a rebellious teen, and finally blossom into womanhood.

She was lovely, with bright blue eyes and long brown hair. Her breasts were large and capped with big nipples that grew hard and sensitive in my mouth when I sucked them.

She had the most sexy ass that I loved to put my hands on when I was taking her from behind, or when she was riding me. Even when we weren’t naked, I found myself caressing that sweet ass surreptitiously when we would go grocery shopping or just taking a walk.

My little girl’s pussy was extraordinary. She kept it shaved, like most women her age, and I loved to plunge my tongue between those thick outer lips to find her clit hard and ready, as if it was looking for me. The feel of her thick, smooth lips on my tongue always sent a rush of blood to my cock causing me to grow harder, thicker, and longer. When I made her cum on my face, I would be nearly on the brink of cumming myself.

We walked through the mall, and made our way to the movie theater without me groping her too much. Sometimes, she would playfully swat my hand away when I tried to touch her and say, “Daddy, be good.” Those moments would instantly ignite a lust in me for her that wouldn’t abate until I had unloaded a huge, warm load of my cum in her willing pussy.

I hung back as she paid for the tickets to some movie. She was wearing a fairly short sundress, and while I couldn’t see under the hem of her skirt to verify, I suspected she was not wearing panties. She almost never did.

I loved watching her shapely ass moving as she talked with the ticket clerk.

We made our way toward the theater, and as we passed the restrooms, she asked me to get her some popcorn and a drink while she powdered her nose. She said she would meet me in the theater.

I stood in line for a couple minutes, got the treats, and went back to the theater where our movie was showing.

“Daddy, back here,” I heard her voice from the back row. This theater had the seats that went kaçak bahis upward as you moved back in the theater. She had seats in the exact middle of the theater, a few rows behind another couple who appeared to be just a bit older than Brenda. They weren’t holding hands or sitting very close to each other, so I figured they were on a first or second date.

Aside from the other couple, and ourselves, the theater was empty.

I plopped down next to my girl and she started munching on her popcorn. We chit-chatted while we watched the advertisements on the big screen.

Before long, the lights dimmed and several trailers were shown. Brenda wasted no time. Almost as soon as the lights were out, her hand was on my cock, stroking it through my pants.

She took her hand and pulled it under her skirt where I found her smooth, bald pussy completely soaked. I whispered, “You are very turned on, young lady.”

She said, “What do you think I was doing in the bathroom?”

I looked at her and said, “You weren’t doing what people normally do in a bathroom?”

She simply stared into my eyes and shook her head slowly from side to side. She had that look on her face that she used to make when she was a little girl and I had caught her doing something she knew she shouldn’t do. That look had gotten her out of a lot of punishment. Right now, it was making my already hard cock throb and strain to be released.

Taking my hand from between her legs, she put something in it. It felt like cloth of some kind, but it was a little damp.

I looked at her askance.

She leaned close to me and whispered in my ear so I could feel her warm breath, “Smell them.”

I brought the fabric to my nose and immediately smelled the unmistakable scent of my daughter’s sweet pussy. I inhaled the musky aroma and fought the urge to put my tongue out and taste them.

I looked at her, “Did you cum in these, baby?”

She nodded and smiled as she stared into my eyes.

“They smell wonderful,” I said.

Brenda unzipped my pants quietly and pulled my hard cock out. She stroked it and looked at me. She licked her lips and said, “I want it in my mouth now.”

“Here?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes,” she said just before she kissed me hard and deep. Then she quickly moved her head down to my lap, and in the dark I felt her warm, wet mouth close over my swollen helmet and move downward.

“Oh, fuck,” I said as quietly as I could, but I noticed the woman in front of us turn her head slightly as if she’d heard me.

Brenda was humming softly on my dick as she sucked it. It felt so good. She had become a specialist at blow jobs, and she was bringing all her formidable tipobet güvenilir mi skills to bear on me in that darkened theater.

“Brenda, that feels so good, baby,” I managed to say hoarsely.

She just hummed, “Mmm-hmmm,” and kept sucking. Photos

The woman in front of us turned her head and looked at me. There was no mistaking what was happening. She wouldn’t have been able to see Brenda’s head because of the angle she was looking up at us, but she could see my face and hadn’t seen Brenda leave the theater.

“I think that girl is sucking his dick,” I heard her whisper to the guy.

“Really,” he said, turning to look for himself. “Fuck! She is. I see her head bobbing.”

They both turned to look, both of their mouths open. The guy looked at the girl and said, “Want to join them?’ I could tell he was joking, but the woman said, “Yes, I do.”

The guy’s eyes went wide as the woman rose, walked to the end of their aisle, climbed the stairs to our row, and stood next to me watching my daughter suck me off.

The woman had shorts on and as she watched, she unzipped her shorts and pushed a hand into them. She moaned as her hand touched what I imagine was a very wet pussy. She looked at me and asked, “Is she really your daughter?”

As I couldn’t speak, I nodded, and she groaned, “Oh, fuck!”

“I’m Daniel and this is my twin sister Danielle,” the guy said. he had appeared next to Brenda. Without taking her mouth off me, she groped for his member in his pants and rubbed it.

Pausing as briefly as possible, she said to the guy, “Take it out.”

Daniel unzipped his fly and took out an impressive erection. He guided Brenda’s hand to it and she moaned low as she stroked him and sucked me.

Danielle wiggled her hips as she slid her shorts and panties down. She had a landing strip of brown hair above her slit, and her lips were shiny in the dim light. I reached out and slid my finger along her quim. She was warm, wet, and her lips parted easily allowing me to dip my finger into her hole. My finger came out soaked as I dragged it across her swollen clit. She sucked in her breath as I fingered her.

Daniel said to my daughter, “Can I fuck you?”

My daughter looked at him, took his cock in her mouth for a few deep strokes, and then said, “I’m sorry. My pussy belongs to my daddy.”

“Fuck, Danny,” Danielle moaned. “I need a cock in my pussy.”

“You’re my sister,” Daniel feebly protested.

“And that’s his daughter, but you don’t see that stopping them. Besides, I know you want me.”

Danielle slid past me, allowing Brenda to move up and let me lick her sodden tipobet pussy while she held her skirt up and watched me.

Danielle had positioned herself kneeling on one of the seats and offered her sex to her brother. He moved behind her and I watched his cock vanish into her tight hole.

“Oh, Danny, fuck me!” she cried.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, Dani,” he answered.

His hips pistoned as he fucked his sister. Their grunts and groans were so sexy. I had never remembered being as hard as I was at that moment.

I must have been doing something right because my daughter’s hips shook and she said, “Daddy. Oh, daddy!”

She came on my tongue and I pushed two fingers into her silky sex. I felt her pussy clenching my digits as I fingered her.

I heard Danielle say, “He made her cum on his tongue.”

Her brother replied, “I hope so.”

They were both watching as Brenda lowered her quivering quim onto my thick cock. I knew I would not last long. Brenda had gotten me close before we had been joined by the twins.

“Fuck, Brenda, your pussy is tight,” I said.

“Yes, daddy, and your cock is so big in my pussy. Are you going to fill that tight pussy with your cum?”

“Yes, baby. I’m going flood that little pussy with a load of thick, creamy cum.”

I heard Danielle say, “Oh, fuck, you guys are so hot. Danny, fuck me. I’m cumming!”

Daniel couldn’t say anything. I recognized that he was about to explode in his sister. He was already beyond words. His body shuddered, he tensed up, pushing himself as far into his sister’s pussy as he could, and nearly shouted, “Oh, Dani!”

The twins were over the edge, their bodies shook and they grunted together as they came.

It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen, and I felt my own orgasm welling up.

I held Brenda close and she recognized that as a sign I was about to cum.

“Yes, daddy. Give me your sweet cum. Fill my pussy up, daddy. I want your cum in my tight hole!”

I fell over the edge and erupted in my daughter, pushing up from the seat to meet her hips as she fucked me as deep as she could into her.

“Oh, daddy, I can feel you throbbing. Oh, shit, daddy!”

My daughter started climaxing just as my own orgasm was slowing in intensity. “Yes, baby. Cum for daddy. Cum hard. Oh, baby, you feel so fucking good!”

We came down and found Danny and Dani watching us as they sat together. They both had contented smiles on their faces. The way they were sitting, I could see Danny’s cum leaking out of his sister’s pussy onto the seat. Dani saw where my gaze was, smiled, and dipped a finger into the jizz sliding down her ass. She brought a gob of the liquid to her mouth and sucked it off.

I felt myself already starting to get hard again.

“Would you guys like to come to my house for a while,” I offered.

They both nodded quickly.

The four of us got ourselves put back together, and left.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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