Crossroads Ch. 01

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My boyfriend, John, is pulling me into his bedroom and I wish he had a roommate, since I have to do my duty as his girlfriend whenever I visit. There’s nothing about this that I like, but it’s the price I have to pay to keep him. I know there’s a lot of girls that want him, which means I have to work to keep him happy.

I do love him, which is the only reason I do this for him. His lips feel good on my neck as his hands start to remove my clothing. I can feel him pressing against my ass and hate that his dick is anywhere near that part of my body. John wants anal, but that will never happen. My pussy should be good enough. If not, then that’s just too bad.

The last of my clothes have been removed and I turn to do the same for him. As my hands reach his pants, my lips press against his. John’s tongue presses into my mouth in that vulgar way he kisses me and I wish he would take a little time to build some passion.

John used to be a much more passionate kisser and I know why he has cooled. The only part of my body that he can enter is between my legs. I know he wants to do a lot more, but I have no interest in doing any of those disgusting things.

I pull away and fall on my back with my legs spread for him. His eyes move down my body and settle on my brown bush. He wants me to do something with it, but I won’t. If I don’t have a problem with it, then neither should he. This is my body, not his and I will have a full bush for as long as I like.

He’s reaching for a condom and I can wait all night, since I won’t risk getting pregnant for anyone. I almost laugh as he struggles, but does manage to get all six inches covered and I pull him towards me. There’s nothing pleasurable about what’s going to happen next, but I can get through with the fake moans he likes to hear.

His hands reach for my tits as he enters, which I don’t have a problem with. My nipples are sensitive and does bring me a slight enjoyment. I can feel the tip start to enter and he thrusts himself with no concern over how I feel when he’s like this. My brown eyes close to keep myself from seeing his face contort in that ugly way of his.

John’s starting to grunt as I give him the expected moans and my hands reach for his back. His fingers squeeze my nipples, which I hate. I wish he were a little more gentle, like my first was, but that won’t ever happen from him.

He thrusts himself in deep and I grimace, but continue with another fake moan. His grunts are very familiar and I know he’s almost done. John may not be good in bed, but at least he’s quick. The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned.

He pulls out as he gets off me and tosses the used condom in the bin, then returns to bed. There won’t be any sweet whisper into my ear and nothing close to romance. John lays down and starts to snore, which tempts me to throttle his throat. I wonder if those girls that try to get his attention would even bother if they knew he was like this.

As he snores, I wonder why I stay with him. I love him, but is that really enough. He’s a selfish bastard, but he’s my selfish bastard. The truth is, it isn’t really love that keeps me with him. I don’t want to be alone and like having him with me when we go out. The conversation is about as stimulating as our sex life, but at least I have someone to converse with.

I get out of bed and put my clothes back on. My eyes don’t bother to look over to him as I leave, since I need to get home. At twenty-one, I should be on my own, but I live with my parents and sleep in the same bedroom that I’ve always had. At least I’m not the only one, since my sister and brothers all live there as well. What is it about my family and not moving out?

I get to our secluded house and my sister’s car is in the driveway. I really don’t mind living at home, since that gives me the perfect excuse not to spend the night with him. Melissa is going to want to know all about it and I’ve always been comfortable talking with her about these things.

She might be three years younger than me, but she also has far more knowledge about sex than I do. I can hear her listening to music in her room and follow the sound. I catch her in the act of changing, which I have seen countless times. Melissa’s tan lines dance across her back as she throws on a shirt and it’s late enough to not have to worry about a bra.

Melissa turns and her blue eyes peek out from under her blonde bangs. Sometimes I wonder what I would look like as a blonde, but have never died my brown hair to find out. Her tits press against the fabric and I know mine are slightly bigger, which upsets her to no end. She should be happy with her size, since that’s illegal bahis a part of who she is, but that will never happen.

Her voice sounds deceptively sweet. “Well, Bre?”

I know her game too well. “You already know, so no need to tell you anything.”

She pouts a little, but her blue eyes show she enjoys our back and forth. “You know you’re going to tell me, so might as well cut the crap.”

She’s right and we both know it. “Fine. We had sex again.”

Melissa smiles. “See, Bre, that wasn’t so hard. How was it?”

I scowl as I say, “Same as always. Quick and asleep.”

She returns the scowl. “Let me guess. You on your back and that’s it.”

I nod and find myself a little perturbed about her words. “Maybe if he stopped trying to get anal, I’d change positions, but he won’t give it up.”

Melissa stares into my brown eyes. “Maybe you should.”

My jaw drops. “Are you nuts. That would hurt like hell.”

She shakes her head and her blue eyes sparkle a little. “Not necessarily.”

My voice shows I’m calling her bluff. “Not necessarily my ass. Anal hurts and we both know it.”

She looks into my eyes and her voice is steady. “Do you remember Amy?” I shake my head as she continues, “Doesn’t matter. Amy had a similar problem. Wouldn’t have sex unless she was on her back. Kind of like you. She knew it was just a matter of time before her boyfriend cheated, which will happen with John and we both know it’s true.

“Amy heard about a witch that could help and went to check her out. According to her, anal felt pretty damned good after visiting the witch. Hell, according to her, everything feels much better now.”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing from my sister. “Bullshit.”

She shakes her head and there’s nothing in her eyes that says she making up anything. “No bullshit, Bre, I swear. I have the address and there’s plenty of time. Tell you what, go check it out. If you still think it’s bullshit, then leave.”

I know she won’t stop, since I have seen her like this many times. Despite being three years younger than me, she somehow always struck me as more knowledgeable about the world. Some simply mature faster than others and I was a late bloomer, which is the only reason she can get the better of me with crap like this.

I hold her blue eyes for a moment, then say, “Fine. What’s the address.”

She smiles brightly as she puts it into my phone and I leave the house. I pass my parents pulling into the driveway and wave as I pass. The nav system tells me that I’m about an hour away from that so-called witch, but I don’t have a choice. I can’t let Melissa win.

The nav takes me to a small shop out in the middle of nowhere and I find it odd that there’s a four way stop before reaching the parking lot. There’s nothing else around from what I can see, but I have more pressing things to do than worry about the oddity of roads. From what I can see on the nav, there’s nothing around for miles.

I pull in next to some beat up piece of junk and there’s nothing outside to indicate what kind of shop this is. Taking a deep breath, I get out of the car and enter the small building. The smell is horrid and I don’t want to know the source. Behind a counter is some old crone and there’s and odd assortment of jars that line the shelves behind her.

Her voice sounds ancient as she opens her mouth and her teeth are a disgusting shade of green. “I know why you’re here, Breanna.”

So that’s the joke and I don’t think it’s all that funny. “I’m going to kill her.”

I catch a hint of something a little worse in the air and start to leave. “She didn’t put you up to this. You’re here because you want something.”

I look at her eyes and find they look milky, which leads me to wonder if she’s blind. “Really. Then how the hell do you know my name.”

She laughs and it sounds like an old door being opened. “I’m a witch, Breanna. I know you don’t believe and I don’t care. You’re here because you want something that I can’t give you.”

I mutter under my breath. “I knew it was bullshit.”

She laughs again and her breath is beyond wretched. “No, Breanna, it isn’t. Amy did come to me and I told her the same thing I’m telling you. Go out to the middle of the crossroads and wait.”

I shake my head and say, “I’m going home.”

She laughs again and the sound is far worse this time. “Then you’ll lose him. If you want to keep him, go to the crossroad until they arrive.”

I lash out at her. “I’m not doing shit.”

I leave the horrid woman to her horrid shop and make my way back to my car with the sound of laughter echoing in my ears. There’s something illegal bahis siteleri unnerving about this whole thing and I need to leave. Her words start to replay in my mind and I can’t help thinking I will lose him. I’ve already driven all this way and no one else is around. Am I really considering standing out in the middle of the road and waiting for some mysterious group?

I pass my car and check for traffic, then step out to the center of the crossroads. What the hell? I’ve already come this far and might as well play along with Melissa’s joke a little further. She’s out there somewhere and I can’t wait to kick her ass in front of her friends. She deserves it for having me drive this far out and even more so for having me enter that horrid place.

I can sense something behind me and turn to lash out at Melissa. There are two of them standing there completely nude and the woman is most definitely not my sister. From the neck up, they look identical with their red faces, black eyes and black hair of equal length. They both have the same red flesh cover their entire bodies and neither shows a sign of having any other hair anywhere else.

The woman has massive tits, much bigger than mine, with black nipples that are equally massive. There’s no sign of imperfection to be found on her body at all. I can’t stop my eyes from taking in the entirety of her odd beauty.

My eyes finally break free and I see his muscular chest with equally dark nipples. I look slowly down his perfect abs and see the two dicks standing very erect in front of me. Yes, I said that right, he has two of them with one standing over the other. His size can not be compared to inches, but feet. Each is at least three feet long and the girth is bigger than my closed fist. I tell myself to get the hell out of there.

I’m stuck and the woman’s seductive voice calls my eyes back to her face. “Why have you summoned us?”

I want to tell her I didn’t summon anything, but my words don’t come out like I intend. “To keep my boyfriend. He wants anal, but I know it will hurt.”

She laughs and the sound is like a symphony in my ears. “And you want to make a deal to keep the pain away.”

I nod as I say, “Yes.”

His voice is perfectly masculine and I’m drawn into his black eyes. “We can help with that and so much more. Imagine if everything you did brought you pleasure. Imagine if you never had to worry about the size hurting you. Imagine if you never needed lubricant of any kind. Is that something you want?”

I can’t pull away. “Yes.”

Her seductive voice calls me back. “Imagine if your touch alone brought desire to please only you. Would you be willing to pay a price?”

I catch myself as I ask, “What price?”

She laughs and the symphony returns to my ears. “You’re soul.”

I shake my head. “You want to buy my soul?”

She shakes her head. “No, Breanna, we want to darken your soul. A soul cannot be sold, but it can be darkened. The more you do with what we give you, the darker your soul will become. Do we have a deal?”

I want to tell them no, absolutely not. “Yes.”

A scroll appears and the quill draws blood from my finger with no sensation of pain as she says, “Sign your name and it shall be done.”

My fingers tremble as I sign and the contract disappears. He is moving behind me as her hands remove my shirt and bra. His fingers remove everything else and I’m standing before them every bit as naked as they are.

Her lips press to mine and I can feel a fire start to burn throughout my body. There’s no pain to be felt, only the pleasure of her lips. Both of his dicks press both holes at once and it feels like two fists are entering. The fire is growing and there’s no pain from his entry.

My mouth is opened wide by her tongue, but I know it’s the shape of a dick that’s every bit as big around as he is. The fire continues to consume me as she presses it into my throat and hardly gag at all. More of him enters and I press back as my hands move to her perfect ass.

I can feel every last inch of both of them and find I have no problem breathing around the massive shaft. My throat is stretched every bit as much as my other holes and I wish they were both a little bigger. Did I really just wish for that?

They start to fuck me hard and I can give no more than muffled moans to show my pleasure. Time is lost as they have no end to there stamina and I start to convulse around both of his shafts. My eyes close as I press my lips tighter to hers and my hands grip her cheeks with all of my might.

I can feel the cum starting to flow from both of them and it’s coating everything their canlı bahis siteleri heads touch. They are slowly leaving my body as more cum releases on their way out. The fire is burning out of control and my mouth is finally free to scream out, but it’s filled with the last of her release. I’ve never tasted anything like it in my life, but find I love everything about her cum.

They leave as I start to drip out from both holes and I must have passed out. I wake and my body is tingling with some wonderful sensation. There’s still the feeling of their cum deep inside of me and I know it wasn’t a dream

I slowly dress and hear the cackling of the crone, but don’t care if she saw everything. It has gotten late as I step into my car and feel them inside of me. My soul may have been darkened, but it was worth the price. I can’t say how I know I won’t ever have to worry about pain again, but I know it with every fiber of my being.

I find myself too amped up to go home, despite the dark sky above, so I drive to John’s place. He’s been wanting anal and I’m about to give to him. The drive is maddening as my desire for him is overwhelming. Is this the darkness they told me about? If it is, I can live with that.

I’m glad he gave me a key, since I can let myself in. I hear the sound of moaning, but know he’s alone as I close the door behind me. It’s some of that porn he’s been trying to get me to watch for months and I suddenly don’t mind one bit.

His dick is hard as he’s reaching for the lube and jumps when my hand reaches out for his shoulder. The look in his blue eyes is priceless as he goes to turn it off. My hand stops him and I kiss him deeply as the sound of moans plays in the background.

I pull back and he says, “I thought you went home, Bre.”

I start to take off my clothes as I say, “I did, but came back to give you something.”

His eyes look into mine and I feel something different about him. It’s no longer love, but lust and that’s another effect of the darkness. I should care about the changes I’m going through, but my mind is on something far more important right now.

His voice is filled with curiosity and a hint of innocense. “You did.” I grin wickedly as I nod. “What?”

I grin a little wider as I say, “My ass.”

The shock on his face almost makes me laugh. “What?”

My voice is filled with the desire I feel. “You heard me. Get in bed. This time, I’m on top.”

He starts to mutter something as he leaves the porn going in the background, but can’t find a single word. I follow behind and stare at his toned cheeks. My hands reach out and grab them hard, which causes him to jump a little.

John is laying on the bed and my legs are over his dick as I slowly lower myself down. My hands reach out for his shaft and I’m a little disappointed by the size. I can feel the tip reach my hole and he moans as I slide down with ease.

My eyes stay locked on his as I start to ride him and he moans out about the tightness. I just had a dick the size of a fist inside, so how the hell could I be tight. I write it off to a pleasant effect and start to moan with him. His hands reach out for my tits and his rough touch causes me to moan out a little louder. Everything is bringing me pleasure and I love that he is still saying my ass is so fucking tight.

Just as I’m really getting into things, his eyes close and he thrusts hard into my asshole. I can feel every twitch and it causes me to moan out a little louder. Despite feeling wonderful right now, I need more time and he’s run out already. I just fucked him a few hours ago and he should have lasted longer than this.

I know just what I need to do to get myself to that orgasmic state. Timing his thrusts, I wait until he shoots a load in my ass and quickly pull off of him. My mouth reaches the head of his dick just in time and give a muffled moan as I feel him hit the roof of my mouth.

I can taste everything on my tongue and know exactly where each flavor comes from. That saltiness is his cum and the bitterness is from my asshole. There’s a hint of that strange cum that I love and it tastes just like hers did.

I have to have more and take him all the way. My throat feels a slight stretching as I get closer and can feel his final twitch. The convulsions are starting as I hold him deep and can feel his white dripping down.

It isn’t anywhere near as intense as it was with them, but it still feels damned good. My eyes stay open and can see the pleasure on his face. He is starting to soften and my orgasm is ending along with it. I slowly release his soft shaft through my pressed lips and feel one last convulsion course through my body.

With the flavors still fresh on my tongue, I lie next to him. John starts to say something, but I decide to return the favor of falling asleep. He has done this every time we’ve had sex and it’s only fitting that I do the same.

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