Countess – Dorian Hurricane Shelter – Part 2

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Countess – Dorian Hurricane Shelter – Part 2
Countess – Dorian Hurricane Shelter – Part 2

This is Part 2 of my dream about having been evacuated from my condominium and forced to remain at a public Shelter during passage of Hurricane Dorian. I continue, late on the first evening…

As explained previously, a number of young men had recognized me as the Countess from They liked seeing my barely covered breasts and peeks of my shaven pussy. During mid-evening as I was lying on my bed, one at a time they came close to me as the lights were dim, jerked their lovely cocks and shot cum on my legs, feet and even one hit my face. I smiled, knowing their lust was strong and my pussy was creaming too.

Around mid-night, everything was quiet and only a small light was illuminated to show the bathrooms. I stood up and walked to the Ladies Room but encountered a line with two women already waiting outside the door. I was desperate to pee. I felt a hand gently grab mine from behind. I turned and saw the smiling face of the young man who had first spoken to me. “Hello Countess, I see you need to visit the bathroom. Rather than wait here, let me take you into the Men’s Room to relieve yourself. I will guard you.”

I accompanied him and stepped inside. With a quick check he confirmed there were no men in the stalls. But then I noticed that a group of his guy friends had entered via the main door. My Friend went to the door and slid the bolt shut, locking me in with them. Then the bold lad came behind me without saying a word and lifted me off the floor with his hands under my upper thighs. I fell back against his chest, into a comfortable position, actually. Still silent, he proceeded to spread my legs far apart as we walked, rigidly as a couple, to the sink ahead. “Pull your pantie to the side and pee into the sink so you don’t have to get close to the dirty toilets.”

I was initially horrified by his orders but quickly realized that it was a good plan. No worries, and I used a finger to pull my tiny thong to one side of my swelling labia. A strong stream shot forward from canlı kaçak iddaa my dilated urethra. I felt relieved but was shocked that I became sexually aroused immediately. I could not control myself and began to flick my erect clit with one finger as the peepee was still flowing forcefully. He stared at my pussy as did the other young men who approached for a close look. Why not? I started to shudder with my first orgasm, with all eyes fixated on my naked, swelling cunt, still dripping and gaping more by the second.

When my stream ended and only a few drips continued, my Friend turned me around and told the guys to lick me dry, which I loved, especially as each of them lingered and tongued deep into my now-creaming pussy. I just leaned back as if sitting in a big comfortable lounge chair, with my cunt getting lovely attention. This lasted for five glorious minutes before being lowered to my feet and wobbly legs.

Surely, I’d be allowed to gather my wits before exiting the Men’s Room. Wrong! My Friend, who was large (about three inches taller than six feet?) walked up to me and put his hands around my waist and lifted me off the floor again, but this time, facing him. With a gentle toss upward, he lifted me higher and my arms instinctively went around his neck as his hands moved to hold each of my bare ass cheeks. I was too shocked to say a thing, then I heard him give orders to one of his friends. “Undo my pants and pull them totally off.” One guy did this favor, and I realized that my young Friend’s cock was within inches of my gaping, creamy pussy.

It was inevitable – he lowered me slowly and my pussy happily consumed his amazing cock. The mushroom head was very large and had trouble entering my pussy initially, but with much experience I wiggled my bottom left and right until his head popped inside my steamy pussy. She had become a hungry cunt, again, as it had been over 24 hours since I had a nice cock inside. My initial thought was that I had been knotted by a big doggie, with his cock never being able to escape my grasp.

I loosened my arms from his neck and perabet giriş let my entire weight fall on his pole. It was instant bliss as his cock must have been eight inches, plus. It found my cervix and must have slipped inside on the first lowering of my body.

OMG his cock tip was inside my womb, ready to shoot his sticky, delicious cum on my ovaries. This made me cum instantly, knowing this young stranger was about to fill my cunt with his viscous glory, and I loved it! Gallons please.

He bounced me up and down on his splendid pole like a light, flexible Rag Doll. I relaxed every muscle and bone in my body so he could use me like a toy. My whole being was now a cunt, existing solely as a wet, hot sheath milking the cum from his cock and balls.

With a quick glance to the side, I noticed the other guys close by, watching intently and drooling with jealousy. Some had their cocks out for stroking, with precum glistening and dripping from some.

A deep groan and snorts from his flared nostrils – my Friend shot his young sperm far into me. I imagined that inside me, it looked just like the drawings of big cocks filling wombs, which I had seen on Xhamster; typically, big black cocks pumping quarts of cum onto the ovaries of little pussies. Now it is me being painted inside and filled.

My Friend stayed in my pussy which I liked, but I saw him signal one of his friends to join us. OMG a second cock easily slipped inside my creampied pussy, alongside the initial big one. Double Vaginal Penetration – a recurring fantasy my whole life!

The new cock was firm as metal and started slipping way up inside me too…. Within about twenty seconds, he started to spurt also. I could feel all the mixed cum oozing out of my pussy and down my legs. It really flowed when the second one pulled out…. And the third entered… In total, four guys creampied me as I was still impaled on the first. He kept me open with his massive cock, even when semi-hard – a wonderful place-holder!

Just as my feet were lowered to the floor and the guys were zipping up their pants, a loud knock perabet güvenilir mi came from the bolted door. “Let me in. I’m the guard!”

OMG I will be caught in the Men’s Room!

My Friend opened the door and stammered. “Officer, we were just protecting this old lady who had to pee real bad. She’s OK now.” And all the guys hustled past the guard and out the door.

With a deep voice, the large black man said, “You shall come to my office lady, now!”

I was scared but numb from the wonderful fucking the group had given me.

When we had stepped inside his interior office, which had no windows, he closed and locked the door. I became instantly scared, again.

“I know you’re not some innocent mother or grandmother, lady. You’re the Countess and every young guy in this Shelter knows it. There’s more testosterone in this building than a bull’s breeding coral. They all want to fuck you and it’s my job to prevent ****s from happening on the premises. If you don’t behave, I’ll be forced to call the official City Police and they will arrest you for Disorderly Conduct, possibly Sodomy, but let’s not go there.”

Trembling, I tried to muster up an intelligent reply but my concentration was broken because he began staring at my bare, upper thighs which had globs of thick cum oozing down. “Look at you Countess, you’re one big creampie and you’ve only been here a matter of hours.”

“Sir, maybe it would be best if you had the police take me to their facility where I’d be more safe. At least I wouldn’t have forty young men ready to fuck me.”

“Girly, kneel down and give me the blowjob I know you’re capable of. Swallow my black seed like the good Countess. If you don’t, I WILL call the City Police, and tell them to come pick up the Countess. I’m sure they all know your erotic reputation. There, you won’t see the light of day for months. You’ll be used by dozens of big Warrant Officers, around the clock; some big Bull Dykes too, for sure!”

“Maybe they won’t tell the City Manager that they have you in captivity. You might be theirs, forever! Do you still want to go to the City Jail, lovely Countess, maybe with a pretty pink name tag around your neck when you enter the building?”

I waved my head NO, frantically.

“OK, show me your tonsils, Countess. You’ve got a big meal cummming. And every day that I have you here.”

To be continued in Part 3.

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