Cosplaying Yeina Ch. 04: Milky Show

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A few weeks later, Jana was back in the air duct, her tight, milk-laden breasts dangling through the narrow opening again. In the room below, Tom and the rest of the crew screened the video they took last time, checked the comic, and compared it to what was hanging over their heads.

Tom muttered, “Damn, I knew it. Look at that, her breasts have a slightly different shape now, probably because of all the milk. They look somehow wrong. It’ll show. Also, they should be quite a bit bigger. Look at the comic. I mean, Yeina’s boobs are supposed to have grown from the ointment, quite a bit, right? But Jana’s boobs are just a little bit bigger. Of course they also need to be a bit more reddish before we start, but that part should be easy.”

Julie nodded, “You’re right, Tom. So what can we do?”

Bob grinned, “Should I pull a bit on her?”

Tom shook his head, “No, that won’t work. But I have an idea. Give me a few minutes.”

Jana was wondering what was going on below her. Nobody told her anything. As usual. What were they discussing? For a change, she enjoyed the feeling of her breasts swaying below her. Weird.

Suddenly, she felt something slippery on her orbs. She heard Tom saying, “Ok, Jana, don’t freak out, but we have to improve the visuals a bit down here. This might feel funny, but just keep still and hang in there, ok? It’ll take only a few minutes.”

Keeping still? Those guys were funny! She couldn’t move anyway! She felt something being pulled over her breasts, constricting them right at the base, locking her in even more. What were they up to? Then something else was there, felt like glass? Then she felt an awkward suction all over the place, stretching her. She heard some machine running, making noises.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing down there?” Jana complained, “This feels funny! And not in a good way!”

“No worries, Jana. It’s all for the visuals. You’ll see.”

Tom was watching intently, as the vacuum pump worked on evacuating the two large glass cylinders which they pushed over Jana’s breasts. The strong, black rubber rings they put around the bases of her boobs should be enough to provide an air-tight seal.

This was really the only way Tom could come up with, that may increase Jana’s bust size a bit for the last scenes. Julie watched with gaping mouth, as the large breasts over her head were slowly inflating within the cylinders. It really looked like it could work!

She heard Jana’s screams from above. Seemed like the feeling wasn’t that pleasant after all. Wait! Something was wrong here! There was something dripping from the tips of those entrapped breasts!

Milk! That was milk! Julie nudged Tom, pointed her finger upwards and said, “If you want to have some of that stuff remaining for the actual shoot, you’ll need to do something about this! Seems like the vacuum in those cylinders is drawing the fluid out!”

Tom panicked, “STOP! Stop the pump and open those cylinders! Quick!”

A hissing sound filled the room, Jana’s breasts popped out of the cylinders. The milk flow stopped immediately. “Pheww. So what now?”

Julie disappeared, came back moments later, and presented her hand. “What about these?” Two tiny, black rubber bands were lying in her palm.

“Good idea, that could do it. Please put them on her and get started again. We don’t have all day!”

Julie smiled, stretched the bands a little, and whispered, “Be brave, Jana, that might hurt a bit.”

She put a ladder in place, went up and grabbed one of casino siteleri the boobs hanging above her. Then, she let one band snap around Jana’s little nipple.

“Owww!” it complained from above, “What was that?”

Julie didn’t reply. Instead, she grabbed the other dangling breast and let the second one snap around the other nipple.

“Ok, good to go! Get those tubes over her melons again!” she shouted on her way down.

“Hey, tell me at least what you did!” demanded Jana with a stern voice, “This… hurts! Did you pinch my nipple? Clamps? Did you put freaking clamps on me?”

“Close, hon. You were leaking, so we had to put some tiny rubber bands around your nips. No biggie, really.”

“Oh god, JULIE!”

“I know… stand tight, you’re almost done!”

Tom, Tim and Bob pushed those big cylinders over Jana’s breasts again. Once everything was fixed, Julie flipped the switch. The pump woke up and started evacuating the cylinders once more.

Julie smirked, “You know what? I like what I see here. Anyway, Tom, do you think they’ll expand enough?”

Jana was howling behind the wall, while Tom watched the spectacle with concern. “I don’t know, but let’s try. Just look at that comic and say when you think they’re big enough.”

“But they’ll collapse as soon as the vacuum is removed!”

“Well, they should retain the form a bit at least. Let’s grow them a bit more then. But we shouldn’t overdo it.”

The group stared at the ceiling, watched the encased boobs expand.

“You know what, guys? I’ll better record this. Would be good stuff for a making-of. Or bonus material!” grinned Tim.

Jana couldn’t believe it! It felt like her boobs would explode any minute! What was going on there? As usual, she couldn’t see a thing up there, and that feeling was horrible! She bitched, howled, cursed, but they wouldn’t tell her anything!

It only took about half an hour until Jana’s stretched breasts finally touched the glass. This was as big as they would go. Tom signaled Julie to stop the pump. Finally, the pulling subsided and Jana was relieved to feel her breasts being freed. Was that it? Whatever they were doing? To ‘improve the visuals’?

“Looks about right now,” Tom said, “They also have a nice shade of red. Perfect. I think we can start. Bob, when you do the scene, try removing those bands so the camera doesn’t see them. If we’re lucky, the milk will start flowing immediately.”

“Understood. Will do my best. You know I’m a pro with this beast now!” Bob grinned, obviously looking forward to his task.

“Alright Jana, time to get started with the scene. Try to get into the mood, concentrate, BE Yeina, ok?”

Jana closed her eyes, thought about the story so far, imagined how it would be, as the warrior Yeina, fallen into the hands of those awful monsters, trapped by her own breasts in this narrow tunnel. She moaned, glanced at the panel that would be next. She felt a hand touching her bloated breast. That was it, that was the start signal.

With a shocked expression on her face, she screamed, “WOAA! This is weird, what did you put on me?”

The Orcogre, lifting her breast even higher, grinned, “Now we have bigger toys to play with!”

Finally, it dawned on Jana. Did they do something to increase her size? The comic surely required that, but how on earth could they have done it? It sure felt like they succeeded. But that could also be the milk in her…

“Now my boobs feel heavier, they are bigger, aren’t they?” Yeina whispered, canlı casino “Don’t tell me my boobs weren’t big enough for you! This is too much!”

The beast responded calmly, “The size is enough, but the best part is…”

Jana felt something pull on her nipples, something was being pulled off, removed. Suddenly, there was an odd sensation, something warm and wet. Milk? She felt fingers pinching her nipple, squeezing and pulling. A weird, warm sensation overwhelmed her. The let-down! Now, she could also hear something dripping.

The beast chuckled, “What you are able to produce now!”

She felt the claws closing on her boobs, heard the beast grunting, “They’re full of milk, and I’m so thirsty.”

Yeina grimaced, “Milk? Oh no! that’s why they are so heavy and I cannot move!”

The monster grabbed her breasts even harder, began to pull her, milk her twins in earnest. Milk was shooting out, milk that was trapped in there too long already.

Jana was kind of enjoying this, wondering how she got there, and how things would continue from here. Below, the beast, Bob, had fun milking her huge twins, was squeezing and tweaking her with enthusiasm. Yeina grunted “Hmmm…What WAS that thing you put on me? MY GOD!”

Tom let Bob continue for a while, let Tim do some more shoots of the spectacle, but eventually he shouted, “CUT, OK, guys, were done! That was it! Great work! Tim, how long will the editing take?”

“Well, give me two weeks and a first version should be ready.”

“Great! Jana, you can get out of there now! Bob, stop teasing her! Keep your hands of her tits for once!”

The breasts under the ceiling shook. “Oh fuck! I’m stuck!” Jana screamed. Her boobs jumped around a bit, rose higher. “Really, man, what did you guys do to me? Is this some sick joke or what?”

Julie looked confused. Her gaze went upwards to the dangling orbs. She giggled, then burst into laughter.

The others looked quizzically, and within moments joined her and broke out laughing, too.

“Fuck, guys, our sweetie, well at least her jugs, got a tad too big!” Julie giggled, “Somebody get some cold water. That should do the trick. Cool her down, she’s way too excited and puffed up!”

She couldn’t stop laughing when the guys finally directed a stream of cold water on Jana’s melons and made them jump around even more. But the trick worked, the swelling subsided, and Jana could finally pull her breasts free. Cursing and bitching, she crawled back and out.

Everybody was applauding her when she finally entered the room, but Jana still was furious. “Did you use these things on me?” she screamed, pointing at the big glass cylinders standing in a corner.

“Yup,” grinned Tom, “And they worked as intended. The swelling should go back in a few hours by the way, so enjoy your new size as long as you can.”

“I really like your bigger boobs, fits you incredibly well!” Bob giggled, who was finally out of his machine, “May I check how they actually feel? Those metal hands really don’t give you much tactile feedback, you know!”

“Oh fuck, you guys are killing me. I got stuck up there! I was freaking stuck! I thought I would never get out, trapped forever by my own breasts!” She looked around at all those grinning faces.

Bob replied, barely suppressing his laughter, “This is stuff for legends! Generations to come will tell the tale of Jana the booby-trapped would-be hero!”

Everybody giggled, and then Jana burst out laughing, too.

When Tim finally presented kaçak casino the entire movie, complete with editing, effects and everything, the small group that was privileged to attend the pre-screening event was absolutely thrilled.

When, at the end, the deep voice of the narrator said, “Will our trapped hero ever escape? Or will she be booby-trapped forever? What other adventures might await her?” people were giving standing ovations, and showed their appreciation by lengthy applause joined by ecstatic screaming.

The narrator continued, “Are there more challenges for her mighty mounds to meet? Will she prevail? Will she finally be able to deliver payback to those nasty Orcogres? Check out those EDEN comics to find out!”

People weren’t stopping to applaud; everybody was thrilled and blown away by the performance. After the show, Jana was immediately overrun by her new fans. She had plenty to do with signing all those pre-release DVDs and letting people admire her stunning body. Of course she also had to fight off the odd groping hand, but that was to be expected and didn’t bother her too much. At least as long as things didn’t escalate.

A few days later, the community was buzzing with incredible excitement, and the team couldn’t believe their fortune once they found out the reason. Their movie got an endorsement by the artist himself! Gulavisual was recommending their work!

The news was featured on various web pages and news outlets of the scene, and, as a result, interest in their product spiked. Edgy trailers were created and distributed by the community, and fan-made mash-ups appeared everywhere. It was time for the team to start selling the movie. And so they selected a popular online site and made it happen.

Every single trailer went viral as soon as it was published, just like the teaser did before. Yeina’s big bouncy boobs jumping around in distress were practically a guarantee for a shitload of views. Sales of the ‘EDEN’ comic series as well as the movie itself skyrocketed in short time. It was great! A success in every regard!

In the coming days, Jana was flooded with requests to do other movies, picture series, interviews, and modeling. She found it quite enlightening (and quite a bit frightening, too!) to learn what people wanted her to do, especially what they wanted to do with her incredible breasts.

Some of those proposed projects actually sounded like good fun! But unfortunately she had to turn them all down. She had a so much better offer that would keep her busy for ages. Jana grinned, thinking about the short note she received. It simply read “Great job, Jana. You are indeed the perfect fit for Yeina’s role. Interested in doing pictures and short features of my upcoming work? Would share any profit 50/50. GV.”

She couldn’t imagine a better job! That guy really seemed like a nice pal, too! Which of his pictures and comics would she be tasked to do first? She had to have a look at his entire portfolio. Maybe she could make some suggestions!

Jana couldn’t stop thinking about her past experiences, about being stuck in that duct, tits outside, being teased by would-be monsters. That was so weird! And for some reason the experience got her excited quite a bit, too! Her pulse started racing whenever she remembered how she felt, what she experienced in that dark duct.

Maybe the next shoot would be even more … stimulating? What would lie ahead of her? What would the artist want her to do? She was so excited, she couldn’t wait for it to start!

Her mobile vibrated. A new message? She looked at the screen, grinning broadly.

“Hey Jana! So when can we meet? I have some ideas I’d love to try with you. GV.”

Jana smiled. She definitely liked where things were heading.

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