Corruption Pt. 09

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The general wisdom is that younger girls can like older guys as they are experienced, but Beki definitely got a thrill out of seducing inexperienced older guys and turning them into the male equivalent of sluts. Since she had lost her virginity to her older brother, she had had a whole range of sexual experiences and she had learned that she loved to explore her darker, kinky side. Sex with her brother and then her mum was still her favourite activity, but she also loved her experiences firstly with her best friend’s dad and more recently with her older neighbour Steve. As long as you avoided the weird losers (and Beki had a good sense of who was OK), an inexperienced older guy gave her the opportunity to train and corrupt them to indulge in all sorts of deviant stuff. The power rush for Beki was immense.

Beki definitely didn’t think of Steve as a loser or someone to be avoided. In fact, she was quite surprised that he wasn’t with someone when she met him, but a combination of shyness and a high moral code meant he was in his 40s and still a virgin. Beki got a real thrill out of taking the virginity of someone 20 years older than her and then driving a coach and horses through his moral code. Since that first night she had seduced him, she had introduced Steve to a threesome and DP with her brother, group sex involving her brother and his wife, sex with her friend and she’d also seduced Steve’s 18 year old lodger and got them both to fuck her. As well as enjoying the sex, Beki wanted to train Steve to give her mum a shock and the fucking of her life on her birthday in a couple of weeks. Her step mum, Louise, was as big a slut as Beki but had had a hard time recently with her own mum passing away. Beki knew Louise liked Steve as well but thought of him as he used to be – a quiet well-behaved man who wouldn’t attempt anything. Beki had definitely changed him in just a few short weeks but was still breaking down his walls before she wrapped a bow on him and got him to fuck her mum.

The next phase of Steve’s training presented itself unplanned one Friday, but this led to a couple of really wild times for all concerned as Beki got a college friend called Lydia involved in her games.

Lydia was 19 and, although Beki had only known her for a short time, she already knew that Lydia was a bit of a slut like Beki. She had longer ginger hair and perky tits, maybe a B or a C cup in Beki’s eyes. Both girls had shared about some sexual experiences, although Lydia was nowhere near as wild as Beki. Lydia was particularly shocked and intrigued as Beki spoke about how she had seduced her older neighbour and was now trying to train him in the art of rough sex. Lydia had never had sex with an older guy, but Beki said that the sex with Steve was great and she should join in. Lydia was somewhat tempted to try fucking with a guy older than her dad, but she had a boyfriend and felt that she probably shouldn’t.

On the Friday in question, Beki was with Steve at his house and for once they were just snuggling. At around 10:00, Beki got a call from a distraught Lydia who was at a local party.

“I’m at my neighbour’s house. Just come round,” Beki encouraged Lydia. Steve looked at her somewhat puzzled as he wasn’t prepared for another girl to come to the house. Even though he had done all sorts of depraved activities with Beki, he still didn’t want everyone to know about it. Beki was concerned for her friend, but she was also getting wet at the thought of what the night might bring.

A little while later, Lydia turned up at the door in a tight short and white blouse. Steve couldn’t do anything but stare as this beautiful ginger schoolgirl walked into the lounge in tears. It turned out that Lydia had been at a ‘school’ disco organised by the college and her school uniform made her look younger than she was, but Steve still shifted uncomfortably in his seat even when Beki assured him that Lydia was 19. Lydia had been at the disco with her boyfriend, only to find him snogging another of her good friends and obviously groping her tits. Lydia had stormed out in a rage and hence she was in Steve’s lounge sat between Steve and Beki sobbing.

“I thought he cared for me!” sobbed Lydia to Beki. “Maybe I’m just not enough for him!”

“Don’t be daft!” Beki responded to her friend. “Your beautiful, sexy, with gorgeous tits. What man wouldn’t want you?”

“No, they wouldn’t. Nobody loves me!” cried Lydia.

“What do you think, Steve?” Both girls looked expectantly at Steve who didn’t know what to say.

“You’re a very attractive young girl,” Steve finally managed to stammer.

“Do you mean that?” asked Lydia nervously. She was nervous firstly because she didn’t know Steve but also because she knew Beki and what Beki might try and get to happen.

“Just show her Steve,” encouraged Beki.

“What…” stammered Steve before Beki pushed Lydia’s head towards Steve and their lips met. Before he had a chance to think or respond, Lydia opened her mouth and he found himself kissing her back. Their tongues casino siteleri danced with each other as Lydia rechannelled all her highly charged emotion towards Steve.

“Wait, I’m old enough to be your dad! How old are you really anyway?” Said Steve, tearing himself away from Lydia.

“I told you, she’s 19 and totally legal!” said Beki as she reached around and groped Lydia’s breasts in both hands.

“That’s still far too young, even if …” protested Steve, but he was stopped again as Lydia leaned in and kissed him some more.

Beki worked on removing Lydia’s and her own clothes as Steve got lost in kissing this beautiful teenager. She guided his hands to her breasts, and Steve gave in to the thrill of kneading her firm, young tits. He bent over and took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked lovingly as Beki stripped him of his pants and underwear and grabbed hold of his throbbing dick. As Steve worshipped at Lydia’s chest, he saw Beki fall to her knees and engulf his stiff cock into her mouth. Lydia sank to her knees as well, and Beki fed his engorged knob into Lydia’s mouth. Back and forth they switched on his prick, each time going a little deeper. Steve could only watch in awe as Lydia finally sank all the way down to his root and swirled her tongue around his rock-hard member before coming up for air and then kissing Beki full on the lips.

Beki got Lydia to sit on the sofa and leaned in to begin munching on her wet sex whilst Steve stood on the seat and fed his cock back into Lydia’s mouth. Beki and Lydia had messed about a couple of times, but Lydia loved the sensation of Beki pleasuring her love hole as she sucked on Steve’s prick like her favourite lollipop.

“I’m cuming!” exclaimed Steve as he felt his balls begin to boil. Lydia just kept on sucking as Steve erupted into her mouth and she gulped down his load with glee. Beki moved up and kissed her deeply as they exchanged Steve’s warm cum with one another. Steve slumped back on the seat as the girls continued to make out, and Beki took two fingers and started to thrust them in and out of Lydia’s sopping pussy.

Beki looked over at Steve enjoying the show and was pleased to see that his dick was regaining its rigidity fairly fast. Not that she could blame him as her and Lydia made out in front of him and she introduced another finger into Lydia’s wet hole.

“God, I’m going to cum…” said Lydia in the throes of ecstasy.

“Come and fuck her!” Beki said, looking straight at Steve.

“Yes, fuck me! I need cock!” exclaimed Lydia on a massive high.

Steve got Lydia to face Beki on the couch and bent her over as the tip of his knob rubbed against her slit.

“Put it in! Fuck me!” Lydia encouraged him.

Slowly and surely, Steve slid his solid shaft deep into Lydia’s open pussy as she lowered her head to Beki’s snatch. As she began to lick, Steve gave in to his base urges and pushed his entire length into Lydia’s wet cavern and began to pound into her with a passion.

“Yes, harder! Fuck! That’s so good!” Squealed Lydia before Beki grabbed hold of her hair and forced her face back into her crotch.

“Fuck the shit out of her!” urged Beki as she was caught up with Lydia’s oral ministrations. As Steve thrust violently into Lydia, Beki felt Lydia’s tongue in turn thrust deeper and deeper into her sex and they lost themselves in lust.

Suddenly, Lydia couldn’t take it anymore and groaned as the most incredible wave of pleasure hit her. She raised her head and screamed as her climax washed over her.

Quickly, Beki got Steve to take his still hard prick out of Lydia’s pussy and begin wanking over the pair of girls.

“Cum for me!” said Beki as both youngsters looked up at him with hungry eyes.

“Cumming!” cried steve as he shot load after load, first landing on Beki’s upturned face and then on Lydia’s young tits and chest. Beki turned to Lydia and linked Steve’s warm spunk from Lydia’s body before they then again exchanged cum with one another in front of a stunned Steve.

“We’ll have to do that again sometime,” grinned Beki as she looked at each of them. She then whispered something in Lydia’s ear before getting up to get dressed. Steve couldn’t even think straight as Beki said goodbye to Lydia before returning to the lounge.

“Right, shall we go to bed?” asked Beki with a grin. Steve felt spent, but Beki know she could coax another fuck out of him before the night was over!

A few days later, Steve was with Beki and her stepbrother Tim in town when Lydia approached them.

“Do you want to come to my sixteenth birthday?” asked Lydia.

Steve stopped dead and felt life flowing out of his body.

Tim looked at Steve and laughed. “Relax man, she is just teasing you! She is already 19 so her birthday is her twentieth.”

“Although why did you get so worried?” Tim added, looking at Steve with a smirk.

“Oh, I see!” he said after a minute of glances between Steve and both girls. “You dirty old man!” teased Tim.

“Can you blame canlı casino him?” Beki asked Tim.

“No, she does look like she would be a really good fuck!” said Tim in response.

Lydia knew she should be offended at Tim talking about her like that, but she felt herself getting hot as she thought about her experience with Steve and some of the wild stories that Beki had told her about sex with Tim and his mates.

“Why don’t we have our own private party for Lydia’s twentieth?” asked Beki, grinning at Tim. Again, Beki and Tim whispered something conspiratorially. Knowing Beki, Lydia guessed it was something sexual but stuff it, she thought, after that douche bag of a boyfriend had betrayed her maybe she should just let her inner slut loose.

“Let’s go to your house Lydia. Tim can get a few other people to come over and we can have some fun!” said Beki with a grin.

“I’m not sure when my mum will be home!” said Lydia, but Beki assured her it would not be a problem. Lydia thought that this meant this wasn’t going to be an orgy after all, somewhat disappointingly. However, Beki knew that her mum was also getting friendly with the neighbours since they had moved and she had seduced Lydia’s mum into a lesbian tryst. If she turned up, maybe she would even join in the fun. Beki’s evil mind imagined all sorts of scenarios to get things really wild for all concerned.

As Tim went to gather a few people, Beki, Steve and Lydia headed to Lydia’s house.

“Do you fancy a gangbang for your birthday?” whispered Beki in Lydia’s ear.

“Oh, you’re so naughty!” Lydia giggled.

“That’s not a no!” smiled Beki.

“Is that what Tim is setting up? How many guys?” asked Lydia. She knew she should just say no outright, but she felt her wild side getting wet at the prospect of doing something so depraved.

“I don’t know, but I’m sure there would be lots of cock for you!” replied Beki, pleased to see that Lydia was going along with the idea. “Maybe 20 since its for your birthday! Who knows?”

“I really shouldn’t…” said Lydia, worrying about her reputation in the area and if she could really cope with such a large group.

“Tell you what, lets just have a party anyway. If you don’t want to do anything, we will just all have a drink and a laugh. However, if you are up for it you will have a lot of fun. Believe me!”

“Have you…?” Asked Lydia is awe of Beki’s brazen sexuality.

Beki just smiled and took hold of Steve’s hand as they arrived at Lydia’s and settled down to wait for the rest. Beki was so looking forward to introducing both Lydia and Steve to extreme group sex, and had one or two surprises lined up as well. She kissed Steve full on the lips and encouraged him to keep Lydia company as she guided his hands to Lydia’s breasts and they started to make out. Meanwhile Beki went and made up drinks with a little bit extra to keep them both relaxed and help Steve to stay hard in the games that were hopefully about to begin.

As it turned out, Tim arrived saying just four of his friends that he trusted to be discreet were coming. Lydia relaxed a bit as Tim explained that it was the best he could do in a limited time frame, but her face dropped as the guys arrived over the next half hour and one of them was her older brother Joel.

“Beki, I can’t have sex with my brother! Its so wrong!” whispered Lydia in Beki’s ear.

“Its so good though!” replied Beki as Tim sat next to her and kissed her. “But I can take care of Joel if you don’t want to. Do you want to have some fun?”

“Go on then!” replied Lydia, casting her eyes over the other men in the group. They were all in their early 20s other than Steve and quite good looking. Tim knew Carl, Jordan, Joel and James through his gym, and they were all fit in Lydia’s eyes. She let herself getting wet as she found herself at the centre of the room with everyone gather around her.

Steve stroked Lydia’s hair and kissed her, then turned her head to Tim, then Carl who held her face to his and turned up the heat in their kissing. Jordan was next in the circle, and Lydia shivered as his hand strayed to her boobs and started playing with them over her top. James took over and as he thrust his tongue into Lydia’s mouth he too massaged her breasts. Lydia was pleased to see that Beki was passionately kissing Joel as she continued moving around the circle of the other five guys getting more and more turned on as she allowed their hands to roam over her body.

As the group continued to make out, each guy would take an item of clothing off Lydia until she was stood in the middle of the circle in only her bra and pants. Steve and Tim pulled her bra off between them and they all stopped to admire Lydia’s firm, teenage tits. Finally, Steve and Tim lowered their mouths to Lydia’s chest and sucked on her breasts as she moaned in pleasure. Lydia looked across at Beki to see that Carl was likewise worshiping Beki’s tits whilst Joel was on his knees in front of Beki lapping at her sex. James and Jordan were quietly wanking kaçak casino as they watched the scene unfolding before them, and Lydia felt her lust rising as she stared at them stroking their stiff knobs.

Steve guided Lydia onto the couch and as she sat down he sank to his knees and started lapping at her hot and needy pussy. James and Jordan approached her and stood on the couch so their cocks were level with her head. Lydia grabbed hold of James and guided his prick into her mouth and started sucking his erect member, before turning to Jordan and doing the same. As she switched back and forth, she noticed that Beki was on her hands and knees and Beki’s brother Tim was fucking her whilst Lydia’s own brother was thrusting his cock into Beki’s mouth. With the stimulation to her pussy, the two guys competing for her mouth and Beki’s show in front of her, Lydia did not have time to realise that Carl was taking photographs on his phone of the debauchery happening all around him. Beki and Tim had persuaded Carl to take a few shots for a very different 20th birthday scrap book for Lydia, and they knew the fun was just beginning.

James moved Lydia onto all fours and slid himself into Lydia’s very wet hole. Lydia’s head was very near to Beki who was continuing to be spit roasted by Tim and Joel.

“Your brother has such as nice cock!” exclaimed Beki as she pulled her mouth off him. “Are you sure you don’t want to taste?”

“That’s so wrong!” said Lydia weakly as she stared at her brother’s dick. She had never thought about her brother sexually before, but her brother had lusted after Lydia for a while and had been happy to agree to Tim’s suggestion to join in the party with the hope of finally fucking his sister rather than just imagining it.

As James continued to pound her pussy, Lydia felt her resolve crumbling as Beki took hold of Joel’s cock and brought it towards Lydia’s mouth. She moaned as James hit her G spot, and Joel wasted no time in inserting his throbbing dick into her open mouth. Lydia gave in to everything that was happening and started to bob her head up and down on her brother’s prick. Joel had lots of suppressed sexual fantasies about his sister, and pretty soon he was violently thrusting deep into Lydia’s mouth as she felt a wave of pleasure flow over her.

Lydia totally lost track of time and what was happening as all the guys took turns in her wet mouth or abused pussy. She did resist as Steve decided to try and force his cock up her bum saying she didn’t do anal, but with Beki’s coaxing and Steve’s persistence this taboo was quickly surrendered until Lydia found that at one stage she had a cock in her pussy, arse and mouth at the same time. Beki took Carl’s phone off him and encouraged him to force his cock into already stretched cunt alongside Joel whilst Tim was lying on the floor beneath Lydia and sawing in and out of her gaping shit hole and a by now delirious Lydia was basically letting Steve fuck her face. Beki guided James and Jordan to stand either side of Lydia who was by now buried in a sea of bodies, but she still managed to reach out and grab hold of each guys dick. Beki took a few discreet shots of the scene as Lydia pleasured six guys at once. “Maybe this could be the cover shot for the album!” thought Beki wickedly as she marvelled that Lydia was able to cope with so much cock.

A couple of the guys erupted in Lydia’s various orifices, sending Lydia herself into another climax. She had lost track of how many times she had cum but was glad of the break as she realised that some of the guys were resting. Lydia loved that the guy fucking her pussy was now going slow and deep after some of the rough fucking she had had in the last hours, but as he turned her onto her back she realised that the guy was her brother and the only other people having sex were Beki and her brother, Tim. “Maybe incest wasn’t so bad after all,” thought Lydia as she revelled in how content she felt with her brother’s dick inside her.

Beki grinned as she heard a car pulling into the drive and realised that Lydia’s mum had arrived. This had always been part of the plan, to get Lydia’s mum involved.

“What the fuck?!” screamed Janice as she walked into the lounge to see lots of naked people and her 21-year-old son screwing her 19-year-old daughter whilst Beki was sat on her own brother’s lap.

“Steve, shut Mrs S up,” said Beki as she rose up and went across to the distraught mum.

“I know what you did with my mum, slut, so you’d better behave!” Beki said into Janice’s ear.

Janice couldn’t form a coherent thought as she reeled from Beki’s revelation and the scene in front of her.

Finally, regaining her senses, she had time to say “no!” before Steve was forcing her to her knees in front of him.

“Put a cock in it!” Steve joked as he pushed his hard knob into Janice’s mouth. Steve had secretly lusted after Janice for a while but would never have had the balls to do anything about it until his experiences with Beki. Now, in this highly charged sexual atmosphere, he didn’t care about right or wrong or even how reluctant Janice might be. He simply started skull fucking the startled woman but was pleased when she started to move her head and welcome his dick into her throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20