Conquering Your Fears

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Of all of the stories that I have written this is the most true piece that I have as an author have ever gotten to write. For all of you that know me; if you are the least bit squeamish, put down the book, and stop reading now.

For those that like a bit of freakish action, this one might be for you…

So I have always wanted to drink a girl. Ha, this sounds impossible seeing I am not a cannibal and I refuse to drink blood… no not what I mean! I’m talking about drinking a girl’s piss. So this may be close to it!

I have read countless stories about girls that can do this, but I have yet to come across a guy that has the balls to aim his cock in the right direction while pissing to be able to swallow his own bile.

I didn’t think I could do it though; until tonight of course that is. (and for those of you that still don’t believe me, I wish I could show you my swollen throbbing cock that just beat the shit out of twice in the course of a half hour just thinking about it!)

For those of you that are still with me, and haven’t called me up cursing me out, here goes… The story of how canlı bahis I managed this feat!

First of all, you are going to want to get drunk.

In my case, drunk enough to let all of your inhibitions go to the wind. How drunk is that? Well in my case, a half bottle of well whiskey and a shot of Crown Royal should more than do the trick! Also being horny helps… like going to a club and watching more than a fair amount of girls dance so hard that they show you their panties, over and over again. Oh and getting flashed a couple of times doesn’t hurt either.

Once you are drunk, and sporting a healthy erection, wait until closing time and head out to your car. New, old, clean, dirty, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s your car and you haven’t gone out with any of your friends.

Listen, it’s imperative that you are alone if you are shy in any way! Leave the girlfriend, (or boyfriend… but this way might be a little harder for a girl, just in the aspect that your urethra – your piss hole, for the dummies in the crowd- is located inside your vagina) friends, and potential love mates at home! bahis siteleri Go out alone and have a good time!

Now that you are leaving, find a container in your car (a glass jar, sports bottle, etc.) and make sure it is close by. Also you might want to make sure your pants are undone and your cock is hanging out as you drive… (or ladies, hike up the skirt and lose the panties!!) Once away from all riff-raff, (police, spectators, etc.) let her rip.

~Being drunk, you might under estimate the space in the container, (as I did, but that’s ok, dump half out, hold your bladder as best as you can, and when you are ready, continue in a similar fashion as you began.

When you are fully finished, now it’s time to tuck yourself back into your pants men, and pull the skirt down ladies and here comes the test.

At first, I was kind of scared. I was holding a warm glass of my own piss in my hand and I was feeling some sort of way about the whole scenario. The more I thought about it, the more scared I got! The smell of a drunkard’s piss is very faint, so I couldn’t chicken out on the smell alone. bahis şirketleri So I had to keep drumming up excuses. Sooner than later, I just gave up… here goes…Bring the glass, (in my case) or what ever container, up to your lips and drink away.


The first taste caught me off guard. Salty? A little… bitter? A little… but the erection that was about to burst from my pants was all the incentive that I needed to keep on!

In this particular case I couldn’t chug the contents, or even finish the container, but I came twice well after the fact, and I have a sore cock because I beat off so hard after I got home just thinking about what I did!!!

I would love to have a girl sit on my face now and just let her bladder go all over my mouth and down my throat! I of course don’t know how I will feel about this ordeal sober, but I know right now, I am pretty proud of me! I finally did it!

(oh, Ps. Just in case, make sure you have a drink in the car to wash the possibility of really bitter piss away so you don’t end up throwing up all over your car… but in the right circumstances… like drunkenness, you should be fine!)

This time it was urine, next time will it be more?

…I hear cum tastes pretty good ladies…

Laugh out Loud; because that’s the only way you can get over certain things!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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