Coming to Mother’s Aid

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“Tomorrow’s the big day, right Mom?”

“Absolutely, Megan. We need to get these two guys on our side regarding the Bankhead drilling project. They’re the last two pieces of the puzzle as far as I’m concerned. You know what to do?”

“Anything they say. Or want,” Megan replied.

Amanda smiled. She was the thirty nine year old CEO of GIC Corporation, an energy supplier throughout the northern United States. Their scientists recently discovered an oil and natural gas supply that would keep them in business for decades.

Her daughter Megan, eighteen, was not officially employed by the company. But Amanda brought her along on ‘crucial’ trips to the hunting and fishing lodge in remote Alberta, Canada when they were entertaining important clients.

The guests this week were Mark, a former congressman turned lobbyist, and Jerry, a state legislator who would have a major say in the company getting drilling rights.

Amanda and Megan sat on the balcony of their room at the lodge, looking out over the incredible sunset behind the Canadian Rockies. Amanda looked over at her beautiful, blonde daughter and understood entirely why the older men she brought to the lodge drooled over the teenager. The sun sparkled in her eyes and shimmered in her wind-blown hair.

“We’re going to go fishing in the morning after they arrive,” Amanda said. “Wear that white bikini and keep Mark and Jerry well supplied with beer. Give them another show at dinner, hon. And then we’ll all meet up in the large suite. At that point, anything goes. Just follow my lead.”

“Got it,” Megan confirmed with a grin. “I sure hope this works.”

“Me, too. I’m glad you’re here.”


Early the next morning, a luxury SUV bounced along the remote road leading to the lodge. In the back seat, Mark and Jerry shared laughs about their experiences in government and the stories they had heard about the beautiful, ambitious CEO of GIC Corporation. Like some of the fish stories in the region, the men didn’t know how much could be believed about Amanda’s tactics in winning over lobbyists and legislators. They decided if only half of it was true, they could be in for an eventful few days.

Mark was a very fit fifty six year old who had the energy of a man half his age. He was rugged, handsome, and accustomed to getting what he wanted. Mark was particularly fond of young, female interns in Washington.

Jerry was one of the few forty five year old legislators who already had ten years of experience. An Ivy League graduate, he was on the fast track to bigger and better things, either in government or industry. He was an expert on drilling rights and the laws governing them. Jerry had found out early on that his combined knowledge and power gave him indisputable clout.

The men marveled at the splendor of the multi-level lodge as they approached. Tall pines stood around the rim of a large, blue lake that reflected snow capped mountains. It would be their first of many eyefuls on this day.

The SUV drove up to the front door and the driver quickly jumped out to assist Mark and Jerry with their luggage. They were all joined by a bellhop pushing a luggage carrier and the men were escorted inside.

Amanda met them in the lobby, dressed in a summery outfit consisting of a low-cut, knit top and shorts that gave the initial impression of being a very short skirt.

“Welcome, gentlemen,” she said, extending a hand to each of them. “I’m so glad you could make it. Isn’t the weather wonderful?”

“It’s perfect, Amanda,” Mark replied. “You ordered it, right?”

She rolled her eyes. “It’s one of the few things out of my control, I’m afraid.”

“This is quite a place,” Jerry said, still surveying the inside of the lodge.

“Thank you. We love it here,” Amanda said. “And it’s all yours for the next few days. Please take advantage of it.”

“What’s on the agenda?” Mark asked.

Amanda smiled. “Once you get settled into your rooms and have something to eat, I thought we’d try out the fishing. Pike and walleye are supposed to be out there right now on both the lakes and rivers. It’s up to you.”

“Sure beats working,” Jerry said. “We’ll leave it up to the guide.”

Oh, by the way,” Amanda added. “My daughter’s with me this week. I hope it’s OK if she tags along.”

She said it in such a matter-of-fact manner that both men simply shrugged their approval. Neither had the nerve to ask how old the daughter might be, although both pictured a younger girl. They would learn soon enough that Megan was no child.


A couple hours later, Mark and Jerry were sitting in the lobby waiting for their hostess. It promised to be an exceptionally warm day for this part of the country and both men wore shorts and t-shirts. Amanda had recommended they bring backpacks with extra clothing and water, just in case. Everything else would be provided by the lodge.

They heard the women’s voices before Amanda and Megan appeared from around the corner. Both men found themselves unconsciously staring at the surprising sight. Amanda was dressed canlı bahis in the same clothes she wore earlier, but walking next to her was one of the most attractive females either man had ever seen.

Megan was nearly an inch taller than her mother, but with the same infectious smile and confident strut. She wore a one piece swimsuit cover that hung halfway down her thighs. It was just sheer enough to show the outline of Megan’s bikini.

Mark and Jerry rose to greet them, more than pleased that Amanda’s ‘little girl’ was with her.

“Hello again,” Amanda said. “I’d like you to meet my daughter Megan. She’ll be joining us today…if she behaves.”

Megan welcomed the men after giving her mother a frown of feigned offense. Mark and Jerry found opportunities to sneak in quick glances of Megan’s well-curved body as the foursome chatted and reviewed the plans for the fishing trip. As they headed outside and climbed into the SUV for the short ride to the lake, the importance for the men of catching a prize string of pike was somewhat lessened by the presence of the two gorgeous women.

Megan purposely sat between the men with her legs crossed and the swimsuit cover pulled high. She was determined to perform her assigned tasks with flair and distinction. Mark and Jerry spent the entire ride fighting the urge to touch the teenager’s flawless, tanned skin.

They finally arrived at the boat dock and quickly made their way onto the luxurious fishing charter. This was not your typical fishing boat. Amanda had a unique craft designed that incorporated the best of two worlds: sport fishing and opulent cruising. The fishing equipment was top of the line. In addition, the boat contained extras like a large platform for sunbathing, wood trimmed cabin with built-in bar, and a back deck that was lined on three sides with ultra-wide benches.

As the boat motored out onto the pristine lake, Mark and Jerry settled in. They watched two male crew members prepare their rods and reels. They also watched Amanda clamber around the decks in her revealing top and shorts. Each bend at the waist brought a new view of her ample tits and smooth upper thighs. Meanwhile, Megan emerged from the cabin with two cans of premium beer.

“Just an appetizer,” Megan said as she handed over the drinks. “There’s plenty more.”

She was still in her swimsuit cover, but it did little to conceal the fullness of her young tits as she reached out to the men. Both of them felt their cocks beginning to respond to the constant onslaught of erotic visions and wondered what ‘more’ she had in mind for them.

The first hour of fishing brought mixed results, with Mark and Jerry each catching at least one keeper and a couple small fish. But as noon approached and the temperature rose, the real catch became apparent. Megan took off her swimsuit cover and laid on a towel stretched out on the sun deck. The tiny bikini barely contained her full breasts or covered her pussy. When she rolled over, the thin strip of material that did little more than conceal the crack in her ass had their full attention. Only the occasional bite on the line took their eyes away for a short time.

About once an hour Megan would fetch another round of beers for the guests. Amanda kept them stocked in snacks and generally just made sure the trip was going as planned.

Then Megan took over for good.

While the men were occupied with landing a particularly large walleye, Megan took off the top of her bikini. Soon afterward, the boat headed to a new location and, during this break, Megan approached Mark and Jerry.

Their stares of appreciation pleased her. Megan routinely sunbathed topless and the difference in shading between her tits and the rest of her body was not that great. But still, the faint outline of her bikini and the overall shape and size of her breasts definitely caught the men’s attention.

She reached out her hand, containing a bottle of sunscreen, and asked, “Who would like to volunteer? I need somebody to get my back.”

The men smiled at each other and Jerry finally spoke up first.

“I’ll do it…if you insist,” he said.

Megan walked up to him, handed him the sunscreen, and sat sideways on his knees facing Mark. Jerry squeezed a little bit of the sunscreen into his palm and gently placed it on her upper back. With small circles, he covered Megan’s shoulders under her blonde hair. Megan arched her back as he put more cream on her back, all the way to the top of her ass.

The scene caused both men to fight awkward erections and they hoped they wouldn’t have to stand up soon. Just when it appeared Jerry was finished, Megan said, “Mark, can you get my legs.”

The bottle of cream was handed over to him and Megan stretched out her luscious legs in his direction. Mark was quick in his spreading of the sunscreen over her shins and calves. But when he moved up to her thighs, his pace slowed and the movements of his hand became much more measured. Mark slid his fingers inside one thigh and Megan spread her legs slightly. He moved higher. One finger bahis siteleri lightly slid across the bikini, barely noticeable even to Megan. But the sight of it was enough to quicken the pulses of both men.

By the time Mark was done, the tension could be cut with a knife. Sensing one more occasion to tease the men, Megan put some lotion on her own hand and sensually spread it over her breasts. Each pass of her hand over her tits caused the nipples to stiffen a little bit more. She gently massaged the supple skin, leaving just enough cream to let the breasts shimmer in the bright sun.

Finally, Megan gracefully rolled off Jerry’s knees, making sure to plant her hand in his crotch in the process. His hard cock was more than evident.

“Thanks, guys.”

Megan turned and walked towards the sun deck, two sets of eyes plastered on her ass as it swayed.

“God damn,” Jerry murmured. “This is going to be a fun couple of days.”


Amanda and Megan were getting dressed in preparation for the early evening meal. When Megan heard her Mom tell her to ‘put on a show’, Megan knew Amanda meant one of Megan’s little summer dresses. She pulled down the red one and slipped it on. The spaghetti straps settled over her shoulders and Megan looked in the mirror.

The dress was tastefully revealing. It highlighted every aspect of Megan’s youth AND maturity. It was obvious at first glance that she wasn’t wearing a bra, exactly what she wanted Mark and Jerry to see. A little flaring at the bottom emphasized her thin waist and long legs. Megan did a quick turn to smooth out the material across her ass, and then headed for Amanda’s room.

Her Mom opted for a lightweight blouse, unbuttoned just enough to show plenty of cleavage. Designer slacks allowed the rest of her figure to speak for itself. Together, the two women were once again going to be nearly impossible for the men to resist. Only time would tell if they could.

Mark stood in the shower with images of a topless Megan floating through his brain. His fingers wrapped around his cock and he slowly stroked it as he recalled the firmness of Megan’s tits and the slight upward curvature leading to her nipples. He imagined his mouth engulfing the end of a tit, sucking on it and feeling the nipple on his tongue. Then he realized his cock was rock hard and within seconds of erupting. He finished showering and dressed, sure that he could only dream of being with a teenager like Megan.

Amanda let the dinner progress for nearly half an hour, during which time she and her daughter entertained the men both verbally and visually. The atmosphere was light and cheerful with plenty of flirting done by all four. Then Amanda turned the discussion to the subject of her company’s drilling project and the true purpose of the week’s meeting took precedence. With great skill, Amanda got the closest thing she could hope for to definite commitments from Mark and Jerry to support her. Handshakes informally sealed the deal.

“Well, gentlemen, I think we should tie up any loose ends in the suite after dinner,” Amanda told them. “Agreed?”

“Perfect,” Jerry said.

“Agreed,” Mark added.

Megan had been a spectator during the business aspect of the meal, but now her heart raced as she realized her involvement would again be needed and the long-term success of the reason Amanda brought the men to the lodge rested in the balance. She found herself surprisingly anxious to do whatever it took. Amanda secretly hoped her daughter was ready and willing to take things to the next level.


The suite where they agreed to meet was a massive mixture of rooms with the total square footage of a good size house. It had a living room, office, kitchen, dining room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms on opposite sides of the suite. All in all, a respectable place to entertain guests in luxury.

Amanda and Megan were already in the suite when Mark and Jerry arrived. The women wore the same outfits as at dinner and the men had simply changed into more comfortable shirts.

“I’m taking drink orders,” Megan announced with pleasure.

“Beer for me,” Jerry told her.

“Same here,” Mark replied.

Both men thought about, but didn’t have to nerve to ask, if she would deliver them topless. Besides, her dress provided nearly the same experience.

Amanda sat across from the men and started the conversation. Jerry wasn’t sure, but he suspected she had undone one additional button on her blouse since dinner. Instead, he decided it was wishful thinking on his part and he simply took every opportunity he had to admire her partially exposed breasts.

Megan re-entered the room with the drinks and, after passing them around, sat next to her mother on the couch.

“I must say,” Mark said. “You two are perhaps the most attractive mother and daughter combination I’ve ever seen. What do you think, Jerry?”

“Hard to argue with that,” Jerry admitted. “The hospitality has been wonderful and you two have made the day very memorable. I hope we can continue to do business with each bahis şirketleri other.”

Amanda beamed. “I’m glad you’re enjoying it. If there’s anything Megan and I can do for you, please let us know.”

She intended for the statement to be taken any number of ways and that’s exactly what the men did. A momentary silence convinced her they were thoughtfully considering their replies. Before they could answer, Megan slid over until she was almost touching Amanda.

“Mom knows I’d do anything to help her and the company,” Megan said. “I want you both to know the same thing. No requests are out of bounds, as far as we’re concerned.”

Amanda hoped the nervousness in her smile wasn’t too obvious to the men. She had told Megan to follow her lead, and now it was time to act.

“Maybe we can prove it to you,” Amanda said.

She turned to face Megan. With one hand on Megan’s bare leg, Amanda leaned over and lightly kissed her daughter on the cheek. Megan faced her Mom and their lips touched. The kiss lingered for a few seconds. Then the women moved closer and the kiss became more intense. Their mouths opened and their tongues came together.

Mark and Jerry watched in stunned silence as the mother and daughter entered into a prolonged, sensuous kiss. They saw Amanda’s hand slide up Megan’s leg and under the bottom of her dress. Megan put her hand on her mother’s side.

Something about the kiss seemed natural. Neither woman had the urge to instantly stop it and it lasted another dozen seconds.

When they finally separated, Jerry said softly, “Wow. You WILL do anything, won’t you.”

“No requests are out of bounds?” Mark repeated Megan’s words.

Megan smiled. “Nope.”

“Then how about more?” Mark asked.

Megan faced Amanda and restarted the kiss. This time they embraced. Megan flung one leg over Amanda’s and her hand slid up to the middle of Amanda’s blouse. After a momentary grasping at the material, she found the first unopened button and worked it with one hand until it, too, was free. Now the majority of both tits were visible. At least, until Megan’s hand slipped inside the blouse.

At this point, Mark and Jerry were beginning to believe anything was possible. Their cocks reacted positively to what was happening on the couch and ideas of what might come next began to emerge. Then things occurred so rapidly they had little time to do anything except watch the show.

Megan was somewhat stunned by the fact her hand met a bare, braless breast. She hadn’t expected her mother to wear the blouse without a bra, even on this occasion. So when her hand landed on an exposed nipple, she hesitated.

Amanda wanted to express her approval without having to speak, so she moaned very quietly. Megan heard it. The men never knew. And Megan’s hand continued its exploration of Amanda’s chest.

The men watched Megan slowly open one more button. There were only two left and they both wondered if she would…

Megan did. The last two buttons were undone in a matter of seconds. The blouse hung open and Megan’s hand was moving up and down her mother’s stomach and chest. They kissed once more and Megan pushed one side of the blouse aside while massaging a tit.

Mark was the first to reposition his erect cock inside his pants. Jerry followed suit as slyly as he could without being obvious. Of course, there was no need to hide it as neither woman was paying attention. They were in their own new world.

“Kiss it,” Amanda whispered. “Lick it.”

Megan was nearly shaking. Could she make herself do it? Or could she prevent herself from doing it? She was feeling sexual excitement she had never felt before and, strangely, had a deep, deep desire to suck on her mother’s beautiful tit.

Megan leaned down and put her lips on the top of the breast. Inch by inch her mouth came closer to the nipple. And then, as Amanda had told her, Megan put her tongue on the swollen tip and lightly licked it. Both men saw Amanda stiffen at the sensation of her daughter’s tongue on her nipple. A couple of licks ensued, followed by Megan opening her mouth and taking the end of the tit between her lips.

Mark and Jerry sat with aching cocks pressed firmly against their pants as they watched the women on the couch. They would have given anything to be able to release their erections. But they waited to see what the women did next before making total fools of themselves.

Amanda said in a shaky voice, “Stand up, honey. I think it’s time to offer our guests some dessert.”

Megan obeyed, not sure what her mother had in mind but always willing to trust her. Amanda stood directly in front of her daughter.

“Undress me, hon,” Amanda said over her shoulder.

The smiles on Mark and Jerry’s faces convinced Amanda she was on the right track. This was the most important deal she was ever involved in and it required the most dramatic action. As long as Megan hung in there, she felt confident.

Megan put her hands on the top of Amanda’s blouse and pulled it off her shoulders. Soon, Megan held the shirt in her hand and Amanda stood topless in front of the men. She had nothing to be ashamed of. Her tits had maintained their natural shape and form and, for two men ten and twenty years older than her, they presented an exquisite view.

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