Classy but Crazy Ch. 03

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The Adventures of Dave – in praise of older women

After the first two frantic encounters with Betty our relationship settled down into one of regular visits. I found out that the apartment she was in had a mix of residents from young married couples staring out on the property ladder. To ladies and gentlemen who were in a similar situation to Betty, living alone due to bereavement or divorce. Their average ages must have been about 64, the same as Betty.

In conversation with Betty the subject of her friends often came up and she had remarked that some of them had asked whom I was. She was at a loss because she didn’t want to give away the fact that I was calling round for sex and she was seriously beginning to think about putting a stop to my visits.

I explained to her that this was not a problem and asked her honestly if she could simply stop seeing me. She readily admitted that this would be a major problem. I for my part had got quite attached to this “crazy” old lady so I didn’t want to suddenly stop my visits.

We had known each other now for about six months and it had become apparent to me that Betty was quite suggestible. An idea came to me.

“Why don’t you tell your friends that I am a fully qualified masseur?” I suggested “Then they will know why I am round here. You could say that the doctor recommended me and that I am giving you a course of treatment”

Betty thought that this was a brilliant idea. Our meetings went on for some more months and the problem of nosey neighbours seemed to have been solved.

It had been almost a year. Work was gong well and I was able to practically take off what time I wanted. The result of this was more visits to Betty and more of them during the day. It was high summer.

During one visit Betty asked me if I would like to meet her friend Elizabeth who lived in a flat on the other side of the building. I was curious as to date the concept of me being “shown off” was not one, which I had understood Betty wanted to subscribe to.

Elizabeth was 66, widowed for 16 years and was a very good friend to Betty, bringing her plants and joining her regularly for coffee and shopping.

Betty had told Elizabeth that I was a masseur and did admit to her that I was making her feel a lot better with my “treatments”, although she assured me that she had not said anything of the stuff which Betty and I got up to.

Elizabeth had asked how much I charged for treatment and Betty had told her it was £50. Elizabeth seemed quire happy with this and so Betty had said she would ask me if I was available for her.

Betty and I had a long discussion during which I was unable to find out just what Elizabeth’s angle was, whether she had cottoned on to what Betty and I were up to or whether she genuinely believed that I was a masseur and would give her a massage. After the conversation I really thought that Betty did not know.

What was I to do? I asked Betty how she would feel if Elizabeth really wanted sex and the two of us got on and it happened. She simply said that she would be pleased if Elizabeth could be made as happy as she was at the moment, but she stressed that all of this had to be confidential as she did not want people talking.

Betty ‘phoned Elizabeth and it was agreed that I would visit her the following afternoon. Betty made me promise to visit her immediately afterwards.

The next day was very hot, 80 degrees and sunny but with a cooling breeze. Elizabeth lived in a top floor corner flat, which was bigger than Betty’s and at 1.45 in the afternoon I found myself outside her front door.

In order to add realism to the “masseur” front I had purchased some aromatherapy oils and other lotions and had them in a small case with two hand towels on top. I had also dressed in a sports shirt and shorts with trainers to create (as I thought) the right impression. I rang the doorbell.

A small woman with dark hair answered the door. She was reasonably attractive bahis firmaları in a print dress and sandals.

“Good afternoon” I smiled, “I’m David, Betty arranged for me to visit.”

“Come in” she said and I followed her through into a very well kept lounge with modern furniture.

I put my case down and took a seat. Elizabeth went to the kitchen and brought back a tray with a cafetiere and some biscuits.

We sat and chatted and she asked me about massage and how she had heard that Betty was feeling much better after my visits. She said that her right shoulder and left leg were her problem and asked if there was anything I could do for her.

I said I was sure there was but I would need to take a look. She became a little embarrassed and eventually asked just what was involved.

I reassured her and said that to effectively ascertain and treat the problem I would have to be able to manipulate her on a table or a high bed. She took me into the bedroom and there was a sizeable bed there, which would have been OK but was a little low. We had passed a dining room on the way in and there was a very sturdy dining table in the middle of it about six feet by three. I mentioned that this was ideal and if she could find a blanket to put on it then it would be almost the same as my normal treatment table.

She wandered off and five minutes later the table was set up. I moved my case into the room and took out some bottles. I waited.

Elizabeth came into the room wrapped in a large white towel. I asked her if she needed any help getting up on the table but she assured me that she did not. I looked out of the window while she was doing it and turned round when I heard her say “ready.”

She was lying face down on the table with the blanket draped over her shoulders. I asked her to relax as much as possible and slowly removed the towel from her shoulders folding it back over her waist, just past the top of her white panties. She was naked from the waist up.

I started to feel her back and shoulders and although it seemed fairly tight and knotty, I really did not have a clue what I was doing. I asked her where the pain was and she directed my hands to the appropriate area. I said I thought I could feel something and after a small amount of kneading of the area asked if that was better – she answered that it was.

I asked her if she could turn over so I could look properly at her leg and I held the towel while looking away so she could do so. As she turned I noticed out of the corner of my eye that she had medium sized breasts which seemed to be very well preserved for a lady of 66, but each breast was topped with enormous brown nipples with huge aureola which seemed to cover almost 25% of the front of the breast’s surface. The sight of this made my cock twitch and start to rise.

Elizabeth was now lying on her back, with a towel covering her and I moved round to the other side of the table to examine the troublesome leg. To do this I had to push the towel up her thighs and on doing so I noticed that there was a sizeable amount of black hair protruding from the side of her large white panties. I clasped her leg above the knee and gently squeezed from each side. Slowly I moved up her thigh alternately squeezing one side then the other as if I knew what I was doing.

Once I had worked my way all the way up I had one hand on the outside of her thigh and one between her legs, hard up against her cunt, covered only by the thin white panties and the copious black bush of hair. I moved down the thigh and then up again, each time making sure my hand pushed quite firmly against her cunt. My cock was rock hard.

“OK” I said, ” you have a muscle problem with the leg and the shoulder is related to the lower back. I can help all of that with some massage. Turn over please”

Whatever I was doing it must have convinced Elizabeth that I was genuine and she could be totally relaxed around me. This time she didn’t even bother with kaçak iddaa the towel, sitting up immediately and then turning over, giving me a full view of the huge brown nipples on her beautiful tits. As she turned over, she took the towel and let it fall to the side of the table. She was now lying on her stomach in just her panties.

I opened a bottle of lavender oil and started to massage her back from the shoulders down to the small of her back. She moaned gently with each sweeping stroke.

“Feeling relaxed?” I asked

“Mmmmm yes” she replied.

“We’ll soon get you sorted,” I said.

I felt bolder and so rolled down the waistband of her panties so I could massage the top of her buttocks. All this time my cock was making a huge lump in my shorts and I was lucky that she had her head turned away from me.

I moved down to her legs and started on the one I had been working on earlier. Again I moved upwards from the knee and worked my way up to the side of her panties with the back of my hand hard against her panty clad cunt, rubbing as I massaged her inner thigh.

I worked the other leg as well and did the same movements, ending up with a hand against her cunt, between her legs, which seemed to be opening a little wider from this activity.

I moved round to the other side and returned to her back, concentrating on first her shoulder and then her lower back.

I felt Elizabeth lift herself up on her hands. Her breasts swung slightly as she steadied herself.

“What’s that?” she asked.

She was staring at my shorts where my cock was sticking out hard against the material like a tent pole, with a small dark stain around the end.

“I’m so sorry” I replied, frantically trying to think of something to say,

“This doesn’t normally happen”

“Why are you like that?” Elizabeth asked.

“I don’t know.” I replied, ” I think you are very attractive”

“I’m old enough to be your mother” she said, “That’s not right”

“Sorry” I said, “I’ll go”

Elizabeth raised herself on one elbow. Those breasts were great and for a woman her age they held up really well.

“I want to see it,” She announced.

I walked back towards her. It was still pressing hard against the shorts. Slowly I pulled them down and stood up with my cock right in front of her face. She looked scared.

“You can touch it if you want to” I said, emboldened by her request.

She stretched out a manicured finger and prodded my cock. It swayed. She ventured a hand and wrapped her fingers around it.

“It’s throbbing!” she exclaimed.

I leaned forward and kissed her. She had very soft lips. There was no response so I moved my hand to her breast and squeezed it gently. She still had her hand on my cock. Her nipple rose and I rubbed it.

“No. Stop” she said and let go of my cock.

“What’s the matter” I asked

“I’m too old for this” she said “It’s almost 20 years since I was close to something like that. I don’t know, I really don’t know”

I kissed her again. “Is that nice?” I asked.

“Yes” she replied, “but I’m scared”

“I wont hurt you, and I’ll stop if you want me to” I reassured her.

“Just hold me,” she asked.

We went to the bedroom and she turned back the bed. We got in together and cuddled, her still in her panties.

I moved my hand down again to her breast and probed her nipple, causing it to rise and harden. Each time she started to say something I kissed her and soon she was kissing me back. With every kiss she seemed to relax more and more. I slid my hand down the front of her panties. She stiffened and her legs closed together. I left my hand there and kissed her again and gradually she relaxed more.

She stopped and pulled away, sitting upright.

“I can’t. I want to but I can’t.” she whispered, ” It’s been so long.”

She started crying.

I took her in my arms and cuddled her I said that everything was OK, we could kaçak bahis forget this if she was unhappy, or we could take our time and she could control everything.

We lay together for over an hour and she told me she had been happily married but that her husband was no great shakes between the sheets and that she had never expected to have another opportunity. They had no children and all during their married life she had felt unsatisfied but was too afraid to query anything or to do anything about it.

I asked her if she trusted me having only just met me. She said she knew that I was a good friend of Betty’s and that was good enough for her. She made me promise that I would not tell Betty what she had told me or that we had done what we had done. I said we had not done anything yet but that I wanted to help her if I could. She agreed.

I switched the bedside light on. The room was very warm. I rolled back the covers so we were lying on the bedsheet. Elizabeth was on her back. I moved down to her feet and slowly pulled down her panties, discarding them on the floor.

I moved up to her head and kissed her softly. She kissed me back. I worked down her neck planting soft kisses on her old body. I reached her breasts and gently sucked one nipple, whilst slowly rubbing the other. She stiffened a little. After some time I moved down again, gently kissing her stomach, which was a little distended and finally reaching a dark mass of black pubic hair.

I sat up and placed my hand on her mons, gently touching her and slowly moving her legs apart. I inserted the tip of one finger. It was damp but not wet. I took hold of her legs and parted them, pausing only to return briefly to her head where I kissed her again gently on the lips.

I nuzzled into the hair and darted inside with my tongue. I had to use one hand to part her lips so I could lick her. She moaned soft and low. I increased my attention, concentrating on her clitoris.

I pushed a finger in, slowly, slowly. It was very very tight. Gradually I managed to get enough lubrication to be able to push my one finger in and work up a rythmn. Her head was rolling from side to side.

I climbed between her legs. Using one hand I parted her outer lips and guided the head of my cock to the entrance to her cunt. I pushed gently and her lips parted ever so slightly. Getting a bit more purchase I managed to push my cock in a little further. This was the tightest cunt I had ever been in and it was on a 66-year-old woman!

She opened her legs as far as they would go. Bit by bit my cock filled her up. I had never been in such a tight soft pussy. Eventually I was fully in and supporting my weight on my hands. I started to pull out slowly and worked up a gradual beat with no speed at all. I was slow fucking this woman and it was fantastic. She wrapped her legs around my waist and joined in with the thrusting, still at a very slow pace.

The totally erotic nature of what was happening and the slow and steady pace of my thrusting got me very excited but I resisted the urge which was running through my body to fuck her senseless.

Then it happened. My balls tightened and I felt wave after wave of cum gush out of me, filling her up for what seemed like an age.

We lay together for a while. She looked at me, smiled and said thank you. We got dressed and before I went she tried to give me £50. I refused.

When I went to Betty’s I said that Elizabeth had wanted and had got a massage. In subsequent visits Elizabeth got a great deal more and I was enjoying myself as much as I did with Betty.

Betty never knew what Elizabeth and I got up to and I respected her confidence. The following three years were a wonderful time and then Elizabeth suddenly died, aged 69 years. I know I made her last years wonderful and taught her to enjoy something she could have been enjoying for the preceding 40 years.

Everyone wondered who the youngish, smartly dressed man was at her funeral. Everyone wondered even more when she left him £10,000 in her will.

I will always remember Elizabeth. She was wonderful and sexy and funny and educated and demure. All in one package. In praise of older women indeed!

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