Claire’s Bequest Ch. 01

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I love to fuck a nice tight ass. Unfortunately Claire’s particular interests were nowhere near her back door. Maybe when I’d go down on her I’d slip my tongue low, to her taint spot, venture a bit further and poke playfully at her rosebud. And that usually brought everything to a standstill. I’d back down, or we’d be in a fight. It was simple as that. It wasn’t something we would talk about either. Touch her ass, go to your room, hmmmph.

Other than that, Claire was as adventurous as they came. She enjoyed doing it out in the open, in any room in the house. She even talked about letting a third into our den of pleasure. She wasn’t sure if it should be a boy or a girl, she’d like to try each. It was going to happen, it was going to be her surprise and it was going to happen. I had to have patience on that front. And oh, about the oral sex. I always wondered if girls really liked to give oral sex, or if was just something they would do to please their man. In Claire’s case it was something she completely enjoyed. It didn’t matter where we were, or what was happening in either of our lives, if I even gave her that “blow me” look, she was on her knees, licking her lips. She said it was the feeling of power it gave her. She also said when I came it would trigger her own orgasm which I’m not sure I believed or not. Still there was no complaint to such a wanton participant.

The first time I mentioned renting a porno flick she didn’t blink. “Sure, but don’t think you’ll get to watch it all. The idea of watching two people go at gets me going and I know I’ll need some relief before the second scene.” She laughed and sent me back into “the room” where you had to be 21 to enter. I looked long enough and picked a classic instead of the plot free crap they produce today. Not that the plot was too much, but some story line that connected the scenes was a welcome distraction. I offered to let her approve my choice. “No, I trust güvenilir bahis you, and besides, what do I know?”

There was grocery shopping and other errands on the trip so the movie was dropped in the grocery bag and hunkered into the house without so much as another thought. I was putting the frozen foods in the fridge when she grabbed the tape and gave me that come hither look. “Now?” She smiled, and walked out of the room ready to watch the tape with my participation or not.

The movie was “Up and Coming” starring JC Holmes and Marilyn Chambers. A bit 70’s dated, but still pretty hot. I had a beer and brought Claire the same just as Kay Parker slowly unbuttoned Mr. Holmes, licking hungrily at her lips. As she pulled his member free I saw that glazed over, completely amazed look that crosses some women the first time they see “it”. “Oh my God, that thing must be a foot long!” She laughed as it grew to the size of a little league baseball bat and Kay attempted to do her circus sword swallowing routine. I looked over and witnessed no attempt by Claire to hide how much the mammoth cock blow-job was turning her on. She had already slipped out of her pants and was casually stroking her wet slit. I wasn’t about to lose an opportunity and dropped my pants, crawling over to offer my respectable cock to her hungry lips. She swallowed me in one gulp never taking her eyes from the scene playing before her. The scene was well choreographed as she swallowed hungrily, frigged herself and watched JC face fuck a big titted Kay Parker. We all three blew out loads at once. JC on Kay’s tits for all to see, as I pumped my load down her throat and Claire’s hands massaged her engorged clit and she quite literally pissed the couch.

I pushed her back on the couch and proceeded to do my favorite thing, eat the pussy of a freshly creamed cooch. Most girls don’t like it, saying they are too sensitive, but Claire likes the way I gently türkçe bahis lap at her juices. If she gets too turned on, she’ll grab my ears and literally fuck my face, causing her a second even more powerful orgasm. She never took her eyes off the screen as she pushed her wet cunt into my hungry mouth. As the movie played on she took her time getting excited and it was a full hour and very sore tongue when I could feel she was again near the edge. I could hear Marilyn getting it from Mr Holmes, taking his entire 14 inches as Claire ground her cunt into my face. Claire is not normally loud but this time she started to squeal as I knew her orgasm approached.

“Oh God that’s it, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming.” Her body went tense and she bucked one final time into my mouth. The orgasm went three fold. Her back arched, her body spasmed and then she lost all control, pissing into my slurping mouth. I drank as fast as I could trying not to drown. Her orgasm continued to consume her, and rather than stop she seemed intent on using me as her personal urinal. I’m just that kinky and I relished the idea of taking her so far she completely lost control.

It was several more minutes before we both came down and were suddenly acutely aware of the movie. It was the end and Marilyn was on her back, being long boned by JC. He paused at the entrance of her swollen cunt lips. “Go on, you know you want to.” There was a pause. “You heard me you fucker, stick that cock up my ass.” There was a silence that filled the air like a heavy fog. He spread her tight cheeks and in slow motion shoved his entire 14 inch cock up her very small tight shit hole. She squealed like a stuck pig, managing to babble out, “That’s right you fucker, hurt me, bust my ass.” The scene lasted maybe thirty seconds before he pulled out of her dilated ass and sprayed what must have been a three day load that ran up her entire body and finished with a direct shot into güvenilir bahis siteleri her open mouth. It was hot. Except that single scene changed everything. It was as if Claire had been soaked in an instant cold shower.

“That’s why you rented this movie! You are always trying to get into my ass, and it’s simply not going to happen. Fuck, why can’t you just leave well enough alone!” She screamed at me, stomping out of the room. I sat there dumbfounded. I knew that there was a hot anal scene in this movie, but I didn’t count on the violent reaction to it. I sat there watching the credits wondering what I had done, what I could do.

Claire came back into the room dressed in sweats and covered with a ugly bathrobe. She had tears in her eyes and she stood at the door with her arms crossed. “Look, it just fucking hurts. There is nothing sexy about it unless you like hurting people.” She looked close to a nervous breakdown. I looked back at her.

“Fine, I didn’t try anything. I think it’s so unfair you blame me just because the fucking movie had a anal scene in it.” I shouldn’t have screamed back but I was both angry at her reaction and hurt that she was so stubborn on the point.

“It’s dirty and disgusting.” She was hysterical and turned around and fled back down the hall. I couldn’t let things go at that and pursued her.

“Look you don’t want me touching your ass fine. There are enough other parts of you to keep me occupied. But you liked the movie, it was hot, at least until the end. And I can’t go around asking every clerk if the movie is anal free like some sexual kosher standard, Christ. You got a problem, fine it’s your problem. But get over it.” She looked at me with red stained puppy eyes.

“Look, it hurts. How would you like to know what it feels like.” I saw a light bulb go off inside her head. “You let me fuck your ass and I’ll let you fuck mine. Fairs fair.” Our argument ended on that note. No small accomplishment. But my cock was again hard and for the first time in our relationship there was no interest in Claire’s part to suck me off or satisfy me in any way. We slept that night back to back and a coldness between us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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