Christina’s Body Pt. 04

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What do you do or say when your own daughter tells you that she’s always wanted this as you hold her naked body close to you?

Nothing. I couldn’t. I could only hold her. Enjoy the closeness…the warmth of her skin… The feeling of her small breasts against my chest.

I studied her lips… her nose… her cheeks… Was it possible to fall in love with one’s own daughter.

“Christina…” I whispered.

Her hand slid up between us to press her finger against my lips. “Shhhh. No talking dad. Let’s enjoy this.”

She removed her finger and slid her hand down. I knew where she was going with it. She’d already used her hand on me twice before. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft and I groaned.

“I love you, dad.”

She kissed my chin. Then my neck. Her hand explored my length… squeezing gently. I closed my eyes as her lips, and then her tongue traced my jawline. My arms around her tightened. She was preparing me…

I couldn’t resist her. Even if I wanted to stop I wouldn’t be able to. Not with her naked beside me… coaxing me… touching me…

“My baby…” I whispered.

“I’m yours…” she mouthed against my neck.

I needed her. More than I needed anything in my entire life.

Gently, but with enough pressure so she knew what I was doing, I eased her onto her back. A quick intake of breath against my neck was all I needed to know that she was ready. She began to nuzzle my skin with more insistence. And then casino oyna our lips met again. Christina’s hot mouth welcomed my tongue. Her hand left my cock and slid up to my waist as I positioned myself on top of her. Again I felt the heat of her skin against my cock. The heat of her thigh. Just as I had the night before on the couch. Only this time we were both completely naked, in bed, and my beautiful daughter had her legs spread for me…

Our lips refused to part. Christina’s hand’s gripped and released the skin at my waist rhythmically. Between kisses we both made tiny sighs and whispered ‘I love you’ at the same time. Almost as if reassuring one another that what was about to happen was ok. That we both wanted this and wanted the other to know it was all right.

My cock hovered above her mound. Christina raised her hips from the bed to find it. My head bumped against her slit and our kissing grew more insistent. Our tongues dueled as our bodies writhed against each other.

I reached down to take hold of my cock. It hit me that I didn’t have any protection. I had a moment of panic. Did I have any condoms in my nightstand?

As if reading my thoughts, Christina broke our kiss just long enough to pant, “We don’t need one… It’s ok. Don’t stop…”

She raised her hips again and I slid the tip of my cock along her slit, coating it with precum. Christina’s tongue darted into my mouth… her grip on my waist tightened to the point it was almost painful. I felt canlı casino her shift beneath me and realized she was drawing her knees up… Opening herself for me.

I ran my head around her slit one more time and then pressed it against her opening…

“Mmmmpppphhhh…” she moaned into my mouth. One of her hands left my waist and travelled to the small of my back…pressing down as she titled her hips.

I pushed… slowly…

The heat from my daughter weeping pussy was like an oven. With only my head inserted I felt I was going to cum. I fought to stop it.

Christina pressed upon my back again.

“Fuck me…” she whispered against my lips.

I pushed forward. Slowly. We both gasped as my cock slipped into her… first the head… and then I felt her pussy engulf me. Half of my shaft at first and I again fought the urge to release. Christina gasped and I felt her body tense. I pulled back slightly and she relaxed. She lifted her hips again and I slid deeper. This time we both gasped.

I looked down at my daughter beneath me. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown slightly back on the pillow. I could kiss her neck if I wanted to. But I just wanted to watch.

I slid forward again… my cock sliding deeper…

Christina’s mouth opened silently…

I pushed… She spread her legs wider…

I was inside. Fully inside of her.

Her hand left my back and again gripped my waist.

We began to fuck.

We were kaçak casino slow at first. Both of us allowing her body, her pussy, to accept the intrusion…

Christina moaned each time I slid into her. I had never heard anything as sexy in my life as the sound of her moans…

Each time I pulled back I pressed forward a little harder, rotating my hips slightly . Her body twitched each time and she pulled at me with her hands. Moving me back and forth.

My hips rose and fell between my daughter’s legs. We were both moaning and gasping now. Her knees were drawn back and her feet rested against the back of my knees as I fucked her. Both of us strained and pressed… She fucked me back. Her moans became louder. The skin along her collarbone was flushed. It travelled up her neck and her veins were visible.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she began to moan.

I almost collapsed on top of her as we picked up pace. My hips drove my cock deeper with each thrust. Christina’s legs were locked around me now. Our bodies pressed tightly together…my lips against her hot cheek.

“God yes… Oh my god, dad…”

And then she tensed… Her mouth opened wide, soundlessly at first, and then she almost screamed…


I couldn’t hold back. As soon as I felt her body tense and push upward to accept all of me as deep as she could I exploded. It felt as if my entire cock opened up… I had never felt anything like it in my life. Christina cried out as I pushed and filled her womb with my seed. Both of our bodies pressed tightly together as we each rode out our own orgasms… moaning, crying, and gasping.

I never wanted it to end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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