Chloe’s Way

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Chloe dropped her backpack by the front door with a thud of books. She pulled off her neck tie and dropped it on the floor and kicked off her saddle shoes. Looking at the pile she reached up to pull out the ribbons she’d tied into her hair that; then thought better. They were sort of Lolita after all. At just under five-foot and baby-faced Chloe could have passed for 12 not 18, well maybe if she weren’t so large breasted—most 12 year olds couldn’t dream of fitting into a DDD cup, but then again most 18 year olds couldn’t either.

Her stocking feet slid a little on the slick wood floor as Chloe made her way down the hall to the living room. Her boyfriend, Edward Bates, was a football player at the public school. Chloe’s mother had given her some bullshit about how there were plenty of nice guys at her school with respectable families that she could date, really Chloe’s mom wasn’t so concerned with the respectable family with the nice guy as she was with the fact that Edward was black. Edward was actually a nice guy, and since they weren’t both at that stupid little private school she didn’t have to worry about what classes they had together or how awkward it’d be if they broke up. She only saw him when she wanted to.

The living room was sparse, clearly a man’s space. Not messy or anything, just none of those stupid frilly things women put about a place. Edward’s mother had died when he was young, his father had never remarried.

“There you are,” Mr. Bates said from his lounge chair as she came into the living room.

“Here I am,” Chloe smiled. Edward was away with his football team for the night, Chloe was already wet thinking about the fun that would be had with his father. Edward was great in bed, just not that adventurous. His father however… well, he was.

“You’re late,” Mr. Bates said sternly.

“I had to talk to one of my teachers after school,” Chloe replied simply, she had not in fact been talking to one of her teachers, but rather fucking one of the underclassmen soccer players in one of the equipment rooms.


“I didn’t turn in a history paper that was due today, he’s giving me an extension, but I can’t get full credit,” Chloe lied, but Edward’s father couldn’t tell.

“I wonder what you did to get that extension and what you could have done better to get full credit.”

Chloe smiled.

Mr. Bates raised his eyebrow, “Come her you naughty girl, I think you need a punishment to help you learn to behave.

Chloe did as he commanded and he pulled her down and across his lap so that her ass was up in the air. With a quick brush, Mr. Bates pulled up Chloe’s skirt and exposed her bare as in her suspender stockings. He pulled back and landed a deft smack on Chloe’s milky-white ass cheek.

“Say, 1, sorry sir, may I have another, please. If you loose track I’ll start over,” Mr. Bates commanded. Chloe did as he said, miscounting canlı bahis şirketleri purposely on number 9 so that he’d start over again to get to 10. When Mr. Bates was finished Chloe’s ass was red and her pussy was sopping wet.

“Get on the floor you little slut,” Mr. Bates commanded, Chloe’s pussy contracted in pleasure at mistreatment, “Show me what a dirty little slut you are, make your pussy come.”

Chloe hiker her skirt up, positioned herself on the floor, and splayed her legs so that Mr. Bated could she her toying with her pussy. She started by fingering her clit then began fucking her pussy with her fingers, first with only one, then another and another until she nearly had her hand in her hungry pussy.

“You like having that filthy little cunt stuffed and stretched, don’t you slut.” Mr. Bates invited.

He was right all Chloe could think of was Mr. Bates thick cock slamming into her pussy, “God yes,” she moaned, “I love it when my tight pussy gets stuffed with a big hard cock. I want your cock in my pussy, I want your cock to fuck my pussy and make me beg for mercy.”

“What else does the little slut like?”

“I like to suck cock, and be fucked in the ass. Could you fuck my tight little asshole? Please, Sir, could you fuck my ass?”

“Call me Daddy.”

“Please, Daddy, fuck my ass.”

“Fuck your ass for me first, show me how much you like it.”

Chloe pulled her fingers out of her pussy and licked off her juices, savoring the salty sweetness. She then got on her knees and turned so that her ass faced Mr. Bates. Reaching through her legs she began to finger her ass.

“Does that feel good.”

“Oh, god yes.”

“You are a nasty little whore. Does it make you feel dirty to have something in your ass?”

“Oh yes it does, Daddy, I feel very dirty, very deliciously dirty.”

“You like being a dirty whore.”


“You want me to fuck that tight white ass of yours and tell you what a whore you are?” Chloe moaned in pleasure, Mr. Bates’ demeaning making her as hot as her fingers in her ass.

“Please Daddy, fuck my ass and tell me what a dirty little cunt I am.”

“If you want my cock in that ass you’ll have to get more than two fingers in there.”

Chloe slid in one more finger and then another, she moaned as her fingers pumped in and out.

“You’re such a whore; I think you need you ass and your pussy satisfied. Fuck them both, whore.”

“Yes, Daddy,” with her support hand now toying with her pussy Chloe fell forward so that her face was on the floor.

“Tell me how good it feels to have both of your holes penetrated, whore.”

“Oh Daddy, it feels so good,” Chloe moaned and started to shudder in orgasm. She moved to pull her fingers out.

“Don’t stop fucking yourself cunt, fuck yourself harder, make yourself come all over your hands.”

Chloe did as she canlı kaçak iddaa was commanded and pumped her fingers harder into her holes, moaning and shaking as she came close to orgasm. When she was through she lay breathless on the floor.

Mr. Bates unzipped his pants and brought out his cock, “Good little whore. Come here suck my cock like a good girl.”

Wordlessly Chloe crawled to Mr. Bates’ chair and took his hard cock into her mouth. Really Chloe couldn’t fit much more than the head of his large cock into her mouth so she licked up and down the shaft. After a few minutes Mr. Bates began to buck into her mouth and grabbed Chloe by her hair, holding her there so that he could fuck her mouth.

“You like that cock in your mouth, don’t you little whore; you like moaning into it and choking on it when I fuck your mouth just as much as you like it when I fuck that tight pink pussy of yours.”

Mr. Bates pulled Chloe up from his cock, and sat her on his cock. Chloe let out a yelp, not of pain but surprise, as his cock impaled her. At first Mr. Bates kept his hands on Chloe’s hips guiding her movement on his cock, then he moved, undoing Chloe’s white button down and removing it. Chloe reached behind her and undid her own bra, throwing it to the floor with her shirt. Mr. Bates, took Chloe’s large breasts in his hands and took her nipples each into his mouth licking, sucking, and biting them in turn. Chloe bucked into his cock harder as he bit her nipple.

Mr. Bates grabbed Chloe by the ass and picked her up as he stood up. He let her slide down ’til her feet touched the floor, then turned her away from him.

“Get up on your knees in the chair, stuck your ass out for me.”

Chloe did as she was told and Mr. Bates entered her pussy from behind, fucking her wet pussy relentlessly, spanking her ass as he did so. He fucked her harder, deeper, faster, he spanked her harder, hard enough to hurt his hand, waiting for Chloe to scream, to beg him to easy up. Chloe only bucked into him when he swatted her ass and moaned as he buried his cock deep inside her.

Then it finally happened; it got to be too much for her, “Daddy you’re hurting me, please not so hard.”

Mr. Bates didn’t ease up; he kept going, pushing into her a little harder.

“Please stop. It’s too much. Not so hard.”

“What was that?” Mr. Bates asked as he landed a smack on Chloe’s left ass cheek.

“It’s too much, I can’t handle it. Please stop.”

“Do you still want me to fuck your ass, slut?”

“Yes, fuck my ass, make me moan, tell me what a whore I am for loving it. Please stop fucking my pussy so hard.”

Mr. Bates relented, but didn’t quit fucking Chloe’s pussy. He fucked her slow and shallow and began to finger her ass so she’d be ready to fuck. First he slid one finger in, then two, working all the way up to four. All the while Chloe moaned in pleasure.

“I canlı kaçak bahis bet you’d love to be fucked by more than one cock you little whore. I bet you you’d love a cock in every hole. Have you ever fucked more than one cock at once?”

“Once, two guys on my swim team. I let one have my pussy and one have my ass,” Chloe managed to get out between moans.

Mr. Bates pumped Chloe’s ass harder with his fingers, “Did you like it?”

“It felt so good Daddy,” Chloe moaned, “But you fuck me better with you big cock than those little boys did.”

Mr. Bates pulled his cock out of Chloe’s pussy and his fingers out of her ass. He placed the tip of his cock, still slick from her pussy, against her asshole and slowly pushed in.

Chloe moaned and gripped the arms of the chair, “Oh god your cock is so big daddy, it feels so good in my ass.”

“You like your tight little white ass stretched open by my big, thick, black cock? I bet you get wet at the thought of it.”

“Oh I do, the whole walk here from school I could feel my pussy getting wet thinking about your cock inside me.”

“Yeah, do you fantasize about me fucking you? About me fucking your ass?”

“Yes daddy, I think about your big thick cock and how good it tastes and how good it feels when it’s in my pussy. I think about how hard you fuck me, and about how hard you smack ass. And until today, I fantasized about how good it’d feel it have your cock in my ass stretching it out.”

“What else do you fantasize about?”

“About you pumping my ass full off cum.”

“You are a nasty, dirty, little slut,” Mr. Bates growled and sped up his assault on Chloe’s ass.

Chloe pushed her ass into Mr. Bates’ thrusts, her moans turning into guttural growls of pleasure, “Fuck me, daddy, fuck me.”

“Beg me to cum in this tight ass of yours you filthy fucking little whore. Beg me to pump you full of cum.”

“I’m such a naughty little girl, Daddy, I want you cum inside me. Please cum inside my ass. Use me like the filthy whore that I am and pump me full of cum. I want to be pumped full of your hot cum.”

Mr. Bates pounded his cock into Chloe’s ass harder nearly at orgasm.

Chloe moaned and growled in pleasure, “Fuck my ass harder, you’re going to make me cum. Fuck me, daddy, oh fuck me hard, I want you to cum in my whore ass.”

Grunting, Mr. Bates thrust into Chloe’s clenching ass and filled it with cum as she bucked in orgasm. Empty, Mr. Bates pulled out from Chloe’s ass and slapped her on the ass.

“Come clean yourself up and get home, you don’t want you mother missing you,” Mr. Bates led Chloe to the bathroom.

“She won’t miss me, she and my step-dad are away this weekend; they left this morning,” Chloe informed Mr. Bates as she washed her self.

“In that case… Stick around, I could fuck that ass again and I never get tired of those gorgeous tits.”

Chloe smiled, “I could stick around… if you pay these gorgeous tits some attention.”

Mr. Bates tossed the wash cloth he’d been using to clean off his cock in the sick and picked Chloe up, “I’ll make you regret saying that.”

“I’ll love every minute of it.”

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