Charity working has its rewards

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Charity working has its rewards
Colin had been volunteering at the local charity shop for about 3 months. His job was to move any furniture that had been brought in, and repair the item for sale (if needed).

The shop was run by Sara. She was a lady in her mid 50’s, quite poshly spoken, always dressed smart in skirt and blouse, her light brown hair tied up in a bun. She was about 5’5” tall, thin build, had reasonably large breasts and had a great pair of legs. Sara gave the air of a prim and proper lady of the manor. Something, which some people found off putting, but Colin didn’t mind.

One afternoon, just as the shop was closing, the charity shop van pulled up round the back. They had just done a house clearance, and picked up some pieces of furniture. The driver said that he hadn’t checked it, and had to be off quick. So Colin and the driver quickly unloaded the van, and the driver left.
There were some small cupboards, a couple of beside cabinets and a chest of drawers.

Sara came out of her office and told Colin to move the furniture inside, and they could check it all in the morning. The shop had just closed and they were the only ones left, and Sara needed to get to the bank.

Colin obliged, and started working. Sara watched, tapping her foot on the floor quite impatiently, but Colin was working as fast as he could.

He picked up the chest of drawers, but bumped into a table as he was turning. The bottom drawer slid out and crashed on the floor. A pile of clothes fell out of the drawer onto the floor.

Sara bent down and started to put the clothes back. After moving the clothes, it uncovered an old shirt wrapped around something. Sara unwrapped the canlı bahis shirt and to her shock, it hid a large 10 inch flesh coloured dildo. It was still in it’s wrapper, unused.

“Oh my god !” she said.
“Have you never seen one before then ?” Colin asked, knowing that he would get a blunt reply.
“No, well, never touched one.” she replied, “I’ll put it in the office and get rid of it later.”

Colin thought it was funny, and secretly had a chuckle to himself. He finished up and called out to Sara and they left the shop.

The next morning, Colin turned up for work and found that the shop was closed, He went round the back and let himself in. He called out and Sara came out of her office.

“We’ve had to close today as Mary has called in sick.” she said, “There’s nobody to run the shop, so I’ve put a note on the door saying we’re closed for the day. You carry on, I’ve some paperwork to do.”

Colin nodded and set about fixing some furniture.

About lunchtime, Colin went to the office and saw Sara at her computer working away.
“I’m, just off to get some lunch. Do you want anything brought back ?” he asked.

“No thank you, going to get this done.” she replied
“Be back in about an hour.” he said and turned to leave.
“Can you lock the back door and take a key with you, don’t want the place insecure.” she said, handing him a small bunch of keys.
Colin left, locking the door behind him and went down to the local Cafe. He was just about to order his food, when he checked his pockets, and found that he had left his wallet back at the shop. “Fuck.” he thought, and walked back to the shop. He unlocked the door and went in. As he walked to where his wallet was, bahis siteleri he looked into the office and saw Sara sitting at her desk. She had the large dildo in her hands, and was turning it in her hands examining it.

Colin, watched on, but stepped into the shadows, so as not to be seen.

Sara wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the dildo, and was running her hand up and down its shaft. Bending it, and Colin thought that she was right. She had never touched a dildo before.

Sara placed the dildo on the desk, and to Colin’s surprise, Sara moved her chair back slightly. She then looked around, and lifted her skirt. Colin could see right into the office, and saw Sara was wearing a pair of large white panties. She continued to slide her panties down and sat back in the chair.
She opened her legs and lifted them, so that she rested her feet on either end of the desk.
Colin could see that Sara had a really hairy pussy, but around her slit, it was neatly shaved.
She then picked up the dildo, and began to rub the end around her mound, and sliding it right over her slit.
Colin was so surprised at what he was watching, but couldn’t take his eyes off her. He instinctively, reached down and felt his rapidly hardening cock, and started massaging it over his trousers.

Sara now had the dildo in one hand massaging her pussy, whilst the other was undoing her blouse. Button by button, Colin watched on. She reached into her blouse, and lifted out her lovely boobs, and left them hang over her bra. She then, started the rub her fingers around her nipples, which were already hard, and pinched them.

Colin couldn’t resist any longer, so he unzipped his trousers, bahis şirketleri and released his hard cock. Taking himself in hand, he began to play with himself.

Sara continued to lay back and was now directing the end of the dildo into her pussy. Slowly at first, she slid it in, until nearly all of it disappeared inside her. Her movements became quicker and quicker, until eventually, she was frantically fucking herself with the toy. She carried on massaging her lovely boobs, occasionally, pinching and pulling at her nipples.

Colin, by now, was rubbing his cock hard and fast. He could feel his pre-cum dripping and worked it into his cock, so it became slippery.

Sara had slowed down and was sliding the dildo in and out a lot more purposefully, and Colin could see Sara’s pussy lips wrapped around the dildo on every outward stroke. It seemed as if she was exploring herself inside, to find her spot. Then, she found it, and started fucking herself faster and faster. Her other hand had moved down from her lovely breasts, and was now rubbing her clit as she masturbated with the dildo.

Colin couldn’t hold on any longer and reached around until he found an old cloth on the side. Holding it in front, he rubbed his cock until he shot his cum into it. He carried on watching, and saw that Sara too was ready to climax, and she suddenly pushed her legs against the desk. Her chair moved back slightly, and then she pushed and held the dildo inside her, holding it there. After about a minute, she slowly slid the dildo out slightly, and Colin could see a nice ring of her thick cream around the toy.

Colin wiped his cock and replaced it into his trousers, throwing the cum covered cloth in the bin. He then slowly backed away towards the back door. He then quietly left, locking up again. As he walked back to the Cafe, he knew that he had something against Sara now. Could he use it to his advantage !

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