Candles for One Ch. 02

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Ch. 02: Comparing Thoughts

“Burn bright candle light set my lust to flight.” Mary continued her chanting as images flew through her mind. She was more relaxed now and not as tense. The black cherry scent filled the air. She felt the need for some fun fucking.

She popped in a porn. Those were alway good for a laugh the fake tans and the fake orgasms and computer enhanced ropes of cum. Yeah thats what a girl wants big gobs of hot snot like cum splattered over her face!

She laid down on the bed as the movie started. The sex scene was graphic and basic cock in cunt stuff. The girl’s tits bounced like over stuffed bean bags in the back of a pick up going down a dirt road. Maybe she should have rethought the size before she had them resized…
Mary wondered if she got a black eye from all that bouncing. Mary massaged her own breast which where a good size she could only imagine how it would feel to have them bounced all over the place running free like that. Her nipples would get hard and it would cause a slight pain with every bounce. Soon they would get numb and tingle.

The girl on the screen had a tiny waist her tummy dipped in where Mary’s puffed out. Some called her fat but she thought she was average after all not every woman could be anorexic and weak. Mary moved her hands over her belly and sides feeling the curves of her body.

She noticed the girl had small hips and was shaved bare. Mary preferred to have a short trimmed bush that marked her as an adult but she wasn’t apposed to shaving it bare if she got a wild hair. Her hips where wide and her ass full. No one had complained about the size before so Mary was happy with her body, of course no one had seen her naked either.

Mary’s legs where lean and long with pretty feet unlike the monster feet the girl had. The poor girl could have at least went and got a pedi before the shot! Not that she had a foot fetish or anything it was just for a girl that is supposed to be every man’s dream fuck she sure had some ugly feet!

Mary took a closer look at the girl. Her pussy was dry and the guy kept spitting on her. Yeah that is just what turns a man on a dry pussy you have to spit on! Oh Baby! Mary laughed as she touched her pussy she found herself wet and hot. Of course what did she know she had never been with a man. It was a resent nagging doubt that lingered in her mind.

Mary’s laughter turned into a groan as she circled her lips and cunt avoiding her clit. She noticed the man in the porn was franticly spitting and rubbing the girls clit flicking his thumb over it and pounding his long dick into her. I guess she can’t just say “hey big guy spitting on me is kind of a big turn off and if you could touch the rest of me maybe ya wouldn’t have to spit to get me wet?”

Mary let herself dip her finger inside her cunt but just a little ways. She moaned again. Feeling herself get wetter her clit throbbing. She moved her fingers over the slit grazing her clit’s head. She jerked and her finger slide inside her cunt. She moaned wishing for a live cock to fuck.

She looked at the guy on the tv he wasn’t to bad from the neck down but that 80s mustache and hair had to go. She began to see how the saying “put a bag on his head and fuck for glory” got started! His chest and arms were sculpted works of art! His thighs thick and a tight ass with a good sized cock. The problem was he had no skills to use it.

She thought about what it would be like to teach him the skills he needed. It would be nothing to tie him to the canlı bahis four post bed with the mirror on the ceiling and give him a lesson in sexual education. Maybe tie him to a chair and demonstrate how to please a girl.
Mary liked that idea she raised to her knees and imagined the guy setting on the hope chest at the end of the bed. “first you have to relax and stimulate the girls body.” she said as she massaged her breast and caressed her body just the way she liked. “It is just as much about avoiding erogenous zones as it is about touching them.” she avoided her nipples and clit while playing with her breast and lower belly traveling down to the inside of her thighs. She sucked in a breath as she pictured the man trying to move his hand to his cock. Mary smiled.
“You want to get your rocks off don’t ya? To bad I’m going to make you wait for a long time and your going to love me for it.” she imagined he groaned and cried out when she inserted two finger to the hilt in her pussy just to prove her point. Maybe it was the guy on the tv getting off either way it was a great sound.

Mary reached for her smallest vibrator. The little bullet turned on with a low buzz she touched it to her lips kissing it before she moved it down her body to her breast and tummy. She circled her rosy tipped breast making her nipples engorged to the point of burning pain. She wished they were being sucked on. Mary wondered what It would really feel like. Would it be as great as she imagined?

” You wanna suck on these tits Mr. Pornman?” Mary said to the air. “Maybe if your good I will let you” she pinched the tips and pulled rolling each in turn. Cream spread across her lips in her pussy. “funny how breast hold the milk but it always makes cream for the kitty” she laughed at her own sense of irony as her hand moved the bullet lower making trails down her belly and sides.

The bullet tickled her sides making her belly jump and dance. She could feel her muscles tighten and jerk low in her belly. She moved down to her thighs and cried out as a wave of pleasure hit her. “Oh Mr. Pornman see how wet I am? Your dick would slide right into me and I could ride you all night.” Mary said again to the air.

She touched her finger to her clit so light and fleeting that she could have missed it. Oh god she wanted more but she had to draw this out and make it last. She moved her hand to her ass and touched her rose bud it was wet. The nerves in her ass were so thankful to be included. She sobbed at the pressure she put on her asshole.

Then she moved forward to the perennial area. She massaged this area which made her legs shake and her belly tremble. She put her bullet to her perennial area and rubbed it up and down from her cunt to her rosebud. Then around her lips and back down over and over she moaned and cried out and came.

She could feel her clit was about to explode it throbbed and burned in a high fevered pitch. She reached for her candle the wax dripping over her hot skin down to her nipples and she spread her lips open and let the wax pour over her wet clit. The feeling was like nothing she had ever felt before the hot wax blended with her juices and melted over her clit. The wax was soft but made a soft barrier blunting any other touch to her clit while enhancing it all the same.

Mary put the candle back on the table and grabbed an unlit one this time. Just an average tapered candle. Then she gripped another one she placed one down under her and inside her pussy as she said ” Mr Pornman this is your cock. bahis siteleri Watch how I can move your cock where I need it to make myself cum!

Mary moved her hips back and forth finding a rhythm and then back and forth finding where the candle felt the best. Round and round her hips went then up and down inshort movements getting deeper and deeper until she was half way down the tapered candle and it was half way gone.

“Oh Mr Pornman don’t forget my body either” she said as she moved her hands to her breast and then sucked a finger in her mouth she would love to suck on a long cock. She imagined her figures a cock. She flicked her tongue over the tips and bite softly then sucked them deep in her throat as she plunged the candle deep inside her. Mary wondered what it would be like to have two men; one to suck and one to fuck.

Mary moved so she was laying on her back with her legs wide and her feet on each of the post at the end of the bed lifting her hips high in the air so Mr. Pornman could get a good look. “watch your cock fuck my pussy Mr. Pornman watch how it moves around and not just in and out like a mindless drill!”

Mary moved the candle in and out in a rhythmic circle while patting her pussy lips and swollen clit. She pats harder and harder making her lips red and stinging. Her clit covered in the wax blunting the slaps. The wax hood rubs on her clit but pounds the base making her scream her pleasure and still she doesn’t stop. She grabs the other candle and shoves it in her mouth as she moves the wax clit hood away and pinches her clit then taps it with her fingers rubbing and tapping hard until she feels her legs shake and her belly tremble.

Mary has a thought about what it would be like to have the two men fuck her pussy and ass at the same time. She pulls the tapered candle out of her mouth and puts it in her ass deep and hard as she fucks her pussy with the other one she falls from her place on the bed and land on the hope chest. Where Mr. Pornman was at.

Had he been there she would have impaled her lava flowing pussy on his cock, as it was she jammed the candles deep into her ass and pussy. She could feel them touching through the wall. She gripped both candles in one hand and pressed them together through the walls. Mary reached for a rubber band and tied them together. She stood up and rubbed her clit as she walked around with the two candles inside. She felt every muscle in her cunt and ass move around the candles. She danced around the beam holding the house above her. Rubbing her clit against the wall as well as the candles. She watched the tv now showing a girl pole dancing.

She never got the whole pole dancing before but now she was kinda liking it. The feel of her clit against the cold pillar was erotic. Of course the girl didn’t have her candles so Mary was sure the pole dancer was sweaty from the physical work involved and not the sexual splendor of it.

Mary put her back to the wall and bent so the candles tapped the wall and she moaned. She could well imagine men watching her get herself off using a pole. She laughed and the candles popped out of her. She muscles clenched and tightened her cum ran down her thighs without interruption.

Mary watch the girl rub her clit over the pole. She thought about how the bed post were hard wood and carved. She rolled on the floor until her legs were on the bed and her cunt was next to the bed post. She found her bullet and slipped it into her cunt then ground against the bed post.

The post was bahis şirketleri hard and unforgiving and the bullet inside her would not stop moving around she was so horning she waned to be filled again. She wanted a man more then ever. Mary watched the girl following her movements over the pole. She wondered if the girl was a good fuck at this point anyone would work. She wanted someone alive who could fuck her until she was spent. Mary wasn’t into women but she thought who knew better about how to fuck a woman then another woman?

She put her hands under her ass around the pole and refused to touch herself until she came. Mary thought about how a woman’s hands would know exactly where to touch and when. A woman’s touch would be much like her own soft and smooth with small fingers. Plus a woman could fuck her with her candles and she could return the favor.

A man’s touch would be rough and calloused. His hands would be strong and big with long thick fingers. His hands would explore deeper stretch her wider filling her to completeness making her breathless and weak before his determined fingers relented.

Her eyes glued to the tv as the bed post got slicker from her cream. Up up dooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwn up up doooooooooooowwwwwwwwn uuuuuuuuup down down oh at this pace her imagination would do the work for her. She imagined the girl fucking her with the bullet inside her and one inside the little dancer. The dancer taking a candle and fucking her pussy with it then stoping to lick her clit and suck at it until she was so wet and tight the candle slide out…almost she would push it back in and move it around like a gear shift sending Mary over the edge.

Mary thought what it would be like to make another woman cum with her candles. It would be different to watch a candle disappear into another woman’s cunt. To watch another woman impaled on her candle as she forced moans and cries from the girl feel her muscles trying in vain to grip the smooth of the candle, the cold wax getting softer with in her tight kitty.

Mary’s body spasmed harder and harder as she road her bed post her eyes glued to the girls dripping cunt. Mary licked her lips and wondered how the girl would taste. What would it be like to feel her soft wet clit throbbing just because of her touch? Mary’s cum dripped over the bed post, down over her lower belly. She walked to the drawer and pulled out the hanger she pushed it inside herself and walked to the mirror and laid before it with her legs open and bent looking at her cunt. Open and exposed. Venerable.

She had never been with anyone before male or female. She wasn’t allowed to be sexual and if anyone found out about her basement she would be labeled a whore. Good women didn’t like sex they just married a man who could work and give her children to love. The more he liked sex the more children she would get to love.

Mary didn’t like children and she hated the thought of being married to a boring old horn dog that expected her to hate sex but lay there and take it anyway just so she could get pregnant.

Besides men just wanted you to have sex they didn’t ever like the girls with morals. Mary longed to be one of those girls with no morals. She knew she was at heart but she would never let others know this. That was the reason for the basement. But lately the basement wasn’t enough.

Mary wanted to fuck someone for real. Next time she promised herself as she looked in the mirror at her own shame on display and enjoyed the feel of the hanger opening her up and the bullet bouncing around in her shameful hole. She started the chanting deep and low in her body and soul.

“Burning bright candle light set my lust to flight
Pussy tight, will and might, fuck me in tonight.”

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