Brother and Sister have Sex Ch. 02

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After a longtime coming of sexual teasing, a modestly moral and religious sister surprised herself by having incestuous sex with her brother.

Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from Chapter 01:

“Show me your cock,” said Crystal to her brother, Michael. “I want to see it.”

Even though Crystal was a cocksucking whore, who’d have sex with practically anyone, anytime, and any place, she covered up her whoredom and concealed her sexual misdeeds with religion. Hiding behind her God while always going to church to confess her sins, she continually prayed for God’s forgiveness. Yet, with her unable to go there, even if he was the last man on Earth and she was sexually aroused and horny, something she thought she’d never do, she’d never have incestuous sex with her brother.

Only, with her bored, sexually aroused, with her continually flashing him and sexually teasing him, it was inevitable that they’d be having sex, incestuous sex. Alone in the house with her brother and with their parents out for the evening, this was the perfect time and the perfect place to have sex. As if he was the last man on Earth and his sister was horny and sexually aroused, Michael smiled at his sister with sexual anticipation.

She was so beautiful. She was so sexy. She was everything that he’d want in a girlfriend and/or a wife. Only, she was his sister. Preposterous to even think that he could have a long-term sexual relationship with Crystal, just as he could never ask her to be his girlfriend, he could never marry his sister. Moreover, she’d never marry him, her own brother.

Instead of marrying her, it needed to be enough to hopefully have sex with his sister and to hope that she’d willingly and consensually have sex with him. Difficult to wrap his brain around, after sexually lusting over her for years, this might be it. He may finally have sex with his sister. His sexual fantasy hopefully coming true after years of her sexually teasing him by flashing him, he couldn’t believe that he might finally have sex with his sister.

Not waiting for her to undress, eager to show his sister his naked, erect prick, calling her bluff, Michael unbuttoned and unzipped his pants in front of Crystal. He was so very sexually excited to finally show her his erect, naked prick. This was it. This was really it. With her encouraging him and daring him to do so, and with her asking him to show it to her, and with her clearly wanting to see his cock, he was about to show his sister his naked prick.

No turning back now, with his pants unzipped and unbuttoned, with him ready to show Crystal his erect prick, he stood in front of her and allowed his pants to fall to his ankles. While he stared at his sister’s red, full lips and stared at the impressions her big tits through her clothes, she stared at the tented impression that his bulging cock made in his underwear. Tempted to masturbate himself in front of her, yet, he didn’t want to come across as the sexual pervert that he was.

Instead, he fingered the head of his cock through his underwear while imagining cumming in his sister’s mouth and all over her pretty face. His turn to sexually tease her, he turned to the side to show her the big bulge in his underwear. Like brother like sister, with her clearly as sexually aroused as he was sexually excited, done with him teasing her, in the way that he didn’t wait for her to undress, she didn’t wait for him to undress neither.

She stuck her fingers on each side of the band of his briefs. Then, in one quick movement, she pulled down her brother’s underwear. When she pulled down her brother’s briefs to exposed his naked prick to her horny eyes, as if taking a bow, his naked cock sprang to life. He was finally naked in front of his sister.

“Jesus Michael. You really do have a big dick,” she said staring at his naked cock as if she had never seen a naked prick before.

Remaining silent, she stared at his erect cock as if she wanted to touch it, hold it, and stroke it. She remained silent as if she was imagining touching it, holding it, and stroking it. She stared at his prick in the way that he stared at her whenever he saw up-skirt peeks of her panties, up-nightgown views of her naked pussy, down-blouse peeks of her bra and cleavage, and down-nightgown views of her naked breasts.

“May I touch it,” she asked looking up at him with wide-eyed, sexual arousal? “May I hold it in my hand,” she asked while holding out her hand in anticipation for him to fill it with his big dick? “May I stroke you? I’d love to give my baby brother a hand job,” she said staring up at him with her big, blue eyes while giving him a sexy smile and a naughty look.

Before he could answer her, not waiting for him to say no, as if she was a masher on a subway, she already had his cock in her soft, warm hand. As if she owned his cock, and as if she was his wife, girlfriend, or significant other than his sister, she wrapped her long, slim fingers around his stiff prick. Not wanting to forget this moment, he’d illegal bahis never forget seeing his naked prick in his sister’s hand. He stared down at his sister fondling his cock and slowly stroking his prick while she stared up at him.

While staring at his naked prick, as if she had never fondled a naked prick before, she fondled the head of his hard dick with her manicured fingertips. Then, as if she was ready to give him a hand job, she slowly stroked him while continuing to stare down at his erect cock before staring up at him with her big, blue eyes again. Something that he imagined her doing while masturbating himself, if it wasn’t enough that his sister was seeing his naked prick, she was holding his naked dick while slowly stroking his naked cock.

“I love your big prick, Michael,” said Crystal looking up at him before looking down at his cock again. “I had no idea you were hung like a horse,” she said with a dirty laugh. “Once you learn how to French kiss, you’re going to be so very popular with women. Once they see your big dick, every woman will want to stroke you, suck you, and fuck you. Every woman will want you to cum in their mouths, in their pussies, and/or in their asses.”

He stepped out of his pants and underwear. Then, he looked at his sister and smiled. He watched his sister having her wicked, sexual way with his naked prick. While staring at her huge knockers, not waiting for her to give him permission to touch her breasts, feel her breasts, and grope her breasts, he touched, felt, and fondled her big tits through her blouse and bra.

“Now you. It’s your turn. Show me your tits. I want to see them,” he said while continuing to feel her breasts through her clothes. As if there was a drumroll going off in his head, he watched his sister slowly remove her blouse while seductively staring up at him. “In the way that you felt my naked prick, I want to touch and feel your naked tits.”

# # #

Not saying that he couldn’t touch and feel her naked tits, Crystal removed her blouse. She remained in her sexy, low-cut, white, lace bra while allowing her brother to see and feel the tops of her breasts and her long line of sexy cleavage. In the way that his cock grew bigger and harder, with her obviously sexually aroused too, her nipples grew hard and erect inside of her bra. Having never seen as much of his sister’s breasts, finally realizing his sexual fantasy, he stared at his sister’s bra clad breasts.

Then, reaching out his horny hand while ready to touch something so pricelessly valuable, he felt the tops of his sister’s breasts and fingered her long, sexy line of cleavage. Not stopping there, doing something that he had always wanted to do, as if feeling a sculpted work of art, he felt her big tits through her white bra. If it wasn’t enough that he was seeing his sister in her sexy, low-cut bra, his sexual fantasy come true, he couldn’t believe that he was feeling Crystal’s breasts through her brassiere.

Feeling one of her bra clad breast with his hand, he felt her other bra clad breast with his other hand. Then, again, as if he was a masher on a subway, using both hands, he felt, fondled, and groped both of his sister’s bra clad breasts while fingering her nipples through her bra. As if he was dreaming this or sexually fantasizing this, he couldn’t believe that he was seeing his sister in her low-cut, sexy, and revealing bra.

With her not needing any more sexual encouragement, ready and willing to show her brother her naked breasts, while staring up at him with obvious, sexual arousal, she reached behind her and unhooked the four hooks of her bra. As if she was a stripper in the VIP room giving him a slow striptease, she held her bra cups in place with her hands while allowing her bra straps to slowly and sexily fall from her shoulders. Even with her holding her bra cups in place, he could see enough of her naked breasts to imagine the rest of her naked breasts.

Then, with her brother’s eyes bulging out of his head, she removed one bra cup before she removed her other bra cup. With his sexy sister’s breasts nakedly exposed, again, something he thought he’d never see and, clearly, something she thought she’d never do, she was topless before her horny brother. Crystal was deliberately showing Michael her naked breasts.

As if looking to see what her brother could see of her tits, she looked down at herself before looking back up at him. Then, continuing to sexually tease him, she slid a slow, purposeful hand across her erect nipples. While staring up at him, as if she was hinting that she wanted him to do the same, she pulled, turned, and twisted her nipples while sexually staring up at him.

Continuing to sexually tease him, she cupped one breast in her hand and lifted it to her mouth to suck her nipple before lifting her other breast to her mouth to suck that nipple, too. He stared at her naked tits as if he had never seen naked breasts before. Returning the ogling favor, she stared at his naked cock as if she had never seen illegal bahis siteleri a naked cock before.

“You have beautiful breasts, Crystal,” he said staring at her naked breasts as if he wanted to touch and feel her big tits and finger and suck her big nipples. “They’re so big and so shapely. And your nipples are so big, too. I love your big nipples as much as I love your shapely breasts,” he said.

He continued staring at his sister’s naked breasts as if he had never seen naked breasts before. With him a virgin, his sister’s breasts may have been the first naked breasts he ever saw up close. As much as he couldn’t wait to touch, feel, and fondle his sister’s naked tits, obviously, she couldn’t wait for him to touch, feel, and fondle her naked tits.

As if psychically suggesting that he touch her and feel her naked breasts, she looked down at her big tits again before staring up at her brother. She looked at him as if inviting him and daring him to touch and feel her naked breasts. Yet, even though she gave him the go ahead with her eyes, she gave him mixed signals by contradicting herself and saying something else with her lips.

# # #

“You can look but you can’t touch,” said Crystal again while seemingly teasing him. “I mean it. It’s enough that I’m showing you my naked breasts but you touching, feeling, fondling, and groping my naked tits is wrong and will never happen. You fingering and sucking my erect nipples is nasty. I’m not some drunken, drugged out whore you picked up in a bar and took home for the night. I’m your sister, Michael, and you’re my brother.” She looked at him while slowly shaking her head back and forth. “We can’t have sex.

Bursting his bubble of sexual excitement, saddened that she wouldn’t allow him to suck her nipples or even touch and feel her naked breasts, he looked at her with disappointment. He thought that he had already climbed over his biggest hurdle with her removing her blouse and bra. Yet, now that he was seeing her naked breasts and erect nipples, he needed to touch and feel her naked tits while fingering her nipples. With him already sexually frustrated, it would be wrong for her to deny him to have his sexual way with her naked breasts.

“Why not? Why can’t I feel your naked tits? You felt, fondled, and stroked my naked prick. Why can’t I finger and fondle your naked nipples? You fingered and fondled the head of my naked dick,” he said with hopefulness.

Again, he continued staring at his sister’s big tits as if he had never seen naked breasts before. Then, ignoring her request, taking a chance that she wouldn’t slap his hand away and/or slap his face, he reached out and touched one of her naked breasts. When she didn’t resist him, slap his hand away, or move out of his reach, he touched her other naked breast with his other hand.

Not stopping there, when she didn’t stop him, while he stared down at his hands having their wicked, sexual way with her tits, she stared down at his fingers having their wicked, sexual way with her nipples. Obviously, she was just as sexually aroused as he was sexually excited. Obviously, she wanted him to touch and feel her naked breasts while fingering her nipples as much as he wanted to touch and feel her naked breasts while fingering her nipples.

Having his wicked, sexual way with his sister’s erect nipples, he pulled, turned, and twisted her erect nipples. He felt, fondled, and squeezed his sister’s naked tits while continuing to pull, turn, and twist her erect nipples. Then, something that she expressly forbade him to do, he leaned down and took her nipples in his mouth, first one and then the other. His sexual dream come true; he finally sucked his sister’s big tits. Giving him mixed signals again, she ran her fingers through his hair while reprimanding him.

“Oh, my God, Michael, don’t do that. You’re making me all wet,” she said running her fingers through his hair instead pushing him away. She paused while watching him suck her tits, fondle her breasts, and finger her nipples. “If you continue fingering and sucking my nipples, I’m not responsible for what I may do,” she said as if she was in a hypnotic trance. “I swear, if you continue sucking my nipples, I’ll suck your cock,” she said. “I’ll fucking blow you.”

She reached out her hand to hold his prick again. This time, she cupped his balls while fingering head of his cock with her other hand. As if ready to masturbate him and get him to cum, she slowly stroked his prick again. She looked down at his hands feeling her big tits before looking up at him while she continued to slowly stoke his prick.

Obviously, by hinting that she’d suck his prick if he continued fingering her nipples, clearly, she wanted him to continue fingering her nipples. Clearly, she wanted to suck his prick. No big secret there, especially with her such as skilled cocksucker, Crystal wanted to blow her brother. She wanted him to cum in her mouth.

While he continued fingering and sucking her nipples, she stroked him harder canlı bahis siteleri and faster. Then, without waiting for his sister to take him in her mouth and blow him, without warning, unable to hold back, he prematurely exploded a load of cum all over her hand and across her naked breasts. Even after having practiced by giving himself hundreds of hand jobs, never had he had a better hand job than the one that his sexy sister just gave him.

Sexually excited that his sister had given him a hand job, had watched him cum, and that he had ejaculated on her, he only wished he had waited until she had taken him in her mouth. Instead of cumming on her hand and across her naked tits, he would have preferred cumming in her mouth and giving her a cum bath. Now, that she gave him a hand job, he wondered if she’d give him a blowjob the next time that they were together.

# # #

“Wow, Michael. That was a lot of cum,” she said wiping her hand and her breasts with tissues. “Were you saving that for me,” she said with a dirty laugh.

She stared at his semi-erect dick while slowly stroking him. Then, surprising him, she leaned down and took his prick in her mouth. She stroked him faster while sucking him. Obviously, she wanted him to cum again. Only, this time, clearly, she wanted him to cum in her mouth.

What started out with her teaching him how to French kiss turned into incestuous sex. After masturbating her brother, Crystal was now blowing her brother. As if he was one of her boyfriends, she was sucking his cock.

“Cum, Michael. Cum. Cum in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your cum. Then, after you cum in my mouth, hold back some so that you can give me a cum bath. I want you to cum all over my face,” she said. “I love getting a cum bath.”

She stood to remove her short skirt and panties. Something he had imagined seeing while masturbating himself multiple times a day for years, he was finally seeing now. His sister was naked. She was totally naked and wanting him to touch her, feel her, fondle her, grope her, and have incestuous sex with her naked body.

“Touch me while I suck you. Finger my pussy. Rub my clit. Masturbate me while I blow you,” she said. “Cum in my mouth, Michael. Cum in my mouth while masturbating me. I want you to cum in my mouth,” she said while sexually seducing him with her big, brown, sexy eyes.

Chapter 02:

Saint Crystal, when she wasn’t on her knees sucking cock, she was on her knees praying. She attended church services every Sunday and, contrary to her religious upbringing and beliefs, had illicit, incestuous sex with her brother during the week. Not having sex with her just the one time, eventually having sex with her brother multiple times, even with her wearing her gold crucifix, she allowed him to finger her pussy while eating her cunt. She allowed him to give her multiple, sexual orgasms with his fingers, his tongue, and his cock.

She was the worst kind of whore. She was a religious whore. Even though divorce was frowned upon by the Catholic Church, married at just 18-years-old and divorced by 19-years-old, under the protective umbrella of God and religion, she was able to justify sexually anything, even having incestuous sex with her brother. As long as she asked for God’s forgiveness by praying every night and every evening and going to confession and to church, she was ready to sin all over again.

Then, after she made love to him, she fucked him. Something he never thought his sister would so, she had sex with him. Crystal willingly and consensually had sex with her brother, Michael. Obviously, something she never thought she’d ever do with him, she had incestuous sex with him. Again, something she thought she’d never do but suddenly wanted to try, she even had anal sex with her brother.

At first it was painful and not unlike the first time she had sexual intercourse at 18-years-old. Then, eventually, as long as she and her partner were properly lubed, she started to enjoy having anal sex. Only, she needed to be drunk and horny for a man to take her from the back. Fortunately, for her, her brother was more gentle than forceful. Instead of just wetting his fingers and wiping his spit along the inside of her anal canal, he took his time to get her ready and, in the mood, to have anal sex.

Before forcing his cock inside of her, instead, her brother, as nervous about having anal sex as she was, took his time to get her ready and in the mood. Yet, even though he still had access to her naked breasts, he preferred having sex in the missionary position while facing his lover. Yet, her favorite sexual thing to do was giving blowjobs. She loved sucking cock. She sucked her brother, allowed him to cum in her mouth and, allowing him to give her a cum bath, she allowed him to cum all over her face.

With them having sex all night, she made love to her brother before fucking him. Not only did she allow him to see, feel, and fondle her naked breasts while fingering her erect nipples, she allowed him to finger and lick her pussy. In the way that she gave him sexual orgasms by stroking him, sucking him, and fucking him, he gave her multiple sexual orgasms by fingering her, licking her, and fucking her, too.

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