Breaking Back Out Pt. 03

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The Origin of Uncle


I’d recently filled Little One with a large load of cum, at her request, and we were snuggled up in our best nude, post-sex sweat.

Only a few hours earlier, we were two strangers at a local Indian casino who’d met and wanted to blow off some sexual energy and, as it turned out, we were very sexually compatible. We were hungry to replenish the lost calories after exerting all of our energy.

“What are you hungry for? Do you want to eat here or go out and get something?” I asked.

“I hope the room service food is good because I don’t want to leave this room. I only want to eat and fuck, but not in that order,” Little One replied with a naughty giggle.

“What about when room service arrives? You can’t fuck them!”

I was playing the practical grown up to my little girl.

“Oh,” she thought out loud.

“We’ll do them, too. No, wait! That waitress from the bar. I want her to bring us something to eat.”

After a long shower and an hour later, Little One and I were wearing the house robes and gently napping, as soft jazz played in the background, when there was a knock on the door and Little One climbed away from me and went to answer it. I’d kept my eyes shut, but I heard the door open, female giggles, paper bag rustles and then kisses and whispers. I opened my eyes, to see why it was so quiet, and saw Little One’s robe falling from her shoulders, with the help of our other new blonde friend, and leaving her naked.

“Uncle, do you remember Amber from the bar, downstairs?”

Amber and Little One stood face to face. Amber was wearing a trench coat, tied around her waist, that almost reached her ankles. She kissed Little One on the cheek and neck, pinched one and then the other nipple and worked her way up to Little One’s ears and whispered something. Little One began tugging at the belt holding Amber’s trench coat closed until it fell free, then she gently parted the folds, reached inside of the coat and ran a hand along Amber’s waist, to her back and down to her ass. I saw Amber’s skin through the break in the coat and wasn’t surprised that she was naked underneath. Her head rolled slightly back as Little One continued to explore under Amber’s coat.

“Ladies, I could watch the two of you explore each other all day, but I’m famished. Do you want to play or do you want to eat?”

The two women looked at each other with uncertainty, Amber slightly bit her lip and they exchanged whispers.

“Is this something you really have to think about?” I asked with mock impatience as they both turned to look at me.

“Little One?” I prompted.

“You eat, Uncle. We want to play for a while. Consider it a private show for your dining pleasure.”

“Fair enough,” I replied.

I got off of the bed, sat at the small table in the room and began sorting through the bags of food Amber had brought, while my two new playmates began getting to know each other.

Amber had recommended a local sushi bar and, when I questioned sushi, she informed me that she’d been stationed in Japan while in the Army and knew good from bad so, having been at a different base when I was in the Air Force, I trusted her. I slowly began sorting through the food and setting up my plate while watching the two women.

Amber had shed her coat and was lying on her back, naked, with Little One’s breasts pressing into her own. Little One’s hand was between Amber’s legs and working them open so she could rub her sex, smear her juices over her mons and then up to Amber’s mouth for them casino siteleri to taste. I heard the two women kissing as I selected a piece of Unagi and, by the time my eyes were back on them, Little One was on her hands and knees above Amber with one leg firmly pressed between Amber’s legs and giving her a nice leg job.

Watching the two of them had aroused me and, after a few pieces of sushi, I’d regained enough strength to give in to my temptations and join them. I took a last swig of Sapporo beer and crossed the room to the bed, my hard on leading the way, and decided to start with someone new and at the bottom to work my way up. I began nibbling Amber’s toes and slid a long, slow tongue up the inside of the arch of her foot and I was rewarded with a moan of pleasure. Following the shape to her ankle, I slowly licked and kissed around her foot and then up her calf to the supple back of her knee which got a bigger response than her reaction from the arch of her foot. Her leg involuntary and completely extended, requiring me to firmly take hold as I switched from one leg to the other and back, again. My unpredictable moves caused Amber to squirm as I grabbed an ankle in each hand and kissed her thighs while Little One kissed her mouth and chewed on Amber’s breasts and overstimulated nipples.

About half way up Amber’s body, I met with her pussy and its little landing strip. Then I barely turned my head and, within tongue distance, there was Little One’s bare mons, also beckoning me for attention. Again, I decided to taste Amber first and extended my tongue to the top of her bald slit, gently tickling above her clit, still tucked into her folds. I heard a giggle and understood the joke when I looked up and saw both girls nibbling at each other’s necks and figured somebody touched someone else’s ticklish spot. That time, my tongue found Little One’s pleasure spot and I re-familiarized myself with her taste and scent while my hands continued to fondle Amber and generate more of her sexual moisture for future tasting.

Occasionally, I’d glance up to see what the girls were doing without me and I’d see each of them randomly kissing, licking, biting, caressing and pinching each other. Lips, nipples, necks…Amber and Little One were all over each other and were clearly enjoying each other in a most carnal way. I returned my attention to my pair of pussies, sensually moving from one to the other and back, again, with two hands and my tongue, licking here, rubbing and inserting there, smearing liquid sexual excitement everywhere. Occasionally, I’d encounter someone’s hand and manicured fingers so would include that with my oral attentions and I remember thinking, ‘I don’t think either woman could open themselves up more to me than they are right now.’ It was time to move up.

I slowly worked my way up two different pubic mounds, kissed and licked two beautiful, yet completely different, belly buttons and slowly up the rib cage, tracing up to the sternum and tickling a waist to keep the atmosphere playful. Amber was much more ticklish than Little One so she would be the sole recipient of any more giggle efforts.

When I reached their breasts, I was presented with more variety. Little One’s breasts were medium sized, well rounded mounds capped with large, sensitive nipples and not overly large at all. Amber was a little more endowed in mass with nipples that would need to be coaxed out. ‘A little ice would help,’ I thought. I lightly licked Amber’s breast at the bottom where it met her rib cage, up and around over to the top and then canlı casino down to her nipple. My tongue barely made contact, only enough to leave a trail of saliva which I then gently blew on, generating goosebumps and a slight arch in her back.

I moved my hand between Amber’s legs as I began licking Little One’s nipples that were already at full attention and asking to be nibbled on and tested for sensitivity. I pulled on her nipple with my teeth, stretching out the flesh enough to elicit a little yelp, but received no signal to stop so I moved to her other breast and gave her a bite beside her nipple, not enough to leave teeth marks, but enough to get an indicator of what her limits were and, so far, she appeared to be very open.

I’d ended up on the bed, between the two women, with each hand between each woman’s wide open legs, plying their most sensitive parts as they lifted their hips and ground into my hands, as I moved my mouth from one set of breasts to the other, each time moving a little higher. I ran my tongue up the cleavage of each, slowly moving up the sternum to the throat and under the chin and, as they tried to reach out and make contact for a kiss, I’d move slightly out of tongue reach and to the other, keeping their state of desire at an elevated and excited level. Back and forth between the two of them, all three of ours faces covered with the passion of the other two and then I felt something new…there was a hand between my legs. My cock was hard, but not easily accessible so I straightened up and stroked them as Amber, as it turned out, continued to stroke my hard cock.

My knees were starting to feel my age so I removed my hands from the ladies, leaned back to straighten my legs for relief and also made it easier for Amber’s manipulations of my cock. As I leaned back, I watched her delicate hand wrap around my stiff penis, slowly stroke it up and down and twist her wrist to add to the handling of my manhood. Finally, I could no longer take the pleasure without completely lying down, with my hands behind my head, ready for my turn.

Little One and Amber sat up and each started their own efforts at supple pleasuring of my manhood, causing it to swell like it hadn’t in years. The two women alternately engulfed my cock into their mouths for several slurps and strokes and then surrendered it to the other while licking my balls and putting one and then the other in their mouths. They shared stroking me as they worked their combined saliva all over my groin and kissed each other with the same passion they had without my hard cock between their mouths. I reached over and guided Little One over my face so I could apply my whole mouth to her sex which resulted in Amber moving around the opposite way so she could maneuver over, and then onto, my waiting phallus and be impaled. I opened my mouth and engulfed Little One, running my tongue all along her most sensitive area, flicking her clit and inserting it into her channel as deep as I could. I extended my tongue across her perineum to her anus and was rewarded with a low moan as her hips ground into my face.

Amber slowly lowered herself until her wet pussy lips barely touched my tip. I grasped it and rubbed it along the length of her slit, back and forth, smearing her juices over the head of my cock until, all at once, she simply dropped and I slid all of the way into her with one stroke!

“Oh, god! Oh shit, that feels good, Uncle! I feel it stretching me out and filling me up!” she groaned.

I felt Little One lean forward to, probably, plant her mouth kaçak casino onto Amber’s as their breasts, undoubtedly, pressed into the other’s as they both ground their pelvises … one onto my groin and one onto my face. For several minutes, we were three singles united sensually and sexually, each of us sexually connected to two others at two locations, both giving and receiving pleasure until our ultimate culmination in climaxes. Little One began first, I felt her sex begin to twitch and spasm over my mouth as I continued to orally minister to her pussy, passing my tongue back and forth.

“Oh, shit, Uncle! I’m going to cum! I can feel it…building! Uncle, getting there! Oh, god! I’m getting there!”

Next, I felt my muscles contract as my balls began to tighten and release as it brought me closer to my climax while Amber continued to ride my cock up and down, grinding on her down stroke, panting and sweating as I felt myself pushing my pelvis up as hard as I could, burying my cock deep inside of her. I reached up, grabbed her breasts with my open hands and alternately pinched her nipples as I felt myself release deep inside of Amber which triggered her climax.

“Shit, Uncle! I can feel you cumming inside of me! Oh, god, that did it!”

Amber’s voice trailed off as her orgasm overwhelmed her and she ground herself onto my cock and groaned from her throat. My cock spewed jet after jet of cum into Amber’s tight channel as Little One’s orgasm began to subside while she continued kissing Amber and licking her breasts and nipples as far as she could reach. Little One removed her pussy from my mouth and sat next to Amber and I. We were still joined at the pelvis, my cock covered in our juices and still buried deep into her while she used the muscles between her legs to squeeze my cock with her vagina, slowly milking me.

Little One leaned over and kissed me, tasting herself as our tongues danced and parried back and forth before she moved to Amber and the two women exchanged a deep, passionate, open mouth kiss. My orgasm had subsided and Amber was winding down from hers. Finally, she rose until my cock slipped out of her channel and flopped onto my stomach and, as she sat still and savored the sensations, I looked down and saw my cum dripping from between her open pussy lips. I gently reached out, put my hands on her hips, gently pulled her into contact with the shaft of my cock and pushed and pulled her hips back and forth, causing her to softly run her leaking pussy along the length of my penis from tip to base and smear our combined love juices along my shaft.

Amber finally dismounted me and fell to the opposite side from Little One, out of breath and covered in a glorious, glowing sheen of sweat. She leaned over, stopped inches from my face and looked into my eyes for a few seconds with a very subtle smile on her face. Finally, she spoke in almost silence as I read her lips.

“That was amazing, Uncle!”

She kissed me, a little peck at first and then, with a little more gentle passion. Not to be left out, Little One had moved to my softening cock and apparently wanted a taste of the combined juices of Amber and myself so she began to lick and suck my cock, making sure to wrap her tongue around me to get the best taste possible. I was still pretty depleted, but I had enough to swell and fill Little One’s mouth and let her savor the flavor of Amber and me, but then Amber moved from her kiss with me to sharing her kiss with Little One and also tasting all of our sex.

During my post-coital bliss, I looked over at the table with the food and realized I hadn’t eaten much and I still had sushi waiting for me so I slowly moved to the chair and sat, naked, before my meal and took a bite while admiring my two playmates and wondering what could possibly happen next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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