Bowden’s Creamy Exploits

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Bowden took one last look in the mirror, adjusted the lapels of his shirt and folded back the cuffs one turn, leaving them open in a trailing arrogant sort of way.

He smiled as he thought of the text message he had received that day from Bridie, she had informed him, that the rest of the girls who stayed with her had gone to Dublin for the day and the house would be empty.

As Bowden opened the front door and strolled outside he was immediately hit with a cold piercing wind, that chilled him to the bone. The absence of a coat didn’t really bother him as he rarely wore one, but as he turned onto Portland Street, he thanked God that he wasn’t a woman wearing a sexy little number with a tiny thong, a short skirt and a skimpy top.

The only time he had liked to dress in woman’s clothes was when he was being seduced and dominated by a Russian lady he had met while on holiday in New York, he had been 22 then and she was 34, and she had taught him a thing or two. She had in her own direct way opened up a whole new world of experiences to him, never before had he thought that a woman could make a man feel so good.

Sexually he had aged eons with her while she took him by the hand and showed him every kinky and deeply sexual move she knew and my god was she horny he thought.

Instead of cheering him up, this thought had depressed him. He had come back to his rural home in Ireland and the opportunities not just for kinky or fetish sex but also any form of sexual pleasure were severely limited by the long faces on the girls who observed a strict moral code rigidly enforced by their mothers.

He despaired for the fact that tonight he was meeting Bridie, another virgin, 24 now and the same age as he was and still a virgin he couldn’t believe it when she had told him. This was to be his fourth date with her and his hopes of coming in her mouth were way at the back of his mind.

He came to the correct door number and gave the loud bell a quick tap, as was his custom.

From the noise within he guessed she was just coming down the stairs.

Bridie opened the door, Bowden had to admit that she looked amazing, her backless black top with it’s plunging neckline, did more than reveal the faintest traces of the wonderment of her generous cleavage’

Bowden smiled inwardly when he thought that his love rival Phil had always said Bridie had a fine set of breasts.

He thought that she had to have been on the sun bed as well, as she looked tanned and sun kissed. Her hair was stylishly orientated at the back of her head and showed her thinly veiled make up. Bowden hated any women with too much make up, a fact that he rued sometimes as women from the old country always had painted whorish faces without the prospect of any whoring with them; the ultimate casino oyna paradox he bemoaned.

Ah well, he muttered to himself, no problems with Bridie he thought as he noticed only a faint trace of make up that really accentuated her big brown eyes. Bowden was amazed at how much attention he was lavishing on her and almost made the mistake of reverting to his old self and telling her that he was going to enjoy dogging the fuck out of her. Ah well, he thought again actions speak louder than words.

“I can’t believe this” she said, “It’s going to be great having the place to ourselves while the girls are away”, Bowden made his way in the door out of the cold sharp wind.

Bridie on the other hand, still standing at the door, started to dispel the rumours she had heard about Bowden from her other friends, after all hadn’t he been dating her for a little while and was never anything less than gentlemanly. Her head was spinning, she felt that she’d met someone totally wonderful and was ready to give herself to him.

The rain started to pelt down even harder so in unison they moved into the hallway, Bowden dripped from head to toe, not the usual sort of arrival he’d have liked to have made. Bridie was all over him in a flash, the cunning seducer, was taken by surprise at this raw surge of passion from Bridie, one normally so reserved and tactful. She kissed his lips and slowly moved over his face and down to his neck, all the while playing with the back of his hair. Mmm not bad he thought.

Bowden responded in kind and Bridie started falling backwards towards the living room. And about shaggin’ time he thought to himself. This is more like it.

Bowden pushed her backward in to the living room and undid her bra with one hand. He could tell she was nervous but this only excited her all the more. He helped her out of her dress and as it slid to the floor he gazed at her well-defined body.

Her thong was lacy and black and matched the bra he had just flung away. She bent over to take off his trousers, and on the way up he lay back on the sofa, so that his semi-erect cock was at her eye level, she looked at it as if unsure but sensed what was expected of her.

Bowden put her mouth around it and straight away she started sucking and licking the bulbous purple head.

It was what she had dreamed of, for someone she fancied this much just to take her, to force his cock in her mouth to treat her like a slut. She felt this would hide some of the moral considerations she had.

He took her hand and placed it on his ass. Might as well train her right he thought. She started playing with his buttocks shying away from his ass. But with more confidence came back and found herself enjoying the feeling of his hot, wet, sticky cock in her mouth and canlı casino playing with his ass as if it were her pussy.

She rotated her finger around the outside for a while until she could feel his ass muscles loosening.

But Bowden was well on his way to shooting a load of cum into her mouth. No sooner had she inserted her first finger into his tight puckered hole that he ejected wad after wad of creamy cum.

The initial shock made her remove her head, but the sensation was too good to go to waste, so Bowden forcefully rammed his cock back in her mouth and face fucked her until she was having problems breathing and swallowing at the same time.

Bowden was spent. This couldn’t be happening; this nice quite country girl couldn’t have just acted like any big city slut. He was amazed. This has potential he thought as he lay back with her on his chest.

But not for long, she wanted some too, not all of his cum had made it into her mouth, that amount that was on her face she wiped of and started wetting her pussy with it.

He reached down and pulled of her soaking thong, and began using his own fingers on her. She rolled over so that he had better access and he moved down the bed and sucked on her big nipples and licked her massive breasts. She was getting really turned on; he could feel her pussy leaking like crazy. He inserted a finger she was tight but it slid in he inserted another to be greeted with a small yelp of pain which seemed to subside.

Fucking her was going to be sore he thought, (Well for her anyway he laughed to himself).

He carried on licking down her body until he reached her trimmed mound. He licked around all around her clit and could taste her juices flowing freely out of her pussy.

Fuck me she said, he didn’t need to be asked twice he moved up the bed and put his cock in her mouth again to get him self rock hard, she noisily slurped at the pre-come that was starting to ooze again.

He positioned himself in front of her pussy and with her help opened her pussy lips and set the head of his shaft against her glistening wet pussy.

After a few unsuccessful attempts Bowden knew he was going to have to try something else, surprisingly Bridie wasn’t turned off by the pain she had just experienced, but Bowden was determined that she wouldn’t change her mind. He rolled her over as she co-operated timidly, and moved her ass up so that it was in the air sticking out it looked like a ripe peach.

Bowden licked the side of her ass near her back and moved his tongue down into the crack of her ass. She was obviously enjoying her first rimming experience.

He could feel her bucking wildly as he stuck his tongue into her asshole. Stop moving you little slut he told her and continued licking and sucking at her tight kaçak casino entrance. He kept licking her asshole and inserting his tongue as he felt her pussy with his other hand it was soaking wet.

He knew what he was doing was turning her on, her clean, waxed and hair free ass was gorgeous. He had enjoyed rimming her but now it was time to fuck her senseless.

Once again she rolled over obligingly telling him to fuck her pussy. Bowden’s hard cock rested against her pussy lips as he pulled them aside and she reached her hand between her legs to direct him in.

He began pushing and although there was a fair amount of resistance he could feel himself entering her.

Ahhhh she screamed, Bowden pulled out a little bit he was only in an inch anyway but he moved back and forward again taking little strokes as her pussy began to accept his big hard cock.

He pushed harder now sensing her pussy could take it, he couldn’t work out if her cries were of pain or passion but with that tight mouth like pussy sucking his cock in he really didn’t care.

His pace began to get much more frantic as she loosened up slightly and began rocking back and forward, trying to rub her clit along the front shaft of his penis.

She was trying to bring her self of and had even began sucking her own nipples, they were wet and he could see her saliva on them in the dimmed light which only made him want to cum all the more.

She placed her hand around him and began to feel his ass, it was all she could do to reach it and it was hurting her arm. She also knew the pleasure it had given him and as she could feel her own orgasm building she wanted him to cum inside her slutty pussy. Because that was just how she felt at this moment, having Bowden’s big dick trust away inside her.

Bowden was trying to control himself the urge to come inside her was immense especially with her fingers playing with his ass, God she has learned quickly he thought.

With Bridies fingers playing with Bowden’s ass he couldn’t hold back. As his breathing got heavier Bridie felt his trusts become deeper it was just what she needed as her own orgasm was building and she felt an intense orgasm start to rip her apart. “Don’t you dare fucking stop” she tried to say. Her body was trashing about forcing Bowden to ram himself inside her to stabilise her so that he could fill up her furry cup.

Just then with her fingers still in his ass he came, streams after streams or cum that felt red-hot shot from his cock into her pussy. Bridie could feel the warm sensation and looked lovingly up into his deep blue eyes.

Bowden rolled over and kissed her deeply, hugging her to show her that this would be a regular occurrence.

But just to make sure Bridie went down on him again and licked the remaining pussy juice and cum from his over used cock.

This was the last sensation Bowden had before he fell into a deep sex induced afterglow sleep. Just like any good man who knows that he’s the boss should.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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