Bottom on Top

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I will admit it. I am a bottom normally. My fantasy life is filled with images of me as innocent and naïve, a naughty little sex toy and an exploited porn star. I like the idea of being taken advantage of, forced to do that which I would not normally choose for myself. The taboo, the naughty, the dirty.

My primary lover is a natural top. There is nothing I love more than his grabbing my hair or chewing the back of my neck. He can put me in sub space with just a look in his eyes.

We are both ass-lovers. The first time I ever admitted to him that I love anal sex he jokingly asked me to marry him. I am still considering it. He taught me about the joy of giving a rim job, and now I can eat ass for hours. And his tongue was the first to ever find its way to my tight little hole. I had never really believed anyone could want that dirty thing before, but he just seemed to savor it.

A few days ago we were in bed, slowly teasing each other, preparing for an afternoon of love-making. In a moment of arousal he confessed that he has a little subbie in him, too.

“Eeeeeeeeek!” I thought. In my work as a phone sex operator, I have been called upon to be more dominant on calls than I normally am in my “real” life. I have discovered that I actually really like it and am pretty good at it. But this was different. Here was my real-life lover, confessing that he liked to be a bottom sometimes! I wish I could say my predominant emotion was excitement, but fear prevailed.

But I summoned the courage to ask what he wished for. “For you to stretch out casino oyna my ass with progressively larger anal plugs…And to make me eat your ass and cunt. And spankings…I like to be spanked….and…will you? Will you strap on that biggest dildo I have and be my boyfriend, fucking my ass?…And…I want to eat my cum out of your pussy…and your ass.”

*Gush* Fear went out the door as my pussy began to get wet. I have fantasies about my guy getting fucked by a bigger, more dominant man, and here he was, asking ME to be that man. Little me.

I sent him off to get a towel, pulling out lube and my favorite glass plug from the toy drawer by the bed. I instructed him to get on his knees, his ass in the air, his shoulders and head on the bed. This is the position I so often maintain for him. He always says he loves to see my little ass pucker and beg for him. Now I understand why. There might be nothing sexier than a strong and dominant man on his knees, his ass exposed and vulnerable, begging for my touch.

But first, I wanted to see that ass pink.

“Are you ready for your spankings?” I asked. “I want to hear you beg.”

“I’ve been a naughty boy. Please spank me,” he whimpered.

As he had done so often for me, I warmed up his bottom, preparing him with light taps before “whap!” I slapped his ass cheek. The place I had hit turned slightly pink, but my guy didn’t even flinch. Clearly I was going to have to be tougher.

“Whap!!!” This time my hand slapped the surface of the skin harder, stinging my hand. And he flinched, slot oyna but just barely.

Next I began to slap without warning, over and over, until my hand was burning with pain, tears in my own eyes beginning to form. I could see him tightening and relaxing, trying to accept the pain, until finally he said he had had enough. “Whew!” I thought. I didn’t think I could take any more.

But now, that ass in the air, he began to beg for me to fill him. First, I ran my finger lightly around and around that little brown pucker. Next, I lay the unlubed pad of my forefinger on his ass, which began to open, pulling my finger in, deeper and deeper. I slowly moved my finger around and around, stretching and opening his asshole, until he begged for the plug.

After sliding my finger out, I sniffed it. There is something primal about the smell of ass. As a child, I used to rub my finger on the outside of my ass as I lay in bed at night, then sniff it as I fell asleep. My lover’s ass smells musky and bitter, and my nose communicates directly with my cunt, which was getting wetter and hotter by the moment.

The heavily lubed plug I placed on the outside of his asshole. “I want to see you push into it,” I said. I held the plug still as he pressed backward, his ass swallowing that clear piece of glass until, with a pop, it was deep inside him, the dark hole at the center of the base giving me a lovely view into the inside of his tunnel.

“Turn over,” I demanded, as now I was uncontrollably horny. He had said he wanted to eat my ass; now I could wait canlı casino siteleri no longer for him to make good on that promise. He lay on his back as I straddled his face, my cunt over his mouth, my juices dripping onto his tongue. He sucked my clit like a parched man might suck dew off a blade of grass, gently but with desperation. He slid his tongue into my pussy as if he were trying to drain me of all my juices. And then I slid down, forcing his mouth over my ass. I opened my asshole wide for him, his tongue buried as deep as any finger, but wider, wetter and, if possible, more forceful.

I lay back, my hair brushing his hard cock. His knees were bent, his hips pushing the plug deeper and deeper into his asshole as he dug his tongue into mine. I began to rock and moan until waves of orgasm overtook me, my juices covering his face, my legs squeezing his head. I still don’t know if he was able to breathe while I came.

I rolled off him, sliding my head around next to him. We began to kiss, our tongues searching out the recesses of each other’s mouths. I could taste and smell myself on his mouth—-the sweetness of my cunt juices, the musky smell of my ass. I had my hand on his cock, stroking it just the way I know he likes, grasping the skin at the base and pulling it up over the head, with just a hint of a twist to my wrist. Within moments he was moaning as he came, shooting his juices out over his stomach, onto my face, and into my mouth. His cum tasted, as it always does, like mint, and I savored it as he convulsed with orgasmic after-shocks.

I still haven’t gotten to strap-on that dildo and be his boyfriend. And we need to do some shopping to get some larger plugs. He hasn’t yet eaten his cum out of my cunt or ass. But we have many days ahead, and many stories yet to tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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