Black Men are Gods Ch. 02

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This changing world that we live in never ceases to amaze me. And that’s okay. You learn something new every bloody day. My name is Jennifer Rosier. A six-foot-one, curvaceous and big-bottomed Black woman of Haitian descent. I’m a big beautiful Black woman and I am proud. I weigh two hundred and sixty pounds and I love every inch of my big sexy body. I moved to Brockton from the Republic of Haiti with my family ten years ago. I’m now a third-year civil engineering student at the Winston Institute of Technology in the City of Brockton, Massachusetts. Also known as the City of Champions. The recession is bringing out the worst in people apparently. Everybody is suffering, some more than others.

For people like me, it’s been a time of struggle but also a time of renewal and strength. For others, it’s been a time of disaster. And they turned to the dark side of their hearts and minds as a result. Every time I open the TV to watch some news, I see a lot of white guys and white chicks carrying signs and protesting the President. They’re saying some truly disturbing things about him. They conveniently forgot that Bush got America into this economic mess and not my man Obama. And deeply racist morons in the media do nothing but encourage them. I think many of these so-called protesters are closet racists. They don’t like the fact that a Black man is President of the United States of America. And they blame him for all their problems.

I think a lot of people in the United States of America see the country changing rapidly and they don’t like it. African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Middle-Easterners will soon outnumber Caucasians and forever change the meaning of the term minority in America. White people will be the minority in this country really, really soon. And they don’t like that. Even though current minority populations have been hit harder by the recession, Americans of European descent are complaining more than we are. Blacks, Asians and Hispanics are no strangers to economic inequality, job loss and changing urban and suburban demographics.

Americans of European descent on the other hand are used to having it all and living the easy life. Now that a lot of them are losing their jobs and losing their houses, they’re really frightened. They usually see themselves as immune to the things that plague people of color not only in America but throughout the world. They’re not used to feeling fear and uncertainty. And that makes them really angry. Of course they’re blaming people of color, including the President, for all their economic problems. That is so sad. Not that I feel sorry for them. I really don’t. People of color are used to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri struggling while white people laugh it up because they lived on easy street. Time for them to get a taste of their own medicine. Karma is a bitch.

My hometown of Brockton seems to be faring a little better than most towns or cities in the country. The City of Champions has close to one hundred thousand people, fifty two percent of which are of African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Cape Verdean and Middle-Eastern descent. Even though the demographics of the City of Champions have changed, the Mayor, a rich old white guy, continues to refer to us as minority communities. The dude should get off his high horse and really take a look around. I wish he’d get voted out of office. Preferably sooner rather than later. Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind seeing a woman or a person of color become our City’s next mayor. This guy has been in power too long. And he seems out of tune with Brockton’s changing population.

My school reflects the changes happening in my City and across the United States of America. The Winston Institute of Technology, also known as WIT, was founded in 1976 by James Winston, the first Black man in the history of Massachusetts to become a multi-millionaire. This brilliant man graduated from Harvard Business School and went on to found his own engineering firm. He intended WIT to become a center dedicated to the technical education of Massachusetts fast growing African-American community. Today, WIT boasts of an eight-thousand-person student body, and fifty six percent of WIT’s students are of African-American descent. Hispanics, Cape Verdeans and Asians comprise twenty four percent of the student body. Caucasians make up the remaining twenty percent.

This year, for the first time in its 33-year history, WIT sponsors varsity teams. We now compete in Men’s Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Track & Field, Swimming and Golf along with Women’s Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Swimming, Track & Field, Field Hockey, Volleyball and Golf. We compete in the NCAA Division Three. Our first football game against nearby Bridgewater State College was absolutely amazing. A historically Black school was taking on a rich white college on an equal playing field for the first time in Commonwealth of Massachusetts history. And we beat them hands down. How about that? I’m not sure but I think half of the City of Champions came to see the WIT-Bridgewater State football game. Talk about good publicity! We were putting this town on the map!

I’m having a good time at WIT. There are lots of sexy guys on campus this year. Males now güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri make up forty nine percent of the overall student body. This is mostly due to the boost in enrollment brought on by the intercollegiate athletics program. For a horny sister like myself, this is a wonderful thing. In my Business Ethics class, I met a tall, handsome stud named Jerome Joseph. He’s one of three Black studs on the Winston Institute of Technology men’s intercollegiate Swim team. The stud looked good enough to eat. And I definitely wanted a piece of him. So I set out to seduce him. And what I want, I get. That’s something you should definitely know about me.

Jerome Joseph was definitely the right guy for me. He’s Haitian-American, just like me. His parents Roger and Nicole moved from the town of Cap-Haitian, in Northern Haiti, to the U.S. when he was younger. He attended Brockton Community High School before enrolling at the Winston Institute of Technology. And unlike so many collegiate Black sportsmen, he liked the sisters and not the others. I’m tired of seeing Black sportsmen dating white chicks. And when the white chicks accuse them of some incorrect shit, they turn to the Black community for help and support. I also don’t like sisters who pass up decent brothers and take up with the white dudes. I can’t stand these sellouts. I’m a firm believer in the Black love. If you know what I mean.

Jerome was a sweet guy. Six-foot-two, lean and wiry. Also, he was friendly and soft-spoken. He was a studious guy, not one of those thug wannabes. I liked that about him. And unlike a lot of modern Black women, I believe in treating my men well. A good man is very hard to find and when a smart sister meets a college-educated, good-looking brother who still likes the sisters, she should be on her best behavior. There, I said it. Sisters are always complaining that white chicks are stealing our men. Well, maybe they wouldn’t steal our men so easily if we treated them right. I’m a strong Black woman and I believe in taking care of my man’s needs. If that upsets some radical feminists, then tough. They’re not keeping me company in my lonely nights. If you catch my drift. Jerome was a classy guy who believed in wining and dining a sister. He took me to the movies, and we also dined at nice restaurants and danced in cool clubs. And he was always a gentleman with me. I loved that about him.

After seeing him for three weeks, I gave the brother some play. I invited him to my dorm one night and greeted him wearing nothing but a bra and panties. Jerome’s eyes went wide when he saw me. I smiled and kissed him. Then I pulled him into my güvenilir bahis şirketleri place and locked the door. Folks, I was ready to give this brother the night of his life. I had condoms, lube, and even a hot Black porn DVD to get us in the mood. Jerome was surprised when I started playing the porno while feeling him up on my bed. On screen, my favorite porn star Byron Long put that fine-looking Black starlet Sky Black on all fours and fucked her in the ass. Jerome was turned on. I unzipped his pants and began stroking his dick. Bringing it to life. Jerome watched as I knelt before him and began sucking his cock.

Jerome’s dick was long and thick, and he was also uncircumcised. I didn’t mind. I like all kinds of dicks. As long as they’re thick and Black. I sucked Jerome’s cock and licked his balls. My favorite stud moaned in pleasure and ran his hands through my naturally long and silky hair as I worked my magic on him. When he finally came, I licked his dick dry. Jerome sighed in pleasure. I grinned and put a condom on his member, then I told him to get ready for me. I got on top of him, wrapped my arms around his neck and lowered myself onto his member. Until his dick was sheathed in my pussy. I gasped as his thick rod filled me up. Then I began to ride him. Jerome was not new to this game. Sometimes with freshmen you never know. Some of them fuck like pros. Others are worse than amateurs. Jerome put his hands on my hips as he thrust into me. Hard and fast, he plowed into me. I squealed in delight and urged him to go harder and faster.

I loved the feel of Jerome’s thick member plowing my pussy. After he fucked me like this for half an hour, I still wasn’t sated. Nah, I wanted to do some back shots. Does that surprise you? Black women like anal sex too. Deal with it. When I told Jerome what I had in mind, he was pleasantly surprised. And totally cool with it. So I got on all fours and spread my plump butt cheeks wide open. Jerome came up behind me and lubed me up. Then he pressed his dick against my asshole and pushed it inside. I grimaced as Jerome’s big cock penetrated my asshole. I’m no stranger to anal sex but Jerome was not exactly what I’d call small. His dick filled my ass. And it hurt a bit, even with the lube. He went in slowly, and that allowed me to adjust to his girth. Gripping my hips tightly, he began to fuck me nice and slow. Just the way I liked it. That’s when I relaxed and enjoyed myself. I was getting fucked in the ass and I loved every minute of it.

Morning found Jerome and I lying in my bed. I woke up with a smile on my face. It was a Saturday in early October. It was raining but it did nothing to mess up my mood. Jerome woke up a little later, and greeted me with a kiss. We showered together, then went to the dining hall for breakfast. Afterwards we went back to my room, for another sexual marathon. My man is hot, sexy, smart and he treats me right . I think I’m in love, folks. And that makes this sister really happy.

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