black mailed cd

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black mailed cd
I am a part time mostly closet crossdresser. I don’t consider myself gay or bi and have a gf. I particularly like to be teased and embarrassed. Mostly I get this by dressing up and going into the intranet chat rooms. Lately though I’ve found a way to get a little live and safe action. Basically I lock my car with the keys inside and have to go get the second key hidden somewhere. The first time was at a park and I was dressed in a summer dress, wig and platform shoes, pretty uneventful, people saw me but thought I was a woman out for a walk. The next time I got bolder and hid the key in an alley in a not so nice part of town. My dressing also took a turn for the sluttier, short shorts, halter tops, tube tops. I wanted to be seen but I wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t a woman but that I was a flaming drag queen. When I am out and hear a giggle or lewd comment I just put my nose in the air and give an extra wiggle to my walk.

I recently found a new was to get a little extra exposure and feel slutty also. I had hidden the key at the adult bookstore completed with video booths, two other times. I would go to the store dressed in normal male clothes and hide the key somewhere. I later return, dressed to the nines. I always enjoyed the strange looks from the customers there, mostly guys but an occasional couple would always seemed to be there too. I know when I shut the car door my fate is sealed. My key is locked inside and the second key is taped to the largest black dildo at the adult book store, two blocks away. Oh, I do have a safety plan, a hammer hidden in a nearby bush. My car has an alarm and I know that would attract the police and I really don’t want to have to explain why I’m dressed this way and breaking my own window out of my car.

I muster as much courage as I can to get out of the car. One voice inside my head tells me don’t do this. You may get caught this time and be terribly embarrassed. Another voice tells me, you’ve done this three times before, always without a hint of trouble, sure some college girls giggled and some drunk called you a faggot but you loved it didn’t you, SLUT. You aren’t breaking any laws. Of course I listened to the second voice and leave the safety of the car. The door slams with a thud.

It is about eight, late enough to be mostly dark but early enough that not too many partiers from the pubs will be about. My three inch boot heels clack loudly with each step, I’m afraid they will attract attention but then realize that the boots are the least of things that will get me noticed. My red wig, overdone lipstick, tube top, short shorts with the thong pulled tightly up my crack and visible above the shorts in the back, and of course the black thigh high fishnets that don’t quite come up to the bottom of the shorts.

The walk to the store is fairly uneventful, just one car honked. When I round the corner to the parking lot of the book store there are five cars. I am a little relieved because dressed like this I am an attention whore and will be giving a little show to more than the pudgy, forty something clerk.

I open the door, which has a sign in large letters ADULTS OVER 18 ONLY, and enter the book store which is laid out in aisles. The first thing I come to is the island where the clerk is sitting. canlı bahis He has a porn movie on one of the televisions, a blond getting spit roasted by a couple of thug looking black guys. The sound is turned pretty low but you can still hear grunts and groans. The clerk, the same one who has been here on my other visits, stares lewdly as I walk by. I can feel his eyes burn into my shorty short covered bottom, thong sticking out and I give him a little butt wiggle as I walk past.

I decide to not get the key right away but to pretend to browse the goods. I secretly want everybody there to see the dressed up pervert. There is a guy browsing the some magazines so I go to the adjacent row and start to look at some bdsm movies, I make a point to give him all angles and even tug up on my tube top. I turn and walk right past him, he is looking at me and winks. For some reason I smiled back at him. I decide to go to the clothing aisles, nasty, naughty costumes. As I get nearer I notice a couple in their late twenties. They have spotted me and I hear her giggle, I linger around some corsets and give them ample time to get a good look. I glance into a mirror and notice she has her cell phone out and is obviously taking a pic. I pick up a black one and hold it up and look in the mirror, sure enough, another pic.

I decide it is time to get my key and get back to the car before the night life really gets going. The sex toys are on the first aisle by the clerks island. There is a wide variety of toys on the wall and I browse as I make my way to the big black dildos. I have taped it to the second one in just in case someone buys one. They are so huge that I don’t know why anyone would buy one, I secretly hope the couple walk by as I am handling it.

I reach behind the plastic cover and feel for the key, NO KEY. My mind is racing, OMG, I check behind the next one, nothing. Now back to the one it’s supposed to be taped to, I turn it around and there is a note taped to it. I peel the tape off and read the note. It reads: collect your key by going to video booth #1.

Part of me wanted to run out the door but I knew that meant probably dealing with the police. I knew I had to at least try and get the key back and that meant a trip back to the video arcade. I was ninety percent sure the clerk had my key and maybe he would just give it back to me because he has other customers in the store and wouldn’t have time for what the booths are famous for.

The booths are just to the right of the clerks position. He is talking to a guy as I walk by, no sassy butt wiggling this time. It is darker in this room and I am thankful that no one is in the hallway and I quietly slip in to video booth #1. It is not like the booths I remember, this one is larger and well lit. There is already a video playing of a brunette giving expert head to a well hung white cock. Of course there is a three inch round hole in the wall to the right of the screen, we all know what that is for. Someone has taken a marker and written on the wall, “happy endings only”

I am left all alone to contemplate my fate. I know that soon a cock will be stuck thru that hole and I will be expected to give a blow job. I will give a blow job not because I want to but because I have to for my freedom. As you can tell I am trying bonus veren siteler to balance slobbering over and sucking another guys dong over answering some very embarrassing questions from the cops. In the end I guess I figured what the hell, I don’t have to look at his face, he will probably cum in a couple minutes, no one will ever know and I will get my keys and be free of my self-imposed bondage. I’ll never do anything this stupid again. Besides if it is the clerk, I have cock teased him twice already, in my sick mind I find it fitting that he get my first blow job and my cock starts to stir in my tight thong panties a little just thinking about it.

I don’t have long to ponder my four inch erection when I hear the door open and shut in the next room, the noise jolts me back to sudden reality. I swear I hear a zipper unzip and a low growly voice say “suck, and it better be good”. My hard on suddenly disappears and I realize my fate, I am about to become a cock sucker. Not just a cock sucker, but a cock sucker for a key, a $5 dollar key, making me probably the cheapest whore in town. I’m pretty sure the guy in the next booth knew he was going to get a not so willing blow job but one that was going to have to be given.

Then it happened, the dick poked thru the hole. It was five inches and just half hard, he put his balls thru the hole too. For a few seconds I just stare at it, wondering why I got myself in this position. I have to almost laugh because my position is going to have to be on my knees to do this. I reach out with my trembling hand and gently start stroking it. I hear him say “SUCK” thru the thin wall. As I lean forward, his cock is just an inch from my nose, I think of how utterly humiliating this is and to think I did this to myself.

I open my mouth and put my tongue out just a little. It is a jolt when my lips and tongue meet this half hard cock. I have to open up a little wider to get him in and start a back and forth motion, oh god he is growing right in my mouth. I glance over at the screen and the brunette is really giving the guy a working over with her mouth, it is weird because there is a small mirror right beside the screen and I can see myself, on my knees with a hard cock in my mouth. Back to the task at hand, I start working his cock with my mouth and fondling his balls with a hand, then I’d switch, I’d mouth his balls and jack him off with a hand, just like the girl on the screen did.

Wow, I thought, I’m really doing this and strangely it was making me horny. I though ‘what the hell , I may as well enjoy this too’ so with my free hand I undid my short shorts shoved down to my knees. My own cock was begging to be free of the tight thong, so I pulled it to the side and pulled out my rock hard four incher. I was pumping myself, blowing and fondling a stranger, it was perfect but then it happened. I didn’t realize he was cumming until it was too late, the first blast hit the roof of my mouth and I instinctively backed away. Big mistake, the next blast hit me on the nose. The guy growled “Finish it, Bitch” so I dove back on his unit. There were a couple of more spurts and some of the sperm ran off my nose and onto the cock. I did my best to clean it all up. He was starting to get soft and slowly deneme bonusu pulling away. I kept my mouth on him as long as I could but he was soon gone.

My own cock was begging for attention and I started to stroke it again. That is when I saw another note flutter by my face and hit the floor. It said simply “pick up your key at the check out counter”. I was as hard as I’ve ever been I think and just have to finish, after all it would only take a minute. Sure enough a short time later I could feel it welling up and I started spurting, the first shot hit the wall the rest oozed out over my hand. Back to earth again. I felt I had to clean up so I grabbed a tissue from my clutch bag and wiped the wall and my hand. I thought, ‘wow, what a slut! Cleaning up at a glory hole, my shorty shorts at my knees, ruined lipstick job, oh my’. I tucked my now soft girlie dick back into my thong and yanked up my shorts. As I stood up I was a little wobbly from being on my knees for that long. I tugged my tube top back up as it had worked its way down to almost my belly, “lovely” I thought.

With my note in hand I opened the door of the booth and peeked around, whew, nobody else. Now all I had to do was walk up to the clerk and collect my key. As I rounded the corner out of the video arcade and into the bright light of the store I noticed there were two other guys at the counter plus the clerk. The clerk glanced up and gave me a purely evil smile the guys didn’t turn around but were staring at the action on the television. When the clerk saw I was hesitant to come forward, he waved me over holding up a key. As I neared the counter he put the key in an envelope.

He held the envelope out for me and asked “did you find EVERY thing you were looking for, MISSY?” and then laughed and nodded his head toward the screen up above. The other guys glanced at me and laughed too. I grabbed the envelope and glanced up. OMG, it was me sucking a cock, my shorts down around my knees wanking away like a bitch in heat. I froze and was speechless for a minute as I watched. That fucker had videoed it. Oh god, I thought that’s why it was so roomy and bright in there. I almost ran to the door.

The trip back to the car was just a blur. I didn’t know or care if anyone saw me because my mind was racing. I reached inside the envelope and found the key and hastily unlocked the door. I took a deep breath now, knowing my ordeal was almost over. As the car warmed up a little and I regained a little composure, I glanced at the envelope and realized there was a note there also. A sudden feeling of dread grips me as I read it.

“Thanks for blow job, slut. Contact me at the porn shop email to find out where I post the video.”

“Post the Video!!” What the hell was he going to do? When I got home a few hours later, I went on to my email and sent him an email begging him not to further humiliate me. It didn’t take long for him to reply.

“We don’t get crossdressers in too often and after I had seen you here more than once and it was obvious you were playing some kind of game. When I rewound the security tape and watched it I could see where a nice young man taped something on the back of a dildo package, later I saw where an all dolled up sissy fiddled with the same dildo package. All I had to then is wait and have some fun. Looks like you had some fun too, lol. By the way the vid is posted on a popular amateur porn site.”

The video was left on the website for two weeks and had thousands of views before he took it down. I guess I’m now a reluctant porn star.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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