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This was the greeting Rob got as he walked in the door of his home and was met with a kiss from his wife June, of four years.

As he returned her kiss he noticed that the front room was occupied by a group of their friends. Drinks in their hands and all were wearing party hats.

His lovely lady had arranged a gathering for him to celebrate his birthday. She was always doing things like this for him. They had a wonderful life together and were still very much in love.

After greeting his guests, the men with hand shakes and the women with kisses. A couple of the ladies gave him deep french kisses. They all went to the table for something to eat.

June said. “Every thing is buffet tonight, help yourself to anything you want to eat and as much as you desire.”

Rob whispered in her ear. “what I want to eat isn’t on the table, I want to eat your pussy.” “Later hon.” She whispered back. “You will get all the pussy you can handle and then some, this is your night and all your many desires will be fulfilled.

He looked at her with a question in his eye but got back only a wink and a big smile.

After eating their fill and devouring a large cake Rob opened his gifts. Then putting some music on the stereo and tuning down the lights they danced. Rob got a chance to dance with all the ladies, two of them held him tight, rubbing their boobs and pussy against him causing him to get an instant hard on.

Dancing with June next she noticed it and asked. “Which one of the women caused this darling thing?”

He told her and she laughed and said. “I don’t care who caused it as long as I get it later.”

The party wound down and most left, only two other couples were left. Jan and Dick, their next door neighbors and Alice and Bill, illegal bahis a new couple that had just moved in on the back side of them. Their rear yards all connected but Bill had built a privacy fence around part of his, enclosing a large hot tub.

“Lets go to my place and use the tub for a bit.” Suggested Bill.

“OK” Everyone agreed.

“Just let us grab some suits.” Said Rob. “And we’ll be right with you.”

“No clothing is allowed in the hot tub.” Alice told him. “We skinny dip, just wear a robe on the way over, we’ll wait for you to change.

Dick and Jan left saying. “We’ll meet you there, we’ve been over before.”

Getting undressed in their room Rob asked June if she thought this was a good idea and if she really wanted to go?

“Yes, we girls talked it over today, Jan and Dick have been there several times, Jan said its lots of fun to swim nude with good friends. What can it hurt, besides you always said you would like to see her naked.”

“Alright, lets go he said taking her hand .

Walking across the yard Alice and June were talking in low tones, then laughing they ran ahead, stripped and got into the tub.

Rob watched as Bill stripped and entered the bubbling water to join the others already there, he took off his robe shyly and hesitated until the three women stood up, exposing their lovely bare bodies to him and held their hands out inviting him in. His cock quickly rose to full stiffness.

“Come on Rob, isn’t this part of your fantasy?” Said Jan as she cupped her lovely tits, holding them out to him. “Don’t you want to see my bare breasts and maybe suck on them? Come on in and I’ll let you kiss them.”

Looking at June for guidance while trying to hide his hard cock, he saw her smile and nod her head. “Come on and enjoy things illegal bahis siteleri hon, this is your dream night, I told you earlier that all your fantasies will be fulfilled tonight. Anything and everything you’ve ever desired.”

As Rob entered the hot tub Jan wrapped her arms around him and hotly kissed him thrusting her lower body against his hard cock. Saying. “All us girls are going to be fucked tonight by you, which of us do you want first? Alice, June or me?”

Feeling a hand grasp his hard prick he noticed that Alice had joined them and was playing with his cock while Jan held his balls.

This was fantastic, but where was June? What would she do if he fucked these women? GOD he wanted to fuck either or both, June would kill him. He thought.

Over Alice’s shoulder he saw June watching them. She was standing between Bill and Dick holding a stiff cock in each hand while they both played with her tits. She laughed and said. “Get some pussy honey, I’m going to get some cock.”

“But, But, But.” Was all he could say.

“Go ahead hon, haven’t we fantasized about being in an orgy? Haven’t you wanted to fuck Jan and you often talked about how much you want to watch me suck another mans cock and swallow his cum? Watch this.”

Saying that, she leaned down to Bill and opened her mouth, engulfing his prick and started one of her fantastic blow jobs.

June loved to suck cock and did Rob almost every night. This was the first different cock she sucked since she had started dating Rob. It felt and tasted good.

Rob moved closer to her, kneeling down to see better, watching this strange cock fucking in his wife’s mouth. YES! This was one of the fantasies they used to excite them both with while making love. YES! It was a lot more exciting for real than he ever canlı bahis siteleri thought it would be. She looked beautiful to him with her lips wrapped around a hard cock and her mouth filled with it. Sucking cock for all she was worth.

June was getting more and more excited, she could climax sometimes from sucking on cock and she was getting close now. It helped that Dick was still playing with her tits. Her pussy quivered as she came. She could feel the pulsing of Bill’s cock and knew he was about to come, she sucked harder, eager for his hot juice. She wanted cum in her mouth, wanted to taste cum, wanted to feel the slickness as cum flowed over her tongue and down her throat.

The first spurt came, then more and more. She loved it. FAN FUN FANTASTIC!

Looking up at Rob, she could tell by the look on his face what he wanted.

Swallowing most of Bill’s cum she turned to her husband and kissed him with her cum splattered lips, giving him her mouth, fresh from sucking another mans cock. Fulfilling another of his fantasies

Alice and Jan pulled Rob away and led him to a low table covered with a thick pad. Laying him down they knelt on each side of him and took turns sucking his cock and kissing him. Then Jan straddled him lowering her attractive body, holding on to his hard cock, guiding it to the moist slit of her pussy. As her hot harry slot met the tip of his cock Rob arched up to greet it. Reaching for and grabbing both her heavy tits he pulled her to him sinking his cock deep into her delightful cunt.

“Happy birthday Rob.” Jan said. “I hope you like your present?”

“There’s more to cum.” Alice said as she knelt over his head placing her pussy on his mouth. “Eat me, suck my pussy.”

Sticking out his tongue he discovered a bald pussy. Alice was shaved smooth as a baby. Different but nice, he liked it and licked hungrily at it. Rob loved eating pussy, his favorite pastime.

Another dream come true. Two lovely women at one time. One to fuck and one to suck at the same time.

Happy Birthday

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20