Biker Rally Fun

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It is a hot summer day as we ride toward the city where the rally is held . We are almost there we left home at 4:00 am this morning and it is now nearly 10. I am excited and a little nervous. I have been cyber fucking this hot lady named Tanya for many months now and she is going to meet me at the Rally.

My wife Jane is very straight and sometimes a prude. She would probably divorce me if she knew about my cyber sex, but I think I could talk her out of it because after all she does shake her tits at guys from time to time and to me that is the same thing. I have been very faithful to her except the cyber sex.

It is 10:00 am as we ride into the grounds where the rally is held every year. We register and go find a suitable campsite and I make an excuse to leave my wife and meet Tanya at 1:00 pm

I go to the showers which is a cattle wash used for people during rallies. The men’s shower has a huge crack that the people walking by can see us shower and I like this as I am an exhibitionist anyways.

My cell phone rings and I step aside as to not get my phone wet and it is Tanya. I tell her where the showers are and that I am almost done, she tells me to not stop until she gets there. “How will I know it is you as we have never met?” Tanya replied I will stand there smile at you and blow you a kiss.’

It is not long when this very pretty lady is standing there watching me shower and she blows me a kiss and my dick starts getting hard and she starts laughing.

I get dressed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and walk outside the shower in the huge barn where many vendors are selling everything from sunglasses to motorcycle parts and accessories.

I say,” you must be Tanya.” she smiles and kisses me on the mouth as she answers, Yes, I am lover.”

We talk a little and I explain that Jane may not open up but she may so we need to play it by ear and find a way for Tanya to approach us.

I tell Tanya where we are camped and she has not set up her tent yet and drives her car to where we are and the spot beside us is not yet taken, so Tanya begins to set up her tent right beside ours.

I pretend I do not know this woman but am staring at her as she hammers the stakes in the ground and Jane and I go over to help. We all engage in small talk and Jane and Tanya seem to be hitting it off and signs of friendship start appearing.

Mid afternoon we are all settled in and tents set up and we are already enjoying the people showing their tits and men showing dicks. To my surprise. Jane pulls up her blouse and shows her tits in public for the first time as Tanya follows her lead. They smile and wink at each other in harmless flirtation and then they both face me and lift their blouses and shake their tits at me.

Jane and I straddle our bikes and Jane asks Tanya if she wants to ride with me and Tanya straddles my Harley and puts her hands on my waist as the three of us ride around güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the drag strip. Jane is busy operating her bike and cannot show tits except when she stops a minute to flash guys.

Tanya does not have that problem as she is my passenger. I noticed that Tanya gets tired of raising her shirt so she just takes it off and playfully wraps it around my neck.

Jane stops when she sees this and I am worried but relieved when Jane takes off her shirt and rides topless with her firm 38 DD tits showing for all to see.

Around 6:00 pm we all get hungry and the women put on their tops and we go get something to eat and sit and talk.

After eating we catch some shows and walk around looking at vendors and spending money. After dark we find ourselves sitting on the bikes by our tents at the drag strip and Jane and Tanya have nothing on but G strings and getting a lot of beads and flirting with a lot of guys. I notice Tanya lightly touches Jane on the right tit and Jane grabs her hand and keeps it on her breast and says, Don’t stop there” as she move Tanya’s hand to her crotch.

“Maybe y’all should get a room,” I joke but to my surprise Jane says, ” Who needs a room when we have tents.”

The three of us head for our tent and Tanya says she wants to fuck both of us and to my surprise again Jane says, “you better, I want to taste that pussy of yours.”

We get undressed quickly and Jane gets on her knees and starts sucking my already güvenilir bahis şirketleri hard dick and I can’t last long and I warn her I am about to cum as she sucks harder and faster and I moan as I shoot load after load of hot cum in her sweet mouth and for the first time she swallows. She usually spits. However she can’t hold it all and some of my cum oozes out her mouth. Tanya is kissing me passionately as my wife sucks the cum right out of me.

I suck Tanya’s left tit as Jane finishes me and brings her cum soaked mouth to mine and kisses me and I find myself licking my cum off her mouth.

I collapse beside these two hot ladies and they go at each other and Jane starts eating Tanya’s pussy as Tanya moans and bucks as Jane sticks her hot tongue inside her hot pussy.

Tanya tells Jane to get on top of her and let me fuck both of them at the same time. I walk over and let Tanya suck me hard as Jane gets on top and the two Ladies rub their pussies together. When hard I get on top of the two ladies and slide my hot hard dick deep inside Jane and fuck her like I have never fucked her before. I then switch to Tanya as the two ladies kiss and fondle each other as I fuck them both.

Tanya screams she is about to cum and I feel her pussy tighten on my hard shaft and can tell she has a very strong orgasm.

When done I fuck Jane and about 30 seconds she has her first orgasm while my dick is inside her. Up to now I have had to suck her off because she has never been able to have an orgasm with me inside her.

I hold off cumming this time and when Jane is done I lay the women beside each other and jack off on both their titties. I start cumming on Tanya and Jane starts rubbing my cum all over Tanya and we end the first day the three of us in each others arms and fall asleep exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20