Bi swingers party

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Bi swingers party
My wife and I began to explore the swingers lifestyle and were having a lot of fun. I was surprised that most clubs and house parties were encouraging of women to explore bisexuality but were borderline homophobic towards bisexual men. I mentioned this to a club owner and he said that they have a monthly bi party and suggested we attend. We were excited to try this so began to look forward to it.

When the evening arrived, we pulled up and saw a very tall cross dresser entering the club. We knew we were into a fun night. It was a small party. About 10 guys, 3 women, and 2 cross dressers. My wife immediately hit it off with one of the women and her husband. The four of us socialized. He was very nervous but she was excited to see guys together. She was hoping to get him to open up a bit but just being there was pushing his limits. After an hour or so of talking, we decided to go into the play area.

We went into one of the rooms and he closed and locked the door. He wanted it to just be the 4 of us with no spectators. We understood he was new so were willing to accommodate him. We all got naked and began exploring each other. The ladies were playing with each other and us. I was careful to not touch him. As things heated up, he began to fuck his wife. My wife and I played with her tits while he fucked her. After a few minutes he began to grunt as he blew his load in her pussy. After he was finished he pulled out and rolled over on the bed. She looked at me and smiled. She asked me to eat her pussy.

I love cream pies so I went down on her immediately. She had been very wet before but between her orgasm and his, she was dripping. I licked her clean and then began to dig my tongue in her pussy to get every drop of cum. She grabbed my head and tried to push me deeper inside of her as she began to scream into an orgasm. She had her thighs clenched tight on my head with my face buried deep in her pussy. I tried to keep eating her through her orgasm but was running out of air and could not breath. Fortunately, she finished her orgasm and collapsed like she was u*********s. I was able to come up for air.

He said that was the biggest orgasm he had ever seen. We sat and chatted for another canlı bahis few minutes when my wife said that she needed a drink. He said he did also so the 2 of them went back to the kitchen. That left his wife and I sitting on the bed, naked, with the door open. A couple of naked guys came into the room to say hello. They said that her orgasm echoed through the whole house. We laughed and joked about it. She said I had amazing oral skills. The guys dicks were about half hard and starting to get harder.

I asked them how things were going in the rest of the club and they said slow. I asked if they had gotten off yet and they both said they had not. The one other girl had sex with a couple of guys and then left. This just left a few other guys and nothing had really happened. She looked at me and smiled. Earlier she said she was hoping to see some guy on guy action. I told the guys that I would love to suck them off. I told them that I loved sucking cock and always swallow. They both came over to me with big smiles.

I was sitting on the bed, so my face was at cock height. I immediately took the closest cock in my mouth. I began to slurp up and down on it as I played with his balls. The lady sitting next to me let out a moan and told me how hot it was. I was sucking up and down taking him deep in my throat. She was saying how hot it was to see me sucking a hard cock. She said that she could tell that I loved it and I was a great cocksucker. After just a few minutes, he began to grunt and blew his load down my throat. I sucked every bit of it until he was dry. She called me a cum slut and said that I really wanted his cum. I looked at her with a big grin.

The other guy took his place and shoved his cock in my mouth. “Oh yeah, take that hard cock down your throat you slutty cock whore,” she said. I slurped on his cock and took him deep in my throat. I was putting on a show for her. I pulled his cock out and began to lick and suck on his balls. I licked all around and then took him back in my mouth. I sucked hard as I moved my head up and down his shaft. After a couple of minutes, he let out a grunt and rewarded me with a big load of cum. I swallowed every bit of it and kept sucking. I wanted bahis siteleri to be sure to get every drop. Once he was completely empty, he pushed me back.

She told me that was the hottest thing she had ever seen. She said she had watched videos of guys sucking cock but seeing it in real life was even better. We started to get up and collect our clothes when our spouses and 3 other guys came in the room. My wife said that the first guy that I sucked off had told everyone that I was sucking cocks. Since it was already 1 am, the owner of the club suggested that anyone who had not cum yet should get there last chance before they close. The other 3 guys had cum for their blow jobs.

Not wanting to leave anyone disappointed, and begin a cum slut cock whore, I quickly agreed. But, I thought it would be fun to take it to the next level. She wanted to see some gay sex and I was all about delivering.

I told one of the guys to sit on the bed. I got on my hands and knees and began sucking his cock. I kissed and licked it. I licked up and down his shaft. I licked his balls and then worked my way back up. I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking up and down. Everyone left in the club was now standing around watching me, so I put on a good show. I was stroking his cock as I slobbered all over it as I sucked up and down. I got lots of my spit on my hand. I took my hand back and began rubbing my ass, spreading my slobber on my ass crack. I reached back up to his cock to get more of my slobber and then reached back and began to work one of my fingers in my ass.

Everyone watching was encouraging me. They were saying what a good cock sucker I was and how hungry I was for cock. I was hoping someone would take the hint, but everyone was just watching. Finally, the woman who was here to see some gay sex spoke up. She said that my ass looked like it needed to be fucked. She said that she would love to see someone fuck me. Finally, one of the guys got behind me and began rubbing his hard cock up and down my ass. I kept sucking on the cock in my mouth, but every time that cock rubbed across my hole, it sent a tingle through my body. I began to push back into him when he crossed my hole, but he kept teasing bahis şirketleri me.

She said, “Oh god that is so hot, shove your hard cock in his ass, let me see you fuck him hard.” He finally shoved his cock in my ass. I was so thankful that she had pushed him. He worked his way deep in my ass. He held it there for a minute, then he began to fuck me. He grabbed my hips and began to pound my ass. The cock in my mouth erupted and I hungrily sucked every drop of his cum, while I was being pounded from behind. As soon as the cock in my mouth was empty, I heard the grunt as the guy behind me shouted he was cumming. I felt him squirt in me with each thrust and then he held his cock deep in my ass as his cock pulsed in me.

Once he was done, he pulled out. I backed up to let the guy in my face get up. I felt full and spent. I put my head down on the ground and left my ass up as I enjoyed the feeling of an ass full of cum. This made me feel like a complete whore. Here I was completely naked with my head down, ass up, full of cum, in the middle of room full of people, most of whom were fully dressed. I was enjoying the feeling and the attention of everyone talking about me being a cum slut and a cock whore.

Then, I felt someone grab my hips and shove their cock in my cum filled ass. I forgot that there was still another guy who had not cum. I let out a moan as he began to fuck my ass. I started to encourage him. “Oh god yes, your cock feels so good in my ass, please fuck me hard, fill me up, shoot your cum in me, let me feel you blow your load deep in my ass.” After the show I put on, he was at the edge before he even entered me. Within seconds, he blew his load deep in my ass. It felt so good to be filled with cum and to be the center of attention.

I finally got up. As I stood, I could feel cum running out of my ass and down my legs. My wife came over and rubbed my ass and legs. She smeared the cum leaking out all over my ass. She teased me about begin a cum slut. She then said how proud she was of me for making sure that everyone at the party got to cum. Everyone started to leave. The owner asked if we would be coming next month. We quickly agreed and said this was the best swingers party we had ever been to. He asked if it would be ok to advertise the party as there would be a cum slut who promised to suck off every person in attendance. I smiled and said I would be honored to do that for him.

I cannot wait until next month.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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