Bi-Sexual Discovery

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“You know it’s funny,” I told Tess as I poured our glasses of whiskey, “I thought you were a lesbian for the longest time when we first met.” I giggled a little at the thought of my misconception, as I took my first sip of my drink.

“Well, I am bi” she replied without hesitation.

“You are?! Why have we never talked about this?”

I was surprised, given that I was always so open about my sexuality, and that this had never come up. Tess and I had known each other for about two years. We had met in a hiking group. We saw each other often in that context over the years, but recently we had been spending more time together outside of that social group. It was also surprising because she is Chinese, which has a, let’s say, less than accepting culture of sexualities other than straight.

I felt my face get flush and the inside of my thighs warm, both parts flushed for a moment of the thought of my face between her legs.

She didn’t give much of a response, something to the effect of not knowing me that well as she finished off her drink.

“Another?” I asked, we had almost finished the bottle at this point. As the night had progressed, we had gotten physically closer and closer, holding hands and snuggling. Once I got her a new drink, she lay against me between my legs. I played with her hair, and then slowly began to rub her neck, and clavicle, and then slid my hand down between her legs. She let out a soft moan as my fingers connected to the outside of her jeans.

I continued to rub her pussy, from on top of her jeans, and she moaned and to began thrusting her pelvis toward my fingers. I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to move my fingers beneath her pants and feel her warm, wet juices all over my fingers, but I restrained myself. I continued to rub, and she moaned, I knew she wanted to feel me slip my fingers slowly inside of her dripping soft pussy.

I restrained myself, as I was married. I shouldn’t have even let it go this far. I stopped and suggested that I leave. She agreed, she didn’t want either of us to do anything we regretted.

We got up to gather my things, but heavily intoxicated, Tess fell a bit. I went to catch her, and in doing so, ended up face to face. She looked up into my eyes, licking her plump, soft lips, begging for me to bite them. I leaned in to kiss her and we both aggressively connected. Her hands were on my breasts, mine back down at her crotch.

“NO. You’re married,” she said and pulled away.

“You’re right. I’m married. We shouldn’t do this. I need to go home.”

But it was too late. I could smell her desire, I just thought one little feel would hurt anyone. I could still taste her soft sweet lips on mine. Feel her hands caress my breasts. Maybe I could just see if she was as wet as I was. I certainly couldn’t return back to my husband with panties soaked in my own thick, wet juices.

I pulled her back into me and started güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri kissing. She collapsed and gave into me as started to unbuttoned her pants, and slowly reach my fingers down. Just two to start, to explore. What I felt almost made me cum. An eruption of juices. Her panties were soaked through, my fingers were immediately covered with her. I pulled my hand out, as I pushed her onto the couch.

“You’re so wet sweetie,” I said as I licked my fingers. Holy shit, she tasted amazing.

She nodded in agreement, but said nothing more, her pelvis gave another rise. She wanted my fingers inside of her, her pussy was hot and wet with anticipation. She was thinking about my mouth on her pussy, while I licked her swollen lips.

I took her shirt and bra off, exposing her beautiful round tight breasts and hard nipples. I started licking and sucking on her breasts. Biting her nipples, while my other hand reached down between her thighs again. Another moan. I stopped just before I got to her clit and took her pants off. Then I moved my hands to the top of her panties, slowly running my fingers along the top of them, back and forth, slowly and lightly. As I took my hands to the sides of her panties to take them off, I moved my face to her pulsating and hungry pussy and gave it a breath of warm air.

Another moan. This time, I could tell she was getting frustrated. She wanted to feel my mouth on her lips, my fingers slide inside of her. Her panties were off now, and her pussy glistened. As I moved up from the ground, I brushed my face and lips by her pussy, another breath, but didn’t touch it yet. She was going to have to be patient and wait for my mouth.

She motioned to removed my clothing, but I did it myself, then exposing my hard little tits. My breasts excited by everything happening, my nipples were large, hard, and plump, tightening around my piercings, sending a surge of pain and pleasure.

We kissed, our tongues intertwined, massaging gently and soft with each other, yet passionate and hard at the same time. I gave her lip a bite, and then moved back to her breasts, and let my hand fall back down to her pussy. I continued to rub her lips and I sucked on her breasts, feeling my fingers enveloped in a sticky wet. I rubbed those juices onto her breasts, and then sucked them off. Oh fuck, she tasted delicious. I had never tasted pussy like this before. I wanted to bury my face between her thighs and drink in her juices.

She opened her thighs even more to me, inviting my fingers be engulfed by her warm soft lips. I couldn’t hold back any longer and moved two of my fingers from her clit, slowly down her lips, and then ever so slowly penetrated her hot dripping hole. Wet with promise of entry, my fingers slide in with ease inside her. I felt her warm pussy surround my fingers, and she pulsated tight around my fingers and slowly drove them deeper and deeper güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri inside of her pussy.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!” she cried out, “Fuck me, go deeper, oh my god.”

My third finger slipped in now, to the elation of more cries of pleasure. Her pussy, dripping, but tightening and pulsing around my fingers. I went and kissed her, as I drove my fingers as far up as I could, and then began to slowly finger her, going deep as I could with each thrust up, and rotating my fingers with each motion up. Up and down, Tess thrusting her pelvis, and moaning in pleasure. I continued to suck on her unyielding breasts and biting her hard erect nipples. Then I slowly kissed her body, moving down to her pussy, as I continued to finger fuck, my hand getting covered in juices. As my mouth got to her clit, I gave it another hot breath, before I very slowly laid my tongue on it. I laid it on there flat and then slowly licked up, keeping my tongue flat and exposed to her clit. Her pussy tasted exquisite, and I licked my fingers after I had pulled them out of her pussy. I then began to lick from her asshole, all the way up to her clit, but I took my time. Slowly, keeping my tongue pressed against her and wet. I then put my fingers back inside her and moving them in and out, going in deep, and harder this time, while lickinig her clit. I started licking and finger faster and hard, her pussying tightening around my fingers, hot and sopping wet. She was moaning, yelling, “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” and thrusting her pussy into my face, as I continued to finger her, and getting faster and harder fingering her g-spot and stroking her clit with my tongue over and over again, pressed hard against it.

And then I felt her, her pussy tightened even more than it had before, her body almost rigid in off the couch in anticipation, as she was about to cum. So, I slowly removed my finger and tongue, it wasn’t time to cum yet.

“Noo…” she moaned in frustration and pleasure all at the same time, “I was about to cum.”

“I know you were, but you don’t get to cum yet,” I replied, as I gave her pussy a long lick. Followed by another, and then began to stick my tongue inside of her pussy. Her juices were covering my face, and my saliva and her fluids, joined and dripped down my face. I rubbed her clit with my finger, as I continued to lick and eat the side of her pussy.

“Flip over,” I instructed her, and she did as I said. Her ass was right at my face, small and tight, gently exposing her lips and asshole. I spit on her ass, then sucked my spit back up, and then drove my fingers inside her ass, mixing her sweet cunt juices inside her ass. She pulled away at first, so I rubbed her clit, helping ease into it. She started to say, “No, no…I don’t…” but then I stuck my fingers in her ass and pussy at the same time and the only words I heard were moans of pleasure and profanity.

Her asshole güvenilir bahis şirketleri was so tight, my one finger was squeezed, but I knew I could get more, and she wanted more. I spit on my fingers and thrust two more into her asshole, while my other hand rubbed her clit. I continued to fuck her, as she pushed her ass towards me, giving resistance to each trust I gave her. She was loving it.

“Oh God, you fuck my ass so fucking good. Oh my…fuck. I’ve never had someone finger my ass before. Fuck, it’s amazing.”

I didn’t say anything, but flipped her back over, and then gave her my fingers that were in her ass to suck on. She took them willingly without question. What she lacked in experience, she more than made up for in eagar and willingness.

“Do you want to cum?” I asked.

“Yes, very much,” she said as she reached between her legs, sticking three of her fingers inside of herself.

I reached my hand towards her, and she pulled hers away. I pushed her hands back and said, “No, we’ll do it together, as I trust my fingers inside with hers. “Have you ever had your pussy stretched out like this before?” She shook her head no, followed with a moan.

We continued to fuck her together, my other, fingers in her mouth, Tess pulsating in pleasure and we both worked her pussy.

“Do you want more inside?” I asked, and she replied with a nod, since my fingers filled her mouth.

I told her to remove her hand.

1, 2, 3, 4 fingers inside.

I was going to ask if she was ready for more, but I could tell she was.

Then I got my thumb in and started working my five fingers in and out, each time, opening and spreading my fingers more. Feeling her warm hot pussy pouring her juices all over my hand as I continued to fuck her. I could feel myself dripping down my legs, turned on by my stretching her out. I moved my hand in even further, this time, places my mouth on her clit, and licking and sucking.

“More, more…give me more,” she demanded.

So I gave her more, gave her my entire hand and fisted her, stretching out her tight little pussy. Causing her so much pain and pleasure all at once, as she continued to moan and yell.

“Oh fuck, yes, yes,” she screamed as I continued to fist her. “Oh my God, don’t stop. Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I keep fisting her and licking and suck on her clit, my hand and face covered in fluids. As I continued, I could feel her starting to cum. I went deeper and harder, as she continued to thrust in pleasure, until I felt her tighten and a rush of fluids flow onto my hand. I removed my hand, just as this was happening and she squirted out her glorious, delicious and plentiful juices all into my face. I felt her juices, an eruption of satisfaction and lust, cover my face and fall into my mouth. My hand still drowned with her juices. Her lips were swollen and red, still throbbing with desire and pleasure. I licked what I could off of my face, then had her clean my face off, she licked her own juices and saved them in her mouth to give back to me, so I could eat the spoils of my work.

Tess lay there, the picturequest view of satisfaction, looking at me, face and hands stained with the scent of a pleasured pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20