BF learns Who’s the BOSS PT2

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BF learns Who’s the BOSS PT2
Jane was beside herself, so totally turned on by her planned seduction of her boyfriend Tom. Everything had worked out perfect and now she had him at her total mercy, hands and feet tied securely to the bed, his cock hard as a baseball bat thanks to the Viagra she had dosed him with. Now it was time for her pleasure, still she felt the need to tease Tom, not only for the empowerment of the act of controlling him, but also the fact that she knew it turned him on to no end. Slowly she lowered herself down onto Tom’s awaiting tongue. He was still panting after his recent orgasm and she felt his hot breath on the crotch of her pantyhose, which was completely soaked through with her secretions. Tom raised his head up and extended his tongue, desperate to taste Jane’s pussy, She continued to slowly lower herself till the tip of Tom’s tongue came in contact with the gusset of her nylons. Tom immediately moaned at his first taste of Jane. Try as he might to raise his head and extend his tongue so that he could thoroughly swab Jane’s crotch with the flat of his tongue, it was to no avail as Jane held her position so that only the tip of his tongue could make contact with her. Tom was going crazy now and begged Jane to lower herself more. Tauntingly, Jane asked him how badly he wanted to taste her, to make her come all over his face, to be able to chew a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose and bury his tongue as deeply as possible inside her pussy. “Oh Tom, you’re almost there. If you raise your head up a little more I think you can get to my pussy. I want you to eat me Tom. I’m dying to feel your tongue inside me, making me come all over your face while you lick all my juices up.” Jane knew that Tom could not reach her pussy in his current state, but didn’t mind teasing him either.

Tom’s neck was starting to tire and he could not keep his head held up high any more. With a defeated sigh he dropped his head back on the mattress. Jane immediately admonished Tom for his apparent lack of effort to satisfy her, knowing full well that no matter how hard he tried, how high he would lift his head and extend his tongue, she would eventually raise herself up to tease him and remind him that she was in complete control. By now, Jane was going out of her mind and she ran her hands behind Tom’s head. At the same moment she lowered herself and shoved Tom’s head into her nylon covered pussy, drawing a deep satisfied moan from Tom. She could feel Tom’s tongue all over the crotch of her pantyhose as he vigorously licked her as best he could through her nylons. Moaning, Jane started to grind her hips back and forth across Tom’s chin, mouth, and nose, using him as a toy. He had difficulty breathing as Jane held his head tightly against her, eventually though she released her grip on him, finally allowing him to breathe. “Jesus Jane, you taste fucking incredible! Please rip a hole in your pantyhose so I can taste that delicious pussy of yours. Oh god, please!” Tom desperately pleaded to Jane.

“Not yet dear, I want you to make me cum all over my pantyhose before I let you taste my pussy for real.” Jane said. Slowly, she lowered herself back down onto Tom’s mouth and started gyrating her hips back and forth. Desperate to please his girlfriend, Tom obediently sucked and licked the crotch of her pantyhose as best he could, trying in vain to make her come. Jane raised herself up allowing Tom to take a deep breath then lowered herself once again. Moaning, Jane aggressively rode his face, mashing her clit against his nose as his tongue swabbed the entire crotch of her nylons. Jane was moaning and beginning to gasp for breath as she felt her climax approaching. She increased her movements as well as once again grabbing the back of Tom’s head to force his mouth and nose harder against her pussy and clit. The increased friction finally sent Jane over the top and she exploded into her orgasm, crying out and jamming Tom’s nose as hard as she could against her clit while Tom tried to lick and suck her juices through her nylons. Jane was shaking through her orgasm, holding Tom as tight to her as possible, wanting this feeling to never end. Finally she began to come down from her climax and released Tom’s head, which fell straight back onto the mattress. Tom was finally beginning to catch his breath as Jane came to, slowly floating back to reality.

Jane was pleased with her boyfriends oral efforts, however she sternly told Tom that she was upset with his initial effort in pleasuring her, feeling as though he did not try as hard as he could. Jane knew that she had tormented him by teasing him, keeping her pussy just out of reach of his tongue, and was now trying to berate his efforts. Tom did not know what to say, knowing that she had deliberately kept herself out of his reach. At the same time, he did not want to argue with Jane and tell her that she had intentionally kept herself from him in fear of her reprisal, the possibility of her leaving him tied to the bed, sexually unattended. Tom looked Jane in the eye and apologized to her and told her he would do anything to make it up to her. “Anything huh?” Jane asked. Tom once again told her he would do anything to please her. With that Jane slowly scooted back on the bed and very slowly extended one of her feet up to Tom’s head. He looked questionably at Jane, wondering her intentions, fearing that she wanted him to lick his copious sperm from her nylon feet. “Don’t be afraid Tom, I swallow your come all the kaçak bahis time, and besides, the way I look at it, you owe me, plus you are certainly in no position to argue with any of my demands.” Jane stated. “And my dear, I would absolutely love to have you lick my little feet clean for me.” she seductively added. Tom was unable to resist any longer as he was always eager to please Jane in any way he could, however he had never tasted his own semen before and he certainly had his reservations about submitting to Jane this way. Although Tom was not excited in the least about his current situation, he submitted to Jane and said it would be his pleasure to lick her feet and toes clean for her.

Jane slowly moved her come-soaked foot in front of Tom’s mouth and arched it in a direction so that he could take a solid lick from her heel to the tip of her toes. Tom knew it was now or never and he desperately wanted to please Jane. He inhaled, intoxicated by the scent of Jane’s foot, the strong scent of her nylon mixed with the pleasant, musky, female scent of her foot, mixed with the pungent scent of his sperm enraptured Tom’s senses. He suddenly found himself quite eager to comply with Jane’s wishes, and with that Tom slowly licked the sole of her foot, tasting his semen mixed with that of Jane’s sweat from her early morning jog infused in her nylons. Jane moaned her approval as Tom continued to clean her foot of his sperm, licking up the large globs and sucking out the rest that had already soaked through her nylons. As Tom was worshipping Jane’s feet, she slowly reached forward and grabbed his cock with a firm grip, nearly choking it with her fingers. Tom groaned as he found himself still very sensitive from his previous climax. With the bottom of Jane’s first foot licked and sucked thoroughly clean of his semen, she switched position of her feet and Tom found himself staring at the sole of her other foot that was equally coated with his spunk. Tom had found that he did not mind the taste of his sperm, and although he initially felt humiliated by submitting to Jane in this fashion, he found himself unnervingly turned on by the fact that this act of devotion was clearly turning Jane on as well as himself. Jane continued to moan, at the same time constricting Tom’s thick cock with her small fingers as she slowly stroked up and down, clenching her hand as much as possible when she reached the base and slightly rotating her hand at the head of Tom’s cock, eliciting an excited groan from him each time she did so.

Tom continued to lick the bottom of her foot, cleaning all traces of his sperm that he could find. He was out of his mind as Jane’s sweaty nylon foot scent and taste were driving him crazy with lust. “I think someone enjoys eating his come off of my delectable little feet. Your precum is soaking my fingers and your cock is throbbing beyond belief.” Jane stated. Tom could only moan his approval of her statement, as he was totally engrossed in abiding Jane’s command to clean her feet. Jane slowly removed her foot out of Tom’s reach as he whimpered like a spoiled c***d. “Oh don’t worry babe, you’re only half way done cleaning my feet.” Jane giggled. She then rose up and turned away from Tom, slowly backing up her little ass toward his face. Tom was completely mesmerized by the sight of her ass and thighs totally wrapped in the sheer black nylon. Momentarily distracted by this wonderful sight, Tom was brought back to his senses as Jane raised her calves and plopped her feet back in Tom’s face. Due to her current position, this time the tops of her feet positioned in front of his mouth. Tom wasted little time and started lapping at the tops of Jane’s sticky nylon feet, like a puppy in front of it’s water bowl, causing Jane to giggle a little at his eagerness to please her. As Tom was cleaning the top of her feet and ankles, she leaned down and very slowly swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, immediately causing Tom to gasp and his body to jerk as she caught him off guard as he was completely enthralled in his foot worship duties.

Then, very carefully, Jane slowly opened her mouth and playfully yet gently bit down on the head of Tom’s cock and slowly slid her teeth to the end of his head causing Tom to moan and shiver with excitement. A large drop of precum formed at the tip of his cock and Jane eagerly devoured it, making the tip of her tongue into a little point and swabbed the tiny slit in his head. “Jesus Christ Jane!” Tom gasped as his cock started twitching immediately under her ministrations. Jane knew exactly what got Tom off and she was delighted at his obvious arousal from her teasing and yet again she found herself at the crossroads of continuing to passionately tease him or bring him to climax quickly. As much as she wanted to make his cock explode with her lips, teeth, and tongue, she opted to deny him his impending climax. Before she did however, she once again repeated her previous actions of her one-two punch by teasingly biting down on the engorged head of his cock and tantalizingly raking her teeth playfully across the taught skin of his cock head then forcing her tongue into his slit and giving Tom a powerful lick. He threw his head back and groaned loudly as his cock expanded even more and began to throb uncontrollably. Jane quickly wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, squeezing unmercifully to deny Tom the satisfaction of his imminent orgasm. Tom was panting by now, his head spinning with lust kaçak iddaa for his girlfriend as she continued to exert her total control over his mind and body.

Once Jane was satisfied that her nylon feet had been licked sufficiently clean of Tom’s sperm, she slowly began to inch her way back to Tom with her ass sticking out right in his face. “Okay Tom, I think its time we got down to business. If you want to get to my pussy through my nylons then you are going to have to work for it. I won’t tear them open for you, but I will help you a little along the way. First raise your head up as far as you can.” Once Tom had raised his head up as far as he could, Jane inched back until the gusset of her hose were firmly planted next to his mouth.

“Alright Tom, what I want you to do now is bite down on the material and once you have a firm grip with your teeth I want you to slowly lower your head back down onto the mattress.” Jane ordered. Tom quickly complied after taking a long, delicious lick from the top to the bottom of the crotch of her hose. He had a tiny mouthful of her nylons; her scent was intoxicatingly strong making Tom’s arousal sore even higher. Once he was sure that he had a proper grip on the nylon he slowly lowered his head back down to the mattress, watching as the nylon fibers gradually stretched and gave way, a little tear forming. Tom was excited by the fact that he was that much closer to having direct access to Jane’s succulent pussy. With his teeth still firmly grasping the initial nylon, Jane started to scoot forward causing the gusset to eventually rip open at it’s seams. Tom let go of the nylon in his mouth and it immediately snapped back into place, lightly smacking Jane square on her clit causing her to moan. Tom inspected the hole they had both worked to create and fortunately it was perfect, framing Jane’s pussy and ass for him to adore, with several sexy runs traveling several inches down the insides of her thighs.

Jane could wait no longer and she turned around and immediately straddled and lowered her pussy right down on Tom’s head, not bothering with any more games. Tom went right to work on pleasuring his girlfriend, instantly shoving his tongue deep in her hole, savoring her sweet taste. Jane gasped loudly, the insides of her thighs twitching as she once again grabbed the back of Tom’s head and shoved it up into her pussy, beginning to grind her hips slowly back and forth. Jane was utterly soaked and Tom was more than excited to lick up all her juices and swallow them down. Time and time again he speared his tongue into Jane’s shiny wet slit causing her to gasp and moan, writhing in pleasure. Jane could feel her orgasm quickly approaching as she panted “Oooh, Tom…. you’re driving me crazy…. uuungh! …. baby …. You’re … gonna … make … me … come!” It was Tom’s turn to go for the kill and he instantaneously zeroed in on her swollen clit like a hungry wolf, sucking it into his mouth making Jane shudder as she gasped for air. “Uuuungh … Tom!” Jane cried out, almost past the point of no return. Jane was holding his head to her pussy, her grip tightening the closer she came to her orgasm.

Tom made one last move on Jane. He sucked her clit hard into his mouth, trapping the flesh between his teeth as his tongue absolutely ravaged her throbbing, sensitive flesh. Jane threw her head back, arching her back, eyes closed, her small tits jutting out sexily, as she screamed ” Tom! …. Uuuuungh! … I’m … coming! …” Tom continued to ravish her clit as best he could as Jane was wildly climaxing now, her hips thrashing back and forth, her nylon covered thighs gripping the sides of his head. Her hands were pushing his mouth up into her pussy, trying to keep him in place as she flopped back and forth, her come squirting out into Tom’s mouth and all over his chin. Tom swallowed what he could, relishing her sweet silky come as it ran down his throat, but his primary objective was to keep his teeth attached around her engorged clit so he could continue to plunder her with his tongue. Jane’s head was spinning as she continued to scream out her passion, her hips still involuntarily jerking back and forth as she had one of the most violent orgasms she had ever experienced. After what seemed like minutes, she eventually started to come back to reality, gasping for breath as if she had just run a marathon. She slowly peeled her pussy of Tom’s mouth as he too was gasping for air as Jane had more or less smothered him with her pussy. She slowly moved herself down a couple of feet, Tom noticing that the nylon on the insides of her thighs were completely soaked with her come, looking as though she had just peed herself. Jane instantly collapsed on Tom’s chest continuing to pant like a bitch in heat.

Tom could feel her rapid heartbeat as she lay across his chest, her small tits squashed against his broad frame. As Jane lay there trying to catch her breath and regain her strength, she kept moaning “Tom, that was sooo good.” Eventually she had composed herself enough to look up at Tom and smile through heavy lidded eyes. Jane then moved up and kissed Tom, shoving her tongue down his throat, tasting herself in the process. She was amazed at how well Tom had devoured her needy pussy and thought in her head that she might have to tie him up, dose him with Viagra, and slip into some nylons on a more regular basis if their sex was going to be this great. Jane still had devious plans of riding Tom and his unyielding cock to güvenilir bahis orgasm after orgasm, but she thought that she might return the favor real quick and give him another mind-blowing climax.

Raising herself, Jane reached out and propped a pillow behind Tom’s head so he would be able to watch her every move, then she seductively slithered down his body, kissing and nipping at him the entire way. Jane slowly licked down his abdomen and simultaneously grabbed his cock and held it firm. Looking him dead in the eye she stuck out her tongue and slowly licked from the base of his cock all the way to the head. Tom gave an appreciative moan and eagerly looked on. Jane repeated her actions and this time when she reached the head of Tom’s cock she deliberately swirled her tongue around and around it, staring into Tom’s eyes the entire time. Immediately Tom started breathing heavy and softly moaned as Jane continued her assault. Switching her pace, Jane leaned in and wrapped her lips around his cock head and gently applied suction, jamming her tongue into the slit at the end of his cock, enjoying the salty taste of his precum.

Tom groaned as Jane continued to tease the tip of his cock. Never taking her lips off him, she once again playfully bit down on his head and lightly sc****d her teeth up and down ever so gently, feeling Tom start to throb in her mouth. With a loud pop, she released his cock from her lips only to come back down, taking half of his length inside her this time, running her tongue on the sensitive underside of Tom’s cock, causing him to gasp. Jane’s lips descended further down his rod till she had three quarters of his meat in her mouth, then she started sucking strongly causing Tom to groan loudly. She then raised her eyes to Tom and started to swallow time and time again, knowing that her actions would milk his cock and get him extremely worked up as it always did.

“Jane… baby, that feels wonderful!” Tom exclaimed. Wasting little time, Jane started to bob her head up and down his cock, her lips and tongue stimulating every nerve in his cock. Tom was beginning to breath quite heavy and groaning as Jane continued play with his cock, then she started grazing her teeth along his length, not hard enough to hurt him, but to add an extra element of teasing him. Tom threw his head back announcing that he was about to come. Jane immediately backed off his cock much to Tom’s surprise, his head shooting back up wondering why she had stopped pleasuring him. Jane watched him throb in front of her eyes, then she roughly slapped his cock with her open hand.

Tom moaned, begging her to finish him off, but Jane could not resist tormenting him just a little bit. She slapped his cock again, but not giving Tom the relief he needed. “Please Jane, my cocks so hard it almost hurts. Please make me come! Please!” Tom pleaded. Jane swiftly engulfed his entire length, jamming it in her throat as Tom moaned loudly, pulling on his restraints, trying to push his hips in the air. Jane moaned loudly with his meat buried in her throat, sending tantalizing vibrations up down his excited cock. Jane slowly released his cock from her throat leaving it shiny and slick, coated in her saliva and gripped his shaft strongly in her hand and began to furiously jack him off. She felt Tom tense up, gasping that he was going to come. Jane put just the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked as hard as she could, still continuing to slide her hand mercilessly up and down his pole. “Jane… ooooh… you’re … making me come… Ahhh!” Sucking strongly, she felt Tom’s cock expand in her tiny hand and give a mighty jerk as her mouth was instantly filled with a thick wad of his come. Unyielding, she continued to stroke and suck on Tom as he moaned and thrashed about against his bonds. He continued to come as Jane expertly tried to keep every drop of sperm in her mouth without loosing any. It wasn’t an easy job as Tom continued to fill her mouth with his semen. Her mouth was at the point of overflowing when Tom’s orgasm began to subside. Jane wanted to continue to jerk him off, knowing that he was so sensitive after he came, but she had another naughty idea in her head.

She released his cock and looked up at Tom who was panting hard with his head laid back against the pillow. Jane quickly scooted up his body and looked down at him. When he looked up, she just smiled at him, then, she leaned in for a kiss. As soon as their lips met and their mouths opened, Jane forced her tongue into Tom’s mouth and pushed his entire load of hot, thick sperm into his unsuspecting mouth. Tom nearly gagged on the amount of come his girlfriend had just deposited in his mouth. It was salty, hot and extremely thick. “Jesus Christ” Tom thought, “what a kinky bitch!”. Even though he was caught off guard, he was extremely turned on by Jane’s actions. Tom had no choice but to swallow his own load down his throat as Jane continued to snake her tongue around inside Tom’s mouth. They continued to kiss, swapping the remnants of his sperm back and forth between them in a heated exchange. After the kiss, Tom asked Jane where she had come up with that idea, and she casually stated that he had apparently enjoyed licking his come off her nylons earlier, so she decided to surprise him by feeding him his entire load after she had made him come.

“Did you enjoy it? I know I did!” Jane laughed. Tom felt somewhat embarrassed but did confess that he thought it was a pretty hot surprise, plus it was just another way to submit to her control, which gave him the most satisfaction of all.

“Don’t be disappointed.” Jane said, “I’m full of surprises!” as she slowly straddled his midsection, grinding her moist slit against his still hard cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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