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It was late in the evening and I was on my way home from work. It had been a rough night and I was leaving work four hours early. I thought I was coming down with a virus because I had been felling dizzy, weak and feverish. I just wanted to get home, climb into bed and have my significant other baby me. I noticed the battery on my cell phone was dead so I couldn’t call ahead. I had thought Tina could have some soup ready when I got home. She had a way of making a simple can of soup seem like the antidote for everything.

I was too weak to lift the garage door so I parked in front of the house and let myself in the front door. Due to feeling poorly, I was dragging ass and was inadvertently stealth during my entry. I was taking off my coat, when I heard sounds coming from the bedroom upstairs. It sounded like multiple voices. There isn’t a television in our room so I was quite puzzled. With my coat still half on, I slowly climbed the stairs. I could hear movement along with one maybe two male voices. Was I being burglarized? The closest weapon was a decorative sword at the top of the stairs. I grabbed the sword and headed toward the bedroom. The door was ajar so I peaked in to assess the situation. What I observed took my breath away and froze me in my tracks.

Through the partially opened door I could see Tina on all fours on the bed. She was naked and there was an unknown male, standing naked and having his way with her from behind. As if that wasn’t enough, there was another male, whom I did not know, naked, on his knees and on my side of the bed in front of her. He seemed to be enjoying inserting his cock into her mouth. As the adrenaline rushed through my body and I poised to barge into the room like the police raiding a crack house. Just then I heard Tina moaning and uttering yes, yes. I wondered what the hell was going on. Tina then reached for the cock that was in her mouth and assisted the bastard in beating his meat. The two males were laughing with each other around their sighs of passion.

My heart was racing and my breath was short. My grip on the sword became intense yet my knees were buckling. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Within seconds my emotions raced from shock, to anger, to bewildered and finally to grief. At that moment it became clear what was going on. Tina had made good on her threat to engage in a threesome. Yes, there was a good reason why I was not a part of that threesome. In dismay, I continued to peer through the doorway as another man held onto Tina’s waist while thrusting himself against her ass. I had seen and made the expressions on the other male’s face. The other male was getting very close to releasing his testicular load. My eyes closed and my head dropped. Had I been in my window, watching three strangers across the street, I would have enjoyed this action immensely. However, under these circumstances I could only slump to the floor and listen.

I was engulfed in familiar sounds. The sound of the bed squeaking, bodies slapping together, heavy breathing and words blurted out during enthusiastic intercourse. Ordinarily, making these sounds was enjoyable. Only now the same sounds were causing me pain. As I sat there listening, my mind’s eye took me back to the night that created this situation, a night when the proverbial shoe was on the other foot, or in this case when the condom was on my dick.

About six months ago, I had attended a party at Nicole’s home. Nicole is a business associate canlı bahis whom I had a major infatuation. The party was winding down and since Tina wasn’t with me, I offered to remain behind to help clean up. The apartment was on the thirty-third floor of a luxury building. The balcony had a magnificent view of the city. As the last guests were leaving, I stood on the balcony looking at the city lights wondering. I wondered what life would have been like if I had lived here with Nicole. At that moment, Nicole stepped out onto the balcony and stood next to me. We looked at the lights and I guess the wine caused us to speak openly. I professed my attraction to her, which was met with a warm reception. I soon noticed a devilish grin appearing on her face. We looked into each other’s eyes and we knew what was about to happen.

As if it belonged to someone else, my hand caressed her cheek on its way to her hair. By the time it reached the back of her head, she was inching toward me. Our lips hesitated as they touched. That was all I needed to throw caution to the wind. I pulled her close and the kisses became deeper and more sensuous. My hands roamed freely about her willing body. I paused to take a breath then buried my face in her neck. Her perfume caused an automatic reaction. A reaction that she could without a doubt, feel against her hip. Her moans only grew louder as I kissed her neck. To my delight, I discovered that she wasn’t wearing a bra and I began unbuttoning her blouse. I reached into her blouse with both hands and cupped her voluptuous breasts while massaging her nipples with my thumbs.

I paused momentarily and looked into her eyes to see if my actions were causing her any concern. What I saw looking back was a major green light for anything I wanted. I expressed my unspoken gratitude by slipping my tongue into her mouth and holding her like I never wanted to let go. I opened her blouse further to ensure full view and access to her breasts. After admiring the view of her breasts, I knelt down and tasted her nipples. It’s true that the forbidden fruit always tastes better. Savoring every second, I bounced back and forth from nipple to nipple. Wanting more, I reached under her skirt and found a thong that was damp in the crotch. Her legs tightened around my hand preventing further access or withdrawal. I teased and bit on her nipple until she released my hand. The smile on her face suggested my bite created arousal rather than discomfort.

Nicole became aggressive and pushed me against the balcony railing. She pressed her face against my chest and grabbed by stiff member through my pants. After a few minutes of heavy breathing and stroking, she knelt down and completely opened my pants. That was a clever maneuver because getting my engorged manhood through the zipper would have been a painful chore. She wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly dragged it across her cheek. I looked down just in time to see the head disappearing inside her warm, wet mouth. I tilted my head back and felt the rush of sensations throughout my body. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be in this situation with her. Paradise was the only description that came to mind as I was listening to her moaning and sucking on me. With that in mind, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have my dick inside her.

I slowly extricated myself from her mouth and helped her up. I leaned her over the balcony railing, lifted her skirt, moved her thong to the side bahis siteleri and guided my saliva slicked cock into her. I settled into a comfortable position and began slow, steady strokes. As I was getting my groove on, I couldn’t help but to take in the view. I had Nicole bent over her own balcony railing, her breasts exposed for anyone in the adjacent buildings to see, pumping her from behind and looking out over the city. I was thinking, “On top of the world, Ma!” Even better was the sound of Nicole having an orgasm. I could no longer control my urge to explode inside her and gave her all I had to give. Realizing that I had left a mess, I reached into the pocket of my pants, which were around my ankles and retrieved my handkerchief. While she was still bent over the railing, I took my handkerchief and wiped my ejaculate from her crotch. Slowly dabbing in every fold, I could feel the semen soaking into the handkerchief and across my fingers. An odor of fresh sex filled my nostrils as I crumpled the handkerchief in the palm of my hand.

Upon completion, she turned toward me and gave me a tender kiss. Before she could close her blouse or I could pull up my pants, we noticed that there was one female guest standing on the other side of the window getting quite a show. Unfortunately, she was shaking her head as if to say, shame on us. It was more unfortunate that she knew Tina. I quickly pulled up and fastened my pants. It’s strange that until that moment, I hadn’t given Tina a thought. Both Nicole and I knew the jig was up. Nicole understood why I had to leave without helping her with the party clean up as promised. I made my apologies, gave her a peck on the cheek and departed.

After a sleepless night and a lot of mental anguish, I decided to inform Tina of my indiscretion before anyone else. As we sat at the breakfast table, I carefully broke the news. I explained that it had had been a fantasy of mine since before I met her. I further explained that I was only human and had a moment of weakness.

Tina stated, “I have fantasies that don’t include you but I have self-control.”

“If you loved me, you would have controlled yourself.”

Needless to say the rest of the “discussion” didn’t go well. I accepted all that she had to dish out. It was only fair and to be expected. It was then that threats of finding sex partners on the internet were hurled in my direction at every disagreement. I began finding sex sites on the computer. I knew they were intentionally left to upset me. Email after email inquiring about two males to join her for a threesome. There were many replies to her emails but no arrangements were made. Months of mental abuse passed without an overt act. I began to think all was forgiven. That is until now.

Reality was hitting me like a ton of bricks as I sat there on the floor outside my own bedroom listening. I was too hurt to watch but I could hear one of the guys bouncing off her ass. The other guy was grunting and obviously shooting his load.

I heard, “Ahhh Yeah!”

“Lick it all off.”

“Swallow it!”

Then the other guy, “Ahhh, fuck.”

“Damn, right in the ass.”

“I wish I didn’t have on a condom so I could see it drip out.”

I then heard them all collapse onto the bed. The guys were expressing their delight and trying to determine if they were going to switch places.

Then I heard Tina, “Take off that condom.”

“I want to suck both of you at the same time.”

She bahis şirketleri wasn’t really going to do that was she? In total disbelief, I had to take another peek. She was lying between these two guys and massaging their cocks trying to get them hard for more action. One guy had a handful of her crotch while the other was teasing her nipples. This was my punishment for my betrayal. I knew I had hurt her but not this bad. Although she did not intend for me to watch her fulfill her fantasy, I knew that if I managed to get through this, I would never betray her again.

The two guys then stood side by side adjacent the bed. Tina sat on the edge of the bed. Thank goodness I couldn’t see the specifics. However, the sounds and body movements were unmistakable. I leaned against the wall, closed my eyes and wished for it to just be over. While everyone seemed to be preoccupied, I took that opportunity to relocate to the adjacent bedroom to prevent being detected once they emerged from the room. Unfortunately, my presence would become apparent if Tina found my vehicle parked front of the house.

Sitting behind the door of the adjacent bedroom prevented me from viewing and limited my ability to hear further transgressions. To my displeasure, I was able to hear both men reach an orgasm.

To include one male saying to the other, “I see you had a lot left.”

“She couldn’t swallow all of yours.”

The other male related, “I love to see my jizz dripping onto a woman’s tits.”

Tina exited the bedroom and entered the bathroom for a shower. I could hear the guys moving around on the bed. From my experience with Tina, I knew that she often enjoyed being caressed in the shower after sex. I had expected one of the bastards to join her but she was done before they got up. As one of the guys entered the shower, I heard the other having a conversation with Tina.

The male asked, “When are we going to get together again?”

Tina replied, “It depends on whether or not my alleged partner cheats on me again.”

The last male showered, dressed and Tina walked them downstairs. When Tina opened the front door it became strangely quiet. I got up and slowly entered our bedroom. The bed was disheveled and stained. I carefully sat on the edge of the bed where an empty condom wrapper was lying on the floor. After a few shallow breaths, I leaned over and cracked the window to allow some fresh air into the room. I could hear Tina slowly climbing the stairs as if she were walking to the gallows. She appeared in the doorway with an indiscernible expression on her face. Not a word was spoken. Who would go first? Who had been hurt the worst? Suddenly, the only question in my mind was, “Did I still want to be with her?” The answer was undoubtedly, yes.

I stood up and walked toward her. I still had no idea of what I would say or do once I reached her. We stood almost nose to nose and looked into each other’s eyes. Simultaneously, we reached out and hugged each other. We just stood there hugging. Then I felt a tear on my neck. A chorus of, “I’m sorry,” spewed from my mouth. My eyes welled as she tried to find words. I placed my finger on her lips to shush her. I turned and picked up the condom wrapper and started taking the pillow case off the pillow. Tina proceeded to the other side of the bed and removed the other pillow case. As the song suggests, we said it best by saying nothing at all. Subsequently, all the linen was changed and the soiled linen was placed into the washing machine. We changed our clothes and climbed into bed. We held onto each other and fell asleep listening to the sound of the washing machine washing all our troubles away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20