Being An Author Ch. 1

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Eric had written four contributions to the Literotica site for erotic stories and he was happy that his stories had been received well by the public. Some hundred people had shown their appreciation by rating his stories and fairly highly, too.

One reader, by the name of Anne, had gone to the trouble of writing personally to his e-mail address that was at the top of the stories. Like him, she lived in the Netherlands and was one of the few females that openly spoke of their enthusiasm for a good erotic story. She was in her fifties, she wrote to him, which placed her in the same age-category as he was in and she commented in detail on his stories. She told him, which of the experiences he described she shared and which sex-acts she would like to copy from his stories into real life.

Exchanging e-mails they discovered that they did not live very far apart; while he lived in The Hague, she had her home in Delft. He was married, she was recently divorced.

She wrote him, that she was glad to be rid of her husband and that she enjoyed living alone in her little house alongside a picturesque canal in the old town of Delft. But gradually it also transpired, that she suffered at a lack of physical contact. She had not had much sex from her husband, which had been one of the causes for her divorce, but now that she was on her own, new desires within her started to develop and she related them to him freely.

Then one morning Eric opened his inbox and read: ‘Be at Schlemmer’s at four. I’ll find you. Anne.’

Schlemmer’s bar, situated on a narrow street in the old centre of The Hague did not have a terrace outside, so Eric was forced to go in on this lovely summer day. He regretted it, because a drink in the open air was so much more alluring than sitting in the stuffy atmosphere of the bar. But as he crossed the threshold of the establishment, a woman came whirling towards him, grabbed his arm and turned him around. On the pavement again, he turned to face her. He fell silent. He looked into the most beautiful and naughtiest pair of twinkling blue eyes he had ever met in his life.

‘I sure hope you’re Eric.’, said the woman, who was still holding his arm and was actually cuddling up to him.

‘You’re lucky, because yes I am. And I consider myself very lucky to have such a beautiful lady at my arm.’, he replied.

‘I thought that it would be better to find a cafe with chairs outside.’, she continued, disregarding his obvious compliment.

Two minutes later they were seated under the branches of one of the age-old trees on a nearby square.

‘So, let me look at you.’, said Anne and cast him a broad smile. ‘I am more than just curious to know the man whose stories have sent those vibrations through my cunt. I hope I am not shocking you.’ She actually was and, what was more, she was arousing him as well. The girl who took the orders had overheard a part of Anne’s statement and eyed the couple curiously.

‘Please’, stammered Eric, ‘the servants are getting nervous.’

‘Don’t worry, sir.’, said the pretty waitress, ‘I have some experience. Can I bring you a drink to cool down?’

Anne and Eric placed their orders and two minutes later the girl placed the drinks on their table, adding mysteriously: ‘If you need me, just call me.’

Anne smiled and looked Eric directly in the eye and asked him: ‘Are you in the process of writing another story for the site at the moment?’

Eric shook his head. ‘No, I am waiting for the inspiration to hit me.’ He had a sly smile on his face and continued: ‘Some new first hand experiences would probably do the trick.’

Anne feigned not understanding him. ‘What do you mean? Do you get so little sex, that you don’t know what to write about?’

‘No, it is not that exactly. But extraordinary experiences are required if one wants something to write about.’

‘I see.’, said Anne in a pensive way. ‘Would this plot do? A horny lady meets a man on a terrace in The Hague and shows him her bare pussy there, in casino siteleri public. Then she bends over and allows him a long look at her ample bosom. Then she invites him over to her place and fucks his brains out.’

Eric swallowed with some difficulty. ‘That could be interesting, but it is a bit uncomplicated. My suggestion would be, that while she sits on top of him fucking him, her brother comes into the room and takes her from behind, thus giving her the pleasure called ‘sandwich’ for the first time in her life. After both men have cum in her, she sucks them both off, bathing her luscious tits with their semen.’

Now it was Anne’s turn to pant a little and she lowered herself gradually in her chair, hiking her skirt up in the process. Eric continued talking until he noticed her bare thighs and her extremely densely furred pussy that she flashed at him. A flush coloured his cheeks and Anne laughed briefly.

‘As you see, I have started filling in the story-line.’, she whispered into his ear as she bent over and showed him first her cleavage, then two perfect breasts with large, erect, pink nipples.

‘Nice set.’, was the comment of the waitress, who took away their empty glasses and replaced them with fresh drinks.

Anne looked up and smiled at her.

‘Drinks are on the house.’, the waitress explained. ‘Or rather, on me, because I liked the view of your pussy and your tits. And of course Sir’s hard-on as well.’

Eric and Anne burst out laughing.

As the waitress walked away, they continued their chat.

Eric explained that there was always some basis of truth in his stories and that he particularly loved having sex with two or more women, but that group sex was also a special treat for him.

Anne told him, that she was especially aroused by having sex with members of her family, nephews, cousins, uncles. Her father and her two sisters had often participated, but they had never had sex with each other.

‘Once I’ve had a taste of my younger sister’s pussy.’, she said. ‘But I don’t think I will ever have the pleasure of licking my father’s dick or even having him up my snatch or my arse.’

Eric nodded. ‘I also fucked a couple of my aunts, but I have never touched my mother or my sister. Although I have watched the two of them as my mother initiated sis in the fine art of cunt-licking. But at the time I was being sucked by my favourite aunt Belinda; I remember shooting my load all over her face at the exact moment that I saw my sister spraying my mother’s face with her juices.’

After they had finished their second drink, Eric stood up and went inside he cafe to pay the bill. He was oblivious of the giant erection he was carrying around, although the looks he got from some of the women might have given him a clue.

Inside the cafe the waitress ogled his crotch without any shame and asked him: ‘Is that my tip for being so kind and considerate? I imagine your friend with the furry bush wants some of that as well? Why don’t you go home and give it to her? I’m off duty at seven o’clock. Maybe we can get together then?’

Eric answered: ‘That does certainly sound interesting. Let me discuss it with her.’

He picked up two more drinks from the bar and brought them to Anne, who eyed his return with curiosity.

‘Aren’t we off then? I am getting a bit hot here and seeing you walk around with a boner doesn’t help much. I thought we would get to my place and get naked.’

Her words caused a heavy throbbing in Eric’s already swollen dick, but he managed a smile and explained, that the cute waitress had expressed a definite interest in the two of them. The waitress in question then approached them and bent over to them. She whispered: ‘The boss allowed me to go now. I explained to her that I was desperate to get laid by a couple, so she understands.’

Anne looked at her and cast a glance at the girl’s tits that were fully exposed in her loose sweater as she stood bent over. ‘You look cute enough and I’m definitely canlı casino into girls as well as into men, but I met this stud today for the first time, so this is all a bit sudden. On the other hand, I live in Delft and it would suit me fine, if we could go to your place, which is nearby, I hope?’

The girl nodded. ‘Yes, it’s just around the corner.’

They stopped their discussion and got up.

The lady behind the bar winked at the waitress and yelled out: ‘Have fun, Emily!’

Emily led them a few hundred yards down the old street and then stopped at the door of a magnificent house. She got a key out of her purse and showed Anne and Eric into the house, which was as splendid on the inside as it was on the outside.

‘Please, make yourselves comfortable.’, she said and opened the door to a spacious living-room with classy design furniture and luxurious decorations.

While Eric and Anne looked around, Emily picked up a shopping bag and said: ‘I’ll leave you two for half an hour, so I can do some shopping. I think you may want to use that time to get acquainted.’

After she left Anne and Eric resumed their tour of the place. When Eric was immersed in the contemplation of a particularly tasteful, but also very erotic painting, he heard a sound behind him and immediately recognised it as clothing falling to the ground. When he turned around he saw Anne standing there in all her glorious nakedness. Once again, but now in all peace and quiet he could feast his eyes on her furry pussy and also on her abundantly curvaceous breasts that were crowned by beautifully erect pink nipples, begging to be sucked.

When he took a step towards this vision, Anne stopped him by saying: ‘Get naked first. When you come near me, I want to be able to get my hands on your skin.’

It took Eric about two seconds to shed his clothes and to take her in his arms. While their bodies met, their tongues twirled around each other in a hot and horny embrace. Eric’s penis poked into Anne’s belly and she laughed: ‘Your cock seems to know where he belongs; his only problem is to find the entrance, I’m afraid.’

‘Perhaps you should talk to him, so that he behaves properly.’, Eric suggested.

Anne knelt before him and opened her mouth to speak to Eric’s dick. But Eric seemed to have other ideas, for with one swift movement his member slid between Anne’s luscious lips. He felt her tongue dart over the tip of his penis and all the anticipation of that afternoon seemed to converge in his balls.

‘Wait!’, he moaned, but Anne shook her head and started to suck him off vigorously. Her right hand massaged his balls and he felt her left hand travel over his butt, in search of his asshole. When her pointed index-finger found it, she inserted it and at the same time squeezed his balls with some force.

Eric gasped and unloaded his sack into her sucking mouth. Five shots of hot semen disappeared in Anne’s mouth and down her throat.

‘My God, you taste good.’, she said as she came up for air.

‘Is there some left?’, came Emily’s voice from the door. ‘Or do I have to pump some for myself?’

Anne stood up, went over to the young waitress and kissed her deeply. The two women exchanged some drops of Eric’s seed between them, then let go of each other and smiled broadly.

Emily walked out of the room, only to reappear a minute later, naked and carrying four glasses of white wine.

With her came into the room the woman they had seen behind the bar of the pub they had left that afternoon. She too had shed her clothes and Emily introduced: ‘Mom, these are Anne and Eric. Guys, my mother is called Ellen.’

They all sat down for a brief moment and took a good look at one another.

Mother and daughter showed some likeness, especially as they had both relatively small, but firm breasts and nicely trimmed bushes. They were of about the same height and very attractive.

Eric’s penis twitched when he saw the big brown aureoles on Ellen’s tits. Emily saw kaçak casino his dick move up and grinned. ‘I think someone here admires my mother.’, she giggled. Ellen just smiled, took her glass in her hand and walked over to Eric’s seat. She commented on the state of his cock. ‘Very nice, you just shot your load and now you are already stiff again. Shall I take that as a compliment?’

Eric took her on his lap and took her left nipple between his lips.

‘If you take that as a compliment, I will take this in my mouth.’, he murmured. Ellen moaned softly.

Eric saw how Emily and his new friend Anne were also getting closer now. They started to caress each other and were soon engaged in a deep French kiss and not long after that their hands were all over each other.

Ellen got up a little from Eric’s lap, but only enough to allow his dick to enter her sopping wet snatch. Eric and Anne both watched the older woman Anne and the young waitress make love. Ellen moved slowly up and down Eric’s erect pole. As the two women on the couch were getting more and more frenzied in their lust, Ellen’s movements on Eric’s lap increased also, in pace as well as in vigour. After a couple of minutes Anne and Emily had shifted their bodies into a real 69 position and the sounds they made were a clear indication of the mutual pleasure they were giving each other. Anne was the first to reach an orgasm and feed a torrent of love juices into Emily’s sucking mouth. Then the young girl had her peak as well; she uttered a small cry and bucked her hips into the older woman’s face as she came. When Ellen watched this she shuddered and went rigid on Eric’s pumping dick. She was the third to come.

For a moment silence reigned in the room.

Then Ellen stood up, letting Eric’s cock slip from her dripping vagina. She walked over to where her daughter lay and bent over her to kiss her on the lips.

‘Was it good, honey?’ she said, alternating the kiss for her daughter with a kiss on Anne’s steaming cunt, that was only some inches away.

‘It was heavenly, Mom.’, sighed the young women, eagerly responding to her mother’s kisses.

Eric got up from hi chair too and approached the three women.

He took up a position behind Anne’s butt and rubbed his wet, stiff penis first between her ass-cheeks, then towards her pussy. Mother and daughter watched as Anne spread he legs a little to allow him entrance to her dripping cunt. He buried his pole completely into her and Anne moaned loudly. Emily started to lick Eric’s balls, while her mother buried her face into the older woman’s crotch and searched for her clitoris. A cry from Anne made it clear that she had found it and she licked it. Then Emily opened her mouth wide to engulf Eric’s balls and softly chew on them. She released his sack as he started carefully to make pumping movements in and out of his new friend’s hot snatch. Emily watched in fascination how, just some inches from her eyes, this huge stiff cock started to fuck the mature cunt that oozed creamy and sweet smelling love juices that were lapped up by her own mother. Eric increased his fucking, withdrawing his member nearly completely and then plunging in again. Soon he was fucking Anne earnestly. Ellen let go of Anne’s clitoris and shifted her attention to her daughter’s cunt, where she resumed her ministrations. Now both Anne and Emily were panting, crying and building up their climaxes. Eric was deeply moved by the sight of the three entwined women. As the young girl and the older woman reached their orgasms almost at the same time, he too let go and shot load after load into Anne’s steaming love hole. Again more than four thick ropes of hot come left his rod. Anne’s cunt overflowed. As Eric withdrew from her, Emily licked him clean. He staggered back to his chair and flopped into it.

Before him mother and daughter took turns in sucking his creamy produce from the totally satisfied love-hole of the wonderful woman, whose face he has seen for the first time less than two hours ago.

Ten minutes later they had all emerged from the shower and enjoyed their wine.

Anne was the first to speak.

‘I must say it is a pleasure to meet you all. I look forward to the rest of this evening.’

To be continued…

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