Beach Lovers

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My friend Pamela had asked me to housesit for her while she was in Europe doing a book tour. Pam has the most amazing beach house and it was no great torture to agree. Her house sits on a private stretch of beach and has the most wonderful terraces. Each one looks out at the water and is completely private. The upstairs bedroom overlooks the beach. The wall facing the water is done completely in glass, giving you the sense of being in a three-sided room. The master bedroom is my favorite spot in the house because of it.

On the first morning I was there, I rose early and drank my first cup of coffee standing at the window watching the water. As I sipped my coffee, I noticed two people, a man and woman, walking hand in hand along the surf. The man appeared to be in his mid-thirties, the woman in her late-twenties. They were a handsome couple. As I sipped, my eye wandered back to them. They’d stopped on the beach just in front of the house. Sitting down in the sand, he said something to her and I watched her face break into a laugh. He laid back, resting his head on one arm. I drank my coffee and watched as her hand slid across his arm and down to his chest. Using his free hand, he pushed her hand down to his groin. The woman looked around quickly and then slid her hand down the front of his shorts. I was spellbound watching the couple. Her hand was sliding up and down in his pants.

I wasn’t close enough to see how big he was or hear him moan, but I was sure he was telling her to keep touching him. Her hand was moving quickly up and down in his shorts. He lifted his head, looked around quickly to make sure no one was around, and then pushed her head down into his lap. In one swift movement, she had his shorts open and his cock in her mouth. I watched from my window as she gave him head on the beach in the middle of the morning. Her mouth was moving quickly up and down. He arched up and lifted his head. She stopped moving and then lifted her mouth, licking her lips. He’d come in her mouth. Just as suddenly as it all had started, he tucked his cock back in his shorts. Kissing her, he lifted her hand, helping her stand. They continued on their walk down the beach.

I wasn’t sure of what I had just seen. I thought about it all day, even masturbating in the shower, thinking about them. I came hard just thinking about them, how she’d given him a blow job in the middle of the beach. If I’d seen, who else might have?

The next morning, I woke at the same time and quickly hurried to stand in front of the window. I was disappointed. Again, the couple wandered down the beach, stopping just in front of my house and sitting in the sand. Again, she started with a hand job and then moved on to blowing him. This went on for two more days. Each morning, I was mesmerized by their routine. I stayed horny just thinking about it.

On the fifth day, at the little corner supermarket, I ran into the woman. She was in the vegetable section. I felt an instant heat. Did she know I’d seen them? What should I do? I couldn’t stop thinking about them, watching them. I walked over to where she was. I smiled at her. She smiled back. As I reached across her, I wrapped my fingers around a cucumber. As I pulled my arm back, I smiled again at her, “I’ve seen you around. On the beach, I think.”

She said it was possible.

“Yes. I’ve definitely seen you on the beach. With a man.”

She nodded and said her and her husband liked to take free spin walks. I lifted the cucumber to my chin. Leaning it there, I looked at her, smiling again. “I’m staying in the gray house with all the terraces.” I knew the instant she realized which house I meant. Flicking my tongue across the tip of the cucumber, I turned and started to walk away. Turning around, I told her, “You should stop by one morning. The view is amazing.”

I left her standing there, thinking about it. I was already horny and having told her in not so many words that I’d seen her and her husband on the beach, I was over the edge horny. I raced home, running my fingers down between my legs as I drove. When I reached the driveway, I pulled into the garage. Sitting back, I spread my legs wide and drove two fingers deep inside my pussy. I pushed my shorts down further, giving my fingers better access. As my fingers worked in and out of my wet pussy, I closed my eyes and envisioned the couple on the beach. Using the tip of my thumb, I circled my clit. My moan filled the car as my orgasm broke. My breathing was fast and raspy as my heart rate returned to normal. It’d been quite a morning.

The next day, I woke a little earlier than normal. Having time before the “next show”, I took a quick shower. Slipping a short robe on, I stepped out onto the bedroom terrace and waited. Sure enough, the man and woman appeared. This time, she pointed up to my house. He turned, looking up and seeing me. They walked up the beach towards my house. Just at the bottom on the stairs, they stopped. The woman appeared nervous. The man, curious. I told them to come on up.

Leaning back against the railing, I waited for them. I knew the woman was sexy, with a pouty little mouth. He was attractive and intriguing to me. I introduced myself to them, smiling. She was Felicity. He was Marcus.

“So, Felicity says she ran into you in the grocery store yesterday. Said you saw us on the beach.”

Marcus was sizing me up. I decided to play. I knew what I wanted and felt pretty confident I’d be able to get it.

“Yes. I’ve seen you on the beach the last five mornings.”

I let my eyes wander from Felicity’s mouth to Marcus’s groin. He was already getting hard. His shorts were straining across his thighs.

“All five mornings? Do you like watching us? Do you like spying on people?”

“Only when there’s something worth seeing. I loved watching. You know what I’d like now?” I hesitated a moment, letting it sink in, “I’d love to watch you now. Here.”

Felicity’s eyes got wide. Marcus smiled. His shorts were getting too tight.

“What do we get if we let you watch us? You have to make it worth our time.”

“Oh, I will. Don’t worry.”

Slowly, I pulled on the tie on my robe, letting it fall away to the side. My robe opened, hanging wide, letting them see my round breasts and my shaved pussy. Marcus didn’t say a word. He pulled Felicity in front of him and pushed her down on her knees. I watched as he unzipped his shorts, letting them fall to the ground. His cock was huge, pointing straight out. With his hand on the back of her head, Marcus guided Felicity’s mouth to his rod. I bit gently on my lower lip as her mouth encircled the tip of his cock and she sucked. Mmmm, this was what I’d been waiting for. Marcus closed his eyes briefly, enjoying the feel of Felicity’s mouth on his cock, then he opened his eyes and looked at bonus veren siteler me.

Leaning back against the railing, I cupped my left breast in my hand, kneading it. My nipples were so hard they hurt. Pulling on my sensitive nipple, I twisted it and then released it. My eyes were glued to Felicity’s mouth. It was obvious she loved sucking cock. She was good at it. Her mouth moved up and down his cock, stroking him with her tongue. The slurping noises were going straight to my pussy, making it ache to be licked. Marcus’s hands on either side of her head guided her up and down slowly. He moaned and told her what a good girl she was, how good it felt.

Lifting my leg up onto the chair next to me, I slowly lowered my hand down between my legs. I was so wet, so ready. As I slipped the tip of my finger between my lower lips, I moaned. Felicity sucked harder when she heard me. Sliding first one finger, then two, deep inside my pussy, I watched and began to talk.

“Oh, Felicity, suck him. Suck his hard cock. Ohh yess, that’s it. That’s so good, Felicity. Suck him harder. Roll your tongue around him. Suck his fuckin cock.”

My fingers were frigging me faster and faster, going deeper each time. Marcus was moaning, watching my fingers diving into my wet pussy. His hands were gripping Felicity’s hair, pulling on it as she sucked him. He let out a moan, held Felicity’s head still and filled her mouth with his cream. Pulling out, his cock twitched and another spurt fell on the deck in front of him. I moaned as my own orgasm tore through me. My pussy tingled and I felt the gush of liquid between my legs, running down my legs. I sighed, moaning and withdrew my fingers. Looking up at Marcus, I slowly licked my fingers clean.

Felicity stood, shaky and licking her lips. Marcus stood there, watching me.

“You know the one thing I’ve noticed, Marcus, for the last five days. Each day, Felicity sucks you off, getting her luscious little mouth filled with your cream, and each day, you get up and walk away afterwards. I think Felicity deserves a little special attention too.”

Felicity wasn’t saying anything but her eyes were bright. Her breasts, tucked snug in a white tank top, were heaving up and down with each breath. Her little blue shorts had a lovely little wet spot between her legs.

“What do you have in mind?”

I slid my robe completely off so I was naked and then walked towards them, closing the short distance. I reached out and ran my hand over the top of Marcus’s still dripping cock. He shivered.

“I want to get on my knees in front of Felicity, pull her tight little shorts down and suck her tender little pussy. Would you like that, Felicity? Don’t you want to get off too? Marcus has. I have. I think you do to, baby.”

Without saying a word, Marcus stepped behind Felicity. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled the snap on her shorts and slowly slid the zipper down. Pushing her shorts down, Marcus stripped her bottom, leaving her bare for me. With a quick command, he told her to step out of her shorts, and she did.

As Marcus stepped back next to her, I slowly knelt in front of her. Her pussy was blonde, matching the shade of hair on her head. A narrow strip of fur jutting out from her pussy, like a little landing strip. Her pussy was already wet and pink. I felt Marcus move to sit in a chair near us. Using the tips of two fingers, I gently opened her deneme bonusu veren siteler little slit and nestled the tip of my tongue in between. With only long, slow licks, I tasted Felicity’s sweet pussy. She was tangy and oh so delicious. I heard her moan gently, shivering, as I stroked my tongue up and down her slit. As my tongue touched her clit for the first time, she cupped the back of my head, pushing my tongue harder onto her hard nub. She moaned louder. Suddenly, I had an idea.

Slipping away from her, I looked up and told her to sit on Marcus’s lap. When she went to straddle him, her ass facing out, I quickly turned her around, so she was sitting with her back pressed against him. Opening her legs, I laid them over his. Wide open, her pussy was just waiting for me. Marcus’s cock was hard again, jutting out from between his legs, and now hers. I pulled her forward just a little so her pussy was actually laying across the top of his cock. Leaning in, I went back to licking her sweet cunt. As Felicity moaned and squirmed in Marcus’s lap, her pussy teased his cock, rubbing it with her juices. I licked her pussy, diving my tongue deeper and deeper into her body. Marcus’s hands came up, pushing her tank top up, giving his hands a playground to explore. Her breasts filled his hands as he teased and rubbed them.

Using my tongue, I moved from Felicity’s pussy to Marcus’s cock, licking and sucking both of them. Together, they pumped my tongue, my mouth, my face, as I gave both of them an oral experience they’d never forget. Felicity moaned and arched off Marcus, her pussy nearly dipping down to engulf his cock. Covering her pussy with my mouth, I sucked, drinking in her orgasm. Her pussy was throbbing in my mouth, filling it. I kept licking and then took her hardened clit in my mouth and rolled it with my tongue. Felicity erupted in another quick orgasm before collapsing back against Marcus.

Lifting Felicity off his lap, Marcus reached out, grabbing me and pulling me to to him.

“Now it’s my turn.”

I didn’t have time to think, just to feel, as Marcus pulled me on his lap, his cock ramming fully into my pussy. I moaned, arching and grabbing his shoulders to steady myself. His hands wrapped around my waist, holding me, as he plunged his steel hard cock up inside me. He was thicker than I’d expected and my pussy was tight around him, gripping him. Felicity stood behind me, massaging my shoulders, telling Marcus to fuck me harder. Her mouth lowered to my neck and she kissed me lightly. I moaned as her mouth traveled down my back. Marcus surged upwards, pushing me further and further.

“That’s it, baby. Take it. Take my cock. Your pussy is so fucking tight. Fuck you feel so good, baby. Fuck!”

Felicity’s mouth was kissing my ass, her hands kneading my cheeks. When I felt her tongue move over my tight little asshole, I nearly came. Using the tip of her tongue, she rimmed me as her husband fucked me senseless. I moaned and yelled for him to fuck me harder. Clutching his shoulders, I leaned my head back and gripped his cock tight with my pussy as my orgasm ripped through me. Marcus rammed his rod hard into me three more times before he moaned and his cock erupted. Lifting me slightly, he pulled out and Felicity took his spewing cock in her mouth, sucking him dry.

I collapsed against Marcus, breathing hard and heavy. My pussy was still throbbing. When the three of us were able, we managed to go inside. We showered – thank God Pamela has a huge shower – slowly rubbing each other clean, getting each other excited again. We laid together in bed all afternoon, sleeping and recovering. When we woke, we made love again. I love the beach and now I’ve found two beach lovers I love even more.

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