Be quiet

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Be quiet
We rent an hotel for the event, i was trying my best but we got beaten early in the competition and really got nervous of him getting angry at me saying we had now no choice but to win the loosing bracket to make it back in the finals

Ive been playing with him in the pro gaming circuit for the last 2 years, he had been good at the game and nice until 2 month his gf quit him , he would get upset in training and seemed a bit odd with me

i would always remember him once in the hotel room

he thrown me on the couch and started to slap my ass telling me i play like a fag and will be treated like one

riping my pants down sitting on me ass up bend pinned down on the couch face in the back rest , struggling in vain under him slapping up my tuzla escort bayan naked ass calling me a little fagget white boy

”mike mike fuck stop dude plzz”

”oh no, you think i dont know lil fagget boy like you ”

slap slap slap

”cute little fagget ass”

”how many time you been using your dildo back home?”

”what mike stop”

”i dont know what you talking about”

”this , this cute pink cock , how many time you fuck that fagget ass with it?”

”whaaat this is no mine, dude i swear its not mine”

”well see about that”

lube poured on my naked ass, picking up stuff from the sofa side , like he set this all up

and i had a toy stretching up my cherry pink hole open , until it was all in , the small pink toy all orhanlı escort in my ass my friend slapping my ass , some tap gotting it deeper

”this is yours, fits all in so well”

”ahhhh dude omg ahhhhh”

”yeah fit so good in that cute pink hole”

slapping me calling me a slut fagget who need some cock

after 10 min, i was just a wet hole taking the unknown toy deep in my stretched ass

i watch in disnelief mike get his pants down

the big black cock sprunging out looking at me trying to run

just to be caught up , doggy crawling away

looking back at him take place

the toy out , his bbc pushing in as I moan getting fucked up

”thars it good fagget boy, take my cock ”

mike just fucking me up in the middle of the room

ass aydınlı escort up waist pulled by him , each trust owning up my hole with his hard pole

he pump in me , making me loose and taking him good in my wet hole

”you need a break?”

i moan yes

he got out getting in front looking at me recover only to get my head pulled on his cock

making me suck him instead

mike big black cock in my mouth owning it like he did my ass

”i like you way better like this, loose the next game and ill spend the day stretching your cute white hole like this”

i was mouth full , listening to him make fun of me loving his black cock

until i got pulled up on the kitchen table legs spread taking mike cock

”look at me making you into my lil bitch, you are mine , my lil fagget boy”

and he cum making me watch him grunt and pour cum in me , pounding my ass up full legs spread watching me get breed

get taken by mike and his strong fat cock, pulling out and in having fun making me watch me full of his load

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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