Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 19

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The contrasts between visits can be striking. Sometimes, everything flows in glorious fun, and other times, one realizes just how much a role luck plays in the best visits.

The memories from this visit are even hazier than normal, having spent easily more than an hour with my cock in several men’s willing mouths, and at least a further half hour with a man’s tongue on my body or mouth.

Arriving at opening, after finishing the now customary beer, I’d gone upstairs. The porn was not interesting, leading to going into the darkroom. Laying down, towel spread and poppers out, beginning to enjoy how the pint was starting to mix with the quite recently smoked weed.

Being stoned enhances sex at the bathhouse, adding an enthralling sensual edge to the various pleasures found among other men. Most definitely including the effect of poppers. Something discovered the very first time my first girlfriend and I experienced their irresistible effects more than 35 years ago. Using them with other men is one of the reasons leading to having become such a consistently devoted bathhouse visitor, rarely able to let even a week go by without spending a couple of hours there, indulging in delightfully decadent sex with other men.

In just a couple of moments after returning my empty glass to the bar counter, and going upstairs, someone entered the darkroom, taking little time to discover an outstretched leg. His hand travelled up my leg, contented sighing resulting from his fingers brushing my cock, providing a clear invitation to continue to touch me. The way we were positioned offered little opportunity to do much for him, apart from stroking his head and playing with his nearer nipple.

Cock continuing to grow, mind starting to sink into the rising wave of sexual sensation. Aware of how his head moved, knowing that he was going to go down on me, wanting it so badly. I love having a stranger turn me into a horny slut, as he was now doing so perfectly. “Oh fuck yes” I moaned as his lips touched my cockhead, his tongue flicking at my slit before his wet mouth slid down slowly.

“God yes .. suck me .. suck slut .. take it .. so sexy” was the sort of thing flowing from my mouth, as sex tends to make me quite vocal. Though not really teasing, he soon had me thrusting my hips to drive my hard cock deep, coming much closer to orgasm than normal right at the start of a visit. Of course, it is not common to get sucked so soon after drinking a beer, adding its own lovely buzz to the thrill of getting head in the darkness,

After a heavenly while, I struggled to shift position, bending over to finally find his cock with my hand, making it grow still harder, enjoying stretching soft skin over a rigid shaft. Now knowing where his sexy cock was, I opened the magic brown bottle, doing a deep hit before taking his hot length into my mouth. Not quite as large as mine perhaps, but as the rush flooded through me, it felt as if we had merged into a single intensely connected and huge source of male sexual sensation. Breathing out, beginning to circle then touch his ass, intimately feeling how he was turning into a slut too. 69ing with a man is fantastic, one of the reasons a bathhouse is better for male sex than a simple gloryhole.

He moved away, and we soon found ourselves kissing as our wet cocks touched. His kissing grew distracted as I jerked us off together, fingers playing with one of his nipples, delighted at how thoroughly turned on he had become having sex in the dark with another equally horny man. When his hand began to lightly touch the hair under my balls, it was my turn to become completely distracted while getting lost in the sensations. Especially when his fingers began to play with the hair further down, making me moan as his tongue filled my mouth.

A soft wet tongue that started to bathe my sensitive nipple as his fingers continued to play lightly with my hair, bringing me into a timeless paradise. My cock was now between his legs, and as we continued to pleasure each other, my cockhead slid over his yielding asshole. It felt so temptingly good that I reached around to press a bit, amazed at how wonderfully naughty yet perfectly natural it felt to have my naked cock touch a man’s soft anus. Growing delighted at how the luxurious sensations began overwhelming me completely, moaning about how fucking good it felt, fully aware of how my own desires had gained control. It just felt so good to give in, my naked cockhead touching his seductively soft ring.

Clearly, he too was falling under the enticing spell of such intimate male contact, hips shifting to give me easier access. To this point, everything was still under control on my part, after deciding that using poppers would just be too much of an interruption – and temptation. His motions began to sync perfectly with my own as we began kissing passionately, his moans another indication of how turned on he had become feeling a stranger pleasuring his sweet hole like this. Particularly as I began to move back and forth, sliding my length along canlı bahis şirketleri his ass.

Finally breaking our kiss and pulling back a bit, his fingers returned to delightfully playing with my pubic hair. Soon, his intent seemed clear enough that I got the poppers ready, waiting for the moment when he would touch my waiting hole. He surprised me, though, by going down on me first, keeping me quivering in anticipation as his mouth surrounded my hard shaft.

As his finger started to stroke over the hair around my ass, I did a deep hit of rush. By now, he had turned me into a total slut. Breathing out, words just poured from my lips, talking about what a good cocksucker he was, and how hot it was to feel a stranger play with my ass. He did something I’d never actually encountered before, which was to just touch, with a firm but restrained pressure, and not press his finger deeper. This was fantastic, so much better than the considerably more common, often enough clumsy, attempts to push a finger in.

After a heavenly interval, he pushed me back, still playing with his cock as I began to jack off, enjoying the slippery sensations his saliva provided. Using my left finger, I started doing the same thing to his hole that he had done to mine. Followed by surprise at how quickly he came after touching his ass the same way he had touched mine.

His cum spurted everywhere as he stroked uncontrollably, but most ended up on my towel. He left quickly afterwards, a bit surprisingly. I waited several moments, still filled within the afterglow of pure sexual bliss, something which I am completely helpless to resist at this point, especially knowing where it can be so reliably found.

When able to actually start thinking, it became necessary to consider what to do. The towel had lots of cum splattered on it, and there was cum on the platform and my body, a reality that was more than a bit of a turn-on. Something like this is rare enough in personal experience, but it had never happened at the start of a visit. Finally, after things were reasonably cleaned up, I went downstairs naked, asking about getting a new towel at the bar.

Walking through the locker area to get rid of today’s first towel, I saw a fairly young man just about finished getting dressed, with a certain blank expression, one quite common in the locker area at the end of a visit after cumming so good. Though the evidence was not exactly strong, his age provided an explanation of the helpless eagerness with which a man had recently jacked off over me as I touched his ass, unable to withstand just cumming so good while having anonymous sex with another man. This is also likely with someone just becoming a regular repeat visitor to the baths, as sluts with experience know how to extend their visit for hours.

After getting a new towel, I returned to the darkroom. Only couple of minutes later a man entered, going behind the gloryhole wall. It was simple to position myself at the back entrance so as to be easy to take advantage of. As quickly happened, when a hand slid along my thigh as his knee settled on the platform between my legs. The touch of his hand on my growing cock was delicious proof that my luck was still running very well.

In this case, it was easy to let him take my more than half hard cock into his enveloping mouth. Of course it grew harder as he went down on it. Nothing coy at this point between us – I wanted to be sucked, and he wanted cock. My first blow job of the day still has a certain leftover hesitation, a thought of using condoms, or not being too eager, A hesitation that makes no difference in practice, but which disappears after getting sucked by that first stranger.

“Yeah .. suck me .. so good .. slow .. fuck yes .. so slow .. I love sex .. so hot .. with men.” He seemed to know exactly how I felt, turning me on without bringing me to the brink of orgasm. He took off his towel before settling down on top of me, sighing as we felt each other’s body. Of course I kissed his neck as our cocks rubbed, one hand playing over his chest and underarm, the other over his soft ass cheeks.

His mouth soon found mine, our kissing growing as intense as our grinding. I moved his cock downwards, lifting my legs, feeling the pleasure of a naked cockhead touching my ass, unable to stop myself. Yet still in control, as he was not very hard, nor was he very large. Which made no difference to the incredible feelings that having a cock on my hole caused, understanding perfectly why my first partner had let me do the same to him, especially when already thoroughly turned on. Knowing that this time, it was my hand pressing a stranger’s cock against my hot and horny anus.

Not for the first time, as this situation is becoming ever more common, understanding grows for why condoms are not really used – and how easy it would be to ignore using them in a haze of irresistible sensations. I had grown shockingly close to pressing him in, just wanting to be fucked. Much the same way that beforehand, I was the one wanting canlı kaçak iddaa to fuck. This is a double edged discovery – on the one hand, showing what must be avoided, but on the other hand, when it occurs it feels so addictively good that I just want to give in completely.

He had grown enticingly hard, meaning though it felt so good to rub his ready cockhead over my ass, now it was necessary to change the game. I placed his cock up against mine, pulling his head down to kiss him greedily, feeling him grow still harder. He suddenly shifted position, playing with his cock as he stood, followed quickly by feeling his hot cum on my body. It was exciting to realize that this was the second man who gotten off with me today, and even more exciting to realize that anal play had been the reason for both orgasms.

He too left fairly abruptly. Finished cleaning myself with paper towels, I stopped at a porn booth, settling in, watching some rimming action, door open. After a short time, a man stood at the entrance. It was easy to tempt him in while stroking myself, openly watching hot gay porn. Just looking at his crotch for a bit, then seeing him looking at mine was a more than sufficient invitation to get involved with the third man of the day. After touching his horny hard cock under the towel, he took it off, then stepped up onto the mattress, cock hard.

Lusciously stroking it in front of me, clearly expecting that a stranger would go down on him given the opportunity. A very reasonable assumption when cruising the baths, something repeat visitors are well aware of. Doing a hit of poppers before blowing the second stranger of the day, loving how the scent filled my nostrils, soon turning into a total suck slut as he pumped my mouth full of sexy hot cock. For those who have never experienced it, the thrill of straightforward anonymous male sex is hard to grasp. Those who have experienced it thoroughly understand the attraction, indulging themselves when the opportunity presents itself. With the bathhouse being one of the finest places to take advantage of such opportunities.

My hands held his ass while starting to go down on him, taking his length deep. Breathing out, fisting my hard cock, fully aware that the door was still open. Voyeurism and exhibitionism are different at the baths, if only because public sex is part of what openly occurs there. Not everyone wants to be disturbed, and not everyone wants group sex at a particular point of time, but the explicit reality of men having sex with other men is shared by just about everyone who visits the baths regularly. Men like looking, and I have certainly been turned on watching other men having sex openly.

After a good while of receiving enthusiastic sucking, he stepped off the platform, turning to close the door, then knelt between my legs. Knowing what was going to happen, entranced by the porn on the screen, a third man took my willing jutting cock into his mouth. “Fuck yes .. cock sucking .. take it .. cock porn .. fuck yes .. pictures .. camera” I moaned, mind barely functioning, but determined to take pictures this time.

The last visit had been less successful in this regard, as the man sharing the booth with me simply ignored my babbling about pictures and having a camera. His cock sucking had been so good, and the porn so arousing, I simply remained unable to even get the camera out of the bag, mind lost in a haze of pure pleasure. Today, that recent failure added to my determination, helping me manage to fumble the camera out. When his mouth left my cock, he started to play with my balls. I was able to bring his cock into contact with mine, then actually pick up and turn on the camera.

Taking pictures is always an incredible turn on for me, a somehow kinky pleasure, knowing that such pictures were not only proof of having hot sex with a man, but something that can be shared, particularly with other men who know how good cock can feel. After taking several pictures, he took the camera from my hand. I didn’t care, especially after he started going down on me again as the porn kept me captivated. Besides, it felt like enough pictures had been taken, distracting me from more intense games.

He was one of those cock suckers that want no distraction from having their own cock played with, making it even easier to sink completely into the seductively addictive sensations of feeding my bare cock to another man. We shared control, remaining quiveringly rock hard, without getting overwhelmingly tempted to cum, sometimes stroking my cockhead against his lips before pulling out. Or as often happened, plunging deeper, thrusting my hips to drive a now fully enveloped cock deeper, mouth fucking him until taking things back in hand.

After a mindless interval like this, lost in his cock worship, he picked up his towel, and left. I was in a truly altered state, and knew just what would add to my continued enjoyment.

Prompting a return to the bar, quickly drinking another beer. Generally, because of riding a motorcycle, canlı kaçak bahis I try to avoid drinking more than a single beer at the start of a visit. But today, after being there for more than an hour, another beer seemed perfectly suited to my current frame of mind. Finishing the glass took little time, knowing that the effects would be noticeable in a short while.

Returning to the darkroom, I stretched out again near the rear. And for the third time in a row, a man promptly entered and soon ended up playing with my soon swelling cock. He began positioning himself, making it obvious that soon I would be going down on him. The rush bottle was in hand, the beer buzz going wonderfully with how he took my cock into his wet mouth as I did a hit, bending a bit to starting giving him head.

I swallowed his cock, deep throating him even before breathing out, feeling my cock grow huge in his mouth as we started 69ing. There is a connection that occurs in such male sex that is undeniable, filling and being filled, as if mouth and cock were connected, mine and his, sharing mutual satisfaction in cock sucking. Particularly mutual deep throating, my nostrils filled with his sexy scent as his lips pressed against the base of my bush.

Changing position, rolling on top of him, hands spreading his ass cheeks, he obviously knew what was going to happen next as he started to teabag me, licking my balls as the brown bottle was opened again. Closing it firmly, knowing that it would be too much of a distraction in my current state, my slutty tongue began to slide over his soft hole before the effects took hold. As they did, I buried my face between his legs, losing myself in the pleasure of rimming a stranger.

Rimming is one of the most intensely satisfying sexual techniques that men (and women, one reasonably assumes) can indulge in, giving or receiving. For me, it has always been associated with sex between men. My first girlfriend did it to me for the first time after reading about the practice in the Joy of Gay Sex, and my very first bathhouse visit involved getting rimmed for an extended period of time. Both experiences representing some of the best sex I have ever enjoyed, lost in letting someone bathe my ass in pleasure, turned into a helpless slut.

Today, I was the one determined to turn him into a hot moaning bathhouse slut, unable to keep from licking a sexy available ass. For someone so interested in rimming, my experience is relatively limited, but he seemed to enjoy me spreading his cheeks open so my tongue could circle his soft anal ring, beyond any attempt to tease as the poppers caused me to devote myself to tonguing his smooth skin. Breathing out, my tongue now pressing against his yielding hole. totally lost in the horny satisfaction of ass licking, probing deeper.

Doing something that feels forbidden but is so enjoyable to indulge in that you cannot stop remains one of the reasons for visiting the baths, lost in having sex with other men. He took my cock back into his welcoming mouth as my tongue fucked his slippery wet ass, fingers lightly stroking the sensitive hair between my balls and ass, so much better when someone else does it than doing it alone while masturbating. Both his sucking and caressing were distracted, a true compliment, letting me enjoy without losing concentration on what was really turning me on – tonguing his willing ass.

At some point, beginning to play with himself, he moved away, making it impossible to keep rimming him, regardless of my own continued desire. Though still able to suck him for a bit as he stroked his shaft, the focus shifted. He kept the full length of my cock in his mouth, his fingers skillfully pleasuring my nipples, making me moan about how fucking good it felt to have sex with a man, how I loved hot cock.

My luck today had been extraordinary, a distant thought as he kept skillfully going down on me, even more wonderfully playing with the hair under my balls. This creates an exquisite state of pure delight, one that overshadows orgasm as it goes on and on. Alternating with his equally perfect nipple play, his heavenly talents had me riding waves of unending bliss, stretching time.

He moved again, first spreading then lifting my legs, followed by feeling his cockhead slide over my ass. Reaching down, already lost in the exquisite, no longer quite as forbidden as in the past, awareness of what a turn on it is to feel a man’s sexy tool between my legs. Rubbing it over my hole, keeping enough control to keep him from pressing deeper, while not having enough control to stop from starting to jack off, playing with a naked cock and becoming so horny.

Finally, realizing just how close I was to giving in and just letting myself be fucked, I brought his cock against mine as we kissed, tongues pressing and yielding. Soon, he returned to sucking and teabagging, leaving me far too turned on to deal with poppers, Extended sex like this is better than any drug for losing any ability to think, becoming ruled by sensation, wanting nothing but to keep letting another man to use me however he wanted. His mouth left my cock, and as he stroked my slippery length, he began talking about cumming. It took me a minute or two to reply, saying that there were still so many other men to have sex with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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