Bath Night Revisited Ch. 05

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Donna’s phone rang, and Brooke was quick to answer it.


“Donna? Is that you?”

“No, I’m sorry… this is Brooke… Donna’s not home today… she’s at a seminar in San Mateo for the weekend, and I’m here, watching her place.”

“San Mateo?”

“It’s some kind of a business thing for marketing security systems. Donna’s there trying to drum up interest in what her company has to offer.”

“Wait a sec… you’re Brooke? ‘Malibu Barbie’ Brooke?”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re that beautiful little college blonde babe that Donna’s been head-over-heels with, aren’t you?

“Who is this?”

“I’m sorry, Brooke. My name is Nancy. I manage ‘Charli’s Place’ – it’s that bar you showed up at a few month’s back… I still remember you… heck, everybody there still remembers you!”

“Oh yeah… I remember now! Charli’s Place… that was the bar with all of those women in it!”

“That’s true… not many guys there.”

“Do they really still remember me?”

“Absolutely… you looked incredibly hot, don’t you remember? You wouldn’t believe how many of my customers there that day later asked me who you were! You’re famous!”

“Oh, stop it!”

“No, I’m serious!”

The gorgeous blonde girl giggled. “That’s so nice!”

“Listen, Brooke… YOU’RE the reason I’m calling. I was going to ask Donna, you see, if by any chance, you were available for a job tomorrow night… are you?”

“Me? What kind of a job?”

“It’s really nothing, but it’ll pay you two-hundred dollars for just a couple hour’s work!”

“Wow… that’s a lot of money! What exactly do I have to do?”

“It’s really simple, honey. A lot of my regulars here at ‘Charli’s Place’ are like family to me, and every now and then we like to do something special for them.”

“Your place is an all-girl-bar, right?”

“Yes, it is. And while we’ve got a sizeable number of what you might call tough-looking, butchy-biker-chicks among our clientele, we also cater to several wealthy, older women who love frequenting this establishment.”

“I think that’s so nice!”

“Yes, it is… anyway, one of these women, her name is Amy Donovan, has been a regular here since… well, since the 1970’s. And she turns sixty-five tomorrow, and so we’re having a surprise birthday party for her up in Marin County at the home of another wealthy regular, Monica Dewhurst!”

“And you want my help?”

“Yes. You see, we wanted to do something special for Amy. One of the ladies suggested we hire a pretty stripper…”

“I hope you don’t mean me!”

“No… we decided against that. Linda Morris thought that a nude girl jumping out of a birthday cake holding a big sign would be hot, but we decided against that, as well…”

“I don’t like that, either!”

“Yeah, it’s way too much like something a bunch of drunk white guys might have done back in the 1950’s… and I said as much!”

“I agree!”

“Well, here’s the deal… Amy was a college student at Cal-Berkeley back in the late 60’s… and back then she was a huge fan of a television show ‘Laugh In,’ which was very popular at the time… anyway, and it used to include shots of pretty, bikini-clad young women dancing… and they always had writing covering their bodies! So we thought, what if we did a ‘Laugh-In’ theme, and included a girl wearing a bikini jumping out of a cake, and we’d have written messages all over her body like ‘Happy Birthday’ and fun stuff like that?”

“And you want that ‘Laugh-In’ girl to be me to be me?”

“Exactly right! Actually, we were originally going to hire a girl from one of those strip-o-gram companies, but the one we contacted called us back a couple of hours ago to say she’s got the flu… and so now we need a replacement girl, and quick! So, how ’bout it? What do you say?”

“So… let me get this straight… you want me to jump out of a birthday cake wearing a bikini to wish this woman a happy birthday?”

“That is correct!”

“And you say you’ll pay me two-hundred dollars?”

“Yes, we will… so what do you say?”

“I’ll do it!”

“Excellent! I’ll pick you up tomorrow and drive you over there… can you be ready by noon?”

“Do I need to pack my bikini?”

“No… we’ll provide you with one… just be ready at noon, OK?”

“I’ll be ready!”

“Great! See you then, pretty girl!”


The next day, Nancy & Brooke drove together across the Golden Gate bridge in Nancy’s Audi S8.

“You’re going to really like these women, Brooke. They’re all wealthy and high class ladies… well, most of them, anyway! And Amy Donovan, our birthday girl – she’s a real sweetie!”

“Is everybody who’s going to be attending this party… are all of the women lesbians, Nancy?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Why do you ask? Is that going to be a problem?”

“No… I guess you could say that I’m kind of a lesbian, myself, what with my relationship with Donna.”

“Yeah, I guess you are… in any case, I can promise you canlı bahis one thing… ALL of the women at this party will LOVE you, sweet girl!”

“Thanks, Nancy!”

“You’re welcome!”


Monica Dewhurst, the hostess for the party, lived in a beautiful home in lovely Sausalito, and she warmly greeted Brooke & Nancy at the front door.

“Louisa Decker is driving Amy here at two o’clock under the pretense that I’m hosting a small birthday lunch for her. She has no idea that they’ll be over twenty women here, yelling ‘surprise’ when she walks in the door!”

“Where do I come in, Mrs. Dewhurst?”

“Oh, that’s the fun part… after everybody sings ‘Happy Birthday,’ Nancy will roll out this huge birthday cake…” Here, she motioned to the large paper cake covered with icing that Brooke understood that she was expected to emerge from. “I’ll signal you by shouting ‘Happy Birthday, Amy,’ at which point you crash thru the top in your bikini, while I switch on the ‘Laugh-In’ music track! It’ll be a blast… she’ll love it!”

“And all I have to do is dance like one of the girls on that show?”

“Exactly… just pretent you’re Goldie Hawn or one of the other ‘Laugh-In’ girls on that show!”

“That all sounds so cute!”

“Well, we’d better get you ready,” Monica said. “Come, Nancy, and let’s you & I begin writing a few birthday messages on Brooke’s gorgeous body!”


Under Monica’s direction, Brooke was first given a towel and told to take a quick shower.

“But I already showered when I got up this morning!”

“Of course you did, pretty thing, but we need you all fresh and dry,” the older women explained. “After all, we’re about to cover your body with water-soluble magic marker writing, and we can’t have any body oils or sweat on you before we get started!”

“I understand.”

After Brooke had showered & dried off, she found the bikini she was supposed to wear waiting for her in a ‘Victoria’s Secret’ bag on the sink. It was incredibly tiny, with a miniscule top – and the thong-bottom was tinier still. But it was too late to complain about that now, so she squeezed into it and emerged in the bedroom moments later where no fewer than five women awaited her.

“Linda, Demetra, Monica, and I are going to write a few little messages all over your body now,” Nancy explained, “and we’ve brought our friend Silvia here to do your hair & make-up… she’s just going to ‘doll-you-up’ a little bit, is all.”

“Sure. I understand.”

For the next several minutes this small army of women prepared the beautiful blonde girl for her appearance at the party, now scheduled to begin within the half-hour.

The hands of five different women were soon all over her!

Nancy got busy writing a big ‘Happy Birthday, Amy” on the girl’s tummy, while Brooke could see Monica drawing a large, multi-colored, psychedelic flower on her right thigh. Demetra, a tall black woman, was drawing a peace sign on her left arm, while Linda Morris was busy printing something on her luscious butt, occasionally stroking the back of the girl’s legs with her fingers while doing so. And Silvia concentrated on doing the girl’s make-up, while ALL of the women laughed and chattered non-stop the entire time!

“You’re going to look really awesome, Brooke,” Nancy assured her! “Actually, you looked awesome the moment you walked in the door, but you’ll look even more awesome after we’re done with you!”

Brooke giggled in response.

Once they were finished, she got to see herself in Monica’s full-length mirror, and she had to admit she looked amazing!

“If I had to describe myself in three words, it’d be ‘psychedelic hippie chick,’” she observed, with a laugh.

“A really HOT psychedelic hippie check,” chimed in Linda Morris, licking her lips.


Brooke crouched down inside the cake and waited. Suddenly, in the next room she could hear a loud chorus of “SURPRISE” – it sounded like at least fifty women in there! But before she could think about it, she could feel the cake (with her inside) being rolled into the room, amidst the applause and babble of female voices. Then she heard Monica’s voice rise above the others.

“Happy Birthday, Amy!”

That was her cue! Brooke broke through the top of the cake, accompanied by the loud cheers of a room filled with women! Aside from getting a little icing in her hair and on her body, it was a flawlessly execute move.

She then heard the ‘Laugh-In’ music track begin to play, and quickly realized that she wasn’t going to be able to dance as expected, as her feet had nowhere to move due to the restricted space at the base of the the paper-cake stand, and so she contented herself with a sexy wiggling of her slender body – and, judging by the uproarious applause she was getting, it was working!


“Where-ever did you find her?” the 65-year-old bahis siteleri birthday girl asked their hostess! “She’s so pretty… and what a delicious little butt!”

“This is Brooke Thorne, Amy,” Monica explained in reply, as the crowd ogled the pretty girl. “She belongs to Donna… you know her… Donna Travers?”

“Yes… yes, of course I know Donna! And this gorgeous little thing is her property? Really?”

“Yes. ma’am!” This time it was Brooke answering the older woman. “Donna used to be my babysitter when I was growing up… but now she kind of owns me.”

“Well, how very fortunate for her,” Amy said, with a laugh! “We should all be so lucky!”

The gorgeous blonde girl felt somewhat conspicuous, standing there in a teeny-tiny thong bikini amidst a throng of older women, the majority of whom appeared to be over twice her age.

“Is there a robe or something I could put on?” she asked, addressing her question to the lady of the house, as she stepped down from atop the cake pedestal.

“Are you cold?” Monica asked.

“Please, young lady, don’t put on a robe,” Amy interjected. “You look so very beautiful as you are, and I’m quite sure that covering yourself up would put an immediate damper on our enjoyment. Isn’t that right, girls?”

There was an immediate clamor of assent from the the women present.

“Dance for us, Brooke,” one of the women called out.

“Yeah, how’s about a little strip-tease show?”

“Stop it, Linda,” their hostess warned. “Brooke’s not here to entertain us in that way.”

“Come with me, sweetheart,” Amy said, proffering Brooke her hand, and leading the bikini-clad girl over to a nearby couch. “Have a seat on my lap and I’ll do my best to keep you warm.”

The pretty 19-year old did as she was directed, and was soon perched comfortably on the older woman’s knee, one of Amy’s hands holding her by the waist while the other was gliding gently over the beautiful girl’s skin, along her legs, arm, and back.

“There… isn’t this better?”

“Yes, ma’am… thank you, Amy… and happy birthday!”

“Well, aren’t you sweet? Here, let me give you a kiss.” And with that she tenderly kissed Brooke on the mouth!

“Hey,” Linda Morris spoke up. “If this is a birthday party, isn’t somebody supposed to be getting a birthday-spanking?”

Amy scowled. “If you think I’m going to allow any of you ladies to slap my ass sixty-five times I’d say you’re all off your rockers,” she chortled!

“Well, then… how about we all spank Brooke?” Linda pointed at the pretty blonde. “I believe that everybody here would enjoy doing that!”

There was an immediate chorus of assent from several of the the other women, as Brooke froze, petrified.

“Now, hold on… wait just a minute,” Monica announced. “Brooke was NOT brought here to be punished, and I don’t think that’s at all fair to suggest that she now be spanked for our collective entertainment and viewing pleasure… at least not with her consent!”

“Well, Brooke, how ’bout it?” Nancy asked. “I could make it worth your while?”

“Ummm… who exactly will be spanking me?” the girl inquired, nervously glancing at Linda Morris.

“Oh, not her,” Nancy responded, as if reading the girl’s thoughts. “No, you’d be spanked ONLY by the birthday girl… Ms. Amy Donovan!”

Applause and groans from the other women.

“I guess I could do that…”

More applause, and louder this time!

The beautiful, bikini-clad girl was then gently positioned over Amy’s warm lap, with the 65-year old birthday girl licking her lips as her hands began to caress and fondle Brooke’s amazingly cute little curvy-butt!

“Don’t worry,” she whispered. “I won’t hurt you… I want this to be fun for the both of us!”

And with that, the older woman began to sensually spank the beautiful young blonde girl’s gorgeous ass, as the women watching cheered and began counting off each slap!

Amy would pause between each stroke to softly caress and squeeze the girl’s curvy derriere, occasionally running her hands up and down Brooke’s back & legs, which the girl would signal her appreciation for with a sexy little wiggle that had her audience drooling.

“This is the greatest birthday president ever,” a voice said. “Why couldn’t this be MY birthday?” pondered another.

After only a dozen spanks, Amy announced, “As much as I’m enjoying this, I feel terrible that we’re rewarding this pretty young thing for her beauty with a spanking! Can’t we doing something to offset her pain?”

“I know,” Monica suggested. “How about every time you slap her ass, one of the other guests here rewards her with a kiss on that same beautiful derriere?”

“Me first,” Linda Morris shouted, moving into position alongside the girl, her face only about a foot away from Brooke’s butt… and when Amy next slapped that curvy rump with her hand, Linda’s mouth immediately replaced it with a wet smooch.

“Hey, no biting,” Brooke yelped.

“That’s right… no biting, Linda,” Monica admonished. “Just kisses!”

All bahis şirketleri of the women quickly lined up for their chance to plant a tender smooch on the beautiful blonde’s gorgeous derriere, between the slaps that Amy enjoyable bestowed, rubbing and fondling Brooke’s firm, silky-smooth tushy between the spanks.

It seemed like an enternity (to Brooke), but eventually they counted at last to “sixty-five,” at which point Amy claimed the final smooch to the girl’s reddened butt. The cheers that followed were loud, lusty, and heartfelt.

“You were wonderful, Brooke,” Monica said, as she helped the flushed girl to her feet. “Would you like some refreshment now? You’ve certainly earned it!”

“Yes, thank you… please!”


The pretty 19-year old spent the remainder of Amy’s party still in her thong bikini and nothing else, as the women assembled all wanted a turn at holding her on their laps and even getting their pictures taken with her. Brooke felt like some kind of celebrity.

And yes, as the girl later pointed out, if the police had dusted her body for finger-prints that night they would have found ample evidence to implicate ALL of the female party guests, most of them to be found on her gorgeous curvy butt! But she also admitted that it was an incredibly fun time, as well, as everybody there heartily agreed with when it was finally time to go home!


“You were amazing, girl,” Nancy told her, as she and Monica later began the task of washing off all the writing covering the girl’s body. Brooke, still in her bikini, was kneeling in Monica’s large, luxurious bathtub as the two older women soaped her up and began removing all of the psychedelic imagery painted across her silky skin.

“I had fun, as well! Thank you, ladies!”

“Uh oh… problem,” Monica spoke up. “This red isn’t coming off… are you sure that ALL of those markers were water-soluble, Nancy?”

“Oh, no… apparently not… it looks like a regular-ink marker may have found its way into the mix…”

“Seriously?” the girl asked, straining to see what exactly the other women were referring to. “What’s it say?”

“Here, on your butt, it says ‘SPANK ME’ in red letters,” Nancy explained. “And it’s not coming off.”

“I’ll bet this is Linda’s doing,” Monica exclaimed. “That woman is incorrigible!”

“It’s OK, Brooke,” Nancy said reassuringly. “We’ll just get it off with cold cream. Get up and dry off, and lie face down on the bed in the next room. Oh… and take off that wet bikini.”

And so Brooke soon found herself lying completely nude face-down on Monica’s large bed, with the two older women applying cold cream and wet washrags to her curvy butt.

“You really do look gorgeous, Brooke,” Nancy remarked, gazing longingly at the girl’s beautiful body.

“Yes, she does,” Monica concurred, gliding her fingertips up the girl’s naked leg. “You know, if you should ever get into a fight with Donna…”

“No, please don’t say that,” the girl immediately interjected. “I love her… and she loves me. I belong to her.”

“Well, aren’t you a sweet girl… and so very loyal,” Monica observed. “Tell you what, Brooke… what’s the name of this security firm that Donna operates? I know some people who know some people… maybe I can throw some business her way…”


“It’s crazy,” Donna remarked, two days later. “Here I spend the entire weekend at this seminar… getting next to nothing… but now, all of a sudden, I’ve got three phone calls in one afternoon about people interested in using our security system!”

“That’s wonderful,” Brooke replied. “Are they ‘lucrative’ offers?”

“I’ll say… these are some good-sized companies with deep pockets… but none of them were even represented in San Mateo! I wonder how they got my number?”

“I’m guessing maybe word of mouth?”

“Maybe…” Donna said, staring at her beautiful young girlfriend. “And maybe it has something to do with the words ‘spank me’ still faintly visible on your beautiful left ass-cheek!”

“Now, Donna… I can explain that!”

“No need… I talked with Nancy this morning and she told me everything… it sounds like you were a huge hit at Amy’s party… you and this gorgeous body of yours,” she said, grabbing her beautiful young girlfriend possessively around her waist.

“Then you’re really not mad at me?”

“Heck no! How could I be? It sounds to me like everybody had a wonderful time… and YOU were the ‘belle of the ball,’ I’m told!”

“Yes, I suppose I was,” she smirked. “And, I earned three-hundred dollars… and I also gave Monica the number of your business, and she said she had connections…”

“Well apparently she did… thank you, my beautiful gorgeous girl!”

They warmly kissed.

“Then you’re not at all upset with me?”

“Absolutely not!”

“And you’re not going to spank me?”

“Now, hold on there… back it up… I never said any such thing,” Donna feigned anger. “What I want right now is for you to strip out of those clothes and get that gorgeous body of yours up onto my bed… with your head down and ass up!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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